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Douchebag vs. Gable: The Clash of Masculinities

This is a guest post by Maximus.

Fellow troglodytes in arms…

Master Forney has graciously allowed the return of Maximus to stir up a hornet’s nest of indignant fury from all sides of the masculinity debate.

I stumbled upon Matt’s new rebel base one day when scouring the universe for any accessible Hoth archives of In Mala Fide on the inter-web. Having found Yavin 4, I have returned to the hot and steamy jungle of Matt’s rebel scum writings on and off again to peruse here and there, but had no wish to write again for the manosphere.

No wish, that is, until I found this gem of an article:

A Middle Class Douchebag is a Thing to Be.”

Matt and I have different worldviews, as every independent man should have. Where we agree, nothing but high-five’s all around. Where we disagree is the fulcrum by which we both may blindly stumble upon the real truth of our lives and times.

Matt’s article attempted to defend the middle class douchebag lifestyle as something to aspire to, “a thing to be” as it were. (Never mind the fact the middle class no longer exists so it begs the question, just what class does a douchebag belong to? But I digress.)

Hot chicks, after all, is what we are all after right?

And douchebags get hot chicks right?

That is the life then… being a douchebag, bedding hot chicks… right


I beg to differ.

I actually found Hot Chicks with Douchebags a few years back and laughed my ass off.

Far from finding the comments on the heavily tattooed boys and super-implanted-all-but-naked girls from being blue pill and therefore nothing but the frustrated keyboard curses of tissue-wanking-box-but-a-hand-reach-away nerds and chocolate-and-cream-cheese-face-stuffing femi-hags, I found them to be a sense of comic relief that some people can see just how fucked up the sexes, both of them, have become in the 21st century.


I’ve figured it out: “douchebag” is shorthand for “man who is unapologetic about his masculinity.”

This is where I disagree with Matt. It is the very reason I am writing.

Even though we have the same functioning eyes, we don’t see the same thing.

Douchebag is shorthand for one thing and one thing only: an immature boy with false ideas and aspirations about manhood and masculinity.

Does a douchebag get hot chicks? Clearly, no one will argue against this.

But is that the goal?

Are you still chasing after hot chicks to define your sense of masculinity, of being a man?

A loser is a girl without a hot chick. A man is one with a hot chick?

You think that’s air you’re breathing now?

If a douchebag is unapologetic about anything, it is the fact he is a total and complete failure of the Y chromosome, and therefore masculinity and being a man. It does not matter how many hot chicks he can grope throughout his life, he is, and always will be, viewed as an immature loser by mature men and women. (And the mature ones are far and few between in our culture today.)

The same goes for the “hot chicks” in the photos as well, for they are also on cultural trial in the same way the douchebag is: immature girls pretending to be women (but we don’t need to correct the women, they will self-correct when men become men again).

It is called Hot Chicks WITH Douchebags for a reason. Both genders are being drawn and quartered, but the girls get away with their form of douchebaggery because they are “hot.” (yawn, can you say pussy worship?)

It’s like this: what links a douchebag with a hot chick is one and the same…


Far from owning their own balls and being unafraid of their own masculinity, the douchebag is the zenith of the elite’s control over the emotional, intellectual and spiritual life of their beta male slaves. Yes, even if you have a hot chick, you can still be a beta slave to the alpha male elite. (Which is exactly what they want you to be.)

To wit…

The men they snottily label “douchey” are all successful in some fashion—money, power, women…

Ah yes… money, power, women.

That is the definition of masculinity… right?

Hmmm… and these boys think they have taken the red pill.

That sounds like how a woman would define masculinity, does it not? The giveaway is the fact that woman is included in the trifecta of masculine “success,” as of course, every woman would narcissistically assume would be in a man’s definition of success and masculinity.

And that is precisely what is at stake in the manosphere and for young men of the 21st century: the definition of masculinity, what it is to be a man.

Are we to let one angry gaggle of women (feminists) define masculinity (i.e. men are all rapists by nature but you should be nice to us and just be friends) only to let an immature gaggle of women (hot chicks with implants) define it for us all over again (i.e. be a douchebag if you want to get laid)?

I have a radical idea…

How about men decide what it is to be masculine and a man?

My friends, and I do hope we can be, the battle of our times is not for money, power and hot chicks.

The battle of our times is for truth and justice—to be MEN—not boys. 

Truth… and justice.

No woman ever wants masculinity to be defined along such philosophical lines because she knows, to her uterus, that it will be game over for the sisterhood if that happens. And curiously… the same goes for the elite psychopaths currently hell bent on starting World War III with this Ukraine/Russia gong-show right now. (Again, I digress, but I hope you can connect the dots.)

No my friends, anything, and I mean anything, but truth and justice as the foundation of what it means to be masculine. To stand for something other than money, power and women.

And to make my point crystal clear, I turn to two photographs, two images that say far more words than I could ever possibly (or want) to write.


Fellow troglodytes…

The two above men walk into a room full of hot chicks and beautiful ladies (there is a difference, boys)…

Which man will all the girls be straining their eyes and necks to sneak a peek at, hopefully without him noticing? (And with dutiful and wonderfully sexy submissiveness.)

I rest my case.

If you want to be a douchebag who gets hot chicks… go nuts, go all out, you are free to do so. God knows you have more than enough role models to look up to on Hot Chicks with Douchebags to figure out how to be the best middle class douchebag you can be.

But if you want to be a man?

Hmmm… where does a boy look for that?

Don’t be surprised when that hot chick who used to be all over your tats and club baring muscles leaves you to “accidentally” bump into Rhett in hopes of making submissive eye contact with him.

When a real man walks into the room… the douchebags don’t stand a chance.

Power. Money. Women. A man craves not these things.

Maximus out.

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