Matt Forney
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Fat Acceptance, Cultural Marxism and Identity Politics


In this video, I give my thoughts on the “fat acceptance” movement, its relationship to cultural Marxism, and how fat acceptance is a particularly perverse form of identity politics.

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  • FlorianUlrich

    Thanks for the video, Matt. I think “fat acceptance” will die down, because it’s only espoused by people that don’t have anything else going for them. If you are well integrated in your social circle and easily make friends, your body weight will not be the defining issue for your personality.

    Context matters as well in the environment fat people are in. Fat person at McD – disgusting. Fat person in the gym – much better. Thus, it’s really about choices.

  • Have to disagree with you here, Matt. I think it’s getting at least somewhat serious when they start putting fat chicks in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

  • FlorianUlrich

    A suggestion for your next video: what are the origins of cultural marxism? where do SJWs come from, historically?

  • Steve Karper

    if you go to israel , or the scandanavvian nationss you dont find hardly any seriously overweight people

    they have laws to protect them from the processed foods that fatten them, clog their arteries resulting in strokes, heart attacks etc

    btw all the ranters opposed to obama care are the same ones who claim to protect life. Hypocrisy at its finest. too bad we cant ban them from any medical care and see how fast they STFup and cry for the ACA

    except those nutcase xtians who pray over their kid, the kids die and then we have to put them in the pokey. same re nut case jehovahs withnesses

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