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F.U. Fat: No B.S. Techniques for Rapid Fat Loss, Building the Ultimate Physique & Getting Cut like a Diamond That the Experts Won’t Tell You by SJ

F.U. Fat is the rare self-help book that absolutely shatters my expectations.

My friend SJ over at Ignore Limits has put together some good books in the past, such as Becoming a Lion Among Sheep and Protein Shake Recipes, and F.U. Fat is easily his best yet. As the name suggests, it’s a guide on how to burn fat and lose weight easily, and what makes it so credible is that SJ actually includes before and after photos so we can see his advice in action:

A decrease in your metabolism takes place as your body composition changes. Later in life, muscle mass begins to decrease and fat begins to increase due to a slightly more sedentary lifestyle. Lean body mass requires a greater amount of stored energy to move. As the volume of lean muscle mass your physique is holding begins to decline (assuming you do not take part in resistance training regularly), your metabolic rate and TDEE will decline to account for this.

F.U. Fat is a brief but dense tract that explores every aspect of losing weight. While his advice is geared towards those looking to cut weight after bulking, the book’s suggestions are enormously helpful no matter what your goals or current health situation is. I was able to take advantage of many of SJ’s suggestions to get me further towards my fitness goals:

I recommend consuming 200–300mg of caffeine before your workouts in the form of coffee or caffeine anhydrous pills (stay away from caffeine powder as it is extremely dangerous if measured incorrectly). However, individuals have different stimulant tolerances, so I would experiment with various doses — but do not exceed this amount. It is beneficial to ‘cycle’ caffeine as the human body quickly builds a tolerance to the stimulant properties of caffeine and will, therefore, not be as effective. A 1:1 on:off ratio works well.

Not only that, F.U. Fat lacks the hard-sell techniques of SJ’s previous books. There’s no FLASHY ADS! in the beginning reminding you of the FREE FREE BOOK! you can get by just signing up for the Ignore Limits newsletter. It may seem like a small thing, but it shows that SJ is constantly improving and it makes F.U. Fat seem like a more polished product as a result.

Overall, if you’re looking for a quality fitness manual focused on burning fat, I highly recommend F.U. Fat.

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