Matt Forney
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Don’t Be Pro-Male, Be Pro-Man

We live in the Age of Equality, in which every dipshit is told that he’s shpecial and that his opinions are worth listening to. Language is muddled and definitions are confused. As a result, thinking itself becomes muddled and confused.

Like the conflation of “male” and “man.”

MRAs and other losers call me “anti-male” because I don’t support their little pity parade, and they’re right. I’m not pro-male, I’m pro-man. There is a difference.

A “male” is any human being with a Y chromosome. By virtue of being born, you are a male. You don’t need to work, strive or accomplish anything.

A “man” is a male with masculinity. Men are not born, but forged through struggle, sacrifice and time. Only a tiny minority of males ever become men.

The problem with being “pro-male” is that most males are worthless sacks of lymph fluid and H2O. They watch reality TV. They play video games in their parents’ basements. They eat junk food, dress in clothes from Walmart, and drink mass market beer. They don’t read anything aside from blogs, don’t have any cool hobbies or interests, don’t do anything other than the bare minimum to get by.

They marry trashy women, then when they get taken to the cleaners, they go to MGTOW forums and cry and bitch about how life is unfaaaaaair.

And that’s assuming they can even find any woman willing to take their diseased seed. The majority of them can’t even get so much as a handy from the fat girl working the Target customer service desk. Ignored in their desire, spurned by all the girls, they take to their computer wailing in impotent rage: “Hypergamous sluts!” “Women hate men!”

No, Mr. MRA, women don’t hate men. They hate you.

Hell, hate you. I hate you because you’re a stupid, impotent waste of potential. I hate you because you’d rather make stupid choices and mewl about facing the consequences later than not make those stupid choices to begin with. I hate you because you think you have some kind of kinship with me, when we share nothing but a Y chromosome.

You think you’re men, but you’re just males.

It takes going through the flames of hell and back to turn a male into a man. I am aggressively pro-man because despite our differences, a man is worthy of respect for his work and struggle. Being male is bestowed upon you by mere virtue of being yanked out of your mother’s vagina; being a man is a title you earn through merit. I’m not obligated to respect anyone for just existing.

And neither are you.

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