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Elite Online Dating: Read, Click, Bang — She’s Yours by Nicholas Jack

elite-online-datingThe latest release from Swoop the World impresario 20Nation/Nicholas Jack, Elite Online Dating is precisely what the name implies: a brief, simple guide to getting girls online. Nicholas has seen huge amounts of success with online dating sites with girls from across the world, and he breaks down his advice for us grinders to benefit from:

A gold digger is not simply looking for money, but she is looking for resources in some way. You can find gold diggers on the Internet that are just looking for someone that would drive them around town. There are also the types that will only be interested in a man that shows he has a high paying job or expensive cars. There are also the poorer gold diggers that are just looking for somebody with more money than them.

The days of online dating being a repository for freaks and defectives from both sexes are long gone, but you’ll still need to hustle if you want the hotties. Nicholas runs through every aspect of online dating that you could possibly think of, from how to structure your profile to what you should say in your messages, helping you score the greatest number of women with the least amount of effort.

I know jack-all about online dating, but Elite Online Dating convinced me to give the process another whirl and smooth out kinks in my online presentation.

If there’s one thing I’d fault Elite Online Dating for, it’s (once again) the editing. Like his previous books The Key Logger and The Perfect Conversation, Jack’s prose is overly workmanlike and there are a greater than normal number of typos in the book. While it’s no dealbreaker, seeing mistakes in a published work will always annoy me to the end of time.

Aside from that, if you’re looking for a resource to help you get the most out of online dating sites, Elite Online Dating is a great buy.

Click here to buy Elite Online Dating.

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  • The online dating advice that really matters: Be attractive, have money.

    I love online dating. I work 80 hours a week so it’s the easiest way to meet women and set up dates. When I’m single, I can typically bang 2 women a week from OKC and POF. This stuff isn’t rocket science. Hit the gym, get in shape, dress half decent and knock them dead.

  • Feric Jaggar

    If it’s not in paperback or a real physical copy to buy, not reading it. Hope one comes out soon.

  • Mark

    I had better success with online dating than in some other ways. The problem I ran into sometimes is that many women get literally hundreds of emails every month. A lot of guys will send out large numbers of emails so the women get a lot. This kind of gives the females on those sites swollen egos. If a girl saw guys in a bar hit on every female in the bar and then they came over to her table last after every other girl rejected them her ego wouldn’t swell up but if they all email her on an online dating site it does. She doesn’t see them emailing bunches of other women. I think there’s a design flaw in a lot of online dating sites in allowing the mass emails. I’m sure there are ways to deal with this and this book may even address them. With so many guys doing online dating, the more books like this from someone who’s had success the better.

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