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The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics by Anonymous Conservative

This book in one word: revolutionary.

I’ve been a fan of the Anonymous Conservative blog—and the radical evo-bio theory it espouses—for a few months now. Anonymous Conservative postulates that liberalism and conservatism are the result of fundamental psychological and biological differences between people, and that both sides are following a reproductive strategy that is completely rational from their perspectives. Conservatives seek to propagate their genes via raising strong, competitive, healthy children who can survive in a harsh world; liberals are lazy cowards who want to bang everything they see in the hope that one of their lays will bring the baby to term.

It sounds like the typical self-aggrandizing theories that liberals come up with to “explain” why they’re so much smarter than conservatives… or does it?

Anonymous Conservative’s theory has reams of scientific studies backing it, most notably the countless studies showing that liberals and conservatives have significantly different brain structures. Now you can read all about it yourself in the new Kindle edition of his book, which covers every possible angle you could think of, from biology to human history.

Evolutionary Psychology is a must-read for the simple fact that there’s nothing out there quite like it.

For starters, the book’s tone is surprisingly even-handed and polite. Despite Anonymous Conservative’s (obvious) political bias, he reports his findings and speculations in a clinical, scientific tone. This goes wonders towards convincing the reader of the correctness—or at least plausibility—of his theory. The battalion of sources and footnotes buttressing his argument also helps:

For example, diminished age at mortality, free resource availability, environmental instability, diminished population density, and the degree to which competitive stresses are absent within a species may all function as r-selective stresses. All such pressures will usually favor increasing reproductive rates. However, it is possible that unique factors may change this. If population densities are diminished due to predation, this will likely speak to an r-type strategy. However, if population densities are diminished due to resource shortage, this may speak to a more K-selective stress. If a species is preyed on by a predator whose predation is random in its application, this will likely produce an r-stress. However, if the predation favors some form of complex, energy-intensive adaptation, this may produce a K-strategy. Likewise, these pressures may all differently affect such specific factors of reproductive strategy as brood size, mating strategy, or sex-specific parental investments.

Despite this, Anonymous Conservative doesn’t lard up the text with overly-complex terminology or obscure terms; his writing is clean enough to convey his ideas in one shot.

The other reason why you need to read Evolutionary Psychology is because its central thesis is the most accurate and plausible explanation for our current state of affairs that you’ll ever find.

The gist of Evolutionary Psychology is that liberalism and conservatism are outgrowths of two types of evolutionary strategies in humans, K-selection and r-selection. K-selection breeds children to compete (and win) in a hostile world with scarce resources through a high-investment, two-parent upbringing, late sexual maturation (and monogamy), sexual dimorphism, and loyalty to the in-group. r-selection breeds children for a world with abundant resources through a low-investment, single-mother upbringing, early sexual maturation (and promiscuity), androgyny, and no in-group loyalty. Think of wolves (K-selected), who are tight-knit, loyal, brave and sexually restrained, versus rabbits (r-selected), who fuck with wild abandon, ignore their fellows when they get eaten, and run away from danger instead of facing it:

As a species is exposed to these conditions, individuals will also be best served by mating as often as possible, with as many different mates as possible, beginning as early as possible in life. To mature later, and wait to reproduce, is to risk being killed before reproducing, and by extension, to fail from a Darwinian perspective. To mate rarely, or with a single mate, is to be out-reproduced by faster-multiplying peers, and simultaneously risk that one’s few offspring themselves may fail to reproduce. (Promiscuity also offers advantages with regards to producing diverse offspring, referred to as risk-spreading/ bet-hedging.) This environment will also favor lower-investment single-parenting, as a way of maximizing offspring production, by minimizing the rearing effort invested per-offspring.

Or, for a human example, compare a white middle-class family from the suburbs to a black welfare queen in the inner city with five kids from four different daddies.

Going by Evolutionary Psychology, the political conflict in America—and the West at large—is a struggle between K-selected and r-selected humans trying to maximize their reproductive potential. K-selected people believe in sexual restraint and individual competition to propagate their genes, hence the conservative predilection for laissez-faire economics, gun ownership, chastity and other social policies that allow men and women to rise on their own merits. r-selected people want an environment where life is easy and resources are freely available, hence the liberal love of welfare, gun control, and a government with maximum control over peoples’ lives. You could say that leftists stand for “sexual freedom,” but sexual freedom is an oxymoron; absent government subsidies and laws, women have no choice but to behave monogamously (see: Sandra Fluke crying about how taxpayers have to foot the bill for her birth control).

The problem for the r-selected Rabbit People is that we don’t have unlimited resources.

Thus we see the cycle of history, from Rome to Victorian Britain to the present-day U.S. K-selected pioneers carve out a civilization from chaos, and increased prosperity eventually allows r-selected parasites to gain a foothold. At a certain point, the Rabbit People seize control and alter the culture to make resources freely available and tamp down the wolves’ ability to compete and produce. Eventually the ratio of r-selected parasites to K-selected producers gets too large and everything collapses, and the whole process begins again.

Gee, this all kind of sounds familiar.

Evolutionary Psychology also makes sense out of many other aspects of our political climate. Ever wonder why leftist/feminist women are strident and bitchy while leftist men are timid and effete? Or why American women in general are more butch and obnoxious then, say, Asian or eastern European women? r-selection, for all its love of indiscriminate sex, works to eliminate differences between the sexes. Since women in r-selected environments like sub-Saharan Africa are left to support their children alone, they develop more masculine characteristics, while men become more effeminate due to their competitive/provider abilities being largely irrelevant in the mating process.

Additionally, Evolutionary Psychology also explains why leftists are at best lukewarm about their country, and at worst treasonous. Since Rabbit People know they can’t best wolves in a fair competition—imagine a village of North Dakotan men going up against a gaggle of Portland hipsters—they survive by playing different groups of wolves against each other. The immigration debate is a great example of this; leftist whites are using K-selected foreigners as a way to weaken conservative, K-selected whites in a big game of “Let’s You and Him Fight.”

The Zimmerman debacle is another great example of why Rabbit People have to constantly keep wolves fighting each other. George Zimmerman is a K-selected wolf, a man who by all rights is a model citizen, tirelessly working to make his community a better place. Trayvon Martin was an r-selected rabbit, a coward who beat and robbed people and sought to game society for his own benefit. In a fight, when all else is equal, the wolf will always roll over the rabbit (and will usually be justified in doing so), so our rabbity overlords tried to use another group of wolves—the police and justice system—to roll Zimmerman.

There is nothing a rabbit fears more than a wolf who can take care of himself, who doesn’t need them.

What really makes Evolutionary Psychology valuable reading—and what ultimately convinced me that Anonymous Conservative was right—is the book’s analysis of amygdala function. The book points to numerous studies showing that liberals have atrophied amygdalae compared to conservatives. The amygdala is the section of the brain responsible for gauging the emotional significance of perceptions, and repeated studies have shown that animals with damaged amygdalae behave like they’re completely insane:

“Prior to the operations he was very wild and even fierce, assaulting any person who teased or tried to handle him. Now he voluntarily approaches all persons indifferently, allows himself to be handled, or even to be teased or slapped, without making any attempt at retaliation or endeavouring to escape….”

“Every object with which he comes in contact, even those with which he was previously most familiar, appears strange and is investigated with curiosity. Everything he endeavours to feel, taste, and smell , and to carefully examine from every point of view…. His food is devoured greedily, the head being dipped into the dish, instead of the food being conveyed to the mouth by the hands in the way usual with Monkeys. He appears no longer to discriminate between the different kinds of food; e.g., he no longer picks out the currants from a dish of food, but devours everything just as it happens to come…”

Reading that chapter was like being smacked across the face with a cat o’ nine tails. The effete, pacifistic nature of the left; their obsession with “non-judgmentalism” and opposition to stereotypes and generalizations; their lack of impulse control and justification for it (fat acceptance, anyone?); it’s all a form of brain damage. And it’s brain damage that only gets worse: as successive generations are even more affluent and mollycoddled, they become increasingly incapable of behaving like normal, rational people. Hence our current epidemic of 16-year old girls on Tumblr forming hysterical lynch mobs whenever anyone makes a rape joke and feminists attaching “trigger warnings” to every article that isn’t about cute fluffy kittens.

This is all a massive oversimplication of Anonymous Conservative’s ideas; for the full flavor, you need to read the book.

There are two flaws with Evolutionary Psychology. The first is that Anonymous Conservative glosses over the significant role that climate plays in r/K selection. The colder a climate is, the greater it tends towards K-selection, because winter has a habit of killing off those who don’t prepare for it. It’s no accident that the most r-selected peoples on Earth are clustered around the equator in places like sub-Saharan Africa, where the weather is relatively pleasant and forgiving. You can even see this play out on a micro level; the states with the highest rates of teenage pregnancy are southern ones like Texas, Arizona and California. Moynihan’s Law of the Canadian Border would seem to apply here.

The other problem with Evolutionary Psychology is that Anonymous Conservative seems blind to the traitorous, r-selected nature of modern conservatism. He correctly analyzes Nazism as a fusion of r- and K-selected ideologues, with r-selected opportunists like Hitler using K-selected German nationalists to seize power, but he ignores that post-Reagan conservatism is effectively doing the same thing. As Mark Ames pointed out in Going Postal, Reaganite reforms of downsizing, outsourcing and union smashing have done nothing but harm the average American and benefit corporations. Additionally, the majority of corporations are run by leftists (Microsoft, Facebook, Google etc.) or “conservatives”/libertarians who are openly hostile to America’s interests (Rupert Murdoch, the Koch brothers).

K-selected whites, in their support for Republicans and Reagan-esque policies, are being sold out.

But given the sheer groundbreaking nature of this work, these dings are minor. The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics is one of the most important books of our time, and one you absolutely must buy. Even if you have an instinctive distrust of works like this (I know I did), Anonymous Conservative’s are so well articulated and supported that they’re worthy of a hearing. Plus, the fact that leftists go frothing-at-the-mouth insane when presented with his ideas is a big point in his favor.

Deep down, everyone knows that leftists are inferior, including leftists themselves. Read this book to find out why.

Click here to buy The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics.

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