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A Dramatic Reading from, by Davis M.J. Aurini

Long story short: an illiterate nutjob started posting comments both here and at my other blog. I posted them to a private Facebook group of mine for the lulz, and my good friend Davis Aurini decided to do a dramatic reading of one.

Listen and be amused:

A Dramatic Reading from

The comment in question (which is actually from Excavating Eden, but oh well):

melon heads..yr a fuckin melon head…neanderthals and gettin laid ha get out r ur mothers basement.. wankers like u spin all the the pratts off to the stratoshpere…….all the guys sellin u game get fucked cos they r goood lookin..bitches want that confidence and looks…pay fr my blog you losin ugly bastard….throw me some acronisms..dont delete my post …lets debate u cia wank…and lets see some of your lays jpegs are fine..prick..guess u like basques…could always put up ur concrete shed as a distraction like that dik tex….shit lets share internet memes …an screw ur virgin fanboys u people r toxic u don’;t even know what u r

This blog is undergoing a soft reboot on January 2nd. Until then, happy New Year.

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