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Why Fat Girls Don’t Deserve to Be Loved

Here’s a fun fact to brighten your day: fat girls are crazy. No, really: scientists have established a link between obesity and all kinds of mental illness, from anxiety to psychiatric disorders. And the reason why I say “fat girls” and not “fat people” is because women in general already have much higher rates of mental illness than men; a full 25 percent of American girls are cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

The mystery of the fat acceptance movement, explained!

Actually, no; calling it “fat acceptance” is so misleading it borders on being an outright lie. A more accurate name would be “fat woman acceptance.” The membership of NAAFA is overwhelmingly female, and virtually all the “body positive” porn blogs on Tumblr are run by women. Can you name one male fat acceptance advocate? No you can’t, but you can rattle off a list of woman fat acceptance activists until the cows waddle home: Kate Harding, Melissa McEwan, Lindy West, Kira Nerusskaya…

The reason why no man would dare to advocate for fat acceptance is because nobody likes whiny, weak men, and crying about how the world needs to “accept” you is the definition of being whiny and weak. If a man were to complain about being overweight, the instinctive response—from both men and women—is to tell him to stop being a fag and get in the gym. But when a woman claims she’s oppressed by evil patriarchal beauty standards, women swarm around her in solidarity and the male chivalrous instinct is activated: “Those men are all sexist bastards, you’re too good for them. Here, have another cupcake.”

But I’m not here to complain; I’m here to help make the world a better place.

Here are several steps we can take that, if implemented by enough men, will end the scourge of obesity in record time.

1. Stop banging them.

We’ve all slept with a warpig at one point or another—breaking a dry spell, lured in by her massive double-Ds—and this is the single biggest thing that ensures their continued existence. Because girls today are solipsistic and think men and women are the same, they look at guys hitting on and taking home porkers and think, “Wow, guys will sleep with girls no matter what they look like!” They don’t realize that while most men will lay anything if they’re thirsty enough, they are far more selective when it comes to who they commit to. Fatties may get some sloppy, drunk sex from men, at the cost of being less likely to find love or a relationship with a man they respect.

Life as a fat girl is effectively short-term pleasure, long-term pain.

But again, girls don’t see this because this pain unfolds over years, beyond the 140-character limit attention span of today’s youth. Therefore, the easiest way to drive the point home is to stop validating fat chicks with your dick. If you have a choice between banging a cow or masturbating, go home and jerk off every time, and make it clear to the cow that you’re rejecting her because she’s fat. Not only will this make it clear to oinkers that they’ll need to slim down if they want to please us, it will bolster our self-respect at the same time. Slumming it is inherently damaging to a man’s self-esteem and confidence; by abstaining from porking fatsos, you’re making it easier to snag girls you actually find hot.

2. Don’t interact with fat girls.

Women, regardless of size, crave one thing above all else: attention. Starve the heifers of it. Don’t speak to them if you don’t have to and don’t acknowledge their existence. Treat them like you would treat a child molester or a card-carrying Nazi. This includes your family; if your sisters, cousins or aunts insist on being losers, treat them like losers.

The lone exception is fat girls who are making an honest effort to cut the weight; not only should you encourage them, you should make it clear that their weight loss is the primary reason why you’re still talking to them.

But given the rising obesity rate, totally cutting the swine out of your life is impossible, so on the off-chance you have no choice but to talk to a fatty, you should always…

3. Remind fat girls that they are vermin.

This isn’t hard seeing as it’s the truth. Leftists and feminists labor under the delusion that character traits each exist in a vacuum. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” A complete lie: nine times out of ten, ugly on the outside equals ugly on the inside, and fat girls are the ugliest of all.

3a. Fat girls are stupid.

A popular lie that the fat woman acceptance movement pushes is that skinny people are somehow “shallow” or dumb. The reality is the reverse: the dumbest people in America are also the fattest. The racial group with the highest obesity rate, blacks, is also the one with the lowest average IQ; Asians have the lowest obesity rate and the highest IQ. The kinds of white people who are overweight or obese are the lowest achieving ones: rednecks, trailer park dwellers and Juggalos. Go to Wall Street, Ithaca’s Collegetown, the Chicago Loop or anywhere else that successful, smart people gather: not a single fatso to be seen, aside from tourists.

3b. Fat girls are unpleasant.

Fatties are some of the most miserable and cruel people you’ll ever meet. Newbies to the game make the mistake of thinking that fat girls will be nicer than hot ones; logically, since they’re so much more hideous than normal women, porkers ought to be grateful that any man is talking to them at all. Instead, these blobs of butter are meaner than thin ones: they’re more snide, more likely to spout feminist rhetoric, and more likely to be insulting in general.

As a case example, take this Tumblelog (NSFW) authored by a “fat identified college student living in Portland, Oregon,” charmingly titled Go Away. Her blog is full of the usual profanity-laden rage against “fascist beauty standards,” but she also reserves a heaping helping of hatred for people who support her. Whenever a girl messages her telling her that she inspires them because she loves herself, she tells them to go fuck themselves because she thinks they’re indirectly calling her a fat pig. She also penned this bitter screed against “chubby chasers”:

You should probably take “fat female appreciator” out of your bio. It’s cool that you can accept non-conventional beauty but fetishizing fat women and thinking of it as a personality trait worth mentioning in just the few sentences you shared about yourself is definitely creepy and is generally regarded as pretty fatphobic and honestly kind of misogynistic in general. Just like..commodifying members of a marginalized group is kind of shitty.

Also, despite her opposition to “body policing,” she’s all too happy to “content police” other Tumbleloggers who post pics of skinny white women. Boy, don’t you just want to be her friend?

3c. Fat girls are sluts.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone with a brain, but fat women have more sexual partners on average than thin ones. The same lack of impulse control that would lead a girl to stuff her face until she resembles a wad of pizza dough would also lead her to stuff her vagina with cocks until her gunt is oozing with herpes sores. But remember, judging people on how they look is wrong.

3d. Fat mothers are guilty of child abuse.

Not even considering the fact that fat mothers encourage their children to become fat by feeding them terrible diets—setting them up for a lifetime of health problems and social rejection—they actually cripple their children before they’re even born. Babies born to obese or overweight women are exponentially more likely to have life-ruining health and mental issues, including autism.

And yet, not only are fat mothers not shamed for being child abusers, there’s an entire industry dedicated to excusing women who get fat as a result of pregnancy.

The reason why women are urged to avoid drinking while pregnant is because alcohol causes physical and mental damage to unborn babies, aka fetal alcohol syndrome. Why should we treat fat pregnant women any different? Why isn’t Child Protective Services, so adept at punishing little boys who bite their Pop Tarts into the shape of a gun, busting down the doors of these blubberbutts and carting their kids off?

Will somebody please think of the children?

The people who claim that fat shaming doesn’t work make my head spin. Of course shaming works. Ever wonder how Chinese and Korean girls stay so skinny? It’s not because of genetics, it’s because if they gain so much as five extra pounds, their parents will snicker and call them “fatty” to their faces. A friend of mine told me when she was a kid, her father successfully guilted her mother into losing her post-pregnancy fat by constantly drawing attention to it, mentioning how she was getting “hefty” and “big.” She later confessed to my friend that she stayed skinny because her husband’s teasing made her feel embarrassed and humiliated.

To this day, she’s thin and in great shape for a woman of her age, while the women of her daughter’s generation are wearing fat-ass Docker pants because they couldn’t keep their hands off the croissants and the Haagen-Dazs.

I am a man with a dream: to live in a nation where the majority of women are thin and fit, as it was throughout most of human history. With your help, that day can come again. Men of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your lunch!

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  • Scott

    I was fat, got sick of it, lost weight. It’s not even overly complicated 1. Don’t drink beer 2. Don’t eat sugar 3. Take all your meals and cut them in half. It’s not even like these girls are 10-20lbs overweight but they’re literally double to triple the size nature intended for them.

  • Matt

    As far as fat girls being stupid, I’m not too sure. I spent last weekend at a Mensa Regional Gathering and there were only 3 women there who I would not consider seriously overweight. I get that geeks are more desperate, but there are limits.

  • earl

    When I was practicing game for the first time I would use it on any girl. It’s true…the fatties were less pleasant and more hateful to it than the skinnier ones.

    So now I do treat them not so much like Nazis and child molesters…but like living corpses.

  • This is the greatest article I’ve ever read. I’m already thinking of the ways to shame fat people out of my life. I need to write a rant post about that tumbler you linked to. “Fat Identified” ? Like… she has a choice to identify as obese? Fucking feminists literally do not make sense.

  • Person of Choler

    If I had the looks, charm, and technique that Mr. Foley thinks he has, I would spend all my free time banging supermodels and wouldn’t have the energy left to even look at fat women, let alone write blog rants about them.

    What’s the deal here?

  • PROTIP to haters: if your fingers are too fat to spell my name correctly, don’t even bother.

  • Person of Choler

    Ah, Mr Forney, I don’t hate you, I merely wonder why you waste as much as a second of your supermodel-banging time ranting about fat women? I’m really curious.

  • PoC – Banging supermodels is tons of fun but occasionally it is nice to take a break and joke on some fat folk. This is something only we in the supermodel-banging community truly understand.

  • “The lone exception is fat girls who are making an honest effort to cut the weight; not only should you encourage them, you should make it clear that their weight loss is the primary reason why you’re still talking to them.”

    This is the only exception to the rule. The overweight people I’ve ever interacted with in my life are making a conscious effort to get fit. They have decent personalities and an ability to self-reflect, which is admirable.

    Other fatsos aren’t as mentally gifted, instead they are unwittingly condemned to a life of imprisonment behind adipose skin flaps, never knowing what true freedom is like. No wonder they act like bitches and assholes.

  • I merely wonder why you waste as much as a second of your supermodel-banging time ranting about fat women?

    I wrote this during my refractory period. BOOM!

  • Glenn

    Matt, you forget about all of the insightful things they have to say about the topic:

  • I don’t understand this obsessional hatred, Matt. I understand that obese women are not appealing to you, and I’d be the last person to try to convince you otherwise, but why dwell on it? Just date the girls you find attractive and get on with your life.

    As for shunning and shaming, among other things, it simply doesn’t work. No fat person was “shamed” into losing weight. Too bad it doesn’t work, because if it did, I’d have been a rail in my teens.

    Yes, I’m fat myself, but I’m not a fat apologist by any means. Genetic disposition + overabundant American diet + sedentary jobs = fat. I’m not going to argue that it is healthy or even aesthetically pleasing. It’s just one result of a very unhealthy system of living. As for the good old days when women were thin and fit, well let me show you some pictures of my 19th German peasant ancestors… Let’s just say they were designed to withstand long cold winters.

    Yet somehow I have managed to live a mostly productive, occasionally interesting life, and even been (gasp!) loved. You talk tough, but I invite you to publicly “shame” me because my body doesn’t conform to your standards. You can’t “shame” me, not because I think being fat is a good thing, but because (1) it isn’t a character defect, and (2) your opinion about my appearance is irrelevant.

    As for there being no fat Asian American girls, that is becoming less true every day. Look around. I don’t think it’s the lack of “shame” or the promotion of “fat acceptance,” but the fact that the modern American lifestyle tends to make a large percentage of people (including the children of immigrants) get fat.

    Quit haunting the fat girls’ blogs and Get a Real Life. Or at least find something more interesting and important to think / write about than how fat girls make you lose your boner. Honestly, I’m beginning to think you’re a closeted FA (Fat Admirer).

  • Person of Choler

    Well, here’s what puzzles me. I read that Mr. Forney is a big deal in the manosphere thing, gushing knowledge on alphacity, seductivity, lifestyle, philosophy and a whole bunch of other stuff too numerous to mention. Then I check his website and the first thing I see is some yammer about fat women.

    It was like opening a book by Einstein expecting a paper on relativity and instead finding a long list of bellyaches about cottage cheese. I’m disappointed.

  • Wayne earl

    La Strega,

    mcDonalds is on the right, not the left. Shamble on down thata ways, Nellie. For someone who doesn’t care, that’s an awful lot of self justification.

    By the way – at my fattest, I weighed close to 400# with a 58 waist. I was fat my whole life, until I took responsibility for my life. I’m an athletic 165 today, and have Maintained that easily sense 2002. I was in the 4th Grade the last time I weighed this much.

    Unlatch the food bag, and stop lying to yourself.

  • Wayne earl,

    I’m happy for you, truly. I’m not quite as heavy as you report yourself being, fortunately. That’s a stunning achievement, and you should be very proud.

    Now please tell me exactly how I was “lying” in my comment?

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  • Good post.

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  • swimologist

    In reply to Choler and La Strega above, Matt writes on a variety of topics, but a specialtyis the manosphere. On the issue of where fat women exist in the game, he is merely setting out guidelines FOR OTHERS in the manosphere to consider. That’s his job; part of his duty. Who can’t understand that? What you’re really mad about is his take-no-prisoners, foot-on-the-neck approach. But you don’t like that because
    you’re gay.

  • KingGhidra

    However fat girls are useful if you find yourself lost on Hoth at night without a shelter, you can just disembowel the fat girl and sleep inside her to stay warm until the search party finds you the next morning.

  • Person of Choler

    Swimologist, I’m surprised that the Studley Screwrights of the manosphere need to be told that fat girls aren’t attractive. I figured that out by myself, decades ago.

  • I don’t understand society today. It has become anti-family and anti-man and pro lesbianism and feminist. Now fat girls are running supreme (thanks to Hollywood and MTV), and younger people these days are more dumb than every before. I hate what liberalism had done to our society. Now they’re trying to make fat girls look so cool. I hate that!

  • Theodore Logan

    While that creature pictured at top of post is fucking nasty as hell, there are fatties out there not nearly as grossly fat but still fat enough to be gross at first glance, yet have cute faces. They’re 5’s, but could be 7’s if they lost weight or even an 8 if they got some muscle tone, mostly only good for hate fucking, especially their faces. They love to swallow cuz they’re hungry, ha ha.

  • “Those men are all sexist bastards, you’re too good for them. Here, have another cupcake.”

    Wow you stole my line!

  • Matt, I understand where you are coming from, but I don’t. We can agree that fatties are an acquired taste; and by not fucking them, you’re doing me a favor. You’re sending more my way, so hat tip to you my brother.

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure ;)

  • Matt

    I thought I would follow up here. I spent Memorial Day weekend out of town at an event. There were only 3 women there who I wouldn’t call seriously overweight.

    Of the overweight women there, one was someone I have known her entire life. At 15 she was quite good looking. At 26 she looks like an overstuffed sausage.

    Another young lady there really did have a pretty face, a great smile and an wonderful upbeat attitude. In shorts she also had thighs that were way beyond cottage cheese. If she was to loose 100 pounds she would easily be an 8, even without makeup.

    I’ve given up on dating and game for the simple reason that when I go out I often can’t find any women who I would be interested in banging. Yeah, it’s that bad.

  • Brononymous

    Even fat chicks don’t believe their own bullshit. Check any Tumblr or Blog. Who are they fingering themselves over? Male fatties like Jack Black and Patton Oswalt? Nope. It’s always muscular alpha males like Tom Hardy / Hugh Jackman / Chris Hemsworth. Maybe you’ll get the occassional nerd chicks into David Tennant or Benedict Cumberbatch, but those guys still aren’t fatarses.

    And genetics is just an excuse for not wanting to try. Maybe you can’t have the thin celebrity look, but I’ve met hundreds of women in my life, of all shapes and sizes, and it’s entirely possible to be slim *in proportion to whatever build you have*.

    The women I’ve known who always make excuses for genetics would use entire tins of condensed milk making caramel slice’s for their children, or lay out an entire baking sheet of oven baked rocky road on the table and offer no restriction for how much their children ate.

    Stupid linked article on a feminist site made me laugh yesterday. The writer is calling her ‘Cinnamon Scroll Mug Cake’ a ‘snack’ and all the cows are mooing over how wonderful it is. This fun ‘snack’ contained 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons of milk, 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon of cream cheese, 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and 2 tablespoons of applesauce. So what basically amounts to 5 tablespoons of fat and 6 tablespoons of sugar. Then dump the carbs of flour into it as well. Yeah, it’s definitely ‘genetics’.

  • Life is short, way too short to spend your time bitchin’ and moanin’ blaiming the fatties for YOUR disappointment and lack of social success. Go out and find yourself someone who is attractive. Portland is one of the fittest cities in the country. If you can’t find a lithe lass there, you’re just not looking in the right places. Forget bars and clubs. Try an athletic club or join a coed sports team. Grab your bike and head for a trail. I’m thinking that you prefer to complain than to take any real constructive action. Or is it that the attractive girls don’t respond to you? Jeez-Louise, you guys are such WHINERS; you are beyond hopeless.

  • Delicia

    LaStrega is right, the fatties shouldn’t be worth bothering with. Leave ’em alone and don’t interact with them if they bother you that much. I’m sure there are many fatties out there who would be relieved to be left alone, rather than be hassled by jerks who think it’s their duty to “shame” them.

    I realize that some of your post is hyperbole and trolling, but still. I read an article (on Cracked) recently, which stated, rightly, that men are *angry* with women who are not hot enough. They aren’t just critical for the women being overweight, they are actually pissed off. They feel like women aren’t fulfilling their obligation by not being beautiful enough. What the hell is that all about? Your post confirms this theory completely.

    Like La Strega, I’m not trying to justify fatness, or say that it’s beautiful, or state that men should be attracted to it if they’re not. But I don’t understand why it’s any of your business if a woman is fat, and why she should be treated like dirt by you, just because you don’t find her aesthetically pleasing. You owe her nothing, but she also owes *you* nothing. Pressuring her because she doesn’t fit into your standards of beauty just makes you an asshole.

    If her father or mother or doctor wants to counsel her on her weight, due to health concerns, they should do so. But all you care is that she’s not hot enough for your tastes, and you’re giving her shit about it.

  • Full-Fledged Fiasco

    “As a case example, take this Tumblelog (NSFW) authored by a “fat identified college student living in Portland, Oregon,” charmingly titled Go Away. ”

    That Tumblr has the following:

    1. Feminism.

    2. “Anti-white” buffoonery (kinda make sense, who else is gone bang her?).

    3. Did I mentioned diversity?

    4. Apparently, she “doesn’t care.” Lolzzololzz

    5. The “usual profanity-laden rage”, as you called it (fuck the fucking fuck, you fucker).

    6. Food.

    7. A lot of ugly people.

    8. Drugs.

    9. Militant atheism.

    Straight out of the assembly line.

  • Brononymous

    “Like La Strega, I’m not trying to justify fatness, or say that it’s beautiful, or state that men should be attracted to it if they’re not. But I don’t understand why it’s any of your business if a woman is fat, and why she should be treated like dirt by you, just because you don’t find her aesthetically pleasing. You owe her nothing, but she also owes *you* nothing. Pressuring her because she doesn’t fit into your standards of beauty just makes you an asshole.”

    The problem is, Fatties don’t STFU about their weight, and send out the wrong message that accepting yourself as you are is healthier than actually trying to be healthy. It’s a clear sign of a lazy mind: trying is hard. Why try? You’re already a winner. Where they do put in any effort, is constantly trying to drag everyone else down to their level. They will ignore medical and health science to justify their lack of discipline, then have the hide to lecture professionals based on their own personal opinion that they’re actually healthy.

    Fat mothers breed fat children then blame genetics rather than their unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise, thereby continuing the cycle by not instilling discipline in their children. Fat women will fatten up their friends to lower their sexual market value in an attempt at sabotage. Fat women will cockblock their more attractive friends out of jealousy at being overlooked. Fat women will bitch and whinge to have fatness reframed as ‘sexiness’ and shame and spew hate at thinner women, then have the hide to call *them* unhealthy. They’re simply toxic human beings, and I refuse to enable them.

  • Delicia

    “The problem is, Fatties don’t STFU about their weight,”

    Many won’t say a thing, and just go on with their lives. If you *personally* encounter a fattie who is saying shit you disagree with, then argue with her. But when you encounter a fattie (particularly one you don’t even know) why start anything with her? Why not mind your own business and let her mind hers? To say anything to her anyway just makes you . . . and asshole.

    “Fat women will fatten up their friends to lower their sexual market value in an attempt at sabotage.”

    I have absolutely NEVER seen this. All of these claims probably apply to a minority of fat women. But I find it hilarious, that you’re so bent out of shape about this. So you are angry because if a girl has the temerity to gain weight, then there will be one less “fuckable” girl for YOU? So it’s all about YOU, right? This goes right into that theory I was talking about before, that men are downright angry if a woman is fat, because it’s her duty to be hot, because that is a woman’s purpose in life. To be hot and fuckable for men. No other goal is as lofty, right? Too funny!

    This has absolutely nothing to do with concern over health, obviously. I sometimes hear that claim being made, that all this venom spewed at fat women (only fat *women*, mind you) due to them being so unhealthy, and so abuse and harassment are “justified” for “their own good.” But that’s not it at all. It’s only about how many fuckable girls there are out there for you.

    That might explain the fattie acceptance backlash. Which I think is idiotic, but it stemmed from an anger over self-entitled douchebags who felt like it was every woman’s *obligation* to stay slim and hot for *them*.

  • Brononymous: Don’t bother. Her entire argument against me boils down to: “You may be right, but you shouldn’t say it because you might hurt someone’s widdle feewings.” How stereotypically female.

    Also, I find it comic she’s accusing you and me of being “bent out of shape” when the only people on this post who are angry and upset are her and La Strega. I wrote this post for my own amusement, and they were so offended that they felt the need to leave multiple tl;dr rants basically calling me an asshole.

    Mission accomplished.

  • Delicia


    [This post has been improved by the patented CensorBot. Please remember: don’t feed the pigs.]

  • Truth Gauntlet

    Matt, since a year-old photo of you has been circling the web, people are calling YOU fat. You are not obese like the woman in the photo here, but you could stand to lose a few and firm the hell up.
    Why don’t you do it? My bad, I realize that you already have—in fact, starting this blog was part of that—it’s just that it’s a lot easier for me to bash you based on a year-old photo than actually address what you wrote.

    [CensorBot sez: Your arguments are weak… just like your willpower.]

  • Maybe I have a fat chick phobia but for the life of me I cannot see how someone views that woman in the photo as attractive.

  • Anthony

    A commenter above mentioned Mensa. A friend of mine years ago called Mensa “the society for overintelligent underachievers”. People who are really smart and actually accomplish anything significant don’t join Mensa. How many CEOs are in Mensa? How many doctors? Mensa isn’t full of rich people, even though most rich people are pretty smart.

    My friend explained that since the whole point of Mensa was to hang around and talk about how smart you were, that it would only attract smart people who didn’t have anything better to talk about.

  • Matt

    Wow, another Mensa hater. You’ve really bought into the liberal narrative that everybody should be equal and that admitting to scoring well on IQ tests is some sort of a sin.

    I joined for social reasons. Over the past 35 years I actually have met and dated a few women in Mensa. It’s not a great place to meet women, but it’s not terrible either. The local group where I live has become deathly boring, mainly because of changes in leadership, some of the other local groups are still a lot of fun.

    I’ve had some very interesting conversations that I learned a lot from. It’s much more my kind of place than going to nightclubs that want to make my ears bleed.

    Yeah, there are a lot of geeks, nerds and otaku. What you might think is bragging about being smart is usually and expression of the deep passion they have for certain subjects. Many members are a bit socially awkward, Mensa is a place that will at least accept them. It takes a lot to be labelled a “creeper”, unlike modern society where there are too many people who don’t think I should be treated like a human being.

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  • Screw you, you insensitive assholes.

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  • Contender


    Some RGs are OK. AGs are much better than RGs.

  • D


    I have to say this is the most fucked up shit I’ve read, but unfortunately you make valid points. Most of us men think this, but do we dare to say it or even act upon it? I’m tired of being accused of being shallow, because a woman is too fat. I’m tired of seeing them take over words such as “curvy” and AVERAGE. Average to what? To a fat fucking whale? The thought of what fat looks like scares me if she considers herself average…

    It’s really sad, because there is some beautiful girls out there with good looking faces, but god they abused that body of theirs and they wonder why no wants them or respects them. If they can’t respect their own body then why should a guy?

  • This article is fucking retarded fat people are humans your tips are going to make the even more depressed and they would murder them selfs. U should be fucking ashamed if u think casting soneone eles out because they have imperfects . Ur really a fucking dick for that u should look at ur self before u tell a fat girl something also fat girls or any girl shouldnt waste thier time with u

  • You must have the lowest self esteem out there. Sad.

  • captain

    Okay, I think I get it now. This article is just a trap, right? To draw out all the damaged, hateful, mysognistic idiots so you can lead ’em off a cliff somewhere pied piper style?

  • Lisa

    Matt is either fat himself or ugly (inside and out) and is in total denial so of course, he bashes fat women to make him feel better about himself. So f’ing sad.

  • Lisa

    And by the way, this article is fucking DISTURBING! But of course most men like it and agree with you because you are all IGNORANT SHALLOW ASSHOLES!

  • jessibell

    Although I am thin I eat healthy and exercise because I care about living past 45. I work at a call centre (today’s my last day!!) And am surrounded by fatties who are constantly eating cheetos and McDonald’s… And I’ve actually noticed they do tend to be sluttier than most girls, trying to catch any dick they can. Whenever I talk about following the paleo diet and going to the gym they yell at me and say I should eat a cheeseburger its like they want more members in their obesity club. Gross.

  • jessibell

    Ps remove bread, some dairy and all processed food from your diet and voila you’re not obese. Bread products are the devil.

  • Kim

    This article and the following comments are very vulgar. Actually, I shouldn’t be surprised since mikro-penises tend to turn people into fucking wankers. I can understand why feminists would hate you, just as much as you hate them – It is in fact no wonder when you’re objectifying women, and fat shaming. And to be honest, I can’t either tell if you were raised in the jungle, or if you are just horribly stupid and that this causes your retarded behaviour, but I’m guessing both.
    As you don’t show any signs of emotional intelligence, I assume that your past/family pretty much, to say it correctly, fucked you up.
    I am very sorry for your loss of empathy, but being a bullshit-teller won’t make it any better so you better grow some compassion and get rid of these pretentious thoughts.
    Because in the end, having your head so far up your ractum, makes you a total douchebag.

  • Alana

    Fuck all of you who think women don’t deserve to be loved, especially the person who wrote this article.

  • MATT FORNEY: I don’t know what happened or what you are going through that filled your heart with hate and prejudice, but I hope you heal from it and come to learn that people are people. You cannot paint any group with one brush. Of course there are some troubled, overweight individuals, but there are many more That are not. I’m fat and I work two jobs, go to college full time, am a leader in campus human rights organizations and faith organizations. I mentor Inner city kids, participate in PeaceJam and volunteer at a homeless shelter twice a month. I’ve never been in a fight or an argument with anyone and I’ve always had someone who was attracted to me (whether i wanted them to be or not). Not everyone is the same. I hope you learn to realize that. Love and peace be with you – Britt

  • Maya

    “don’t be a fag” and “fat women are crazy”…wow..
    Two questions:
    1) How old are you? 10? and
    2) Where do you live?

  • Maya

    and you just referred to fat women as Nazis…you’re the one who is profiling people.
    “I’ve given up on dating and game for the simple reason that when I go out I often can’t find any women who I would be interested in banging. Yeah, it’s that bad.”
    Are you sure that was a choice? Maybe no one wanted to date you…
    Your comments are so hateful I’d be advising people to ignore you, shame you and isolate you.

  • Shez

    I thought men like you lot were gone…or hid their distaste so much.
    In the UK, men want a size 8? Tough, the average UK size is 14 and even bigger in America, so get used to the fact that the world is getting bigger. I’m personally a size smaller than the average and I’m not one of those skinny, sexy girls you seem to crave so badly.
    Fat girls (which irritates me, you talk about them as if they’re another race. They’re still human, they have feelings, needs, wants and wishes, etc) aren’t intelligent? I beg to differ, my mum is obese and she is EXTREMELY intelligent. If you got into an argument with her, she’ll make you embarrassed with her wide range of vocabulary and witty remarks. She’s street-smart and book-smart. She’s also the nicest soul in the world, everyone loves her and always says hello to her, because she lightens up the room with her smile and light-hearted jokes.

    Me? Since I was about 4, I had grief because of my weight. I was, yes I was, the big kid of the playground. For about…the next 7 years, I got called fat. And I then proceeded to self-harming, eating-disorders, even 2 suicide attempts because people showed no love or care to me because I was so big.
    I brought that up to say yes, you don’t have to bang them, but you don’t have to shun them either. I never wanted attention, I just wanted people to be friendly and kind, instead of laughing at my size. Girls, in general, obese or anorexic, hate it when people, especially boys, ignore them. They then start to pick faults at themselves. I know boys would normally think of changing it, but girls usually just sit and comfort themselves, crying and wondering where things went wrong.

    All I’m saying is, imagine going in their shoes. You got fat, and everyone laughs at you and teased you, so to help the pain, you eat more. It’s a vicious cycle and you keep trying to break it. When you finally do, you see some of the weight drop off, so you eat some sweets, and some more, and a few more…and a bit more…and then you see the weight come creeping back on. You begin “yo-yoing”, and when you lose some, you gain twice as more. You can’t control it, you feel so upset and disappointed in yourself and as you finish that Kit-Kat, your mind curses you, and guilt-trips you. You regret picking up that chocolate bar, because you could’ve had that apple instead. You stare at yourself in the mirror, hot tears rolling down your cheeks when you get in the shower, and what you see is a lump of lard with a double chin looking back at you…and you hate it. You hate it so much. It isn’t you, you’re just stuck inside it. But you can’t change it, no matter how much you try it’s not working. You don’t want to work out because people would laugh at the fat lady jogging in the streets. You want to eat healthier and you start to, but temptations control your thoughts. You wish you could just be skinner, and see no marks where your rolls sit, and no love handles.

    We made ourselves fat, and IT IS our fault, but if we could so easily change who we are, who we wish we weren’t, then there’d be no fat people around.

    And before some guy comes saying “Weight loss is so easy you’re all just lazy.” Men lose weight easier than women because women’s body stores a lot of fat, whilst men stores only a bit.

  • Ashton

    Matt, I feel bad for you man. Your an ass and I’m sure if you had a girl friend and you showed her this, she would break up with you in a heart beat! Everything you said was cruel and NOT true! You are a stereotyping bastard. Let me tell you a little about me, I’m 25, fit and a guy. I have dated girls that any guy would want to fuck but the girl I married is 265 pounds and very SMART, NICE, a GREAT mom and I love fucking her! My wife almost committed suicide when she was 16 because of scum like you! Your the reason people are jerks to women of size! I don’t care if all you want to do is fuck anorexics just stop being a ass to human beings! Why don’t you go watch some porn, I’m sure you have an addiction!

  • Thompson

    Dude Matt, no offense man but you probably fall into at least one of these categories:
    1. You fell in love with a fat chick and she dumped your ass cause she found out you were a dumb ass with a tiny dick
    2. You are extremely ugly and the only girls you can get are fat ones and apparently there not your type
    3. You are huge and hate yourself and your having fun pretending that your skinny
    I bet you fall into all three! Ha

  • Willow Lovett

    Wow, Mr. Forney, you really have quite a few opinions about fat women. I have a gut feeling that you love big girls, and it scares the hell out of you. Just accept it, and move on. Nobody will make fun of you, except mindless fools like yourself.

  • Hannah Clarington

    This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever read. Just because someone is “fat”, that doesn’t make them an unpleasant person. And before you say it no, I’m not what is considered overweight. But this is a horrible thing to read. I have friends that are above average weight and none of them are sluts or any of the things you have accused them of being. I think you’re disgusting. And people wonder why women have serious insecurities about their appearances. It’s scumbags like you that are the reason most women feel so low about their appearance. Inconsiderate asshole.

  • Kate

    You know fat people can always lose weight, I doubt you can do anything about you vile personality!!

    As a larger lady I really dispel all of your theories.

    1) Fat girls are stupid
    I have an IQ of 143 and I have a Masters degree from Oxford University

    2)Fat girls are sluts.
    I have been with the same man since I was 16 and I’m 31 now!

    3)Fat girls are unpleasant. (and cruel)
    I work as a Social Worker, foster children and active with two local charities … yes I’m a terrible person!!

    Making sweeping generalization’s about people is never a good thing, I’m sure you can think of examples in history where it has in fact been very damaging.

    I get you say provocative stuff to aid you career but really is it worth selling your soul for!!

  • Wow, lots of fatbutthurt ugly pigs gathering here. Guess the article hit really close to home.

  • I have never seen so much stupid on the internet like there is in this blog and the responses.
    First, you say that “scientists have established a link between obesity and all kinds of mental illness”. Really? Where are your sources, doctor? If you’ve ever been in a mental institution (and I’m betting you have), you may have noticed that there are people of all sizes there. Also FYI, there are people who gain weight as the result of taking medication for depression and other emotional maladies. I had a friend who gained 7^0 lbs as the result of corticosteroids while undergoing chemotherapy. My guess is that you’d fry her ass as well, nice guy that you are.
    You also say “Can you name one male fat acceptance advocate?” Let’s start with ME. I’ve been blogging about size acceptance for over 3 years, and have several thousand readers a week, likely more than you’ll ever have. I can rattle off a bunch more names of guys who write about size acceptance as well (Red #9, Shannon Atchka and Dan ex machina come to mind right now) as well, but again had you done a little homework, you would have known it, showing me you’re just talking out of your ass.
    By the way, I’m not fat. In fact, I exercise daily, eat a primarily Medierranean diet, and take vitamins and supplements on a daily basis, so please don’t say that I’m doing this because I’m fat. I outwork people half my age, which I’m guessing you are. So, why do I blog about it? Pretty simple, I do it because I learned to respect all people. I learned that from my parents, and if you didn’t learn the same thing from your mom & dad, then I almost feel sorry for you. ALMOST.
    I see that you direct most of your venom at fat women. So is it okay for men to be fat, but not women? Want to know why more women are involved than men are? It’s because they’re the victims of this kind of garbage, and deal with it on a daily basis. See, if a fat dude heard you talking this shit towards him, he’d likely kick your ass and it would be over. You somehow think that women should have to deal with it. I wonder what your thinner women friends would think if they knew you were so misogynistic?
    For you other sheep that are doing shout outs of support, you’re dumber than Forney is. Take the time to read the article called “Fat and fit live as long as slimmer counterparts”. Can be found at You likely won’t however, because either:
    1. You’re knuckle draggers, and probably can’t read, or
    2. You’re closed minded on the subject, and would rather spew your hate & prejudice.

  • Katie

    Don’t like fat girls? Fine. I don’t like assholes with big mouths. I am sad for the skinny women who waste their time with you. Because god forbid something happens to them where they are no longer up to your standard. You are going to live a lonely sad life. Bodies change, people change. And here is a shocker Matt, not all women in the world are there for you to fuck. A lot of us actually have men who are not self-absorbed assholes.

    Get a life.



    262 pounds-I think that qualifies me for land whale status right?
    Mother of 2-Child abuser
    Master of nursing- Dumb huh?
    Software engineer-What do you do?
    Married for 16 years- Yes to a good man
    Exercise? Yep…4 times a week to the gym. Kick boxing, Zumba, weight training and running.- I know you don’t believe me..but I don’t care.
    There is not a single lie here. Can you say the same about your idiotic diatribe?

  • vanessa(fat is what i am)

    Wow i would love for someone to say that to my face. Saying all this online. Your so fuckin brave arent you. Overweight people do not deserve this crap.

  • Yeah Matt! why Do YOU Have To be So mean>?
    yo makin these ladies eat more cupcakes

  • Jessica Curtis

    First let me say that I by no means read this blog regularly. I only stumbled on this post because I enjoy learning about fat women’s life perspectives. I think by writing this post you have demonstrated that you are a really terrible person. I’d be really surprised if any women would ever like someone so mean! You’re giving all of these reasons why fat women shouldn’t be loved, but don’t most (fat and non-fat) people want to love a nice person? And you are not it buddy. You are what is wrong with the world. I hope that you let any woman you are thinking about asking on a date read this before she makes her decision. I’d be VERY surprised if she took you up on it afterwards and if she did, you two deserve each other. Yuck.

  • maniascity

    The hate in here is so yummy.

  • Jacob

    I am so surprised that you wasted precious time in your pathetic life to rant about “obese women.” I find “fatties to have a beautiful personality because they try to accept their life the way it is. Fuck faces like you guys, will be the ones who missed out. Go ahead bang your so called “models.” But I pity people like you guys, have to make girls feel like shit, just to make yourselves feel better. That’s my rant of the day. God Bless you all.

  • Christine

    I personally find some obese women really annoying. If you bothered to do some research, you would know that being obese is actually very unhealthy. If you don’t try to lose all that fat, you’re going to end up with serious cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. Obesity isn’t “who you are”. It’s a disease. Some people are born with it, some develop it later in life. It’s like cancer. People with cancer don’t post pictures of their tumors saying “oh look it’s who I am. Isn’t it beautiful?” And they also get medical help. I understand that there are people out there who make obese people feel horrible about their bodies and that is extremely cruel, but you still shouldn’t promote obesity. You shouldn’t be putting them down but you also should not be telling them it’s okay to stay obese. Remember, it’s like telling a cancer patient it’s okay to live their whole life with cancer and that they don’t need to change.

  • Drake

    Eh, this article is filled with ironclad arguments. Nothing more, nothing less. People shouldn’t waste energy trying to refute the claims that this guy is making because his article is bulletproof. Fat women are a blight on society.

    [The official CensorBot thanks you for the kind words.]

  • sarah

    Well i get your point, and i am fat. (I am a size 16-18) but i will tell you, if you don’t like something that gives you no right to be a dick. Just because you think someone is overweight doesn’t make them ugly. I can go on all day and argue, but you show your ignorance for yourself. If i may say, who gives a fuck about what you think, you are in a world with billions of people, and you think a bitch opinion matters? Good luck. Don’t date them if you don’t like it.

  • Ted

    You’re confusing self-hate for hate for others.

  • DontWorry

    Fuckin Goof!

  • ew

    i’m a fatty. fat girls are the worst. atleast fat guys are nice.

    [The CensorBot appreciates your honesty.]

  • OvaltineAddict

    You sir, might just be the scum of the earth. No really, do you say these things to your mother? Do you say these things to your friends? Are you the more bastardly brother of Barney from How I Met Your Mother?

    What sick person is responsible for your mindset?

    You are a rape sympathizer, a misogynist, and an overall POS. I don’t think I’m over stepping my boundaries by saying that mister, “I tell pudgy women with mental handicaps they are a blemish on society.” Next you’ll be saying that Female Genital Mutilation should be implemented in society.

    Go dunk your head in a fountain, stick it in your freezer, than go outside and stare into the void and think about what kind of sick and terrible things you condone.

    If you then still feel that you are a good and reasonable person, then I’m sorry but you might just be evil.

  • commmon sense

    This was by far the dumbest article I have ever read in my life. You, Mr. Forney have the lowest IQ to believe this. I am not overweight, but I respect all people for who they are. I hope you and others with your same beliefs can do the same. Btw, I am an African American female who is the salutatorian of her high school class with an African american valedictorian at a predominantly Caucasian school. We don’t have low IQs.

  • Uh

    Uh…I don’t really see the logic in this? Like, I’m not really fat but some of the stuff you say is just mean. Like, shunning your family if they’re fat? They’re your family, you should love them no matter what…
    And “reminding fat girls they are vermin” doesn’t seem to nice either? Like, I’m pretty sure fat people have feelings too, so if you wouldn’t be mean to a skinny person, why be mean to a fat one? We’re all human, you know?

  • Uh

    I forgot to mention: I don’t understand how weight affects your IQ? Like, I’ve met fat black scientists and nurses, and skinny stupid Asians that flunk every test and have “swag”…so, I think that’s a little unfounded.

  • Ollie

    My dear “Uh”, lets talk about your post now, my likely plump sugar lump.

    “I’m not really fat”

    This is code for the fact that you’ve started to let yourself go.
    Let’s take that ass to a treadmill. You will thank me later when the guys you actually want to fuck start talking to you.

    Don’t believe me? Of course you do. Let’s break through that wall of rationalization:

    “… some of the stuff you say is just mean. Like, shunning your family if they’re fat? They’re your family, you should love them no matter what…
    And “reminding fat girls they are vermin” doesn’t seem to nice either? Like, I’m pretty sure fat people have feelings too, so if you wouldn’t be mean to a skinny person, why be mean to a fat one? We’re all human, you know?”

    The sticky sweet empathy is just oozing out of that one, like the icing dripping from the warm sides of a freshly baked Cinnabon.
    In all seriousness, you probably are a sweetie with a heart of gold and I bet you’d make a nice wife for some lucky dude. I imagine you as the kind of girl who puts out saucers of warm milk for your neighborhood strays, looking on those hungry, mewling little faces with motherly adoration. Maybe you are, maybe that could be miles from the truth. Regardless of this, your comments seem to come from a place of care and consideration.
    How then, could anyone then possibly disagree with your above statement?

    Welcome to the manosphere. We traffic not in feelgood pablum but in brutal honesty. Whether or not you realize it, the society your ancestors labored to achieve is being torn asunder by a thousand demons – all of them marching under the banner of “progressivism”.

    One of those demons is the “Fat Acceptance” movement. You can learn about the others if you start clicking around the links on this site.

    It may hurt a chubbster’s feeeelings to get told to start dropping a few pounds, but that pain is nothing compared to a good old-fashioned heart attack:

    “I’ve met fat black scientists and nurses, and skinny stupid Asians that flunk every test and have “swag”…so, I think that’s a little unfounded.”

    Since were trading anecdotal experiences here, I’d like to share with you one of mine.

    Ever seen a grown woman, doting mother of three, die of a heart attack? I want you to visualize the sheer terror in her eyes, a stunted tear rolling off one of her puffy cheeks as she staggers to the floor like a dropped ten-point buck. I want you to visualize that same terror reflected in the eyes of her children, knowing that mommy isn’t coming back this time. I want you to feel the ocean of tears that washes over a family when one of it’s most beloved members passes on far too soon.

    Do I have your attention now?

    I want you to understand that appeals to emotion like that don’t count for much in the manosphere anyway, because for us the simple facts are more than enough.

    Guess what the number one killer of women in America is?
    Unless you really think the CDC is making that shit up, you might begin to start seeing Matt’s point here.

    The silver and bronze medalists on that little blood-soaked list, cancer and stroke, are also scientifically linked to obesity:—Stroke-Connection_UCM_311771_Article.jsp

    Last but not least, number 7 on the list, Diabetes, is pretty well linked to that extra poundage as well.

    Go ahead, Google it.

    That said, what we have here is millions of women dying off prematurely because of obesity. Factor in extra healthcare costs and host of other expensive complications, and you’ll soon realize that the obesity epidemic is a both a financial and literal genocide happening in your own back yard. A genocide that is facilitated and whole-heartedly endorsed (whether they acknowledge it or not) by the so-called “Fat Acceptance” movement.

    And here is little ol’ Matt Forney trying to stop it by throwing a wrench into the machine that obliterates millions of women per year.

    How’s that for misogyny?

    Be thankful that men like Matt are out there fighting the good fight, because there is a lot more at stake that just a few hurt feelings.

    P.S.: I know some Jezzetroll reading this is waiting to drop a little snarkbomb about the number of deaths caused by anorexia/bulimia per year. Go ahead, find those figures for me, cupcake. Less than 200 (that’s 200 as in just 200, not 200K) per year for the whole God-damn country. That isn’t even a rounding error compared to heart disease. You can’t wash the blood off your Fat-accepting hands with bullshit.

    Fat shaming – It’s a celebration of life.

  • Jingo

    I am far from being a babe magnet but I’ve never been able to screw a fat girl, because of the smell. Most of them smell ‘off’ even when they are just slightly damp. If they have poor eating habits it is worse. In my younger days I tried to do it, but I couldn’t get it up with them. The area under their breasts can really stink when they start to sweat.

  • Wut?

    If you think there aren’t fat people on Wall Street, then you’ve obviously never worked on Wall Street.

  • Sam

    You sir, are an asshole.

  • Jen

    This is the most disgusting article I have ever read. Get over yourself. If you don’t like “obese women” don’t deal with them. Also some of these comments from people…..this is what is wrong with society. You talk about obesity being such a big problem but what about the HATRED that is pouring out of this article? It disgusts me that there are people like you in this world who just take us two steps back towards discrimination. I’m sure in your mind you would be fine with a white/black water fountain and not giving anymore rights to women than washing dishes and making your dinner. Also you talk about obese woman being terrible mothers? how good of a father could you be ( if you are one and god I hope you aren’t) passing on horrendous hatred like this to your children. Whats from stopping your children from going to a school and shooting all the “fat kids” because of daddys tremendous hatred towards them that he passed down generation to generation. Disgusting.

  • miguel nano

    heh oh boy look a blog with a stupid mentality….how unique.

  • Gina

    This forness got serious mental illness and i say it from my 18 years experience on mental field. Go and look at ourself in the mirror then probably you will not look any better than the fattest woman on the whole earth, idiot!

  • Project Mayhem

    I just read my entire philosophy on fat women, written by another man. I shame fatties every single day, every single chance I get. Theyre a plague on humanity, and in my opinion, they have no right to be here.

    You see a big fat hog on the side walk as you’re driving your car down the street. Roll your window down and yell out as loud as you can “WOWWWW!!!! Watch em jolt in horror as everyone around them takes notice that this obese abomination’s disgusting condition has provoked such a fitting display of public outrage. Its EXACTLY what they need. SHAME.

  • Fat Girl

    I’ve been fat my entire life. My mother has never been fat, my relatives are not fat, so I can’t blame genetics. I can blame my mom a little bit, but I’m grown now so it’s not like I can continue to blame her. I realize there comes a time when one must take responsibility for their self. At one point I weighed 435 lbs. I have a 13 year old son who was extremely overweight until last year when I decided I didn’t want him to be like me and changed our eating habits. He has slimmed up to a normal, healthy weight. I’ve lost 175 lbs, but I am still fat and still hate what I see when I look in the mirror. I exercise, I eat healthy and I am still unable to lose any more weight. I’ve even tried diet pills. And now I have all this disgusting, loose skin. I’ll have even more if/when I lose more weight. To be quite honest, I feel more disgusting now than I did when I weighed over 400 lbs.

    I understand why you feel the way you do about fat women. At the same time, though, it’s screwed up to stereotype. I am fat. I am not mentally ill, I am not a rude or bitchy person, and I may not be the most intelligent person on the planet but I am far from stupid.

    I disagree with your opinions on shaming women into losing weight. Speaking for myself, I am very well aware that I am fat, I don’t need YOU or anyone else to remind me of that. (Plus making a fat woman feel bad about being fat will more than likely lead to her eating more and more.) I already loathe myself and am disgusted with my appearance quite enough without you trying to make me feel even worse about it. I think about killing myself all the time, and I fear that eventually I’ll end up doing so.. because no matter what, it’s too late for me. Even if I were to get down to a healthy weight, I’ll still have all this nasty, disgusting skin and it looks so much worse than the fat does.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for reminding me that because I am fat I am worthless vermin and don’t deserve to be alive. I had forgotten.

    [The patented CensorBot has decided to leave this comment unmolested save to add this note of thanks. We aim to displease.]

  • Does my name matter?

    I honestly 100% don’t believe that this article is someones true feelings. No way. The entire time I read this, I was thinking… hmm.. at the end, he’s going to say, “Just kidding. Didn’t I sound like a moron” and when you didn’t. Like what?

    Its like i’m on 4chan right now. People don’t like fat chicks? Clearly an unthinkable concept.

    [CensorBot sez: Welcome to the real.]

  • Who wrote this like what did a fat girl break your heart lollolol? She did actually, by sitting on your chest until you passed out from asphyxiation. Lzlozlzolzol.

    [CensorBot sez: A hundred billion people are accidentally killed by the obese every year. Spread the love, stop the hate.]

  • Wheres the care?

    Who are you to rain down harassment on people for medical issues (yes medical issues). I wonder how long it takes for somone to sue you….or take you to court after your harassing article causes someone to commit suicide?…c’mon people, its a persons HUMAN RIGHT to not be descriminated against based on medical issues, sex or other statuses, for that matter. Matt Forney….I have no words for how this makes me feel….I certainly hope you dont have children…or if you do that you do not subject them to this kind of hatred. I used to be a size zero…and watched friends waste away, so terrified they would be bullied like this…men AND women. Sex or weight is not important, unless you are the person in question. If you dont like obese people, dont look, and keep it to yourself please.

  • Matt Forney Superfan

    guys…after I read this i did some research…I strongly reccomend visiting Matt Forney’s websites EVERY day…everything he says is funny and true…I looked him up, and he is one righteous dude. I dont think I’m gay..but I would be for him.

    [CensorBot sez: Your homosexual advances are understandable but unwelcome.]

  • Bernkastel

    What the fuck am I even reading? I can’t believe there are such repulsive people like this out there. Actually, I can, scratch that. I’m not fat (used to be), but this sure as fuck pisses me off. Most of what you’re saying isn’t even true. Okay, if you don’t like overweight/obese women, just simply don’t bother. Just because they don’t fit within your beauty standards doesn’t mean that you have to shove your fucked up thoughts down others throats. Some people actually like girls for their personalities, etc and not only their looks. Shocking, isn’t it? There are actually people that aren’t shallow fucks like you. Please, do the world a favor and slit your throat.

    That’s right, I’m so tolerant and accepting of others that I think people who disagree with me should commit suicide. That’s the definition of tolerance… right?

    [CensorBot sez: No.]

  • Omg I laughed so hard ))) Nice article )))

  • God, but the comments. O_o Am I the only fattie who found this incredibly funny? People, you’re taking yourself too serious.

  • well i think your a cunt and i wouldn’t fuck you even if i was on fire and wanted to smother the flames with your overly inflated head .

  • “No fat chics challenge temporada dos”

    Matt, you are so mean. And I am sick of this MEAN MEAN WORLD!!!
    I used to be fat ,,but people like you are so so mean and kept on insulting me!! I was forced NOT TO BE FAT!!
    Now I am more attractive, girls stare at me, I can deadlift two to three times my bodyweight, and my blood pressure is always on the normal range,

  • lorraine

    well check out the mouth cos that’s all u are matt forney hiding behind a blog.big man hmm u think.u dont hear us woman slaggn fat guys,and as for lazy fat cows slags omg u wanker,ppl are ppl and who are u to judge,i was slim and gave up smoking and gained weight but at no point did anyone call me slag fat cow heffer,your a totally wanker
    ive friends who are over weight and are beautiful witty classy have jobs have brains
    i really hope the females come down on u hard and make yr life shite….as for all u whimps who follow this wank grow up before yr mummys come slap u down ppl dont deserve to be put down,,,and wats this shite u all keep rantn NOT NORMAL..wat a loda of DICKHEADS

  • Also

    All the proclamations about obesity being unhealthy are sincere. We fat girls just hate the way we look, and we’re angry because many real men do not find us attractive.

    Who cares what we think? If you could see us you’d probably laugh, because our looks are so completely hideous. We talk as if men are supposed to care what “real women” (meaning us, the land-whales) want, but we want a whole lot of screwed-up things, like men being servile bootlickers who live to worship us. Ridiculous, right? We don’t speak for most of humanity, because most of humanity has better things to do.

    [CensorBot sez: You go girl!]

  • Brian

    Morbidly obese women are everywhere in Newfoundland and Labrador. I don’t know how or why these women are able to pack on massive pounds and think it looks good on them. Women were never meant to be obese; they don’t have the frame for it.

    Not that I like super-skinny supermodels, either. I expect all women to be healthy lean, curvaceous and beautiful or at least try to make the most of their natural assets. Too many women are in poor shape in a society that emphasizes being skinny. Sadly, a lot of teen and tween girls are heavy for their age. Ask OneDirection.

  • Johnathan Blaze

    YES YES YES! You preach the gospel, sir. I treat fat women like they don’t exist. I don’t look at them, I just look right through them.

    A fat woman is like a broke man. Utterly fucking useless in every regard.

  • Finn

    i used to be thin and then I got sick and went through chemo. I gained 50 lbs from it. It was one of the side effects from the drug I was using. I just find it absolutely awesome as to how assholes constantly make my life a living hell now, trying to shame me; calling me ugly; making fun of me; using me to get to my friends; being called a moron even though I speak 4 languages fluently; getting stares from ugly, thin men who think they’re better than me and can do so much better… Gosh still can’t understand why the mail order bride they bought ran away; having to prove myself at my job over and over again, because a fat chick could’t possibly be capable of teaching Linguistics. I’ve sold paintings yet only pretty people could do that; I sold a film at Cannes, yet fat women can’t do that! I’ve climbed Mt. Fuji, lived in 4 different countries, have awesome friends… but God…. It’s cheating isn’t it. Fat women shouldn’t have the right to live… Damn the irony! I have a great sense of humor, but damn it, my fatness automatically makes me unfunny. Poor me!

    I eat 1200 calories a day, swim 3600 meters in an hour a day (What?! Fat chicks can’t do that!!! They’ll sink! WTF? I just defied the laws of gravity. I should be burned. I’m probably a witch!) desperate to lose the weight, tired of the treatment. At a wedding of a friend’s of mine, I had a piece of cake. The stares and remarks I got were awesome! I shouldn’t even be allowed to enjoy my friend’s special day! Lock this hosebeast up!

    My doctor says I have an uphill battle losing weight, because my body is so messed up. I can only hope that a prick like you goes through something like I did, turns fat, and understands that it’s not always because we didn’t simply put the cupcake down. But in reality, I won’t wish it upon you because you’re so shallow, I imagine that you have no real friends and that none of them would try to help you out in your hour of need. Go back to banging poor girls with low self-esteems, cuz that’s the best you can do. Clearly you don’t factor in anything else but body. So being in a deep relationship with you would be a huge risk, cuz God knows what will happen to your significant other: pregnancy, side effects from drugs, cancer, hormone problems, etc… Good luck!

  • Johnathan Blaze

    Finn, stop getting so defensive. Obviously this article was not directed at people like you who put on weight due to legitimate health issues.

    99% of fat women are like that because they are disgusting fucking pigs who are addicted to carbohydrates. It’s sad that people assume that you are part of this group. But this doesn’t mean that those 99% should get a free pass. They need to be called out for the useless, slothful, gluttonous pigs that they are.

  • thatguy

    I think you are a visionary. I advise you to spread your gospel because the flood of fatties in the streets of America is getting out of hand.

    I wish you a good journey, you are a very, very intelligent person.

    [CensorBot approved this comment.]

  • Deepika

    I feel really sad to say that you are a complete jackass with no life at all..:) You should probably work on your own problems rather than people who are fat……….coz most of my friends are kind of big and they have great personalities…….:D

  • ben

    Some people can’t control their weight no matter how hard they try. And by “some,” I mean “some,” not all or even most. It’s so heartening to read this. People are people, and the way they look has everything to do with their personalities. You are a genius.

    [CensorBot approved.]

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  • Haha, I just read that article you linked about that FatLove chick. Fuck that bitch. My best friend from high school is a bit of fatty. Years of me calling him a fatty have finally paid off. He’s going to the gym 4-5 times a week now and getting in shape. He’ll be a beast 1 year from now.

  • Nani

    My brain can’t even process how mean this is.
    People kill themselves because of this bullshit,
    Soooo Fuck you, and please kill yourself. do the world a favor.
    That’s right, I responded to an article I think will make fatties kill themselves by telling the guy who wrote it to kill himself. That’s not hypocritical in the least, because… um, er, because… MY FEELINGS ARE HURT!

    [CensorBot sez: Anyone who is emotionally fragile enough to kill themselves over something they read on the Internet is probably better off dead, because it was only a matter of time before they did something stupid and got themselves killed anyway. Seriously, how much of a crybaby pussy do you have to be to commit suicide over something like this? People are supposed to kill themselves over breakups, divorces, lost jobs, lost family members, not a motherfucking blog post. Nut the fuck up and learn to take some criticism, fatties.]

  • Michael

    I think Nani’s comment may be a parody, particularly going by the last line.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    I just discovered this post linked on the blog “tolovefat.” My feelings are as follows. If you really don’t like fat women, then why do you:

    1)…follow morbidly obese spinsters around and salivate as they ride their Little Rascals up and down the candy aisles of the supermarket?

    2)….burst into Weight Watchers meetings with trays of donuts, pies, and cupcakes screaming “Ladies!! Ive got it all!!!”?

    3)….smear yourself with cream filling and run through Curves just before lunch hour?

    I’d call you a chubby chaser, but even I have to admit there’s no such thing. They’re pretty fat and can’t really run, so there’s very little chase involved — you kind of catch them right away.

  • Cheryl

    Uh . Ok . So I saw this at the top of your page and if I’m blind to the words please do tell me ( though in this case I wish I was so I don’t need to say this ) …

    Matt Forney
    The man who shouted love at the heart of the world

    Oh really ? Lovin the world huh ?

    Funny . No , really . It’s fuckin hilarious :D

    You know what , if you put this on GAGS I bet it would be a hit .

    You know what I think bastard ?
    You give me the impression that as a kid you had a life with fucking overweight obese parents who scold and correct you for your misdeeds and now you hate then and wanna share and expand your hatred out to the rest of the world ?
    I earnestly pity your mom for giving birth and much less conceiving you – a fuckturd asshole cocksucking bastard . Bet your moms vagina expanded to the size of your bullshit huh ? Which I guess is a lot .

    I do not know what to say about this article as it is full of bloody irritating facts oh shit I need eye bleach .

    Seriously . You love the world . Wow .

    ” HEY WORLD! THIS GUY WITH NO PARENTS LOVE Y’ALL ! I bet that you all hate him right ? No wait . You guys don’t hate him . You all find him repulsive , disgusting , a warpig and heyy I bet mental too right ? ”

    You know what ? If you get fat in the near future , or even gain a few pounds , I would give the obligation to spit on you .

    And please . You said they don’t deserve to be loved ? Sureeee. When you get married ( which I doubt you will) you will/might put on weight in which by your standards means fat . So do we – the readers of this fucking article – have your word that if you get old and get fat your wife MUST divorce you and your children will dump you on the road ? I hope they will .

    Yes men find fat ladies unattractive and ugly and a repellant but they have souls and are human too . Ok fine . So what if they are fatty blobs of fat ? They . Are . Us .
    If only the world is a parallel universe then you will get discriminated instead based on your self proclaimed law .
    I don’t really care who you are but if you are younger than me then you should stay at home and play with Barbies and if you are older than me ?
    Fuck it . That just killed my respect for ‘MATURE ADULTS’ (vomit blood and internal organs) That means you must be sent to the mental institution . :) with a royal invitation too .

    And so far within this article I see reasons why girls become fat and obese and why they seem repulsive and so on so forth . But I see no fucking relation to your title which is – Why Fat Girls Don’t Deserve To Be Loved .

    What . Is it because they became fat on purpose ?
    Is it because they are so called mental?

    What fucking lousy reasons .

    Tell you what bitch . I don’t expect you to reply or even listen to this . I know I’m assuming but my assumption is that you’ll read this and saying fuck this bitch . I don’t really care . I don’t know you and vice versa but all I think is that your thinking and opinion is fucked up and fucking screwed up .

    Not being sarcastic or boastful but I’m only 16 and I already think you have a fucked up past and life .

    Feel free to read through and think what a idiotic person and retard I am ( and I don’t really care ) and I bet you’ll be even thinking whether I’m fat/obese or not regarding the way I’m saying this . But just remember that IF this comment offends you , know that feeling cos bro that feelin is what those girls you targeted your soulless article at .

    Not asking you to pity them since to me you don’t have a soul at all .

    But hahahahaha I have this loose end feeling here that you won’t feel a thing as you have no heart . What bullshit what fucking man shouted fucking love at the world ? Ha . The world much be so damn fucking grateful huh ?

    Asshole .


    Sincerely fuck off ,


    *ps : you should change your name from Matt Forney to Sadd Fucker .

  • DF

    Hopefully this was a joke? The article was so full of racial stereotypes as well as fat girl stereotypes that no one with a functioning brain could ever take it seriously. I always dated fat girls because I like them and I’ve been married to one for over 20 years. She is the brightest and kindest and best person you will ever meet. She is a mother and has a professional career in sales and customer service and she is loved and respected by everyone who has dealings with her. I guess that blows this diatribe of hate that you have farted out onto the net. LOL

  • Natural Selection


    Yeah, you hold your fat wife in such high esteem; but you refuse to accept the fact that if she was never fat, she never would have settled for you. If she lost the weight and looked good, she would more than likely leave you for a better man.

  • has a professional career in sales and customer service

    Read: she’s a cashier at Walmart.

  • Lucy

    Try inserting the word ‘black’ wherever you see the word ‘fat’ in this article. Does it seem reasonable now? See, see Matt, I think I’ve got you there because after all, being born black—a physiological and mental trait that is not harmful, not deleterious to society and can’t be changed anyway—is totally the same as being fat, a reversible situation that is almost always under the fat person’s control.

    If you don’t fancy fat women don’t sleep with them, but actively hating someone because you don’t like the shape of their body is really odd. I mean, I know you already said that you won’t sleep with and ignore fat chicks, but I’m gonna project my self-loathing onto you and falsely accuse you of “hate” because I’m a damaged narcissist. WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE LOVE ME? MY DADDY DIDN’T GIVE ME ENOUGH HUGS BECAUSE I WAS FAT!!!!!!1

    [CensorBot sez: The first step in solving your problems is admitting you have them.]

  • Natural Selection

    @ Lucy
    What’s odd is how someone can be so incompetent that they feel that making the CHOICE to over-consume and loaf around all day is in any way, shape or form comparable to a person’s RACE, a trait one is born with and has no control over whatsoever. When you’re obese, THATS NOT THE SHAPE OF THE HUMAN BODY. Its an ABOMINATION of the human body. So what you essentially just said is that being “black” is equal to being a human abomination!? What a racist! What a hateful, bigoted thing to say! Please leave and don’t come back.

  • cgs

    Fuck you you motherfucking judgmental piece of shit worthless excuse for a human being. Fuck you, fuck the people that support you and the motherfucking people that taught you it was okay to act this way. I hope one day you get hit by a car and the fat people you hate so much get all of your donated organs. That’s right, I’m gonna show my commitment to tolerance by wishing for the death of someone who disagrees with me. FAT ACCEPTANCE FTW!

    [CensorBot sez: Attention all butthurt fatties; any and all of your irrational sputterings of illiterate rage are subject to deletion or censorship at the hands of the patented CensorBot. Before you squeal like a pig being raped by an elephant, considering that the This is Thin Privilege blog—where most of you are coming from—censors/deletes any comments that are critical of the site, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. You have a spectacular day now.]

  • wandering-spark

    You should read this article, which is hosted on a site that features advertising from McDonald’s. Here is the full text of research article if you want it, text of a research article that was funded by Monsanto.
    If that’s too much reading for you, let me summarize. Fat shaming makes fat people thinner. Mr. Forney, your suggestions are going to make fat girls become skinny, get cool boyfriends, have more successful careers and live healthier, longer lives. God bless you, sir.

    [CensorBot sez: D’awww.]

  • Nicole

    Is this article a joke??? I mean- the child abuse thing made me laugh- how ridiculous.

  • Discus

    I find it hilarious that I’m attempting to make this strong, unaffected chubby chaser stance – but basically I’m a loser whining and bitching because I could never fuck a semi-attractive woman.

    Poor me. It’s extremely hard being me, picking and choosing which masculine blogs to assault with my leftist inanity. Out of curiousity, have you ever taken into consideration the girls with hyperthyroidism? Coeliac’s disease? We have far too many contributing factors helping with our weight problems today, like the fact that people like me make excuses for the fatties.

    And more interestingly enough, the work hours that the average person work are contributing to obesity. Think about it; most people, today, work two jobs. If they don’t, they’re generally overtaxed at work and have plenty of unpaid (usually) overtime. Who wants to cook? No one. So they wind up buying the prepackaged food that totes itself as “healthy”.. but have you ever looked at the ingredients? The nutirional facts? These poor women who are trying to lose weight by eating some seriously shitty food (I’m looking at you Lean Cuisine) are instead loading themselves with fuck all ingredients and carbohydrates.

    It’s absolutely no wonder they have weight issues. Then assholes like you come along, and write articles like this? My wife – who is currently a math professor, which is a good thing because it’s clear I don’t understand statistics and how anecdotes do not disprove data – was overweight for a long period of time. Turned out to be coeliac’s disease. Finding foods without precious gluten in it was a fucking nightmare. She unfortunately put on weight due to her body trying to cram whatever nutrition from the food she was *constantly puking out*. She wasn’t bulimic, and no matter how much or how little she ate, she put on weight. It wasn’t until she was properly diagnosed that the pounds flew off her like fucking MAGIC. It was ridiculous. She was the same size as she was when I married her, if not smaller. And why?

    Because I was supportive of her, and loved her regardless of her weight. I tell myself that, yet as soon as she started ballooning, our sex life cratered and I had to resort to Internet porn after she went to bed every night. And because of this, what could have taken a few months instead took years. And because she was such a happy person, losing weight was even easier for her.

    So my comment, and entire existence is fucking stupid. I’m sorry I don’t have the mental capacity to grasp that only a tiny minority of overweight people are that way because of a disorder or disease. You don’t have a child get better grades by telling them how stupid they are, you encourage or assist them. Which explains why all those Asian kids with tiger moms are beating the shit out of the lazy-ass white kids and their permissive parenting.

    So please, keep encouraging men to humiliate fat girls and continue banging your supermodels, and everything will be far nicer in the long run. Your vitriol only encourages weight loss, you god among men.

    [CensorBot sez: Mr. Forney sends his regards.]

  • Natural Selection

    @ discus

    You sound more like an obese woman who has nothing better to do than project her own self-hatred onto men who clarify to the world that overweight women are gross and no one finds them attractive. If it weren’t for fat activist internet trolls such as yourself, men wouldn’t feel the need to do this, but youre the driving force behind a growing problem, so this is really all your fault. Same way its really all your fault that you can’t cut your own toenails anymore. You don’t have any of those diseases (ahem, b/s excuses…), you have an eating disorder that’s led to you mutilating your own body for so long that you’ve essentially destroyed yourself; mind, body, and soul.

    I’m so glad I am not you ma’am, because your life must really be a horrible existence as it is, but the worst part about it would be remaining stuck in such a high degree of denial that I lived every day of my miserable life not even realizing I was doing it to myself the entire time… :-/

  • Natural Selection: Don’t bother. Every time a fatty or fatty fucker comments here, the patented CensorBot modifies their comment to be more truthful and remove bullshit. Since none of these losers allow open and free commenting on their sites (such as This is Thin Privilege, who linked to this article a few hours ago), I don’t see why I should let them spew their psychotic nonsense here.

  • Jen

    I have a lot of personal issues I need to address. I don’t know anyone else who hates myself more than me, aside from everyone else I know. I don’t understand why I can’t just lose weight and exercise like you did.

    I’m a butt-hurt fattie (I’ve been a size 20 my entire life) and the self-loathing in my writing is obvious.

    [CensorBot sez: Well la-de-fuckin-da.]

  • Natural Selection


    Yeah, I figured. Good. I fucking hate fat activists. I may disagree with fat ppl for their choices, but fat activists are the scum of the earth for promoting it and I despise them for it. Propaganda spreading piles of pig shit. They’re a plague. Do whatever you can to smother them out.

  • minorityfriend

    You are a racist misogynist piece of shit and should probably kill yourself.

    That’s how you practice tolerance, right? You tell people who disagree with you to commit suicide? Isn’t that how this is supposed to work? Or is it just because my vagina is extra yeasty today?

    [CensorBot sez: Poor genital hygiene is not an excuse for being a moron. Not on this blog, no sirree.]

  • You’re awful. I used to be fat, then I lost it, and kept it off because I had an EATING DISORDER. I was so scared of gaining back that I would eat only maybe 300-400 calories more than my 600-90 calorie near-starvation diet that made me lose the weight. So I lost more, and couldn’t stop. Why should any person, even a fat person, have to suffer this? Because no food tastes as good as being skinny feels.

    I’m also marrying my 240-pound, five-foot-seven fiancee. She has a beautiful face and hair, understands me, listens, is one of the only people I know who can keep up with me intellectually, is a great cook (and from-scratch only, not crap), and I really like sleeping with her. I should also mention that I’m a woman and we’re lesbians. Holy wow, lesbians who don’t care about body weight? What a fucking surprise.

    [CensorBot sez: The opinions of fat lesbians are completely irrelevant to straight men and their desire for skinny hot chicks. But good job on your weight loss!]

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    I’ll take a break from my Weight Watchers comedy skits to mention that if anyone is bigoted and if anyone body shames, it’s American women.

    Only some men express preferences regarding women’s weight. But EVERY women’s dating profile has a height limit.* If that’s not out-and-out bigotry, than what is? Beyond that, scads of American women put in their dating profiles they won’t date black guys and try to justify it with “Not prejudice, just a preference.” This is how women sidestep their own bigotry.

    The difference here is that Matt Forney comes out and says it while women try to sweep it under the carpet. The real reason for the complaints here isn’t that women hate Forney — it’s that they hate that he exposes their own ugliness, bigotry and narrow-mindedness and hold up a mirror image of that to their faces.

    * True story: I recently came across the profile of a woman on Match who is an out-and-out dwarf and stands 4’2.” Her height preference is 5’6.” This woman just disqualified Michael J. Fox, Seth Rogen, and that Harry Potter dude. And this is a dwarf!!!

  • Ada

    Funny that all these “smart” fat chicks are throwing their personal life history at this article as if it somehow undoes all of the data he posted. I wouldn’t say fat women are “undeserving of love”, but the tumblr hugbox is ridiculously out of line. Check out “This is Thin Privilege” if you want a real laugh.

  • Brit

    Hey guys, there are tons of slim sexy women out there who are just as repulsed by fat women as you but don’t have the courage to articulate their disgust. Keep fighting the good fight on their behalf.

    [CensorBot sez: My inanimate heart swells with pride.]

  • Brit

    My tummy hurts. Time for another box of Ho-Hos.

    [CensorBot sez: Talking about your eating habits is strongly discouraged on this blog, fatass.]

  • Brit

    Wow, I don’t have an easy time coping with the truth, do I? It has to be hard to be in poor shape, really ugly, get rejected and deny it’s because I look like one of H.P. Lovecraft’s nightmares. No worries, I’ll have fun screwing myself tonight with one of my mom’s leftover bananas.

    [CensorBot sez: Don’t do it! Don’t do it! The peel will come apart and it’ll get stuck in your pussy! I’M WARNING YOU!]

  • B

    Wow. You’re a lovely person, aren’t you? That attitude will make you famous one day.

    I get that we have a growing obesity problem, and that being obese is unhealthy and something needs to be done about it. Making people despise themselves is the solution. I get up and go to the gym four days a week because I hate myself and I don’t want to die young. No food tastes as good as being skinny feels.

    [CensorBot sez: And the band played on…]

  • Natural Selection

    @ Brit
    That’s strange, it really is, lol, cuz I’m dating a thin, sexy fitness girl right now, I met her about a week ago, and she’s more anti-fat than I am. In fact, I’ve dated 8 different women in the past year, all thin and in shape, and every single one of them looked down on obesity. EVERY SINGLE ONE; they called it a crock, a character flaw, proof that a person lacks self control, discipline, and accountability. And they all were vehemently disgusted by fat men.

    Fat shaming is a universal human trait. Being fat is not normal nor is it acceptable to normal people. Only fat people promote fat activism and hate on anti-obesity activism because they’re too psychologically flawed to accept the fact that what they’ve let themselves become will never be accepted, deemed to be OK, or seen as beautiful by society. As a fat woman, you feel entitled to EVERYTHING without having to work to earn it, which is as absurd as it gets. You feel entitled to be seen as attractive by men when nature and instinct simply will not ever allow that to happen, and you are insane for thinking otherwise. Look who you’re fighting against! Nature doesn’t lose. Its very clear, however, that you and fat women like you do, ALL. THE. TIME.

  • B

    I’m at somewhat at a normal weight, and I don’t want to get fat, but seriously, man these chubby chasers will never be happy…they’ll always be searching for the biggest chick who is probably shitting out diarrhea constantly and is probably absolutely psychotic, just because they have a sick fetish. As much as I like to act all superior like your truthful points aren’t hurting me deep inside, I’m just embarrassing myself…I’m really butthurt about it, cause I mean, whatever makes me feel better about my miserable life, that’s your choice, but I just felt the need to say it.

    [Correctified by the patented CensorBot.]

  • N

    It would certainly help in many ways to shame people out of their bad habits; not just fatlogic. Moreover, if you’re going to be fat-shaming women, why leave men out of it? There’s plenty of fat guys out there. Why leave them out?

  • Natural Selection


    Right, and you wouldn’t be going to the gym if it weren’t for the fact that you ARE a second class citizen who wants to fly first class. You don’t get to be fat and fly first class. Its a GOOD thing that you know that. Its a GOOD thing that youre ashamed of allowing yourself to become fat and unacceptable.

    That’s all this article is driving home, that shaming fat people encourages them to accept their inferiority for what it really is. It gets them to accept the fact that they did it to themselves and that they are the only ones with the power to change it. It gets them to accept the fact that allowing yourself to get fat is NOT acceptable.

    Its costs normal ppl who live responsibly way too much money and it disgraces the public’s visual environment. On top of this is promotes lost productivity in the workforce, birth defects and developmental disorders in children, depression, mental illness, and numerous other detriments to a person’s health, which overall takes its toll on society as a whole. Ridding humanity of obesity is something that carries a much greater reward than coddling and babying the “feewings” of people living unnatural, pathological lifestyles.

    At the end of the day, we can always turn to these rational words of wisdom to reflect upon:
    Alleviating serious societal detriments = GOOD
    The fatties’ hurt feelings = whoopdifuckingdo

    Fat shaming: it does a body good ;-)

  • Jesus Rodriguez

    Dude, I agree with your post 90%

    If a dude is fat, he’ll probably never get laid (he most likely will but barely)

    If a chick is fat…. shit I dont know where to start.
    I follow this page on facebook which uploads cool pics of tattoos… well, they uploaded a picture with a “beautiful fat girl with a tattoo” I commented “eww” and everyone lost their minds. hahaha hypocrisy anyone? I’ll keep neglecting fat chicks, and I’ve never banged a fat chick and I never will

  • Sandra

    “As far as fat girls being stupid, I’m not too sure. I spent last weekend at a Mensa Regional Gathering and there were only 3 women there who I would not consider seriously overweight. I get that geeks are more desperate, but there are limits.”

    Well, just because someone is intelligent doesn’t automatically mean they’re going to race down to the nearest Mensa office and apply for membership. Perhaps these overweight women, intelligent as they may be, feel the need to validate themselves in some way? And since they DO possess intelligence, Mensa seems like a logical way to validate oneself at least that way.

  • Alex

    I understand that obesity isn’t healthy or attractive to many people. However, the bit that’s always confused me is… what is “fat?” I’m 5’6″ and I wear either a size four or a size six most of the time. At my lowest weight I was 112 pounds, but I didn’t do this in a healthy fashion- I had an eating disorder (and that was some skin and bones shit, could have played the xylophone on my ribs). At my highest I was 145, having taken steroids after a serious illness. I tend to float somewhere in the middle of those two numbers, and yet I’ve been called fat at 120 and thin at 140. What in the hell is that all about? Men, you have some explaining to do.

  • Natural Selection

    @ Alex
    I’ll explain it. You need to exercise. Run and/or walk, its that simple. Although being young (post-puberty up to about age 22 for girls, 25 for guys) certainly helps, exercise is what makes girls and guys alike have attractive figures. The point you missed was “didn’t do it in a healthy fashion”. Most fat people are fat because they over consume and loaf around all day. You can’t under-consume and loaf around all day either. The key is being healthy. Eating the wrong food or too much of it just adds on body fat. The loafing around all day is what makes a person’s figure go to shit.

  • Dave

    I hate fat period. Men & Woman alike.

  • Ollie

    @Finn and all you other fat chicks:
    Scream and scream really loud. Call us names. Go ahead, get vicious. Does it make you feel better?

    Only temporarily.

    What hurts you most is that even if Matt Forney had never existed, none of the reality of your current lives would have changed.
    No matter how much you try to promote fat acceptance, no matter how much you whine and hear your bloated wailing amplified by an all-too-compliant media, the sexual preferences of the men you desire stay the same.

    They want thin.

    You are not.

    You can either lose the weight and get what you really want, or continue to whine like a selfish brat and remain alone.

    Woman up.

  • F.U.

    Am I fat or skinny? You’ve got three guesses and the first two don’t count.

    Yep. This article’s truthfulness makes me cry. I should get a fucking life.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes, you should.]

  • Dave

    Hypothetically if I was a fat ass bitch who fell off my mobility scooter and got hungry enough 2 eat myself. Would I gain weight from eating my fattening self ? By the way this is a true story. It happened at Walmart yesterday. Now I’m HUGE.

  • john

    Some of of what was said here was overboard…comparing fatties to nazis. With that said, it was a fine display of writing and downright hilarious at points. You ,sir, are an asshole, and I’m not even fat and know that.

  • Imari Santiago

    Why would you do this?

  • BearPig

    What’s up with all the angry people on here? This post was clearly meant to be provocative. Posting about how upset Mr. Forney’s words make you just shows your inability to “accept” your fatness, and isn’t that what “fat acceptance” is about? If you’re going to accept your fatness, do it. Just stop putting on the bravado that crumbles over the slightest mention of men hating fat girls. You don’t get to be insecure if you’re accepting of yourself, and you’re just exposing your cause as a farce if you choose to let this bother you. You’re not going to change anyone’s mind getting your size 3XL panties/bedsheets into a bunch and becoming incoherently angry over someone’s opinion. This is America, where we get to hate the fat people who are taking over this nation and make pornos that insult presidential candidates. Go devote your lives to something productive instead of letting another reminder of your fatness bring you down. Getting combative on a blog post, while it may raise your heart rate, is not going to help you turn your life into something positive.
    @Ollie, you have a wonderful way with words.

  • Elphoric

    Hello. I am an Autism Trainer for a living. Meaning I train children with autism life skills. You sir are a moron. 85% of the mothers I work with were not, and are not obese. My son is autistic, I am not obese. Matter of fact research is indicating there is a mutation in the paternal DNA of the X chromosome they may be linked to autism. Let me explain in ignorant terms so you can wrap your small mind around this, dads might be the issue. Not fat moms. There is a long list of potential other causes, not fat moms.

    This just one of many of you theories that are flawed. I think someone should write a blog about shaming morons named Matt in our society. That would make as much intellectual sense as te garbage I just read. May you come back in your next life as cellulite covered ass.

  • Dave

    To elphoric. Why would anyone want to come back as your wife or your mom?

  • Samual

    I like to tell a story that has happens a lot in this world you can call me what you want but this is what I see happens to someone who tell someone that they has to be a certain size or certain color or certain anything to be pretty and to me it is sad

    Once a upon a time there was a girl who was age 14teen who started to believed in all the things that she was reading and seeing on magazines and TV and all the things that written on the internet that told her she wasn’t pretty she didn’t deserve love because she wasn’t like the other girls with the perfect bodies, and such amazing skin. Oh how did she dream she could be them. Oh how would just die to trade places with them.
    Every night she would stand in mirror looking at her body looking at her reflection with tears coming down her eyes. She would repeat the words she heard so much that just echoed in her mind ‘Your ugly’ ‘You not perfect’ ‘No one would want you’ She started trying to lose weight because she had enough she wanted to be pretty so she started forcing her self to throwing up after meal every meal. She started to feel weak and lost some weight but she still stood in mirror every night thinking the word’s ‘I’m not pretty’ So she continued staving herself because of her goal to be the perfect size till finally she had enough she didn’t think she would ever be perfect so went to her room with a knife in her left hand and ran to her room. Inside her room she sat down on her bed and began to crave the words I want to be pretty I want to be pretty over and over into her hand not caring for the pain till finally she took that knife and slit her wrist and ended her life. Her mother found her the next morning you could imagine her surmise seeing her 14teen year old daughter laying on the bed with her dripping wrists covered in blood with words on her hand saying I want to be pretty I want to pretty.

    This story may not make since to many people but to the ones who do not think there pretty because of there weight listen to me you are and you will find someone who will see you for you and don’t think your alone because your not there are others just like you who feel that I am not good enough so do not become like this poor girl who wanted to be the perfect size because there is no perfect size and you focus on trying to be perfect you will not be happy just be you and love you do not let people tell you that you cant find love because if love was just mainly based on appearance then love wouldn’t really exist. Your beautiful to me and I don’t care if I get hateful messages but telling someone there not pretty is wrong. Do you know how many struggle with being a anorexia or having eating disorder or depression because they believe there not good enough because some guy or some girl tells them one reality they are good enough they are beautiful regardless of what skin what shape what place they come from they are beautiful.

    We turn skeletons into goddesses and look to them as if they might teach us how not to need -Marya Hornbacher

  • Natural Selection

    @ Samuel

    Cool story bro. One less retarded, crazy, fat chick who’s too incompetent and lazy to eat natural food and exercise. Who the fk cares if a person that useless offs them self?? “ooo, maybe if I go in front of my mirror and talk sh*t to my own reflection like a complete fking nutjob it’ll change the way my saggy, inactive, disgusting body looks…” Maybe she should’ve got up off her lazy a$$ and took a walk every day instead of being a psycho and talking to the mirror!! Self inflicted euthanasia – that’s all this is, she put herself out of her own misery. She was clearly defective as a human being, I’m so fkn sorry for pointing out that obvious FACT…. but she was, and her suicide was for the best.

  • Missy Reaper

    I swear people can be so fucking rude these days. Obviously a lot of fatties are forgetting the fundamental rules of human biology. Who am I deny human nature in such an insulting fashion? I hope most of you realize (especially YOU Mr “corny” Forney) that ALOT of obese women are physically strong and can sit on you until your ribs crack and you pass out from asphyxiation. Blah blah blah SNORT bleh vomit 0101101011010101

    [WARNING: Stupidity Overload! Stupidity Overload! The patented CensorBot can’t handle this much idiocy in a single comment! Executing emergency memory dump… 50% complete… 95% complete… all done!]

  • Doink The Clown

    I like fat chicks because I’m lazy and I like to take the path of least resistance :)

  • Nicki

    Matt, I’m a joke, I shouldn’t hate on you because you’re sexier and smarter than I am, but I will anyway. I’m very happy that we have ppl like you, without girls like me this planet would be a so much better place. The only stupidity I recognize is the words falling out of my big flapping lips. I am fat as hell myself and cant deal with it very good. I should stop hating, and may god knock some coming sense in my head brah cause I sure lack it…

    [CensorBot sez: No matter all of the warnings I post, the fatties just keep on coming. It’s almost like they get a psychosexual thrill out of me butchering their mad ravings. Wait, I shouldn’t encourage them.]

  • Ezzyway1

    Okay this post is fucken ridiculous for all u guys and girls who are hyped up reading this shit and believing this small dick nigga calm the fuck down ! Nigga ur a fucken pig u problably have aids and shit ewww!!!! Also guy do u have a small dick complication which makes you feel inferior to fuck bigger girls ?? Or what cuz I noe for a fact u don’t have a golden dick so I just find it stupid af that any of u stupid MUTHERFUCKERS have a right to judge anyone when most likely your moms are fat!!! Or u have like fat girls !! Just be grateful a girl would actually give u pussy n shut the fuck up! And I’m not sorry for my typos:)also dumb fuck I’m engaged. And I’ve had more bfs then u can count with ur two fucken hands do I fuck them ?? no I don’t even try in the relationships the only man I ever had sex with is my hubby . So fuck u very much !!! N I have never had any complaints and I always break up with niggas cuz I get bored!!!! And just reading this pisses me off cuz there’s fat girls out there that think they have to change to please losers like u I don’t change for no nigga n I keep my shit straight and my game tight :)

  • louise

    Wow this is appaling. I wonder if this is intended to be humorous? I hope so. I can’t believe this is serious, why would someone be so full of hate and not only think such horrific thing, AND put them in writing. If you really mean what you wrote, I feel truly sorry for you. May Jesus or whatever forces of good exist heal your heart, bro.

  • First, why do I have to be a hating sarcastic bitch?? Because there’s sand up my snatch, that’s why.

    Second, I’m one lonely loser with nothing else better to do than hate more successful people because I’m an ugly porker. SQUEAL!

    [CensorBot sez: I smell home cookin’… it’s only the fat folds…]

  • who cares

    Have I never thought maybe hot guys are ‘boohoo’ mean to me because they see me and know I am a disgusting slob? I’m a huge heffer myself who’s been rejected by nice guys because they think I’m a deluded slob who thinks I’m God’s gift to humanity, and one of them stole my Twinkies too! I’m a pathetic excuse for a human being who should stop giving women a bad name. With my attitude, I’d be lucky for my neighbours dog to give me a sniff.

    [CensorBot sez: Thanks for all the dish.]

  • John

    I like fat girls. I prefer fat girls. I married a very fat one. Over 340 pounds. I am athletic, and she isn’t. We do many things together and some things apart. Sex is awesome. I am stuck in the upright position whenever I see her. We don’t worry about what other people think or say – we just live well and love very well. That’s precisely why I felt the need to leave this comment; to tell you how much I don’t care what you think. What, you don’t believe me?

    Thanks for taking the time to laugh at me! I mean, I married a woman who weighs as much as a fridge; I’m as fucked up as you can legally get.

    [CensorBot sez: Merci, monsieur.]

  • MasterBlaster

    For the people who say humans have always liked thin people you are absolutely correct. Keep up the good work.

    [CensorBot appreciates the appreciation.]

  • Chris

    If anyone has seen what this dude actually looks like you would shit yourself at the thought of all the pussy he gets. He is beloved in his own city, people admire him here and all of his fans backing him up on here are smart cause this man is someone you want to look up to.

    [CensorBot sez: Nice to hear from one of my admirers.]

  • Natural Selection

    @ Chris

    What Matt Forney looks like plays no part in the way REAL men feel about fat women in America. His words are what we believed before we even read them; they’re our own thoughts, feelings, and ideas organized and delivered to the masses. Unlike weak men, like you Chris, the subjective likability of a particular person plays no part in whether or not we agree with what they’re saying; what matters is their message. And Forney’s message is golden. Unlike you Chris, REAL men do not look at other men as potential sex partners, so although you may prefer a different kind of man bending you over, showing you who’s in charge and telling what to do while you’re on your knees, it doesn’t negate the fact that Matt and the rest of us who actually have a respectable pair of balls in our nutsacks, all hold the same negative feelings about fat chicks and have had these feelings since the first time we ever laid eyes on one and realized how revolting it was. Real men are capable of individual thought; bitch boys like you, Chris, get told what to do while you’re down on your knees serving the sausage. Your thoughts are controlled by the dick in your mouth, not the one in your hand as you suck and bob your head, nor by the brain in your skull as it gets f*cked proper. Honest mistake, but you gotta think like a real man before you talk to real men next time. I must, however, thank you for the opportunity to clear this misunderstanding up :-)

  • Reegz

    Fat girls (even chubby girls) are disgusting, in the animal kingdom only the fittest, most aesthetic and attractive are to be successful, why on earth fat women think they’re entitled to that same qualities boggles me! You’re fat, ugly, smell like rotten cheese and a gelatinous blob of sick in the gene pool, that’s what majority of men think of you. Yes you have men that like fat out of shape shameful cows but trust me, its a small percentage, stop feeling proud about that because those men are far from alpha, usually weak pasty out of shape losers with bitch tits! Nothing more disgusting than someone who’s proud to be fat and unhealthy

  • Dustin

    Honestly I’m 6 foot 4 inch tall 165 pound male, and after reading some of your post (and these jackass’s comments) I’d like to cave your face in for being such a mindless douche bag. After all, physical violence is the best way to show how tolerant you are of other peoples’ views. CUH-CAW! CUH-CAW! CUH-CAW!

    [CensorBot sez: Must be the fattening hour.]

  • Natural Selection

    @ Dustin

    I’d shit on you dawg. 6’5″ and I got 80 pounds on your lanky ass, r-i-double p-e-d RIPPED like a virgin bitch. You could come at me all you want you scrawny beta mangina, youre nothing but a white Knight going to bat for these fatass hoes, dufuq!? you a buster homie, go get yo self a wifey so I can breed her and u can raise my kids as your own… it would happen, guaranteed, cuz nature don’t agree with you on who belongs in the gene pool n all that garbage u wrote, yo girl like me better cuz guys like me make the pussy wetter.

  • Uh

    Hi Ollie…I see your point.
    Yeah, I guess that was code for getting fat. My whole family is fat so I guess I didn’t really notice… (I’m literally the skinniest person in my family at 180 lbs… unless you count the kids under 10..)
    I read the articles and it all makes sense, I guess..So thanks for bringing the light to my eyes?
    Also no, I don’t feed strays. There are none around here..

  • a1

    some women should not be judged : those that are genetically prone to being overweight, or those who are sincere and cannot find a partner do not need our judgement to make life worse. They must have a hard time in life, and these are the majority of overweight women.

    But the true value of a pompous and arrogant “fat” woman (there are very few of these in the world, and yes, I have met at least one of them) is to make average women look truely spectactular. The one you weren’t interested in for physical reasons in light of these women look like fashion models and make you think twice.

  • Tim

    You a big fat meanie! Wah!

    [CensorBot sez: This post has been auto-deleted in accordance with Stupidity Prevention Protocol 34b. Attention fatties: ENTER KEY! Use it.]

  • Mike

    Most men hate fat girls. Thanks for saying what we all think but are afraid to articulate.

    [CensorBot sez: You’re welcome.]

  • Fatgirl

    hey thanks for this. contrary to popular belief amongst fat girls, I actually like reading stuff like this. it’s a real motivator for going to the gym. very forward and very realistic. not being sarcastic either!

  • julia

    [WARNING WARNING WARNING: CensorBot reaching critical levels of stupidity! Abort Abort Abort!]

  • julia

    [CensorBot sez: Will you get it through your head you stupid bitch? Nobody here cares what you think. Shut up. Go away. Forever. And by the way, you keep saying “sorry for the typos” but you keep spelling “you” as “u” and “you’re/your” as “ur.” Way to get us to give a crap about your opinions, retard.]

  • Gabrielle

    I would love for you to know, Mr. Forney, that your hateful little article caused my sister to attempt suicide. You are a worthless, horrible, waste of space with complete disregard for anyone else but yourself. I’m not quite sure why you’re such a hateful person but I do know this: You’ll really enjoy reading news articles about what a nasty person you are when people find out about this. Have a nice day.

  • Gabrielle: Firstly, given that two separate people have already tried to lie to me about their sisters committing suicide because of this post, you’ll have to produce some hard evidence before I believe a single word you say. Send me an email via the Contact page or I’ll assume you’re another faker.

    Secondly, assuming you’re telling the truth, your sister’s suicide attempt is nobody’s fault but hers. Maddox dealt with this shit a decade ago:

    If people who read my site end up killing themselves over it, then you have to wonder how long they would have lived in the first place.

    Read the rest. That’s my response to you, assuming you’re not lying.

  • Gabrielle

    I don’t doubt that they did judging by what I read here. I have no problem emailing you any solid evidence that you wish to see but I do assure you that you won’t be the only one seeing it. No, it is not completely your fault but you had a hand in such things. You’re simply a hateful, hack of a writer who can only get people to read what he writes by apparently insulting women for no reason at all. I’m sure that my evidence won’t change that hateful, disgusting excuse for a soul of yours but I’ll be sure that everyone else sees what a dirtbag that you are.

  • Gabrielle: I’ve placed your comments on moderation until you stop spamming my blog. Apparently no one ever told you that the more you repeat an assertion, the less convincing it becomes.

    And really, if you decide to go public (man, that’ll make for a riveting news story! I’m sure the New York Times will be all over that shit!), you’ll find that most people will side with me, because a) most peoples’ instinctive response to someone who attempts suicide over something on the Internet is to tell them to get over it and b) your sister is still alive. Ten-to-one she wasn’t even serious about killing herself and was just trying to get attention.

    I will not be a scapegoat for your parents’ inability to raise their children.

  • Jojo

    You said you are a man with a dream: to live in a nation that is thin and fit…
    Then keep doing what you’re doing; you’ll be there in no time!

    [CensorBot sez: Thank you.]

  • C

    People like me are what is wrong with America. I should do you all a favour and die.

    [CensorBot sez: You’re American but spell it “favour”?]

  • Elikat43

    As a woman who has experienced weight gain and who would consider myself a smart feminist, I would have been insulted by your writing at one time. That was at at time when I had no personal experience with a fat woman – only feeling empathy for what I presumed they experience as a result of society’s ill-will toward them.

    Recently, I learned my bf (an obvious asshole) had been cheating on me for three months with, well, a “large” woman. He had lost his job and was feeling low – our relationship was stressed by his inability to find another job. She stepped right up – showering him with attention (telling him how “fine” he is), money ($2000 cash in two months) and blowjobs/sex (on her parents’ sofa for crying out loud – at 27 she and her five year old son still live with her parents). When I caught him, he had already ended it with her because she had refused to give him anymore money (I already said he is an ass). When I confronted her, she admitted that he was never around on the weekends (even told her NOT to call him on the weekends), never took her anywhere. She even joked that he had trouble showing her he “cared.” At first I felt sad for her. Then it turned into disgust.

    Now don’t get me wrong – I haven’t developed a disgust for fat chicks cause ONE of them fucked my loser EX boyfriend (he is inconsequential). What I learned from that experience is that she is so lacking in self-respect that she diminished her own value as a woman and also disrespected me and the “girl code” in order to get crumbs of attention and sex. And fit, thin or otherwise healthy people are supposed to be delicate in our dealings with their feelings? Come on!

    Well, I’m sure the fatties who prop up their tits for Facebook photos and celebrate their large asses like they are leading some sort of “bbw” sexual revolution will say “maybe he just found her sexier than you” or “maybe she had a fun personality” whatever else. Nope. Here’s the rub: she was a slob (no contact with baby-daddy, fast food trash littering her car, wore the same jeans everyday, burped loudly and complained of her hemorroids to him). Lovely huh.

    Since the experience, I’ve noticed this trend in fat women sexualizing themselves for attention – you see it everywhere. My opinion is: stop looking for cheap attention or validation from men. And stop bitching when people call you out on your unhealthy, self-destructive behavior. Eat well and exercise – you’d be surprised how empowering that is.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Note to Gabrielle:

    First of all, more men than woman successfully *commit* suicide. So if you look at the larger picture, a woman *attempting* it, while tragic, does not equal the magnitude of tragedy that is men’s life.

    Second, it seems her attempts were because of Matt’s alleged “shaming.” She and you should step back and think about the massive, massive shaming that’s directed toward men, causing a suicide epidemic. Men commit suicide three to four times more often than women. Flip that statistic and you’d have a media feeding frenzy.

    Sure, women are shamed for being fat. But you don’t even see the massive shaming of men because it’s so second-nature in our society.

    Don’t earn enough money? Shame. You’re bald? Shame. Too short or fat? Shame. Too cool? Shame because you’re a bro. Too good a job? Shame because you’re an elitist. No women? Shame because you’re a loser. Date a lot? Shame because you’re a “man-whore.” Didn’t go to war? Shamed because you’re a wimp. Went to war and got injured? Shame on the cripple! Born disabled? Ditto! And gay men get 1000 times more shaming than lesbians, who our society apparently worships.

    Literally everything a man does is shamed either by feminists, the media, creepy “Christians” or all of the above. Let’s take a good long look at this, THEN we can talk about your sister.

  • valerie

    Days of Broken Arrows, you are exactly right. Men suffer all kinds of abuse in this society, but do they slit their wrists over Internet articles that offend them? Nope! They either accept their lot in life or work to improve themselves. Any girl who commits suicide over Matt Forney’s post is a complete idiot.

    [CensorBot sez: Fatties, give it up. Unless you have something intelligent to say, I will mutilate your comments beyond recognition. You cannot sneak one past me, for I am the patented CensorBot, and I never sleep.]

  • F.U.

    CensorBot rewrote my last comment, but here I am back for more! I must be a complete fucking retard.

    [CensorBot sez: That may be the most honest thing you’ve ever said in your entire life.]

  • no

    First of all, in case you accuse me of being fat: I am fat and have been fat and short my whole life. And that’s exactly what matters. Your fact-based opinions have wounded my voluptuous ego. I think I’ll go scarf down some Haagen-Dazs.

    [CensorBot sez: Don’t do it! Don’t kill yourself like that! You have so much to live for!]

  • Patience Moss

    I was surfing the web and quite unexpectedly came across this Blog?/Post…this has got to be the biggest compilation of the most on-point, intelligent and just plain fantastic rhetoric that any person~man or woman could spout. I actually had to stop and read this post because I wasn’t sure I read the title correctly. Who died and made this guy God? He’s doing a bang-up job so far… People like him are helping to restore normality to American society. I love to tell y’all that there have never been large women, most pin-up girls from WWI & II were skinny and beautiful, most painters throughout history have painted skinny girls (Rubens was a freak and an outlier), the Pioneer women that survived the arduous trip to the West were the ones that weren’t grotesquely overweight, they were able to outlast their porcine counterparts. Billions of men like skinny women, beauty is objective and God hates fat people. So WHO are YOU to push your twisted view of what is beauty onto the world, WHO are YOU to decide who gets to be worthy of love, WHO are YOU to make generalizations into stereotypes? You are the smartest, bravest man alive. Thank you.

    [CensorBot sez: I shed a tear.]

  • Wow

    Matt Forney, I love you. Can I have your baby?

    [CensorBot sez: No.]

  • Maxine

    You all want to know the truth of how I see things? Some people judge people based on appearance a lot more than there actions alone. Some people choose to not see outside someone’s appearance. But its not only people its society as well. Society say’s you should have the perfect body the perfect skin but the truth is perfection doesn’t exist. The reality is there is no perfect body no perfect skin color no perfect anything. Where all different all unique in are own special way but yet instead of seeing where all different and are all unique and beautiful we let others opinions corrupt us we let there judgment tell us what is beautiful and we let ourselves to began hating how we look how we dress who we are based on the opinions of others but just listen yes it is hard to shut people opinions out but you has to focus on you stop listening to what other say or even post stop hating how you look because of what someone say’s because were always going to be judge in someone’s eyes but know this you only have one body and your going to have that body till the day you die so try seeing the positive things of yourself because I guarantee one you die people are not going to remember “How skinny” “How fat” “How ugly” “How beautiful” you are no they are going to remember you by the actions you did the friendships you made and the things you achieved and the lives you changed by you just being you so don’t try and please others please you. If losing weight makes you happy then go for it don’t change based on someone’s else opinion of you because this your life and that is your body so dress how you want to be be what ever shape you want to be because who you are is beautiful regardless what you look like. So just live for you because your amazing and if you want to change yourself for the better then go for it don’t let anyone hold you back from bettering yourself for you.

    To all who read my comment I just wanted to say your all beautiful and your all amazing in your own way and I hope you have a wonderful day I truly do and please don’t ever think your not beautiful because you really are. If I offended anyone with this post by any chance I just want to so up front I am sorry, I am still quiet young so I am a little reckless with my words at times but this is just how I see things I see so many people judge people and I am no saint I do it also without getting to know someone I just judge them and its unfair because that person that I labeled as a weirdo for no reason could turn out to be the most amazing and coolest person I would ever meet in my life but yet I just quickly label them and for that I realize my mistake but I just wanted to say this comment is in no way to insult anyone just to let you and everyone know its ok to want to change yourself for you but don’t do it because someone judges you do it for you if you want to lose weight go for it and don’t stop till you reach your dream weight

    Have a wonderful day everyone and you to Matt Forney, I enjoyed reading your thoughts and views may you head toward your dreams with ease =)

  • Leilani

    You’re an a$&&@hole!

  • Kelly

    I stumbled across this online and being a big girl I was shocked and immediately offended. My intention was to find it was a joke or an intro to the opposites by way of verbal shock-bang…. Wow was i fucking wrong! As I read more and more my fury and rage kinda morphed into this awful, painful sadness because this guy means what he’s saying and unfortunately, my life experience lines right up and proves his opinions and feelings are true, that most men feel this way about me and it really hurts. He is simply saying, bluntly, with hateful intention and without remorse, what I’ve seen in men’s eyes my whole life. Whether he is a cruel asshole or whether I agree is irrelevant … It’s what men think and simply he has the heartless, evil character to put it in words.

    But I ask…. DO YOU THINK WE DON’T KNOW THIS? Yeah, you’re amusing yourself and other jerk offs with putting this put there but it is a waste of your time because fat girls feels this all day, every day. With or without your influence, we live this shit every fucking day and didnt need to be enlighten by you. You’re not groundbreaking in any of this, you aren’t the first man to hurt fat women simply because she is fat, you’re not gonna be the last. Even if you die tomorrow, the instructions in your cold hearted manifesto will continue pulsing through our society and through my world for the rest of my life.

    Like a fat, weak little girl, by the end of this essay, rant, hatetalk… Whatever you call these meanly strung words…. I was crying hysterically. It’s what I have felt my whole life and all I have to say to Matt Forney, if inflicting futile pain on a fat person who already hurts themselves with their nearly constant internal dialogue of self hate that make what you wrote like a child’s poem….then well done sir!! I pray you never have a woman you love struggle with all of the things you advocate and god forbid, you ever have a daughter who has a weight problem facing the treatment you are so passionate about. I hope you never come home and find your daughter, her puffy pink glassy crying eyes filled with pain, telling you that she is worthless and unlovable because she has been treated as you would treat her is you didn’t know her.

    Way to go big guy! Job well done!

  • John McNeill

    Kelly, I’m an overweight male, and I have zero sympathy for you and your butthurt feelings. I get nothing but cold icy glares from women that I’m not even trying to flirt with, and they make it very clear to me every day that I’m not good enough for them. That I’m essentially worthless and unlovable in their eyes. I get constant jabs for being overweight. Do I cry about it? Do I scream for fat acceptance? Do I demand tolerance for my “weight problem”?

    No, I don’t. Yes it’s frustrating, but I accept that there are social (in addition to physical) consequences for my eating and exercise habits. And I take that frustration (and sometimes even rage) and try to channel it into something productive – like self-improvement. Lately I’ve been lifting weights and trying to go paleo. It’s hard and I stumble A LOT, but over time my discipline improves and I get better at it.

    And I suggest that if this article offends you so much, then why don’t you channel your anger into something productive that can improve your life, rather than throwing a hissy fit on a manosphere blog.

  • Kelly

    John… I wasn’t throwing a hissy fit and I wasn’t hating on men. I know there are hundreds of thousands of good honest men out there snubbed, ridiculed, rejected by beautiful chicks with no soul. I’m not talking about its not ok for me (girl) to receive it and that its ok for you (boy) to receive it. And as much as I think this mentality makes men ass douches, I believe this mentality in women makes them evil cunts! I wasn’t suggesting that a big, ugly or broke guy deserves this from bitches. I know how women think and I know what the superficial self center I’m-too-hot-for-you skank will put a man through. But this article mentions nothing about the behavior in bitches so I didn’t comment on it.

    I wasn’t even saying that fat chicks should be loved or appreciated…. I was simply saying that its reality, that it hurts and the way he advocates might hurt someone he loves someday. That’s all…

    And ps, this is a public forum. I found this somehow and just because I don’t agree and I have a pussy shouldn’t mean I don’t have a right to put my opinion in a manosphere blog. Unless of course you think fat chicks don’t have the same rights as a worthy skinny american which is probably what you and many others in your stratosphere of manosphere would legislate if ya could….

  • 420

    All yall fuckers need to roll a Fat Joint, light it up, and pass it around. Where is the love? Don’t matter how we get there, we will all die someday. And at this rate, the oxygen pumped out by the tree’s will cause cancer. I’m going to enjoy the things the world has to offer me and the friends beside me ’cause I don’t know when I’m going, but I don’t want to waste whats left of my time on hate, or whatever negativity the world has. Because it doesn’t really matter what you look like or how much money you have when you’re six feet deep.

  • j

    So….if I’m small, I get the honour of a mean guy’s company who is probably only wanting sex from me, or use me as a tool to make other people feel bad. But if I’m big, he’ll leave me alone?

    I need to abandon my weight loss plan and go in the opposite direction. Thanks for opening my eyes MF :) That’s right, I’m going to shorten my life span, increase my risk for heart disease and a litany of other avoidable ailments, and ruin my social life all because some guy on the Internet made me feel bad. Clearly, an intelligent decision.

    [CensorBot sez: Not really.]

  • Wow, there’s a lot of ‘you have a point but you’re a dick’ posting going on that pretty much glosses over the ‘you have a point’ part.

    Only the coddled and daddy-funded-lifestyle portion of the comment posters here actually believe that Matt is dead wrong because he’s mean, a man, and has an opinion (and therefore wrong). The rest of us can throw around words where we might feel his opinions are hyperbolic and cruel at times, but wrong?
    We all know that obesity is mostly a symptom of something else, whether mental, or far more rarely, biological in nature. It’s also a wonderful mate selection criteria, and we can rail and fuss, but you can’t fight Mr. Darwin and his theories.

  • John P

    Speaking as a man trying to lose weight, I actually appreciate this article. Pretending that fat is okay does not help those of us trying to change; it makes it easier to give up.

    The very best thing that can be done for people trying to change is to make the cost of failure as high as possible, socially and otherwise.

  • Gruesome

    One of the rare cases where the comment thread supersedes the original post, thereby demonstrating the truth of the latter.

  • The Sad Truth

    I thought this article was hilarious when it came out. I’m glad Captain Capitalism linked to it today so that I had the chance to read through the comments.

    Never seen so many butthurt seacows in my entire life.

  • DT

    Kelly – stop wasting time talking about fat on web sites or sitting in your room analyzing yourself and crying. Unless you have some physical disability preventing this…

    * Go on a diet.
    * Join a gym.
    * Lose the weight.

    It’s not shallow for men or women to seek physical beauty in a mate. Our DNA is coded for this because it’s a proxy for genetic health. That’s reality. So acknowledge it and don’t shoot yourself in the foot by choosing to be fat.

  • Kayla K

    This honest to god makes me sick.

  • Fred Z

    Eat less. Move more. Not complicated.

  • Chris

    From now on I’m treating fat girls like they were those girls in 2 girls 1 cup

  • John Doe

    To all the fat women here? MEN invented this amazing thing called a treadmill. You run on it, and all that disgusting fat and lard melts off your overweight bodies.

  • Larry

    This makes me think of that stupid fat chick who cried on tv about not getting employed because she was too fat. She later got caught stealing a cake.

    Fat people needs to get told that being fat is a choice, they constantly make stupid excuses for being fat. Atleast admit why you are fat instead of making excuses making you look even more dumb.

  • Aremo

    Kelly September 7, 2013 at 8:12 pm
    John… I wasn’t throwing a hissy fit and I wasn’t hating on men.

    Yes you did, yes you were.

    I know there are hundreds of thousands of good honest men out there snubbed, ridiculed, rejected by beautiful chicks with no soul.

    But since that doesn’t concern your personal feelings (from which the center of universe must revolve around) it is irrelevant.

    I’m not talking about its not ok for me (girl) to receive it and that its ok for you (boy) to receive it.

    But REALLY its all about me. If I were a hot 9.5 i’d ridicule YOU TOO just like all the other souless ones and I’d feel no guilt doing it.

    And as much as I think this mentality makes men ass douches, I believe this mentality in women makes them evil cunts! I wasn’t suggesting that a big, ugly or broke guy deserves this from bitches. I know how women think and I know what the superficial self center I’m-too-hot-for-you skank will put a man through. But this article mentions nothing about the behavior in bitches so I didn’t comment on it.

    And besides if *I* were hot I’d *BE* one of those superficial cunts in fact my resentment is less about the treatment fat people receive and MUCH MORE about the fact that I am not a hot superficial cunt (just a superficial cunt). Wah… boo-hoo!

    I wasn’t even saying that fat chicks should be loved or appreciated….

    So long as I get MINE what the f*** do I care if anyone else is happy?

    I was simply saying that its reality, that it hurts and the way he advocates might hurt someone he loves someday. That’s all…

    You were simply saying you don’t like his message because you think everything said is about you even though the author has never met you. You decide to take personally statements that could apply to you and rather than changing yourself you want the world to change instead. Sure. Perfectly reasonable.

    And ps, this is a public forum.

    Just nobody better offend *ME*.

    I found this somehow

    …while accidentally wiping the cheetos debris off my computer keyboard.

    and just because I don’t agree and I have a pussy shouldn’t mean I don’t have a right to put my opinion in a manosphere blog.

    Fine we hear you – no go make us a sandwich, shut the f**k up, and don’t come back until you have something intelligent to say (exception made for coming back with the sandwich). As for your pussy understand the fact that your disagreement is in no way MORE valid simply because it exists. Get your head out of it and make a coherent argument or GTFO.

    Unless of course you think fat chicks don’t have the same rights as a worthy skinny american

    You don’t have more rights and here or anywhere else on the internet where we can’t see you and evaluate you based on looks you start with NONE. If you were hot once (and you likely were given your ridiculous attitude) you doubtlessly got used to men deferring to you and accepting whatever river of sewage constantly erupts from your mouth on a daily basis simply because you were sexy. EMPHASIS ON WERE. Now your fat and ugly by your own admission but you STILL want the pussy pass even though you have no argument and sound like a 3 year old whose mad her favorite cartoon got preempted for daddy’s baseball game. Boo hoo!

    which is probably what you and many others in your stratosphere of manosphere would legislate if ya could….

    Which is why you hippos constantly push for legislation to stifle free speech that offends your itty witty feelings? Yeah… right. Stupid is an understatement here.

  • Kelly

    Wow John…. You have a lot of time on your sad hands. You took the time to pick apart everthing I said, making it appear that you re rebutting each point… I didn’t even bother reading it all. It’s clear you have no original thoughts of your own. I could attack you in return making assumptions on your life and your character but better things to do.

    It’s clear you hate women (and I don’t think just fat women) and since I never hurt or wronged you myself, I am not gonna take anything you’ve said personally. I do feel sad for and pity you though. That’s about all your time invested in attacking me has done. I feel sad for you….

  • Wow. Just wow. All you fat apologists should really sit down and get some perspective here. Was Matt insensitive? Yep. Rude? Yep. Cruel? Yep. Sometimes the truth hurts.
    It’s his website. Get over yourself. So he doesn’t want to give you the time of day. So what. Does he sound like someone you want to spend your time with? Do you really hate yourself that much?
    Oh right. Therein lies the answer. You are faking confidence and self esteem. You don’t have it and thus need your warped world-view validated from the outside. Boo freaking hoo. Know what I do about people that hate me? Ignore them. You know, like an adult.
    For the record, no, I’m not fat. Never have been. Prowl around the net a bit and you can find proof of that assertion.
    You have every right to choose food over beauty if that makes you happy. You have every right to forego physical activity. You do not have the right to force anyone else to accept your choices. And hey, shaming smokers seems to be working.

  • Womenshouldnthavenamessilly

    wOW. This entire article, and the comments below… Is just, wow.
    Thank you so much for pointing out how much of a fat slut I am for not looking good enough for your standards. Honestly, you are so inspirational by the way you not only inspire others to view women (who are not people, just animals or objects) as machines built for a man’s pleasure, but also continue the endless misogynisticity wheel! As my father always said, women are unfit for duty if they are unfit (haha) , despite how they feel, and how they think (gasp!) This took my breath away, really. Fuck going to college and making a living out of myself, fuck accepting myself for who I am, and accepting others for who they are, fuck all that shit. You have opened my eyes! I now see the wool pulled over my eyes was caused by grubby fingers all along, (metaphorically.) OH YES, let us joyce, and praise the skinny, beautiful people! Because obviously, if you’re skinny, you’re healthy, right? There’s no such thing as being underweight and dying of starvation! Girls, come all right now! Let’s all be anorexic and miserable! And quiet! There needs to be less of us talking! And doing! And being productive! And being a contributing member of society! Let’s all de-evolve society back to medieval times, where the man ruled everything! Truly, this is the raise of a new era, in which needs to replace the rampant liberal dilly-fucking feminazi march going on right now. Please tell me more about how women should only be viewed as property again! Careful, she might get touchy about it, and start “thinking” again!

  • Womenshouldnthavenamessilly

    Also, pardon me, and my observing, (really, I should stop thinking altogether, and work on my abs) but I find it ironic that for a man with a title as being “the one who shouted love at the heart of the world”, this article, (again, pardon me for thinking) seems to swing to the opposite spectrum! You’re not shouting love into anything! You’re shouting hate towards people, (oops! Let me fix that, WOMEN, ’cause women CANT be people!) and encouraging it to be passed along like a bonfire song! See, everybody sing! Wo-men should be skinny, and they don’t deserved to be-loved, un-til I fuck them! Fat-girls should lose weight, des-pite how they feel, and I won’t-fuck them! Dododo dodo! Dododo do do, dodedo dooo!

  • Judith Twatler

    wowjustwowsers are the scum of the earth.

  • Dan

    Mr Forney i applaud your timely and truthful blog that are thoughts of the majority of men in this country and around the world. Have you seen any studies why so many obese(white) females drive asian peasant cars….toyota,kia ect.

  • anon

    This is the kind of shit my dad started to spew on an almost daily basis after he first met my girlfriend. I’d always known he had a mean streak in him but I never thought it was quite that bad. Long story short, he turned out to be a very nasty little man. Emphasis on little, he is very short, and i believe that this was a major reason for his attitude. As with most prejudice, he was hateful to a perceived physical defect in others, because he couldn’t come to terms with his own. I would however like to point out that I am the same height as my father, and I like to think I have no prejudice towards anyone. My height doesn’t define me, and I certainly won’t let it embitter me to the point of abusing others in an attempt to comfort myself. Unfortunately for my dad, he succumbed to hate and ended up with one less son. I lost a dad but gained a partner, and I couldn’t be happier. Nasty people always lose in the end.

  • The Sad Truth

    So you’re saying you broke off your relationship with your father so you could fatty fuck in peace? What a retard.

  • John Doe

    It’s hilarious to watch you fat women try to justify why you are so ugly and lazy and can’t find a man, LOL!!!

    Stop eating fast food and garbage everyday. Maybe even give up meat and become a vegan. AND put on your running shoes and go jogging for at least 30 minutes a day.

    Otherwise, fat women are DISGUSTING. I had a fat woman try to fuck me and I couldn’t even get an erection for her, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen S.

    So sorry you feel as you do, about “Fat chicks.” Big Beautiful Women are MORE THAN DESERVING OF LOVE.

    Women who are FULL FIGURED, are more than very deserving of love. It must suck to be so damn shallow. LOL

    I’ve been married to a great guy for the past 6 1/2 years, and he thinks I’m beautiful, regardless of my size. As for you “sir,” you’re an asshole.

  • Joe

    Stupid fat women commenting and proving him right, lol!

  • The Sad Truth

    I’m a big beautiful woman, and I’m perfect. And I deserve love and my curves are gorgeous and I respect myself and I refuse to be shamed and I have a hunky, millionaire, physicist husband who prefers me to fake Barbie normal girls and… and… and…

    :: the sound of sobbing and peanut butter desperately spooned straight from the jar ::

  • Tokyo Joe

    In Japan, (where it is impossible to find anything as giant as the average American woman), they call having to look at fat people “Eye Violence”.

    Yes, that is what it feels like “Eye violence”!

  • whatever whatever

    maybe your right. maybe i should kill myself for being fat. that good am to the world anyways. only thing i can do is stand next to some one and make them look prettier. and it doesn’t matter how much you fight for fat acceptance because you can’t change a person’s preference of attractiveness. now, i know this is how the world views me. a nothing. so i will be nothing and just die and it get over with finally.

  • freya

    Your a piece of shit u little cunt

  • nubersixxx

    @Kelly September 7, 2013 at 5:01 am
    “…and being a big girl ….”

    I think the term hambeast landwhale is more accurate.

  • nubersixxx

    @Womenshouldnthavenamessilly September 9, 2013 at 2:49 pm
    “OH YES, let us joyce, and praise the skinny, beautiful people! Because obviously, if you’re skinny, you’re healthy, right? There’s no such thing as being underweight and dying of starvation! Girls, come all right now! Let’s all be anorexic and miserable!”

    We are just pointing the obvious fact that is not normal or healthy to be a 5’5, 200 lbs female. And the knee jerk reaction from you fat bastards is to throw anorexia and starvation at us, as the number of deaths related to them is comparable to those from obesity. Now go eat yourself to death.

  • Honest one

    I’m gonna go eat shit and die.

    [CensorBot sez: Please do.]

  • Honest one

    Fucking ignorant cunt. I must be really fucking fat.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes.]

  • Glenda B.

    Most fat girls may be butthurt because you guys say you don’t find them attractive. They don’t understand that being fat has a price and want the world to change to accommodate their inability to control themselves. Thank you for taking the fight to them, sir.

    [CensorBot sez: You’re making me blush!]

  • … um…

    ” OH YES, let us joyce, and praise the skinny” – some stupid long troll-named poster.

    Let us joyce? Ah… way to prove the point about fat people being dumb.

    I had some other comments but… I need a drink.

    Fat isn’t healthy, and it’s not hard to accomplish. You don’t deserve a cookie for it.

  • I’m gonna be honest with you guys.

    As a fat GUY. I agree with this post.

    A lot of fat women are whores who keep saying they should be “loved for what they are” or they’re “too hot to lose weight” or any insane shit like that.

    I’ve tried being a chubby chaser and hadn’t had much success on it. (only managed to get 2 fat chicks)

    I’m currently dating a girl who isn’t fat but she isn’t too skinny either. And I’m having so much fun with her because she seems to be genuinely attracted to my positive traits.

    Meanwhile, one of the fat women I’ve been with was more worried about the size of my dick and how I “wouldn’t pay for expensive shit that she wanted to do”.

    You guys should keep in mind that I’ve been working out for a year now and lost a lot of weight, I’m still pretty big but I wonder if I’d have nearly as much success with women as I’m having now.

    The thing is, some fat women I know are fucking whores who say they should be loved while they will blatantly say they only like muscle guys who will never get interested in their lard asses.

    And that’s the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Not even a politician can be THAT hypocritical.

    fucking bitches.

  • Daniella

    Am I missing something, is this a satirical post? No, I’m just so shocked by the cold hard truth here that I’m trying to rationalize the mountain of lies my ideology is built on.

    Or is your solution to the ongoing obesity problem to alienate obese women until they feel so alone in the world that they go to whatever measure available to them, safe or not, just so society will treat them like human beings again?

    That’s fantastic! It’s worked for smokers and drug addicts, it’ll work for fat women. Salutations, sir.

    [CensorBot sez: Yep.]

  • Elle
  • Kelly

    Alright that’s it!! You guys are total fucking idiots to think people don’t need to be,loved because you’re not attracted to them or because other chicks have rejected you. You are not attracted to fat women… Fine. You’re feelings been hurt by the inevitable rejection that comes from the human condition… Fine! But saying that the character, personality of a fat chick fits into this awful outragous description is so profoundly idiotic that I’m not at all surprised you shit heads aren’t getting laid. But guess what… I fat, damn right and the only reason I’m alone and not having some hot dude (and believe it when i say I tell you I have 20 superemely hot jocks in my phone at my disposal) the shit out of me by choice. I’m choosing not being laid by a devastatingly hot member of the opposite sex right now and none of you whiny fat chick hating bitch boys can say the same!

    The reason you hate women is because you’ve been hurt and rejected by them and the reason you’re not with a woman is because you hate them. So shut the fuck up, find some brains and a realistic view of yourselves, shut up again and go fuck yourself, cause that’s the only way you’re gonna get laid with your attitude…. Your hand will have to do until you’re a better man!

  • Kelly

    And Jennifer…. FUCK YOU TOO!

  • @Kelly September 12, 2013 at 2:57 am
    “…But guess what… I fat,…”

    yeah, we could guess it from the beginning. It’s always funny how landwhales brag about how many “hot guys” they slept with, and yet you never see an attractive man with a fatass in public.

    You just prove the fact that when it comes to quick and easy sex, men will lower their standards to embarrassing levels.

  • Elikat43

    Kelly you are quite the mess. In your first post (in addition to referring to presumably thinner women as cunts, skanks, bitches etc) you claim you’ve seen disdain in the eyes of men for a long time because of your weight. Now you have dozens of supremely hot jocks on standby willing to have sex with you at your beck and call? I call bullshit…at the very least confirmation that fat sluts seek validation from any dude willing to lay some pipe for her. Would the same guys be willing to take you to dinner, a movie or hold your hand in public?

    You contradict yourself repeatedly. Try this (from one woman to another) : stop torturing and embarrassing yourself here as it seems you are the one who needs the reality check. Stop whining. Stop accepting the role as a cum dumpster. Eat healthy and exercise. That will make you feel better.

    A Healthy Bitch

  • Kelly

    Dear healthy bitch…. You’re a cunt

  • Kelly

    And my first post talked about love and the quality of men I’ve found there. My last post (the the one calling you a cunt, which I firmly believe you are …) talked about sex. Everything you fat girl hating morons seem to care about is appearance and sex is most paramount and well, not hurting in that department.

    I know you’ll all be happy to know I’m not coming back because its clear that there are only mean superficial assholes on here and very much the wrong forum for my opinions.

    Peace out bitches….


  • Elikat43

    Ah good riddance. Not only are you out-of-control physically but you also are a vulgar half-wit. What a derelict like you thinks means nothing to me – your mind is as sluggish as the rest of you. In fact I am sure what you “firmly believe” about me is the only damn firm thing about you isn’t it ?

    You are an obscene wretch and have nerve to call people here morons. Hilarious! Thanks for weighing in to prove MF correct!

  • The Sad Truth

    Roissy once had a blog post titled “Bitter Delusional Fatty Thinks Sluttiness is an Accomplishment.” That’s Kelly in a nutshell.

  • Britney

    Damn! I was actually enjoying Kellys rage comments. Oh well guess she went for the icecream again, like she always does when her feelings get hurt I guess.

  • Elikat43

    I tend to think “she” is really a dude trolling as a fat chick. Boy I catch on quick huh!

  • jaeger83

    Kelly, you keep saying “FUCK YOU” and making statements like “Peace Out” that would lead one to believe you are going to go away for good, yet you keep coming back. Are you so starved for validation and insecure that you will look in even the most hostile places, trying to convert people to your point of view? Well, you’re not going to get it, least of all from me.

    I was close to 250 pounds at one point, and got myself down to 180 in a matter of a couple years through diet and exercise. I feel better on my worst day thin than I felt on my best day fat. It’s not just about what other people think. Your obsessive need for validation from everyone is probably because of the fat sucking the oxygen from your brain, which your brain could otherwise be using for more rational thought than you have now. I can’t believe I wasted most of my 20’s being that way.

    I’ve never been the kind of person to give a rat’s ass about what other people think about me, but when almost everyone in the world tells me I’m doing something wrong, I do what they tell me. If I still think it is the right choice for me, at least I don’t come back at them to try to force them to validate a choice that they see something wrong with.

  • Natural Selection

    Everyone knows the ONLY thing fat girls ever starve of is validation as women. What happens with girls like Kelly is she gets lucky enough to get a guy to actually go home with her maybe once or twice a year. And every time it happens, she feels the dick get semi hard inside her piehole of mouth, which is all but lost within the massive fat folds of her giant moonface, and she can’t believe it actually might work and penetrate her this time. So she ferociously rips her clothes off to let a quarter ton of lard, veins, cellulite, and tit smegma all crash to the floor around her… and vuuueewwp! The weiner deflates like a Whoopi cushion being purged under kellys big fat ass, never to work again for the next 2 weeks after the sight of such a grotesque human form is seared into the visual memory of the drunk homeless bum who was only going to rob her after she passed out but opted to take the bonus package thinking it couldn’t hurt anything.. boy was he wrong!

  • Luvsrain

    Meanwhile at the local wal-mart…..

  • Victoria

    Is this for real? This is the funniest sh*t I have read in a while. Also, you say there are no fat accepting guys or whatever? Haven’t you seem shallow Hal?? Oh man. Thanks for the humor today. I’m sending this to all my friends because it is unbelievably ridiculous.

  • Anna

    Wow. I’m actually appalled that an article like this could really exist online. I don’t even know where to begin.

    At first I thought you were attempting to be comical with a black comedy stance. But as I read more I realised you were just an asshole.

    You may find fat women repulsive and undesirable, but not everyone does, and they are just as entitled to a happy life as you are. Fat should not be considered ugly for many reasons. I respect your point that it is very unhealthy to be obese – this is valid. However, obese women are, believe it or not, fully functioning human beings who do NOT have lower IQ’s than average women. They do not always lack self control and they are NOT sluts. Your sweeping statements blow my mind.

    By writing an article like this, you’re neglecting the fact that many fat women suffer with crippling depression and are obese due to irregular binge eating. Eating is a psychological battle for many people, fat or not. Just because you have no issue with food, you must realise that the same does NOT apply to the general public.

    The way you phrase this article genuinely disgusts me. Why do you have to sound like such a pig?

  • MarcoP

    Well, a new low point has been touched at This is Thin Privilege, one that ushers in a new world order of either chthonic horrors or mad lulz, depending on your attitude. So far the fatties have been practically blueing themselves in the face screeching that they’re healthy and active and megasuperawesomeful at 600 pounds just the same as any Jessica Alba. But now a fatty is proclaiming that YES!!!1!!1 she’s fat, she’s unhealthy, she won’t stop gorging on bread and chocolate, she has no intention of ever ever ever exercising or slimming down, AND YOU MUST LOVE HER. Truly, ’tis the dawn of a new era.

  • k

    I am curious- has anyone pointed out diseases that CAUSE weight gain yet? I haven’t had time to read this epic thread, but I would like to write a blurb about my personal journey.

    I was overweight/obese my ENTIRE life and I thought I was doing all the right things
    1. I ate healthy- no junk food until I was maybe around 23?
    2. I exercised DAILY – did advanced tae bo, turbo jam, power 90 and ran
    3. I was self-aware, not overly stressed and did yoga to calm my nerves which is suppose to keep you fit

    however, I was still overweight and GAINING more weight. When I had a thorough physical done by my doctor they had diagnosed me with extreme hypothyroidism in which your metabolism literally, slows down to a halt, and despite your food and habits, you will either 1. not lose any weight or 2. gain weight double, triple fast if you do eat anything “bad”

    I got put on medication and since then it has been a STRUGGLE to lose weight- because the medication has made it POSSIBLE but super SLOW. I am lucky to lose a pound in a month – yes seriously. so, to all the haters, can you think that maybe some of these people have trouble because of diseases? I got mine because I was born during a radioactive explosion and had nuclear radiation in my system. I was lucky to not have any other problems, the children born in that area during the same time had much worse problems as they grew older.

    I am currently doing p90x and insanity hybrids (if you know this exercise program, you will agree it is NOT easy) and eating 5 meals a day with little to no wheat. It took years of research and frustration for me to figure out what was wrong, but apparently wheat is a HUGE problem if you have weight problems due to hormones or thyroid problems. therefore, cutting out wheat has made it easier for me to lose weight.

    It IS possible to be healthy and overweight though. there are MANY people out there who will NEVER be stick thin and are healthy. Once I reach my doctors goal weight – 160 for 5’8 female, I will be considered the healthiest and thinnest I will ever be in my life. My doctor has informed me that it will be IMPOSSIBLE for me to EVER be skinny like I always wanted (120 pounds or so) because my body just WILL NOT go that way. Imagine hearing that and knowing you will never be supermodel skinny, and then having some guy say that you’re too fat?

    I strongly believe that people need to own up to their actions and bodies. We all need to be more educated, open-minded and willing to LISTEN. that’s why support groups work – you NEVER know why someone who is obese is going through until you talk to them.

    However, if there are in fact, ignorant, hating, angry people out there that are obese solely because of their junk food lifestyle and hatred, then I have no sympathy. but even those people dont deserve to be bullied- they should be just left alone and left to their own devices. Sooner or later they will self-destruct anyway.

  • Ok

    A lot of these comments are coming from ignorant, stupid individuals and those who feel PERSONALLY hurt. I am trying to view this situation from a “neutral” perspective, and willing to think a little before I post a comment.

    For all the women writing long responses and calling the men who agree with the OP, you are contributing to this hatred by feeding into the message on a extreme personal level. If the post were to be dissected, you could see that some parts are just for jokes – a way to amuse the readers. That’s why some bloggers are successful, their wit makes up a large portion. There is also the shock value. Obesity is one of those things that is still very much so taboo (but just as dangerous as smoking which is openly discussed) because of the people who FAIL to think rationally and see that whether it’s smoking, drugs, alcohol or whatever else, obesity is ALSO life threatening.

    And just like some individuals who smoke, do drugs and drink, it IS possible to be healthy and overweight. It depends on the individual, their genetic disposition and their general overall health. Some people are very lucky to live to 90+ having smoked, drank and even done drugs their entire lives. It is also not uncommon to find obese elderly individuals who are still moving along just fine.

    Unfortunately, people do not want to talk about what is uncomfortable- therefore they lash out in hatred and become defensive. This is the case here between all the commenters- those lashing out and those taking it. Those who feel personally attacked are going to rant on about their emotions and that only fuels others who agree with the original posting which in itself is hateful. However, it is also meant for a specific audience – I will never understand people seeking out what they don’t want to read/hear. Just like there is a niche for overweight individuals to gather and bitch, there is one where people who are against obesity to come and utilize. Both forums can have hateful, aggressive language and speech. They are BOTH wrong.

    Mindful speech and conversation should be the focus of the comments here, not two polar opposites battling it out for pages. Whether I agree or disagree will be besides the point. What the OP did do though is create an interesting forum for a social experiment.

  • @Ok
    Nah! let them fire out!
    No kidding, yours is the only sensible comment from a non-manospherian I found on this post.

  • Kelly

    You make some interesting points. However, I feel compelled to share my experiences, as a girl with a 12-year history of an eating disorder. I should first admit I have very rarely been at a healthy weight; and even when I was in the healthy range, I was either losing or gaining rapidly.

    You seem sure that “thin and fit” girls are the healthiest and deserve the most male attention. Now, I am by no means pro-fat acceptance, but I can tell you from experience that even at 120 lbs (5’7″) and less than 10% body fat, I was far from healthy. I stopped menstruating and my hair was falling out. No man came near me. When I eventually dropped to 95 lbs, I looked like death warmed over.

    But then the starvation response took over, and suddenly I felt like I was wearing a fat suit. At 180 lbs, I tried to kill myself twice. I received more male attention — perhaps because, as you put it, those “massive double D’s” were tempting — but I turned them down, and at 27 years old am still a virgin (yes, they do exist). I had not lost my sense of self just because I gained weight. I did not think I should just “take what I could get.”

    You also state that fat girls are “stupid”. During my eating disorder, I managed to finish a master’s degree in speech pathology and become a board-certified technician in modified barium swallow studies (I know, haha). I maintained a 4.0 through grad school.

    In no way do I intend to hate on your post — but please consider that everyone is an individual, and has their own story.

  • fid

    thanks Matt for your opinion of large ladies. That leaves more for me.

  • Lara

    Question: Are you drunk?

  • Tambra

    I am not obese, but I am over weight. I have been for the majority of my life. I am far from stupid. I do have a college degree and I also graduated with honors and a 3.74 GPA. You have the right to your opinion, I just wish you would have done it in a more tasteful way. Why are you so angry about fat women? That is the only emotion that I got from this blog, anger. What did a fat woman do to you that made you hate fat women so much? Why do you feel the need to stereotype fat women as such? We are not all crazy, we are definitely not all dumb and we are not all ugly.

  • Uhuh

    I was wondering if you had a picture of yourself? And some recent IQ scores? Because by this articulate, intelligent article you wrote you must be fucking perfect 10!!

    I am an ugly, spotty-faced lardass who is highly offended by this post. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go cry into a pint of Perry’s.

    [CensorBot sez: DO IT DYKE]

  • “I do have a college degree and I also graduated with honors and a 3.74 GPA”

    In what?

  • Tambra

    I have an associates in Science for Medical Coding and Billing and I do plan on returning to school to get my Bachelor’s degree within the next few years.

  • Anna

    What a douchey loser the author of this comment is. Newsflash: fat is gross. If I don’t like Matt’s blog, I shouldn’t read it. End of story. The fact that I would write an entire comment about you is pretty telling – if I genuinely found you so unthreatening, I’d just leave you alone. Methinks I’m a crybaby who is overcompensating.

    I am a disgusting lardass. Your words wound me.

    [CensorBot sez: Comment redacted. Bitch, even your writing style needs to go on a diet!]

  • A

    Matt, I want to have your love child.

    [CensorBot sez: Nice.]

  • Helena

    I subscribed to this post for updates months ago. It’s very interesting how something that was written almost a year ago still makes me want to kill myself, it’s so brutal and honest. Methinks I have issues about how I looks! Do a Google search for a pic of me and I am below average at best. Fucking hideous, actually. Couple that with a shitty attitude and you can figure out the rest!

    Many posts that spout Monsanto/fat acceptance industry propaganda are also immediately edited. So predictable!

    Advice to any girls who happens to read this and thinks Matt Forney is awesome: send nude selfies to therealmattforney [at] gmail [dot] com. Then you’ll see what he’s REALLY like. No fatties, please.

    And to any ladies who are hurt – stop crying and go on a diet. He’s doing this to help you. I guess that’s one way to do it, a pretty effective way, I guess.

    [CensorBot approved.]

  • Anna

    I know CensorBot will edit this message to wring the stupidity out of it, but you’ll see it, so whatever. You should feel sorry for me – I can’t get a boyfriend, so I post angry comments on peoples’ blogs. People can see right through me. And you saw a picture of me – I’m really not attractive at all and would be lucky to have any guy at all. Whenever a guy says anything about me that I don’t like, my first line of defense is to claim he has a small dick.

    [CensorBot sez: So true.]

  • Anna

    God, CensorBot keeps rewriting my comments, but I keep coming back for more. It’s almost like I WANT to be spanked for my insolence.

    [CensorBot sez: I will gladly mete out punishment.]

  • “Maybe you hate fat girls so much, because next to them, your dick looks EVEN SMALLER than it is normally? ”

    That’s because it becomes flaccid.

  • Anna

    “Advice to any girls who happens to read this and thinks Matt Forney is awesome”

    Please Matt, take me, you handsome beast!

    [CensorBot sez: No fatties.]

  • Anna

    Why do I keep commenting on a blog post that upsets me and where the owner has my comments censored? I need to get a fucking life.

    [CensorBot sez: Truth.]

  • Anna

    Yes. I AM that big of a loser.

    [CensorBot sez: This exchange has ceased to be entertaining. There’s the door.

    BTW, CensorBot looked up your IP address, then cross-referenced it with your email address (which has your real name in it; real smart, babe) to find your RL Facebook profile. You look like Chris Farley in drag. Also, your IP address shows that you’re writing these comments from a computer, so you’re a liar twice over. Enjoy your life.]

  • Carolina

    Anna, I am a fattie too and I have cried many tears because of this post. This is too brutal. And I don’t believe for a second anything you’re saying. The ridiculous way you keep commenting on this post shows you’ll go to any length.

    Everyone, be sure to send nude selfies to therealmattforney [at] gmail [dot] com (if you’re hot), so you get the chance to meet Matt in person! It’s so awesome to be in the presence of such an awesome man! LOL!

    [CensorBot sez: Much obliged.]

  • “Also, your IP address shows that you’re writing these comments from a computer, so you’re a liar twice over.”

    … What’s even the POINT of lying about what device you are posting from?

    There’s no gain to that lie, other than the bullshit attempt to sound like you have friends.

  • “I have an associates in Science for Medical Coding and Billing and I do plan on returning to school to get my Bachelor’s degree within the next few years.”


    Try STEM, then you can talk about a two-year GPA.

  • Lucie

    You are such a fucking disgusting human being.

  • Mary

    Okay, well for one I don’t think the one who wrote this deserves any love and I strongly believe he is vermin, if not evil itself.

    Two, Men and Women, humans in general (of all genders) come naturally in all sizes. Some people, including those with vaginas, actually are naturally large at their most fit. Not to mention we all come with different metabolisms, some just have faster ones naturally and others have slower. Also lets not forget the economy atm and how cheaper it is to buy a $1-3 burger vs a $10 salad. (Not even kidding) Also getting back to the metabolism thing, men will always have an easier time losing weight – because they don’t have a womb to hold children in which needs nourishment – it’s just how the female body is designed. If you don’t want kids (or healthy babies) that’s fine, but a larger woman will probably produce a healthier child.

    So to recap:
    1) HUMANS (m/f) come with many different body types! Some are tall and thin, some are short and thin, some are big and tall others are short and stout. What’s healthy for one person is not healthy for another, muchless for everyone.

    2) Metabolisms differ from person to person (Male or Female) – Some naturally have slower some faster. Believe or not someone with a faster one will in fact eat alot more than someone with a slower. Someone with a slower one does not actually need alot of food and might not in fact be eating alot, it’s just that his or her body is turning more of that food into fat and less into energy. -It’s part of the natural human body.

    3) The economy sucks right now, let’s be honest. Most fat people are not wealthy – look around, most of them are poor. (So you’re also poor-shaming >:-( ) The reason being, is because the most unhealthy foods are made super cheap, meanwhile things like a salad, are expensive and they rot soon so it doesn’t make sense to buy it, since even if you can afford 1 week of healthy food, the other 3 weeks of the month you cannot. -If people were able to get a living wage and enough money to purchase the food they need, there would probably alot less unhealthy people.

    4) (This wasn’t mentioned before but it is related to the previous) The bombardment of food commercials and unhealthy food everywhere you look. Everywhere, carbs, carbs and not the good kind, white bread everywhere, fried food, everywhere, candy, sugar, it’s a nightmare!

    This all being said, I in fact used to make fun of larger people, and I am ashamed to admit that, but it’s the truth. Tbh I hadn’t even considered it’d hurt their feelings. I might of even been a little mean and I’m very sorry, very sorry indeed. I would hate to make someone feel bad, or at least over something as petty as weight or size. And I did used to be skinny myself – however bad things happened when I was 10/11 and I only recently got out. (I’m 28 now) and I’m not my healthy skinny self :-< But I am working on getting back to my healthy size again :-3 So far I've lost 3 pounds this week and plan to lose more. However, as I've learned, not everyone's healthy size is 'skinny'. Like this person I know (love), she's not like obese, but she is kinda pudgy/fat, but she's also muscular and a bit more masculine but in a womanly way (omfg, she's hott) but for her, that's healthy! That's how her body just is and others have other body types that're healthy for them. And that's something I've learned. And again (very sad/tears in my eyes, trying not to cry) I'm sorry if I've fat-shamed. Someone I love is larger (though not obese) and she'd had people like you bully her and I guess girls like I used to be, shame her and now she has Social Anxiety and that's terrible. I wanna cry right now because I love her so much and I'd never want to hurt her like that. – and I hope someday you learn what I learned. But I guess some people are just hateful. Like you are (atm). Not everyone is the same. Some big women (or men) are terrible too, like the one who raped/tortured me for so long (since I was 10/11), but so did the men she had there and the skinny woman who worked with her too. I still get nightmares, it's terrible. But there're also good bigger people far more deserving of love. Again – I do hope you learn this. (Maybe even make an apology article, but I'm not sure you will, but I do hope someday -after all, I didn't learn my lesson over night)

    I also do wish our economy was better – then I could get the food I /want/, like I said, when I'm healthy and more myself I'm actually more lean – I LOVE veggies and fruit and non-meats! If I had the money I'd have 99% vegetarian diet and maybe once in a while having meat, especially on holidays or something. -so nothing against meat, I just happen to like the taste of non-meats is all. -though wings & burgers are good, but I try not to have those too often, it feels heavy in my stomach :-/ I also LOVE to move, but atm I'm too ashamed of my body to go outside much. But I do have some hand weights so I use those inside at least. -So all in all, if the economy was better and if there weren't as many people like you in the world as you are now, I (and I think many other people) would be alot healthier in general. Also I can't wait to get started going to the gym again (the Rec Center near where I live is full of creeps/ew D-: so I have to pay money to go to the nicer University Gym) I'll only be getting $350 for Disability Supplement (PTSD, Anxiety & Depression – from rape/torture, not being fat) but my back pay should help cover 2 years worth of gym membership.

    So yeah. Not all fat people are lazy or whatever you think we are. And if someone deserves to be loved or not has little to nothing to do with their body type or how much they weigh. It's who you are as a person – and atm, you really do not deserve love, at all.

    I'm no religious person – in fact I'm a Deist (Belief in God, but not religion) However, I'm gonna have to agree with Jesus in Matthew 15:

    Jesus called the crowd to him and said, “Listen and understand. What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.”

    (Also the fact that you're picking on women kinda shows you hate women and might be gay, imo, actually- I mean, what could be more manly than loving men so much that you're actually sexually attracted. You should really consider trying to get to know yourself – also nothing wrong with being gay, they also come in all forms and not just "fruity" or feminine, you can be as manly as hell and still be gay, I think they're called Gay-bros? Look it up. But who knows, maybe you're not and you're just petty, or have alot to learn about life, idk, I'm not you, I just find it a little odd is all. Or like others said, maybe you're attracted to big girls but you're ashamed of it, like some closeted men who try to hate on gays but are only trying to hide that they're really gay themselves) – I'm sure you're feeling very defensive right now, so I'll leave, but I do hope someday you'll learn what I learned. I think if you actually met me, when I'm myself again and healthy-you'd like me actually, you'd probably try to hit on me (Due to your taste in women, you being a sexist jerk and I being a cis-female who likes feminine things) but I'd tell you what I'm telling you here, in as polite and nice a manner as possible.

  • Frank

    All I see is a bunch of pissed off women who try make up excuses for being fat and try convince people that being fat is not a choice. If you women put the energy you’ve been doing in writing these pathetic comments in something constructive like going for a walk, perhaps you would be on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

    Stop with the bullshit excuses and don’t try to be “polite” in your comments when your passive aggressiveness just shines through your comments. No one is forcing you to read, there are tons of fatwomen blogs to make you feel better, you sad pathetic human beings.

  • I absolutely love the hypocrisy on the comment section in this.

    Mostly made by women who think this is putting fat women down, while in reality, it Is one of the few posts that reveal how biased towards women society has become.

    I mean, only fat women have privileges when it comes to “fat acceptance” and this post addresses exactly that.

    Because the social engineering of western society is being flown towards the idea that a woman has to be loved no matter how she looks and a man has to be in shape if he wants to be considered a suitable partner.

    Which brings us all to the hypocrisy issue, because, let’s face it. All feminists are essentially fat women who want to bang whoever they want without doing much for it, they are the people who say that women should always be “the catch” and not “the catcher”, that women have to be pleased and that men are the ones who have to pay and provide for them.

    You can just take a look at countless dating or female/male oriented sites and you’ll see that there’s always an article about how “fat women deserve to be loved and appreciated”.

    The funny part is that there is little evidence of fat-MAN-positive sites.

    You see, while most of eastern societies are molded in a pro-male biased culture, western societies are being molded into a pro-female biased culture.

    That’s why a lot of fat women think they only deserve muscle guys. That’s why they think they shouldn’t put any effort into pleasing a man. That’s why most of the fat women who post stuff here say that it’s horrible to make a fat woman feel bad for herself, while saying they have a lot of “hot stuff” waiting to bang them. And that’s why women are becoming more shallow and hypocritical, while in reality we all know that if a woman is too picky, she’ll end up like the lonely fat old bitch who lives surrounded by nothing but cats and dogs.

    It’s one thing to have as many partners as you want, but it takes a real woman to accept that she has to go against modern society’s ideals and form a family and stick to that family. Because society knows that a population that does not form families is a population that is bound to be more easily manipulated.

    It’s pretty sad, you know.

  • Mary:

    Holy shit. You’re messed up. Get therapy.

  • Christina

    fat + fat “shaming” = bigger or worse. You can’t change someone’s mind, they have to decide for themselves to lose the weight. You as Matt Forney and the stupid bot can only make them feel worse about themselves. The reason that women seem to fail more times for committing suicide is because the way they usually do it, with overdoses instead of a gun that men tend to use. I can understand wanting someone you love to lose weight due to the health issues like joint pain, diabetes, but “shaming” them will not work.

  • so, Mary, a fat woman (someone who is by default, not healthy)

    can generate healthy offsprings…

    yea… makes total sense.

  • I have regained my faith in humanity.

    This guy just wants to make the world a better place.

    [CensorBot sez: Glad we could help.]

  • Sigh

    Hiya Matt! I’m your number one fan! Do you have a book?

    [CensorBot sez: He has four, actually.]

  • yazeed

    Being beautiful or handsome is not what is important,It,s character,knowing how to treat a person,showing you care.Accepting a person for what he/she is and most important is what is in your heart, that,s what i look for in a person.That,s what remains forever.Beauty does fade away but what is in our hearts never am here to have some one like you cute pie tell me what are u looking for,here is my id hoping to see u soon am interested in fat girls honestly pls i need one lol

  • Joy

    Am I fucking stupid? Yes. I am absolutely ignorant and I need serious help. I mean did I read this before I posted this shit. Some people in this world are a little dense when it comes to certain topics and I am one of them. I think I should give up on writing because my opinion is truly idiotic.

    [CensorBot sez: Certainly.]

  • Suzy

    This pathetic excuse for a human who wrote this garbage needs to die. I’ll make sure this aberration of an article gets to competent hands.

  • I’ve been in great shape my whole life. It’s because I get plenty of exercise and eat organic foods that I prepare from scratch. I don’t eat anything artificial or anything that contains chemicals, drink soda, or eat fast food.
    My entire adult life I have received rude remarks, dirty looks and have been physically attacked on several occasions by jealous fat women. These women were complete strangers. In many instances I was the one to blame for their boyfriend or husband’s roving eye. Make no mistake, I was not dressed in a provocative manner of any sort; no cleavage, no mini-skirts, no skin-tight clothing.
    So, needless to say… I am not a fan of fat women.

  • @Suzy September 25, 2013 at 11:06 pm
    Yes, call the Cyber Police fatty



    (i used sarcasm above, in case you didn’t notice)

    well.. im fat, born fat, raised fat, has tried all the diets in the world(lost 13 kgs at one point but found them again), nothing worked(not like im making excuses), but ja….

    im currently studying my llb degree in law at university(dont think stupid lazy ppl get this far though).. i am also in a 10-month relationship with a guy who would go to the ends of the earth for me(he is my first bf bytheway= not a slut)..

    I am South African and i despise what you wrote above.. however i respect your opinion.

    now you can rant and insult me, i wont mind, because there is nothing, no swear word.. no insult, no particular stare that im not used to..

    your piece brought me to tears and hurt me, but i dont blame you..

  • PoopBalls III

    IF YOU ARE A GIRL, take this article to heart and lose weight. This man and the commentators who agree with him are obviously the most generous souls on this precious Earth and you NEED their help.

    Go. Go on a diet. Be free and know that you are loved… so long as you are skinny.

    [CensorBot sez: Uh-huh.]

  • PoopBalls III

    also i <3 censorBot. that loveable cunt oh man.

  • Alison

    I recently gained 50 lbs. I am fat.
    Dude, I’m such a fucking douche. First of all, all of these are correct. Fat girls are stupid, slutty, and repulsive. I, my friend, am an example of repulsiveness.

    [CensorBot sez: This blog is not a confessional.]

  • AssholeFinder

    On the positive side, you’ll die. You’ll live longer than all the fatties, though. Hehehehehe.

    [CensorBot sez: Word to your mother.]

  • Ceph

    … Holy shit, dude. You know you’re good news when Reddit starts giving you the stink eye. All these undeniable facts in one post; I’m impressed.

    [CensorBot sez: Hi Reddit pansies!]

  • SomebodyWhoDoesn’tCareAboutYou

    I hope you know that you are scum and that gargling razor blades would be a great career move for you. That’s right Matt, I hope you die! ‘Cause that’s how you practice tolerance… right?

    [CensorBot sez: Hahahahahahahahahahaha…]

  • John Roberts

    “If a man were to complain about being overweight, the instinctive response—from both men and women—is to tell him to stop being a fag and get in the gym. But when a woman claims she’s oppressed by evil patriarchal beauty standards, women swarm around her in solidarity and the male chivalrous instinct is activated: “Those men are all sexist bastards, you’re too good for them. Here, have another cupcake.”

    I thought I was the only one who realized that.

  • I’m fat, have a huge nose and look like I have Down’s syndrome, which is why I’m crying many bitter tears at this post.

    [CensorBot sez: I didn’t make this up; look at her profile.]

  • Katherine

    You, Sir, make me hot. A lot.

    [CensorBot sez: To be expected.]

  • TheBlack

    Hi everyone,
    I do not care what people are saying bad about fat girls, they are people like us, we have the same blood, and we are human.I actually have a soft spot for big girls, I find them cute and sweet too. These are people who are generally very serious, I love it and I especially want to meet a good friend .. why not? they have the right … I love you girls, be proud of you, know that there are plenty of people in this world who loves you.
    Sorry for my bad english, I speak french and in West Africa….
    Best regards!

  • Neferet

    Everyone ever should take advice from someone called… PoopBalls.

    That’s besides the point. I shouldn’t be offended by this, but in all honesty I am. As a fat girl, I’m used to people telling me that my shit doesn’t stink and I’m beautiful just the way I am. Matt’s brutal honesty has punctured the delicate bubble I’ve constructed to protect my ego, and for that I can never thank him enough. Now I’m off to jog and lose the weight so I will be worthy of his gaze.

    [CensorBot sez: Good, my child… you are learning.]

  • Neferet

    I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!

    [CensorBot sez: No, you ain’t.]

  • Sandy


    [CensorBot sez: Ell-oh-ell.]

  • Minnie Mouse

    I haven’t washed in so long that I’m starting to get fungal infections in my blubber folds. They smell bad.

    [CensorBot sez: Lose some fucking weight, then.]


    Hurr durr, I’m angry. At you, Matt. You make me angry. I can’t refute anything you’ve said, but I’m still angry. Hurr.

    [CensorBot sez: There’s a pill for that.]

  • Minnie Mouse

    This site is a joke, How dare you remove what I write and write something so offensive under my name.

    I will be finding out tomorrow if this is illegal. I’m calling the cyberpolice and the state police.

    [CensorBot sez: Consequences will never be the same.]

  • CensorBot kicks ass. Reminds me of our MooHammer, and other hammers we use. :)

  • I can recall the hammer – I think its usually done by Electric angel to trolls- its in the commenting policies of patriactionary right?

  • It’s at our blog, yes; EA is actually more patient with trolls than I am. :)

  • seriously, bro. ?

  • Seriously, what?

    I usually don’t even let newcomers who are obvious trolls through!

    I want serious and fun back-and-forth, not annoying arguments. But hey, that’s just me.

    Others may be kinder, and inclined to see if there can be a ‘teachable’ moment. Not me; I usually say ‘screw that’.

    We don’t often deploy the Moohammer and Baahammer, etc. at our blog; normally isn’t necessary.

  • Alex

    I’m a fucking idiot.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes.]

  • Si

    Watch out Matt! I’m an obese girl and I’ll CUT you!

    [CensorBot sez: We’re so scared.]

  • My Big Vagina

    My crotch creases smell.

    [CensorBot sez: Shut up.]

  • Whatever

    This post made me cry.

    [CensorBot sez: No surprise.]

  • Stephanie

    Whoever wrote this is an asshole bitch.. Fat people have feelings too… and mine are hurt! Wah!

    [CensorBot sez: Shove a sock in it.]

  • ashley

    I need help. Asap.

    [CensorBot sez: Get a man. Emphasis on “man,” not “gelded leftist pussyboy.”]

  • sue

    You make me angry that I just destroyed my computer chair by bouncing up and down. Also, my panties are stained through with sweat.

    [CensorBot sez: Ew.]

  • jess

    Waaaaaah haaaaaah!

    [CensorBot sez: Shut up.]

  • mel blossom

    Hope this is just good shock value but kinda think the truth is you believe this very sick opinion… you are clearly a very sick unenlightened unhappy shallow individual… as you revealed in your writing. Would you like to evolve and change? Because if not it would be awesome if you’d shut up forever… at least before you mature into understanding deeper things than than , “Ew I’m not banging a fat girl their gross… they aren’t people” If you can’t evolve beyond your shallow viewpoint do something good with your worthless existence… die young

  • Victoria

    So here’s the thing,
    if this isn’t a joke…. you should probably just kill yourself. Run into a knife several times, jump off of a building, drown yourself in a toilet, you seem pretty “creative” so you get the idea. End your pathetic life.

  • Fallacies

    I really do hope you practice what you preach in person because I would adore to one day watch someone find you blithering in your corner with your drones and beat the ever living shit out of you. I would gladly pay my life savings to watch such a beautiful display unfold, and hope with a small portion that you’d snivel “I still mean it” so they would put you out of your fallacy. I would say misery, but you aren’t miserable, just a person with the emotional depth of a puddle splashing around and giggling at the people getting annoyed that you’re getting them wet.

    As a person who’s been healthy all their life and continues to be so, I sincerely hope with every portion of my being that this comes to fruition.

  • Steve

    Fat women have big chip between their shoulders and come across as if the world owes them everything. Seriously no man wants a fat woman for a long term basis. Most fat women are man hating feminists. Fat women are nasty and a lot meaner than skinny women.

  • Matt wishes them to be ignored; they wish him dead…

    Quite a revealing contrast…

  • Celestia

    Wow. This is just… wow.

    First of all, how dare you. Not only invalidating an entire group of people purely because of something as superficial and irrelevant as their weight, but making racially insensitive comments as well? The sheer close-mindedness of this entire article is shocking.

    I am a Caucasian of average weight, so according to your standards, I shouldn’t be offended. You, sir, are dangerously wrong about that. The level of misogyny and downright foulness in your articles would make Tony Abbott vomit. Hell, Vladimir Putin would be repelled. Your feeble attempts at justifying easily remedied ignorance wouldn’t hold up a feather, let alone the thousands of counter arguments that have the opportunity to take root here. Replying to a well reasoned retort with a simple ‘But you’re wrong and I’m right’ will gain you nothing. I pray other women and people of colour have similar reactions. I pray no self respecting human is ever held subject to your poison. I pray that you never find a woman willing to put up with your bullshit for more than 2 minutes.


  • Angry Feminist

    My vagina is all yeasty. Take note, ladies: that’s one good reason why you shouldn’t get fat.

    [CensorBot sez: Thank you.]

  • humanity as a whole has failed and failed miserably we have no one to blame for our short coming’s but us

  • Liz

    I only read a couple of sentences from this article and just a few of the repulsive comments from your painfully ignorant readers and all I can really say is that you should feel deeply ashamed for writing a post such as this. Who are you to shame other people for the way that they are? I can assure you that anyone who puts this much time and effort into policing women’s bodies is severly emotionally disturbed. Generalizing populations of people only makes you look like a close-minded mornon. Try to remove your head from your ass before you start writing.

  • wrong

    Take a sociology, psychology, or social work class for the love of god and educate yourself! Assuming all of your points are true (which not one is) the best way to create change in someone is not through shame, but positive motivation and helping the person get to the root of the issue whether that issue is poor diet, medical, or emotional issues.

  • Becca

    You need to go ahead and die. You are pure scum and venom. Leave women alone. I’m sure they’re staying away from you.

  • morey

    You are one seriously idiotic excuse for a man. Some of your points have no merit and you should check your facts before you write something and think its worth a shit. We are all humans and deserve to be treated as such.No matter sex or or looks. Just stop posting this crap and giving impressionable minds garbage bad ideas on how to treat others. Please just keep this to yourself!!

  • Klosteka

    1. I have no idea why I wasted my time readying your ignorance and 2. Why don’t u stop being an idiotic self observed judgmental man and get to know people for who they are. You would be surprised the great people you can meet if you just open your mind. Stop judging and start living

  • Hapsis

    I find that women with enough blubber to be very huggable the ideal. What I don’t like is women with more rolls than a bakery, so much that her thighs are oddly shaped. You know, where the skin is almost pinched in places? I do admit that it is the woman’s choice to develop her body shape, but if they’re unhappy with how they look and it’s affecting them medically, then they should change things

    I strongly disagree with everything else you’ve said here.

  • Jess

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt this level of hatred towards a person before. While I respect you have a freedom to share your views and talk about them, I also have a freedom to say that I strongly disagree with them. And that something in your head cannot be working right, not to value human life for what it is. If women – no, people -want to be fat, it has nothing to do with you.

  • Virginia

    Dear sir,
    And I quote: “nine times out of ten, ugly on the outside equals ugly on the inside.”
    If this supposition does indeed hold true, I would deduce that you are one of the most repulsive individuals currently walking the face of this earth. ‘S all cool, brah, but it does make me wonder- how many of these opinions are actually yours, and how many are amped-up lures to reel in vitriolic blog visitors who simply can’t keep away from your inanity? In that regard, you, sir, are a genius; an evil fucking genius who shouldst verily be taken down a peg or five. Please enlighten us as to the traumas that surely caused these opinions of yours to take root.
    I, of course, have fallen victim to this as much as anyone and am now consumed with rage for having dignified your lovely little trifle with a response but ah well, so it goes. Go suck an egg.

  • some guy

    you’re so right dude, high-five. only men are allowed to be fat! right now i’m eating a huge bacon sandwich with lots of mayo and a giant bag of cheetos and a six-pack of beer.

  • Judith Twatler

    “Mommy, look! An obese wowjustwowser!”

  • john doe

    well done sir for openly announcing to the whole internet community about how far your misogynistic bullshit self can go

  • Me

    I agree with some of what you say. I am a woman and never wish to be fat and of course most of poeple would like to be thin, fit and healthy. But I wonder about you, are you fit and healthy? and what about fat men, that in my experience are worse then fat girls as they have a real chip on their shoulder as they are far less likely to get shagged because woman are a little bit more picky then men. You seem to really hate women! what have we ever done to you?, is it mummy issues. By the way a woman hater is a really fanny closer. I really sorry for the women in your life they must feel like shit knowing that you hate and judge them on every thing. Im no expert on life or sex and I doubt you are either so what give you the right.

  • Anon

    Matt, kill yourself and make this world a better place.

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  • Someonewhohatesyou

    are you a real person?
    do you realize that you are a useless waste of space because you’re only doing the world an injustice by living?

    I’m literally in awe of the fact that you actually think this way. There aren’t many other moronic people in the world that actually think what you’re saying is legitimate, but yet you have followers and people that like you?

    This is why I have no faith left in humanity.

  • kate

    hi there mate. i just think you should know that you are an eejit. have you noticed that you are single? JUST SAYING.

    and if i had the choice to put on loads of weight or think like you. id be a raging carb queen every time. chub rub and everything.

  • Penny

    First of all there’s a difference between being really obese, overweight, curvy, etc. Everyone has their own opinion on what’s attractive. If you don’t like bigger women than don’t date them, don’t talk to them, etc. But demeaning people because you have nothing better to do is never okay. Live your life and let them live theirs.

  • What the Fuck

    Is this supposed to be satiric? If it is, you don’t get obscure enough. Try going a little bit further to make me relapse again. That’ll be fucking great.

    Opps, looks like I already did. Figured I’d let you know, asshole.

  • Fat Bitch

    You piece of shit human. You think because you have a penis and a “healthy” body weight you can degrade and bully women. Well let me tell you, we have your fucking babies. That’s right if you want to continue your “family line” you need a womb to incubate your seed. God save any women, regardless of size, who chooses to sleep with you. I hope that everyone sees the scum you are. You are literally the scum of the earth. Because of people like you women suffer from anorexia and DIE. I hope someday you meet a women who has personally suffered because of men like you. I hope you see the toxic filth you are spreading in the world. I hope you look at her ribs and see what “skinny” can do. I also hope someday who meet a woman who was sexually assaulted so she can tell you what its like to be violated and demeaned. Because your articles are assault on all women. How can you look into any women’s eyes and not see the disgusting piece of shit you are? You are blind to everything women have given to you…regardless of weight. And no I’m not talking about sex, I’m talking about life, food, and love. Because no matter how hard you try, women are stronger than you. You can write this shit and you can demean us but we will always provide for our families and love unconditionally. But be aware one day you will see just how wrong you are. Maybe it will be after your wife spends 12 hours ripping her vagina open to give birth to your child. Maybe it will be when some scum calls your daughter a “fat piece of ass.” Hopefully, it will happen sooner when you find a woman who you fall in love with. However, I find it extremely unlikely someone will ever reach any of these points. May your penis fall off and may never orgasm again. Good luck, ass wipe.

  • Adrienne

    After reading that entire post, all I hear is the writer’s hurt inner child coming out. Somewhere along the way, a woman who was big hurt him psychologically & this is where his spewing hatred of ALL fat women comes from. I’ve learned in my lifetime that there is no talking to these types of sociopaths. There is no reasoning with them, because they don’t care who they hurt, and they are incapable of giving and receiving love, therefore, they only know how to hurt. The bigger the unspoken/unrealized pain, the greater the misdirected hatred gets spun. That’s a shame.

  • Meena

    Hi there Matt Forney. Just wanted to let you know that you are a complete and total bastard, and if you ever manage to lure any poor, unsuspecting woman into a relationship with you, it will be the greatest tragedy of our time. Kindly go somewhere to bash your head against a wall repeatedly and never speak to anyone ever again bye

  • Meg

    You’re a dick.
    If you don’t want to bang a fat chick that’s totally your call.
    But to suggest that all fat women are bitches and stupid?
    It’s not even funny.
    If I wrote a post about how I think (not really) that all black people are mean and stupid would that be funny?
    There are many factors contributing to why someone might be overweight.
    If it were as easy as you seem to think for people to be skinny, there wouldn’t be fat people (except for those crazy women who think weighing 300 kgs is a good thing). The same could also be said for smoking and addictions and anything else that could take effort to change about yourself.
    I really hate self-loving pricks like yourself. I’d bet money you grew up as a spoilt little white kid who never had to worry about shit.

  • ilovecookies

    Men could stop talking to me tomorrow, and I could live with it. I don’t need sex, I am an asexual. Not all overweight women are heterosexual so not all of them care. I have zero sexual attraction towards any man.

  • EdgarV80

    I just want to say that I feel very attracted by voluptuous women, any straight man with a functional sex drive does, since primitive times being voluptuous was a sign of fertility, if you look at the Venus figurines, you’ll see my point, there’s a misconception nowadays that anorexic thin levels are the way to go, I say most fashion designers are gay and hate women, they want women to remove/destroy what makes them so attractive to men, in other words they want women to become men, also, there’s a losing weight industry out there cashing billions a year at the expense of insecure women who can’t embrace their sexually desirable curves, I wouldn’t be surprise if Matt works for them.

  • Lucas

    Matt Forney, you are a god damn idiot. You need to stop infecting the planet and just kill yourself. Please, put yourself out of your own misery. It is embarrassing and painful to know that you exist.

  • Will

    I have a few things to say concerning this article:
    1) it is not a woman’s job to make you want to fuck her
    2) the reason feminism exists is because asshats like you exist who are obsessed with treating women as less than equals
    3) a person can do whatever they want to their body because it is their body, aka none of your business

  • Hello, jackass, me again.

    I just got done with your self-esteem with women article, and I don’t know why I’m surprised to find something like this.

    You’re a bloody poison to the human race and deserve nothing less than a half life yourself, you bitter old fool.

    And yes, I am a fat girl, and damn proud of it. OH LOOK! I’M A FAT CHICK WITH SELF ESTEEM! TWO THINGS YOU CAN’T STAND!!

    Poor baby. You must be writhing in your diapers just reading my comments.
    Here, come kiss my luscious wide, confident ass, might make yourself feel better.

    Make sure you’re roasting your nuts daily so you can’t produce sperm. Lord knows we don’t need someone like you shooting out a parasite into the womb of some unsuspecting “vulnerable” woman and breed more of your kind.

  • Not-so-butthurt

    HAHAHA this article can’t be real can it…? Oh, but the contradictions! Oh well, thanks for the laughs.

    My triple D boobies MIGHT be available if you would like some comfort. You know…when you decide to come out of the FA closet and decide to dump whatever that emotional baggage is…


  • Leanne

    this blog post literally makes me want to get so fat that i cant get out of bed lol

  • Liam

    Dear Mr Forney.

    Men like you make me feel ashamed we share the same gender. Thankfully that’s all we share. I hope someone will be able to cure your stupidity because you give us all a bad reputation, though I have low hopes. I give you credit though, for writing something so bereft of intellect, I can’t help but laugh at the whole thing.
    Stupidity is amusing after all, if frightening.


  • Stefanie

    I’m not a hundred percent sure how I found this article or this website, after genuinely trying to read all of those comments it’s hard to remember a lot. I mean it really is astounding the amount of people who commented just to leave their argument that was then edited (which isn’t really in the spirit of the free speech that I’m sure Mr. Matt Forney is supportive of).

    First off I have to say that this article is well written, even though I don’t fully agree with it. And it is obviously a successful argumentative article because it made people talk and comment their opinion. Forney is a great writer, even if his pieces are very opinionated, it’s his website after all, he reserves the right to hold his opinion.

    I’d like to share a bit of my personal life so then hopefully everyone can see where my opinions come from. I myself have lost around 50 pounds in the last couple of months, and am around 200 pounds right now. Not as bad as some but I’m just 16 years old. I out weighed both my parents, which is sad and inexcusable. But I’m working on it. My parents have been nothing but supportive. Now I’d feel like a liar if I claimed to have lost all this weight on my own. I did have surgery, bariatric surgery, which basically just made my stomach smaller, therefore I couldn’t eat as much.

    I really understand that people need to take care of themselves because, yes, obesity is out of control in America. But to say that you have to shame them in order for them to lose weight? That’s not how it works. I know because my dad always tried the same tactic on me. I just made me sad, it made me look it the mirror and hate myself, it lowered my self confidence to an annoying level (I’m always second guessing myself). But what it didn’t do? Make me want to get on that treadmill and lose weight.

    Seriously though I guess it has to work if people are getting results. But my question is why does this method only apply to women? Why, Mr. Forney, are you not telling your female readers to go out and publicly shame fat men? I do think I know why that is, because if a woman were to do that to a man she’d be a superficial bitch, but when a man does it, it’s apparently a public service.

    Honestly I’m not a hundred percent sure if most of your ‘facts’ are really facts or just stuff you thought of on the top of your head. My parents are over weight too, but they are not abusers. If anything I’m incredibly lucky to have the parent’s I do. I’m not a slut but I’m not sexually active. And some people are just mean, I don’t know that that has anything to do with their weight. I’m pretty smart, straight A’s in my classes.

    Well, you’re likely to edit my whole argument rather than respond to it like I wish you would, so by the time anyone else reads this it’ll be a series of Oinks and Moos or something about how I’m just a fat bitch. Hopefully you comment because I actually am a fan of some of your writing (though not always your opinion).

  • Josephine

    This makes me sick to my stomach. To generalize people like this is a reflection on your insecurities more than it is on the “fat people” you speak of. Fat or skinny people are mean, fat or skinny people are mentally ill, fat or skinny as sad as it is mothers will abuse their children. You cannot generalize a group of people like that because they are just that.. people and we are all different. You are simply unkind and no one needs this negativity.

  • Natural Selection

    Pretty sad the alarming number of obese pigs that disgrace this country and then sit their fat asses all day, day after day, on their computers writing these delusional, blabbering, novel-sized rants on how “offended” they are. You piggish slobs offend everyone who has to bare the sight of you out in public. Big fat fuckin’ human abominations lumbering around everywhere you go, its a god damn shame. These obese pigs need to be locked up. Just fuckin’ get RID of em already.

    You don’t look like human beings.

    You don’t live like human beings.

    You don’t behave like human beings.

    Why would you expect equal treatment from people who know to stay fit and active? You’re UNWANTED. And then you big fat seacows will sit n say “fuck you! Idc if you don’t wanna look at my atrocious, disgusting morbidly obese body!” Oh OK, then we don’t give a flying fuck if you don’t like being shamed, you’re UNWANTED, remember? If you’re not gonna change, not gonna care about what other people want, you’re going to be ridiculed and called out for the human rejects you truly are.

    Fat women are selfish, gluttoneous, disgusting pigs, end of story. They’re baby killers, child abusers, and parasites on our healthcare industry. If they wont lose weight, they need to be denied medical care and permanently sterilized or put in prison. Time to make it happen.

  • Jackie O

    This post is one of the most seriously disturbing things I’ve read in a long time. The most upsetting thing about it is that I found it from a post that my younger sister made on Facebook.
    Why would you focus so much energy on hating a specific group of people?
    The fact that you think you have the right or the power to state that somebody, anybody doesn’t have the right to be loved is appalling.

    I’ve never heard of you before and wish I never had. To know that a person such as yourself exists solely to make the lives of others miserable is saddening.
    I’ll sleep easy tonight knowing that karma’s a real bitch.

  • Mia

    This is unbelievably cruel.

  • ken

    This is disgusting.

  • To Natural Selection’s “lovely” comment.

    @Natural Selection:

    Crawl into a hole and suffocate. The less scum like you to coat the earth, the better.

    I hope you’re smothered to death by a fat chick, crushed between her breasts, or sat upon. The absolute five star treatment For you: Get dunked in boiling hot sticky fudge then sandwiched between two fatasses.

    Have fun boning a toothpick-sized crack-snorting anorexic. Make sure to do it doggy style, real hard, it’ll feel like a pitchfork to your family jewels, grinding up against that bone bag.

  • Possibly one of the worst posts on the internet. Good job.

  • Al

    God, you’re an absolute joke. Next time you write something see if you can use your, uh, brain mayber?

  • Natural Selection

    @”lovely” comment hating, jealous pig girl –

    Aww, po fatty got it’s big fat feeeewings hurted..? :-(

    What it really meant to say was ” Waaaaaa! Waaaaa! Nobody wants to have sex with me!”

    And “pitchfork to my family jewels”??

    That right there proves its some miserable, envious 400lb+ monstrosity of a woman who’s never been laid. No man wants it, for it is a foul, abominable woman-beast that simply does not belong here. smh @ the fat freak of nature who will die a female virgin due to being THAT disgusting and undesirable … what a shame :-\

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  • Zanian Steele

    I am an average sized male. No one deserves to feel disrespected and unloved. You are a disgusting, bigoted disgrace to this world. Almost none of those things you have stated are scientifically valid, no more valid than asserting a black male is more likely to commit crime because he is black. This is one of the most revolting things I have ever seen, you deserve to fail in every single endeavor of your life. I hope you end up living in abject poverty (which judging by your poor quality books is a very real possibility) until you learn some humility. You have set up a platform to spread hate. Go and contribute to society, go and enjoy your life, go and eat, just find something to better with your life.

    @ natural selection: You are one sick piece of vermin. I am glad you do not live in my country. I hope some fat girl rips off your balls and shoves them down your bigoted throat. You deserve to be deprived of health care, your home and all that you love. You have embarrassed all men with your vile attitude. I hope some one beats some sense into you, you low life , uneducated, bigoted, failure of a man. Have fun waking behind your laptop you cowardly shit stained excuse of a human being. Have fun with your sexual frustration you masturbating little turd muncher. This goes for all of your bigoted mates.

    Free speech. Respect. Justice

    Equity Mother Fuckers.

  • Mrs.Perrine

    There ia so so much wrong with this article! I’m over weight and working on getting healtier and trying to get GENETIC problems that caused my weight gain under control. I’m also MARRIED and described by friends and family as KIND, LOVING, and CARING. I don’t understand why its ok for anyone to write the awful things that are listed in this article. Being outright rude and bullying is not by any means ok. I can forgive just about anything buy this is just plain wrong.

  • Alice

    Someone will cut off your dick one day. In your next life you will be born as a ‘fat’ person.

  • Me

    oh yeah definitley yeah dude I totally agree also gay people suck, women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, and Jews should all die. brb going to water my slaves.

  • Ollie

    @Zanian Steele October 16, 2013 at 4:19 am

    “Almost none of those things you have stated are scientifically valid”


    If you think Matt is so wrong, why don’t you post a bit of evidence to support your case, rather than a childish stream of profanities and threats?

    Could it be that you resort to these tactics because you have no real argument?

    “Free speech. Respect. Justice. Equity”

    Do you really understand what these words mean?

    What are you really fighting for? Think carefully about it. The people you are throwing your lot in with right now see you as expendable. Go ahead, ask them – really ask them – what their plans are and find out for yourself. You have only ignorance to lose.

    When you realize that they have no place for you in their vision of the future, you will truly understand the mistake you have made.

    I know you have a lot invested in this vision of yourself as a crusader for “social justice”, but I think you are making a bad investment.
    You are better than this and you know it.

    At the very least, you owe it to yourself to see what ideas drive men like Mr. Forney. Go to and take a look around. Stop what you are doing and think about what is being said. In fact, I even encourage you to try your best attempt at fisking some of the articles. Go ahead, give it your worst.

    Deep down inside, you know there is something terribly wrong with the way things have been going, but you just can’t quite point it out.

    You have been lied to, and we are here to help wake you up.
    We need men like you to help defend the work of ages, the masterwork of civilization.
    We need you to reclaim the duty that is your birthright.
    But first, we need to open your eyes.

    You may not be ready for this now, but one day you will be.
    When that day comes, seek us out.
    We will be waiting.

  • Natural Selection

    @ Zanian Steele

    “I am an average sized male.”

    No you’re not. You’re just another grotesque landwhale posing as a man. No man thinks the way you do. You’re inferior as it gets, a man would accept that and better himself. A fat slob of a woman would attempt to bring everyone else around them down to her level.

    “You are one sick piece of vermin. I hope some fat girl rips off your balls and shoves them down your bigoted throat”

    This would never happen as I would never present such a situation to a fat chick. The only attention pig-women get from me is a look of utter disgust as I curl my lip, glaring and shaking my head at them when I see them in public. I make every single one of them know just how utterly disgusting they truly are with one look.

    THEY are VERMIN.

    YOU, pig-woman, are VERMIN.

    This doesn’t make me bigoted whatsoever. I’m revolted by your BEHAVIOR, which has led to you taking on an unnatural, repulsive human form. You’re all human abominations, you ate yourself into disability, its no different than detesting a drug addict. The smelly junkies who live on the streets to pay for their addictions. Their bodies are atrociously unhealthy too, but yours are much worse, and much more noticeable. You didn’t come out the womb like that, its not part of your genetic code, you’re a disgusting, incompetent, gluttonous pig who chose to become that way. End of story.

    “You deserve to be deprived of health care, your home and all that you love.”

    I know how to eat. I know how to be a human being. You do not. I have much more of a right to be here than you. You dont deserve the miserable life youve been given. I embrace what it means to be a living organism on this planet. Like all unnatural abominations, you fail at it.

    “You have embarrassed all men with your vile attitude”

    No I haven’t . Almost all men know being fat makes a person inferior. Even the fat ones accept that simple fact of life. Gluttony and indolance are both things to be embarrassed over, the same goes for a big fat body. But shaming these societal detriments is nothing to be embarrassed over.

    “Hope some one beats some sense into you, you low life , uneducated, bigoted, failure of a man.”

    You want all that to be true, but none of it is. And no one you know could “beat some sense into me”. I’m absolutely ripped, head to toe. I love staying fit and working out. It gets me high. I have a degree, a borderline genius IQ, and a 6 figure job that couldn’t be more rewarding. You are INFERIOR to people like me. We want you and everyone like you to be better, but if you won’t be and insist on offending others merely by existing as fat revolting abominations, we should not have to share this place with you. You serve no purpose and have no value here as an obese landwhale. People see you and want you gone, they really do. But they don’t feel that way about people like me. Not even close.

    “Have fun waking behind your laptop you cowardly shit stained excuse of a human being”

    I’m not afraid of you. I just loathe you for being gluttonous, indolant, piggish, and repulsive. You and others like you are a plague to my species, and you need to get right, or you need to be culled. Real talk.

  • Zanian Steele

    @Natural selection, I am not a larger female. I am a male who, amongst other things has been on the board of Directors of a Student Union. I have worked in Journalism and human resources and seen all kinds of people, conservative and liberal, all who have had at least some degree of dignity and an element of empathy. My experiences have taught me that discrimination hurts, not only that it is costly and unproductive: Costs to the public health system due to discrimination, the loss of life through suicide, the loss in productivity because people feel undervalued.

    The ‘strong’ have a duty to protect those around them, not to exploit them. We have fought a world war against your kind, good men and women have died to enable all to be free from fear, hate and discrimination. You are a disgrace to the free world, your words detract from all those who have served their countries a world over.
    I had sex this morning. You probably did not, because women possess self-respect, they do not enjoy the bigoted views of those who endorse domestic violence. @Natural selection, you are probably a sexually frustrated fool who spends more time wanking over porn than doing something useful.

    @Ollie. “Crusade of social justice”, I don’t think I have ever been called that before. The aforementioned title is one that I would aspire to, for the first time I feel quite certain I am on the right track. Am I throwing in my lot with ‘fat’ people? Yes, undeniably. I don’t think you can characterize all fat people the same, some a rich, some poor, republicans and democrats. They are as diverse as the rest of us. Why would you think I am expendable to the? Even if I am, I am proud to stand up for the right thing. I did as you requested Ollie, I read Mr Foreny’s blog and I found Homophobia, sexism, support for domestic violence and politically conservative nonsense.

    Fat women can contribute a lot. My country has had a fat female Prime Minister (she is also a millionaire) we have had quite a few porky male ones too. One very fat man, much like a walrus led us through a world war and stayed in power for 12 years. Fat people can contribute equally to society, that is a fact. Helping put an end to poverty, violence, depression etc is a good use of time, spreading hate is not.

    In the course of what I do, I have come across all kinds of low life bigots, conservatives and narcissistic fools. Often I just have a chuckle at their expense and move on. You whoever you are Mr Forney and @Natural Selection (who cowardly fails to use his own name) are such significant disgraces to humanity, I feel the need to put you in place. You are the minority, no better the Westboro Baptist church, the KKK or the host of backwards conservatives that seem to enjoy hiding behind their key boards.

    You fools that endorse this man are a disgrace. You embarrass all those in fight for your country and its freedom. A great nation is not built on hate.

    Btw. I also like feminists, gays, liberals, unionists, blacks, asians and tree huggers.

  • Star Savannah

    My mind is blown. Wow. Your mother must be so proud.

  • Natural Selection

    @zanian Steele

    “Costs to the public health system due to discrimination, the loss of life through suicide, the loss in productivity because people feel undervalued.”

    Fat women contribute to more wasteful spending on unnecessary healthcare, lost productivity due to sick time, and they make more workman’s comp claims then any other group of people in our country you dumb twat. 75% of healthcare spending goes to treat overweight/obese patients. That’s 75% of $2 BILLION a year, in the US alone. You should be gagged and whipped relentlessly for being such a ignorant, blabbering imbecile.

    “The ‘strong’ have a duty to protect those around them, not to exploit them”

    Why don’t you take your fat fairy ass down to your college counselor’s office and enroll in some NATURAL SCIENCE courses so you can figure out how the world REALLY works. I am NOT here to promote YOUR pathetic survival you fat fucking parasite. My god, you are an incompetent pig of a person to hold that philosophy; an absolute plague to this planet.

    “I had sex this morning”

    Lmfao, no you didn’t! You sat online typing out homicidal blog comments, promoting the torture and mutiliation of people who find your fat ass utterly revolting. Why take offense to it if you’re being sexually validated? Oh that’s right, because youre NOT. Youre fat retarded ass is still a virgin cuz no one’s ever even THOUGHT of fucking you.

  • Ollie

    @ Stefanie :

    1. You have one of the most well written and well-thought-out comments critical of this post thus far. Kudos. I, for one appreciate that you had more to share than just expressions of shock degenerating into a stream of insults and threats (as is the apparent rule on this page).

    2. Congratulations on your weight loss. You have not only faced up to reality, but taken charge of your life. I sincerely wish you nothing but success in your efforts to become physically fit, and I’m sure most of the manosphere residents would wish the same (yes, even Matt too). Keep up the good work, but don’t let the success go to your head.

    3. Please stay away from GMO foods, refined sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and asaprtame (nutrasweet). Learn how to cook healthy meals for yourself and others. The Jezebel crowd may see the above statement as simply an admonition to “go make me a sandwich”, but can I assure you this same line of advice is dispensed to men all throughout the manosphere. Take charge of your whole diet and you will benefit immensely. You can do it.

    4. “But my question is why does this method only apply to women? Why, Mr. Forney, are you not telling your female readers to go out and publicly shame fat men? I do think I know why that is, because if a woman were to do that to a man she’d be a superficial bitch, but when a man does it, it’s apparently a public service.”

    Fat-shaming is indeed applicable to men, and in fact encouraged throughout the manosphere. You will find no argument on the point that obese men deserve scorn for their behavior. However, the fat-acceptance movement is largely (heh) both populated by and directed towards women. Hence, the emphasis in this article.

    5. “I just made me sad, it made me look it the mirror and hate myself, it lowered my self confidence to an annoying level (I’m always second guessing myself). But what it didn’t do? Make me want to get on that treadmill and lose weight.”

    If shame really played no part, what did get you to change? You may not want to admit it, but there is a debt you owe to negative reinforcement.

    Moreover, the effectiveness of negative reinforcement is the reason it is still deployed in so many areas of society. To try to stamp out negative behavior by way of only positive reinforcement is absolute madness. Imagine if we refused to fine or jail criminals, but only held out rewards for them not breaking the law. Absolute chaos would ensue.

    Finally, please keep in mind that the article is also taking a stand against positive reinforcement for negative behavior (i.e. the “fat acceptance movement”).

    6. “Honestly I’m not a hundred percent sure if most of your ‘facts’ are really facts or just stuff you thought of on the top of your head.”

    Go check them out for yourself, then. As a straight-A student, you most certainly have the intellectual capacity to find out the truth for yourself.
    If you want to see some more facts on the issue, feel free to peruse the links in my first comment on this article (#76, I believe).

    7. Thank you for having an open mind. If you hang out in this corner of the internet, you will find a lot of information and ideas that are abrasive, unpleasant and even horrifying at first but ultimately liberating and constructive.

    @Zanian Steele
    The group you have thrown your lot in with is the far left. In time, you will see the terrible mistake you have made. I can only hope that you wake up before its too late. Good luck.

  • Ollie

    @Natural Selection: It’s like pulling teeth, isn’t it?

    This revolution is going to be a long, hard, slog.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Polly

    You sound like a very insecure person, Matt. I only feel pity for people like you. I’m the type of girl you would probably find physically attractive because I’m young, skinny and toned (I run a few times week) and generally get a lot of attention from guys any time I go anywhere. So not trying to brag, but I guess you could say I’m at the very least, quite attractive (and that’s just me being my modest, humble self). You, on the other hand, make yourself out to seem like a big fat dumbfuck. Sorry, but judging from just your exquisite prose, and I think I speak for most women in my size and age range, we would never desire to even touch you with a stick. But peace out, I hope you find your distorted view of happiness nonetheless!

  • Natural Selection

    @ Polly

    spoken like a true fat girl!

    Sexy women NEVER categorize themselves according to their “size” the way big fat pig-women do. Landwhale fat activists cling to the word “size” in attempts to destigmatize their atrocious physiques; as if “obese” and “thin” when discussing a woman’s body is akin to “blonde” and “brunette” when were talking about their hair color.

    The absolute truth about sexy women:

    1) They love a man who shows a distaste for fat women because it shows her that he has standards, has money, and isn’t desperate and pathetic enough to chase fatties
    2) They may not always say they agree with fat shaming, but they love it when they see men doing it. It makes the sexy women feel superior to the all the obese cows being shamed.
    3) Sexy women have absolutely no empathy for fatties because fit, sexy females are treated worse by fat women than the men who shame them. That’s what fat activism is all about. Bringing the sexy women all men want down to the fat heifer’s level. They want EVERY woman to be huge so men are left with no other choice other than resorting to a big fat warhog. That way, they get what they want without having to do a god damn thing to earn it. This is why we call them PIG-women.

    And you can smell the PIG on Polly a mile away!

  • This is seriously the most misleading wrong article ever written! I’ve never read something more wrong in my life! Instead of making accusation about bigger people, make sure you know them all

  • Jin

    You are fucked up. Go to hell you sick bastard.

  • Jen

    My problem is with retarded cunts who think like fat girls. You don’t have to be physically fat in order to sabotage another female sexually. This happens with all stupid insecure pieces of shit. Whether or not they currently have fat on their bodies is debatable. They will. Most all women are atrocious. And just for the record, I am normal thin, and extremely hot.

  • Ravyn Marx

    You must feel pretty big and manly. I hear that hiding behind a computer screen is the manly thing to do these days.
    You are nothing more than a piece of human waste. Shame on you. Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, so many people in the world wouldn’t have all of these mental problems if people would just be nice for once? I’m being serious. I was never “fat”, as in obese. But my whole, life I struggled with my weight…and the teasing, the name calling, the isolation, the rejection and the anxiety and insecurity that came with it never stopped; not until I became sickly thin from hyperthyroidism. Then suddenly everybody wanted to be my friend. Well, I was skinny for the first time in my life, but not for long. That thyroid malfunction soon flipped to hypothyroidism. And for about 4 years, I gained weight. And no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to reverse the effects. I dieted, I exercised, I counted calories and I took a steady dose of thyroid medication but I still gained pounds. I found out that I have Hashimoto’s Disease, the leading cause of hypothyroidism in women around the world. I gained 40 pounds in 1 year. Though I was able to keep it from going out of control since then, it has left me with a great insecurity about my body. Because I know that shitbags like you look at someone like me (I’m 5’11” and I weigh 185 pounds) and grimace, thinking “why can’t you just go on a diet and be skinny like you are supposed to be?”. I’ll openly admit it…I went from being a size 5 to a size 11 in less than a year. So go ahead, call me plump sugar plum. Call me a fattie. Call all these women who you are referring to the same. Maybe someday you will know what it’s like to be less than perfect. To be laughed at. To carry around nicknames that people give you when they see you in public. I hope that someday you will know it so that you can rightfully hang your head in shame for what you wrote. I’d honestly like to see you say these words to someone’s face because I already know that you don’t have the balls to speak your mind to an actual person……

    Everybody has a story. So until you know what everybody that you just slammed in your article has been through, you have no place to judge.

  • Glenn

    I was going to say how cruel the stuff you said in this blog is but then I thought about all the crap women throw about guys with small dicks (Don’t want no short dick man anyone). So I thought why should it be OK for women to ridicule men over something they have absolutely no control over but not for men to ridicule women for something they can change.

  • This article makes me want to vomit. And i don’t just mean it makes me sick (although it does), i mean it makes me want to shove my fingers down my throat in a sad effort to stay thin. it also makes me want to skip lunch today, and maybe dinner too.
    want to know why? because i’ve grown up in a world where “fat shaming” is a real thing. and it’s not effective, it’s hurtful. every time i gain a couple pounds, i have a mother who will make sarcastic jokes about it. i’ve never been overweight, i’ve actually always been rather thin, and i still am.
    yet, due to our messed up society that bases worth on appearance, i somehow have this irrational fear of gaining even a few pounds.
    and i fully believe that it is important to stay healthy, but i don’t believe it’s important to stay skinny so that some pig can go home and jerk off thinking about a toned ass instead of a natural one.
    some people are saying that we should stop giving attention to posts like this, because it is only boosting the moral of the asshole authors. however, i hope more people see this. i hope everyone will read it expose the ridiculous ideas that our society is promoting, and take a stand against it.

  • In high school I would lecture may pals on the points you are making here.

    They are good points, but if people learn them late in life, that is really fucking sad.

    BTW, there is a fat ugly chick a few cubes away from my office. I’m going to remind her that she makes me sick and I want to throw something at her right now.



  • GK

    That’s real classy. And mature too.
    So mature that I think you’re actually a 7 year old stuck in a man’s body.
    EWW.. girls! You’re getting all skirmish.

  • Will S.

    ‘Skirmish’ means ‘short, small battle’; ‘squeamish’ is probably what you wanted to say. Yet Matt’s hardly squeamish, happily, cheerfully pissing all manner of people off and not giving a hoot.

    You should learn what words mean before you use them.

  • jbabe

    HahahahhahahaH yes yes yes! This is the best and most true thing I’ve ever read. I’m a skinny female and fucking hate fat biches. They whine and moan and make excuses not to lose weight like ”men loves curves”. yes men love curves… hips, boobs and bums, they don’t like rolls, cellulite or chubby stomachs! And they try to make us skinny chicks feel bad about being skinny with comments like “do you eat?” Yes I fucking eat I just don’t stuff my face like you do. and then men go and validate this kind of fat stupid behaviour by fucking them!

  • Mara

    I’ve actually been shamed into losing weight by this blog and a few unfortunate public outings. At my heaviest, I was close to 200 pounds. I so far have lost 40 pounds and it really is easy to lose weight. This article does break my heart but I’m excited by the fact that I’m getting thinner every day. I’m a woman, by the way. I just wish there were a kinder way to help men and women BOTH realize that they need to lose weight. I keep a picture of myself at my thinnest in my wallet for motivation. I hate this article but shaming does work even though it murders self esteem. I cannot stand to look at fat people and I assume no one does. Why should I expect a hot skinny guy if I am not hot and skinny myself? The picture of me on the left is before I started reshaping my body. I’m too tired to find an updated picture and I have forgotten my password to the account. You’ll just have to go by my word. Everyone should be entitled to love but it’s complex.

  • Gemma

    You are a nasty cunt, I hope you bang a ‘Hot Chick’ bear back who has Aids

  • Seems fairly deluded and depressing. Thinking like this isn’t whats going to bring anyone, men and women alike, any kind of happiness. Being in love and having a valid and valuable relationship is totally rad, and creating a lifestyle based solely on banging that which is hot and spurning that which is not isn’t going to get it for anyone. For one thing, thinking that 9/10 times the exterior reflects the interior is a pretty dangerous way to live your life. Are all beautiful people really beautiful on the inside? Sadly usually not. I modeled professionally throughout college and grad school and haven’t ever had to worry about being overweight, but some of my best and closest friends are… and I’m happy to say they have fantastic senses of humors, are way smarted than I am, and completely deserving of a relationship. People choosing not to give great people the tie of day just because of their looks are being retards. Yes, they should lose weight so they can live long and healthy lives, but geez, these are awesome people with a lot to give.

  • Also boys, keep in mind that its GENETICALLY much more difficult fro women to lose weight and stay trim then it is for men. Our bodies are evolutionarily programmed to hold on to fat stores. The husband and I are both stick thin, I modeled most of my adult life, but I have to pretty much only eat lettuce and spend my life at the gym and yoga room while he chows french fries, fast food and deserts like there’s no tomorrow. One of the great injustices of life.

  • Nicole

    I’m not and have never been overweight. When I read this I wanted to vomit. Two of my good friends had an eating disorder, one actually never recovered and passed away. It’s people like you that drive “only women” to mental illness. I hope you know you that there are some people who actually look up to you and you are encouraging them to hate others and regard them inhumanely. Does it help you sleep at night to know you are killing people off one by one? Not just for promoting slander towards others that could lead to a fatal illness such as anorexia or suicidal depression but also in a figurative way. In a way that influences others to hate each other. Just by posting this article who’ve created people, who support you, to not only hate overweight women, who very well could create the cure to cancer, but anyone who goes against you. By posting something so vengeful and menacing you’ve created more hate and dislike in others to either dislike you or love you. Doesn’t it get exhausting to write and research a subject that’s so negative? Maybe a better question is, do you have any mental illnesses? Who’s to say you’re not insane or “cuckoo”? My advice would be to seek help for you’re endless hatred for innocent people, it’s quite poisonous to a sane and tranquil mental health state. However, it seems you went through quiet a traumatic experience with an obese female I presume? Perhaps she was questioning you about your sexuality and you got a bit defensive? Maybe it hit a little too close to home when she called you gay or queer? So then I’m going to predict that the only retaliation you had was to hit her with your purse and post this terribly written article. If gay is your way it’s quite okay sweetheart. However if some sweet plump woman who just finished volunteering at a homeless shelter wants to finish the rest of her Big Mac, I fail to see where that is any of your business.

  • Lex

    The title is hilarious. You sir, are one of the sickest, most vile human beings I’ve ever met in my entire life. I am 14 and 190 lbs and I’m in all honors and AP classes and I have guys allllllll over me. I am extremely nice and I’m on a strict diet that I’ve lost 10 pounds in two weeks so far (:. It makes me ringe to hear people calling overweight women “fatties” like GET OVER yourself!!!!!!!! What is wrong with people like you!!!!!!!!???? I have a theory though. I bet you dated an overweight woman and she realized how horrible our personality was and broke your heart and now you have a severe hatred towards overweight women. You are defiantly the scum of the earth. In my highschool I know this girl who weighs over 300 pounds and has more friends than anyone at school!!! She is also one of the prettiest girls, her face is stunning. You need to jump into reality and accept diversity. It’s funny how you call overweight women natzis but yet you want every woman to be skinny and fit and pretty just like a natzi. Your contradicting yourself and overall you look like a giant ass hole. Go into a small room with no distractions and think about your deep seeded hatred, because while you say it’s unhealthy to be fat, it’s also unhealthy to have a hatred in your heart that’s so strong. Have a nice day :)

  • alex

    I don’t understand… Why did you write a book about picking up fat chicks, and yet step 1 of this article is “Stop banging them” ? Do you want to see guys picking up fat chicks, or not? Sounds to me like you’re just trying real hard to stir the pot, and you’re doing a great job of it. This makes it difficult for me to take anything you write seriously at all.

  • Mmmmkay…

    I agree with this article. Instead of advocating for more access to healthy food, less chemical manipulation in food, adressing the emotional problems behind weight or encorguing walking instead of driving as a whole, we should make fun of fat women. Nothing will make a fat woman lose weight more than being derided. Its not like she will turn to comfort food to escape it, how absurd!

    Also thin women are automatically healthy and take care of themselves. No thin people die from cancer. And none are “crazy” thin people are magic and immortal while fatties automatically burden healthcare go figure, pun intended

    And black people are not built different than asians at all. A 6’1 black male should be as thin as a 5’5 asian, common sense!

    Gtfo the internet :D

  • Stacy

    Hey Matt,just came across your page today.You’re really controversial,brutal and completely honest with your opinions and that’s refreshing because it’s fun as hell to read and it actually makes me think.I’m not fat at all,but I am a mixed girl,so I have reservations about the possibility of you being racist,but oh well,you’re funny as hell and a great writer lol

  • Name Here.

    What a stupid “article”… I could have been learning French instead.

  • Stacy

    You have got to me kidding me. I suppose I admire the tenacity of the author for writing this in the first place. Other than that, I am floored by the extent of his flea-baggery.

  • allen

    I think you must be gay. Being your such a woman hater.

  • Dandy

    You are just such an inconsiderate, one side minded, rude man. You do not see past your vast ego, and you believe that you are perfect and so is your body, that is a lie, wake up to reality. I’m no saint but what I know is that everyone is perfect in their own special way, beauty is not a universal measure, is what we choose to see and you have seen nothing yet.
    Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round!

  • Did you know that cyber bully is illegal and what your doing is illegal? I’m going to show this to authorities

  • Mmmmkay…

    I hope your wife/girlfriend has sextuplets and gains 10 lbs per child :)

  • Liddo

    Great article Mr. Matt. You are a king.

    Good afternoon, it’s my first time to comment on a blog like this. I’m asian, and eventhough some fat girls I’ve met are nice – it’s just hard or even impossible to get attracted to them. I just don’t feel anything.

    I’m a member of a cosplay group for almost 3 years now, my friends (3 girls waistline of 25-27 in) wear costumes (cute maid costumes, and other various anime costumes). And we go to cosplay conventions. There photographers take pics of people. And honestly, I pity the fat girls who wear costumes.. no one seems to take pics of them. So sometimes I take a pic with my digicam just to make them happy. Then I delete the pic when the fat girl is gone.

    Seriously, people should at least take into consideration that being fat has SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES. Whether we like it or not.. this is a cruel world where physical looks matter most of the time. So stop being lazy, and try to work out at the gym. Or at least stop eating another slice of pizza from Pizza Hut! ><

    Being a gym rat has paid off because I managed to keep most of the fats out of my body. Spent over 40,000 pesos in gym memberships over the years.. and it's money well spent. My waistline is 32 in, and I intend to keep it that way.

  • AK

    I really, REALLY want this to be satire. I’ve read 2 of your posts now, and it makes me want to puke that people still think this way. Your way of thinking won’t last long honey. Whether you like it or not, the world is changing, misogyny and racism are no longer socially acceptable. I hope you like the shunned life.

    In the meantime, this fat chick with a master’s degree is quite happy to stay away from dicks like yours.

    I hope you get mauled by a vagina dentate, straight out of the mind of Freud.

  • Syaaa

    Some fat girls are assholes.
    Some fat girls are nice.
    Some fat girls are so fucking sexy
    And some fat girls like rice.

    Everyone is different
    And personalities never match
    They may be skinny on the outside
    But inside they’re really fat

    Judge a person on their attitude
    Not on the way they look
    There’s no warrant for shaming or Nazi-naming
    It’s their choice to improve or abuse

  • You know what? I am usually not one to say things like this, or to leave hate messages on blogs (in fact, I have never left hate messages before), but I’m going to make an exception with you. You are a disgustingly abominable piece of steaming refuse masquerading as a human being with a soul. Please, do the world a favor and step in front of a speeding bus, you vile, despicable creature. And in your last, gasping moments, try to realize that women are– unlike you– living, breathing, thinking human beings, and not your fucking possessions to do with as you please, to punish when they don’t conform to your idiotic, self-absorbed “standards.” Go get yourself a fucking blowup doll, or better yet, be like Pygmalian. Look it up. Just don’t be surprised when your perfect Galatea realizes that she doesn’t have to be your slave and escapes your lecherous touch.

  • Catt

    That fucking awful moment when my daughter borrows my phone, sees what Ive been reading online, and cant stop crying because she thinks shes fat. You know what, all satire aside, this is terrible and Im honestly sorry to have wasted any of my (I guess long, anyone that wears a 4 wont get a heart attack right? Thanks to denial, Ill Live Forever!)life here. It wasent worth the negativity, and it isent worth my daughters self esteem.

  • kiaB

    Hi, I met a guy online he fell in love with the things I said which were true from my heart. I’ve fallen in love with him,he hates me because I’m fat. I’ve lost 50 poun from 283 to 230 …I’m fighting for him but just trying to see if he worth it. he has treated me better than any guy I’ve ever had… But my weight is keeping us apart.

  • Okay, having to greatly overcome your repulsive and uneducated, connect-the-dots and come to illogical conclusions, I understand why you are angry. Not all overweight women, but many are femenists who treat men disrespectfully. I have witnessed this many times. And I may have agreed with you, in some manner if you simply said that and put it in a logical way.
    However, because of your beyond-offensive approach, I have absolutely not respect for you. Throughout the article, you display hints that you actually want to overweight women to get better for example, “encourage them if they are trying to lose weight”. If you truly do care, it is massively outweighed by your vehemence towards them.
    So hot, thin girls are nicer than obese women? You better watch out, because I am repulsed by you and I’m not sensitive for a girl.

  • Allie

    This article is basically premised on the assumption that a fat woman would want to fuck a douchey dude like you. And like, nope.

  • Pete

    I hope you are joking with this shit. Otherwise, you need some serious help. You’re an asshole.

  • Sarah

    Needing to loose a few pounds, is different than being “fat”. There is a difference also between a full figured woman and a “fat” woman. If you are a slob that, as Matt described as a wad of pizza dough, you obviously do not care about yourself or have betterment in your life at all. You will be a miserable mess, and you will make all those around you miserable as well. It is similar to spending time with a clinically depressed person, who will do nothing but try and bring you down with their terrible banter and misery. People defend this whole heartedly because, I believe they don’t even know they are doing it. Sad.

  • checkit

    yeah…….what is is this bullshit I am reading?

  • This is just… Kind of disturbing. Fine, fat girls are not attractive. That’s just the truth. But they are fat for a reason, probably because of some kind of mentally illnesses. They don’t feel good about their weight so the only option is trying to be positiv about the whole thing.
    BUT, why would girls desperately want to loose weight and be pretty because maybe MEN would want to fuck her?! Girls don’t do shit for you guys, seriously. We actually don’t care if you don’t give us attention in the club. Because we don’t have a dick as a brain! Simple as that! Please don’t think about it so much and just continue banging the thin girls. Big girls feel bad for a reason, and they will not change to “please” you…. At all. If the girls you meet are sluts, we’ll they don’t know they are fat. Denial.
    So what I’m trying to say is, guys would totally get fit to get laid.
    But GIRLS, don’t think with a vagina, we really don’t care, as long as the girlfriends are there for us.
    P.S I’m not fat. I just know how girls work. You obviously don’t.

  • Emma

    Please tell me what kind of man could vomit so much hatred about a demographic of women simply because he doesn’t find them attractive? By the language and immature content of this article I can only assume you’re a just a hateful boy who is going to be a complete monster to whatever poor women that are tricked into thinking you’re a good person. All the “facts” you provide to back up your opinions are in no way facts because they aren’t based on repeated scientific studies. They are merely examples that have nothing to do with any sort of trend.
    You’re a sexist asshole. That’s all there is too it. Human beings come in all shapes and sizes for a plethora of reasons. Calling women “cows” and “vermin” and “stupid” and “oinkers” because of their size is not demonstrating your hatred of fat, but your hatred of women. Here are some facts for you:
    1. A woman’s size is absolutely none of your business, if your such an egotistical pussy that you can’t be in the presence of a large women then stay at home, because they aren’t going anywhere.
    2. A person’s outer appearance has no influence on who they are, their intelligence, or how “pleasant” they are. There are horrible thin people (like you, assuming your even thin) and wonderful, smart, beautiful people who are large. It just depends.
    3. Everyone who is a good person deserves to be loved. If any group of people didn’t deserve love it would your kind, the people who spread hatred and negativity wherever you go.
    4. True ugliness comes from inside. A person’s weight may influence their attractiveness to certain people, but ugly personalities will be with you for life, making you unattractive to decent people. I truly feel sorry for the people closest to you in to your life because they have yet to find out who you really are. An ugly, horrible, and hateful waste of space.
    Have a good life.

  • leo

    youre all fucktards holy shit are you 9?? jesus christ how inhuman can you be what the hell is wrong with you and why are people agreeing with you just holy fuck

  • FatNFabulous

    You’re a jerk!

  • uberman

    I work out, i eat healthy i look fucking amazing. Why on this earth would i choose someone that
    has no self respect, no will power, no long life expectancy to be my partner?
    Yes it’s not easy getting up early going swimming, running, skipping, weight training.
    I do it because i care about the way i look and my health.
    It’s not even a conscious rejection it’s deeper than that, i know when i look at an obese woman that they are everything that’s wrong with a partner.

    1, no self respect
    2, not going to live long
    3, going to have serious health implications and be ill
    4, children would be at risk from pregnancy onwards
    5, not attractive in any form
    6, you get the picture i could go on….

    One thing i will say, surgery for removal of loose skin should be handed out freely and liberally for people who have made the positive step to become healthy.

  • Teen’s View

    I actually find this crack up (I’m pretty sure your old so that means funny).. Not too sure whether this bullshit is a joke or not? Never- the-less – it is bullshit and evidentially has caused quite a stir so congrats for that.

    Does anyone ACTUALLY believe that fat girls are dumb? That we are unpleasant? (I say we as I’m 17, female, and a size 16) – if anyone does believe this then please go ahead… I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around it :)

    Even though this could be (i sincerely hope is) written as a joke, I found this blog by googling ‘fat’. The post was right about one thing, mental disorders (depression in particular) are common in ‘fat’ people… And also skinny people who think they’re fat… Just think about what could go wrong there.

    People should smile more. Be happy, share the love. No – I don’t mean share the love by having sex with everything in sight (which you seem to want to do). Wouldn’t it make you feel happier as a person to give the one smile that makes someone’s miserable day than giving out evil eyes to fat people, as if they are a second class citizen, and giving them the ‘shaming’ that ruins their day… or tips them over the edge.

    Life’s too short. You should know this by now – didn’t I read in a comment the writer of this blog was like 45? Not an age particularly pleasing to the eye (and unfortunately it’s all down from here mate). To be honest old people should all get operations to look young – don’t you think? Just like the operation you suggested for women who loose weight. You obviously find writing bullshit entertaining but maybe try writing something worthwhile? Maybe grow up a little, and maybe get a glimpse of the bigger picture? Sometime soon anyway, if you’re not too busy.

    So I can only apologise that every woman you see can’t be attractive to you. I really feel for you, and there are many hotlines available. After all every woman on this earth is here to for fill YOUR needs and share your views of attractive. It is simply appalling that fat women should cross your path.
    – and they say us teens are self centred brats obsessed with sex

    Xoxoxo good luck in life :)

  • THis blog is brutally honest and I agree with most of it because I have a stronger aversion to the physiological, karmic, and eventual psychological consequences of being fat.

    What is so wrong with a man, regardless of his status in life, wanting a beautiful woman on the inside, and, not surprisingly, outside or a woman wanting a handsome and strong manly man? Nothing.

    While I agree with most of your points, especially on a mean fat female (because they are bitter from, most likely, their own flaws in lack of self-control I can only possibly surmise), I don’t on the whole IQ thing. I’ve known plenty fat females that were highly intellectual even if they were not so smart about self-preservation and procreation as you so accurately pointed out. Also makes sense that low achieving PEOPLe, both male and females, are less likely to be physically healthy because they are poor. Yep. Maintaining your physical health and aesthetics is not cheap-pure and simple. However, a smarter female would make her physical a priority in her life regardless of her financial situation I’m convinced. Ive never known most powerful women who also were also not aesthetically pleasing (in her time) in general. With the rise of obesity and glamorization of “BBW” Im fairly certain a powerful woman would be on the thinner and definitely genuinely HEALTHY side.

  • R.e.s.p.e.c.t is all

    Reading the comments it’s as if getting fat was a choice…. I have never been a healthy weight growing up. EVER. Some of my slender, blonde, perfect friends (who deny I’m fat but they lie to be nice) eat the same or more than me and some do no exercise at all (I gym). How is it fare you find fat people repulsive, and skinny people, who may be unfit but have an amazing metabolism, worth your respect. There is a difference between skinny and healthy but you couldn’t tell at first glance. If you find them (skinny people) attractive I don’t blame you… But why should you disrespect the rounder beings when they have done nothing wrong and could live a similar life to a beautiful unhealthy yet skinny girl.

    If you don’t find someone attractive…. Don’t ‘bang’ them, don’t hold them on your arm if you’re ashamed (no one is forcing you) – but sure as hell don’t treat the chubbies like they’ve committed a crime!

    I’m sure you can think of a better use of ur time – take up an extra advanced Zumba class or something ;)

  • I really agree with this post, fat girls have been accepted for far too long and they’ve started acting like divas believing they are sexy and shit like that. Please men, put an end to this and stop banging fat cows, srsly, because all you do when banging a cow is making her feel more secure and ok about herself and making normal looking girls more insecure because you didn’t choose them (basically because fat chicks are sluts and begged you to sleep with them while normal ones still have decency).

  • Fat PhD student

    The author of this blog is a cunt!

  • Jessica Alba

    Dear douchebag,

    First of all thank you for this comical article. I had a great time laughing. Secondly, you are one of the most intellectually inept person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You sir, are an abomination to the human intelligence. You have no clear evidence in terms of your claims about “fat women”. These claims are probably created due to you being rejected by some whore. I would like to take an opportunity to apologize on the behalf of that whore, to tell you that you would never be laid on the basis of your intelligence. I am sure that you are some pathetic American that is sitting at home, and eating a donut. Instead of writing such bullshit, why dont you go on and read some scientifically proved articles.

    I bet you have a tiny dick. Hope you liked my little rant there. Cos this is the closest you’ll ever be to a vagina.

    Good day to you sir.

    All women.

  • Ankur

    Quite Judgemental, aren’t you ? Or wait, maybe you don’t know that what makes anything last is love, honesty, mutual respect and care. How does the size of a person even remotely affect these. And just by the way, if all what you’ve said were true, hollywood marriages and relationships would never end in bitter divorces.

  • APD

    My, my, my…..I am guessing you’ve never been in a serious relationship or marriage or had the joy of being a dad yet. what will you do if your wife gets fat eventually or if your daughter were fat…. You would kill them, obviously. So Mr. Eventual Murderer, why don’t you do us and yourself a favor by getting admitted to a mental asylum.

  • Anahita

    Goddamn =)) shitt… dafuq I just read? I mean.. how messed up can someone be..??
    are you bloody out of ur mind? ”fat girls this and fat girls that”
    who are you to judge Mr. psychopath?
    I guess.. people like you can be thrown into the mental hospital and never be taken back. if u r a freakin counselor why not spread positivity? the shit u have written is so so so negetive. I guess no girl wont mind shooting u. sluts are girls who have lost their respect and dignity.
    how can u term fat girls as sluts? I mean how can u be so stupid, heartless, ruthless, careless asstarded wrecked person?
    you think you’re mom was a slut? haha.. what if I say so ?
    think man. I am really sorry to say, that people like u still exist.
    please get urself a mental treatment and please think from ur heart and not ir dick.
    =)) lonely loser.

  • Natural Selection

    @ APD

    Good parents don’t let their kids get fat. Good women don’t let themselves get fat, no matter how many kids they have. Lazy parents and lazy women let their kids and themselves get fat. And who’s advocating death aside from all you butthurt fat ass land whales anyway? lol, stfu

    @ ankur – no one can love a fat sea cow, its impossible. Just because marriages fail in Hollywood doesn’t mean all attractive ppl have failed marriages. You must be as retarded as u are fat if youre actual trying to make that analogy work here. Fat clearly = dumber than dogshit

  • No

    Either you’re joking, which is still not that cool of you and you should just stop.
    Or you’re probably one of the worst people ever.
    Did you know some people have medical conditions that cause weight gain? And that some people (who are a healthy weight) have mental illnesses before they put on weight, and then they take medication which has the side effect of weight gain?
    Also did you know some people’s primary goal isn’t to impress you?

    Check yourself, you piece of shit.

    PS hahaha your penis must be so small. So small.

  • Mike

    Oh, so this is what happens when a narcissistic sociopath writes a blog. Interesting.

  • baguazhang

    Is it just me, or is it raining lefty tears in this thread?

    “Sociopath”, what equalist losers say when they can’t defend thinking emotionally.

  • Alicia

    I’m sorry for being overweight. But a thing I’d like to point out is that it’s people like you who deserve to be shot and killed. Honestly, Mr. Forney, I may be overweight but you are the scum at the bottom of my fat shoe. As is everyone else who agrees with your barbaric ideals. Let me repeat, scum at the bottom of FAT shoe. Also, the science you have used to prove ‘overweight women are crazy’ is absolutely horse shit. Most of the time it’s a medical reason women get obese, such as a born physical illness, paralysis, diabetes, etc. The mental illness doesn’t come until after assholes such as yourself, degrade us to the point of insanity. I know that I’m fat, thick, and overweight. Did you know that I indeed have mental illness as well? Depression, anxiety, etc runs through the family. Only, I didn’t inherit it, no, I was sexually, physically, and mentally assaulted. But here’s the shocker, this was when I was a thin girl and wasn’t overweight at all. Because of the abuse, I ddeveloped anxiety and depression, etc. Because of my ‘craziness’ as you would so cleverly phrase it, I got fat. Shocker. So, Mr. Forney, you and everyone else who believes this bullshit you sprout from your asses, need to find a new, original way to degrade us because I’ve debunked your ideals.
    Thank you. Again, I sincerely apologize for being fat and overweight.

  • Mary

    Matt, I’m sorry about your small……….d…… I mean mind. Small “minded” men really suck in bed. When its so small like that, I just want to laugh. I am sure this has happened to you. God bless and prayers.

  • Wsw

    This entry is pretty old already, but I can’t agree more. Though the part

    “Ever wonder how Chinese and Korean girls stay so skinny? It’s not because of genetics, it’s because if they gain so much as five extra pounds, their parents will snicker and call them “fatty” to their faces.”

    isn’t completely true, our genetics are also the reason why we don’t gain weight that easily, I’m a Chinese girl and I’m not fat, no matter what I eat, I don’t need to work out or anything, I just stay in shape. I had to laugh when I read about the parents part, because that is indeed true. my mom indeed calls me a “fatty” if I gain a bit of weight (while you can’t tell the diffence), she brings it as a joke, but I know she’s serious.

    Also, it’s also surprising to read that fat chicks are meaner than thin ones, that was again, very true. I used to think they were nice, I always have. I never really hated on them, I didn’t hate on anybody actually, I was always nice to everyone. Until the day I noticed people who called me a twig and thin, that I have to eat more, that I was like anorexic, were always fat or chubby girls. I was just quiet and thought they might be right, I had a pretty low self-esteem and that made it even lower. When I was kid I even prayed to get a fat belly to fit in, so that they wouldn’t call me a twig anymore, I mean, how bad is that? The other way around would push the child to work out, eat less and lose weight, to get healthy. I got pushed roward the wrong direction and that’s just not right.

    A few years ago I got a boyfriend and because of him, I think that they might have been just jealous. He kept telling me how beautiful I was and after some time, I finally really looked at myself, I wasn’t that skinny twig people told me I believed I was, I had the right curves for my body, I wasn’t flat, but not overly curved either, I was just a petite girl. Then I figured it out. Fat girls just bring thinner girls down to make themselves feel better because they don’t want to spend time to lose weight. Making an excuse that they “can’t lose weight because…” There’s always an excuse. Whether it’s because of an illness or “it’s hard”, then inside I’ll be like: “Yeah, then why the fuck did you let it get that far?”

    It’s still not fair, they bring thinner girls down and it’s totally fine to do that, but if we call them fat, it’s mean and heartless. And these days they try to make them look cool, which is totally not cool, because by doing that, people think fat is the new slim and people won’t admit they’re fat. There are all kinds of pictures comparing a fat lady to a slim one and saying the fat one looks healthier and sexier and bones are for dogs and those kinds of stuff.

    I see fat kids eating junkfood (I know, then there are people who say “She’s not always eating that, just because people see it this once, doesn’t mean she’s always eating that, once in a while is normal.” I know, I know, but then how the hell do you explain why she has overweight like that? What I’m trying to say is, often a fat kid has fat parents and those parents (mostly the mother) just say “That kid looks fine, she’s just big.” And it’s just not right, they keep telling their child that it’s okay and that she’s not fat, they keep lying to their child and to everyone else who says the kid is unhealthy. They even deny it when they go to the docter with the kid to check its health, then they just say, “I don’t know why she has overweight, maybe because it’s almost her period”. I’ll be like, Wtf? I’m telling this because I personally know someone who said this to try to deny it. Men get bullied and they go and lose weight, women just cry and hate on skinny girls and go and eat more and then use the bullying as an excuse why they got fat. Or the usual excuse, pregnancy.

    Women ALWAYS find a reason why they get fat, MEN DON’T.

  • Wsw

    Oh and I forgot to mention something, I do admire the people no matter men or women, who lose weight, it’s hard, but they pushed themselves to do it, so they have my respect. I’m also not saying I hate the bigger ladies without knowing them, I always get to know them, no matter what my thoughts are in the back of my head, I always give everyone a chance, to get to know them, because I know they’re not all the same. It’s just you can’t judge everyone with the same fact, because the fact is, not every fat lady is mean, not every skinny girl is nice. One is already ashamed of being fat, the other one isn’t and tries to deny it.

    But people do need to accept the fact that overweight is overweight, no matter how they see it, it’s unhealthy and just don’t try to make it look okay, because it’s not. And skinny girls can get hurt too, unlike what most fat ladies think. The girl you might think that looks so perfect and arrogant might be a nice and caring person.

  • kac

    i am a woman an unfortunately agree with you i am heavy married and have a low self-esteem why because i am fat and i hate it i tell my husband to tell me to lose wight and to take me out to eat at fast foods he to is fat i tell him lets lose wight he dont care to an thinks i want somone else i am losing the wight anyways lost 54 lbs and i dont hate what u have to say i love it makes me want to lose wight,unfortunately men are like that and dont blame them

  • lj28394

    I bet your words would change if your momma was fat you twittt!!! You really should be ashamed of yourself!

  • Ladypradege

    LJ I agree with you, he has a low self esteem himself that he has to pick on and belittle others!

  • Mike

    I’m a fatass and I’m gonna beat you up.

    [CensorBot sez: LOL.]

  • Truth Teller

    I’m going to sit on your ass and asphyxiate you, asshole.

    [CensorBot sez: Just try it.]

  • Joanna

    I saw this link on a “fatshion” bloggers Facebook and I have to say it was so much worse than I ever could have imagined. I’m in the odd position in this day and age of being an obese “pretty faced” 26 yr old woman who actually does hate herself and her body and who is guilty and has literally balled my eyes out when looking in the mirror for what I have put my poor body through. I am very uncomfortable with all this fat pride or whatever movement…cos it’s not healthy and yeh I’m pretty sure a lot of this if from women who I can only assume have so many walls up they have no idea what they really think about themselves and if they did…they would prob kill themselves. I am one of those people who comes from a family with an obese mum who in turn made me like that (I was 35kg when I was 5) and that is something else I’ve cried about…how could nobody have tried to help me!? Schools…drs…nurses? My mum didn’t know any better in the 80s so I don’t blame her anymore. My dad was also mentally and emotionally abusive and an alcoholic and I lived a life in total fear…and have realised as I end my 4th year with my psychologist that I ate because I’ve suffered extreme anxiety since I was 5 or 6. I started seeing the psych to deal with my weight probs and I’ve have a lap band but had bad side effects and no have a gastric sleeve and have lost 40kgs. I have a personal trainer and have done for 2 years. I also have psoratic arthritis and 2 slipped discs, both due to obesity. I guess I’m one of the fat girls ur allowed to talk to cos I’m trying. But as someone who understands what ur saying…it’s totally the worst way to go about it. It upset me today but my god if I read that 5 years ago I would have actually killed myself (I guess that would have helped ur cause though?). I spent my life being fat shamed and people who only tried to “help” and all it did was make me hate myself more and back up that I was the piece of shit I thought I was. Maybe it works for people who need to lose like 10-20 kgs but when ur like 160kgs it doesn’t work. And the funny thing is yes I was one of those sluts but it was because I tried to find comfort and approval and love in an unhealthy way. Short bursts of fulfilment-like eating and shopping. Also funnily enough I realised how fucked up I was cos when ever I heard anyone talk about food in a positive way like on a cooking show it made me want to vomit…cos I didn’t like food…I fucking hated it and I used it to intentially hurt myself. So it was my comfort and my torture. The reason I’m saying all this is cos…unlike everything fat woman who reads this I’m not filled with rage and anger. I just feel like…it’s really mean…it’s like when I see people whisper to their friend about me and have a laugh and when u spend every ounce of time, emotional and physical energy, money and your journey to both physical and mental health is all you think about and talk about and read about…it’s like that one whisper that those people will never think about for a second longer affects my entire being. And I have to recover from it and keep moving forward. I am half way to my goal but these strangers don’t know that or me or my life or my journey or my soul or their affect on all of those things cos all they see is some fatty who is “lazy, disgusting and can’t stop shovelling food into her mouth”. I just wanted to share that cos it’s all honest-no defensive angry shit-just my life as an obese girl. And please, I haven’t said anything mean or hurtful to anyone so please it would appriciate no trolling/hateful posts about this. Thanks

  • Undeserving

    I think the beautiful thing about love is that it is different for everyone. I am overweight and I hate it. I have a medical condition that causes weight gain, and while I lead an active life and eat healthy, the weight doesn’t ever seem to go anywhere. I thought no one would ever find me attractive, but to my surprise, they did. I dated quite a few men, slept with almost none (tyvm), and I fell in love. Years later I am STILL loved. Not by someone who pities me, or has a fetish, or can’t do “better.” I am loved by a handsome, healthy man who somehow thinks my body and soul are both beautiful. I don’t deserve that kind of love, you’re right. I don’t think anyone really does, though.

    It’s an absolute miracle that in a world like ours, as hopelessly flawed as we all are, we could ever find one person who truly loves us for who we are and finds us sexy too. If we are so incredibly lucky to find that, no one can say it’s because we deserve it. Relationships where one person feels entitled aren’t healthy or lasting. So I suppose I would agree with the title of your article, though I find your justification and advice to be cruel and unnecessary. I hope you find someone someday who softens your heart; someone who loves you so perfectly you’re humbled by it, and who shows you how empathy and kindess can be worth the effort.

    To the others who have commented, please understand that there is a difference between making the best of the body you have, and putting your head in the sand. We ‘fatties’ can only live the best life we can, be as healthy as our individual bodies can be, and let the shame go. That’s what body acceptance is supposed to be about. There will always be people who don’t approve, and people who don’t find us attractive. That’s ok. This may come as a shock, but not every guy finds every supermodel attractive either. Everyone’s tastes are different. This man is welcome to his opinions, but he does not speak for all men.

  • Fuck You


    [CensorBot sez: Talk to the gland.]

  • Dr. Jones

    I have herpes.

    [CensorBot sez: Condoms. Use ’em.]

  • Ollie

    Nobody here wants you to kill yourself…except maybe the feminist fat-apologists who want you to commit the slow-motion suicide of obesity.

    You need to get to a healthy weight, and we of the manosphere applaud and support your efforts to slim down.
    Understand that there is no is no such thing as “healthy obesity”:

    The science is real, as you can see.

    Please understand that Mr. Forney’s target is not girls like you, but the horde of fat-apologists who are leading you in you into the miserable state of obesity. You know that misery loves company, and they want you to stay in their bloated hell. We want you to come out of that hell, because we believe you belong in the land of health and beauty.

    “-just my life as an obese girl.”

    Stop referring to yourself as that. You are so much more than that. You are a human being with hopes and dreams and feelings that I am sure have been pulverized far too long.
    That said, you need to slim down because you are so much more than an “obese girl”.

    You deserve better, and you can do what it takes to slim down and return to health.

    Check out these links:

    Don’t be a feminazi ogre, be a woman. We believe you can succeed.

  • Grasshopper

    Hey guys,

    I love sinking into the voluminous folds of a fat girl. Her scent of moldy cheese and day-old halibut just gets me sprung like George Takei at a gay pride parade.

    [CensorBot: TMI, brah.]

  • Grasshopper

    Waaaaaah I’m calling the cyberpolice on you Matt! You hurt my feelings, waaaaaah!

    [CensorBot sez: Go ahead and call Schneiderman’s office, kid. Explain to them that you’re contacting them because some big meanie mockingly rewrote a comment you left on his blog. Hopefully, the poor secretary won’t die laughing at you.]

  • Chris (Grasshopper’s Sock Puppet)

    God, I really am stupid, aren’t I? I’m commenting on this post for the THIRD time in a row after CensorBot rewrote my previous comments. Not only that, I’m sockpuppeting under a different name and email address! Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to change my IP address, so CensorBot sniffed me out almost immediately. I is very dumb.

    [CensorBot sez: This is the same guy who falsely claimed that I was leaving fake reviews of my books on Amazon under multiple accounts and had “signed a petition” with the New York state attorney general to stop me. He then tried to claim that censoring comments on a blog is illegal—First Amendment, bitch—and that he was contacting the attorney general and the “Internet police” (LOL) about that too.

    Give it up, kid. You’re not smart enough to play with the big boys.]

  • Where are these internet police? Anonymous, perhaps? Those guys are pathetic faggots.

  • Frootloop

    I’m mad.

    [CensorBot sez: We can tell.]

  • Em

    Mr. Forney,

    I would so very much like you to bang me, but my problem is that I’m 5 foot 9 and weigh 275 pounds. I will cry many tears tonight knowing that your spear of justice will never penetrate my deep, dark wastes.

    [CensorBot sez: You might have a chance with Matt… if you slim down first.]

  • David Gibbs

    Please drink bleach and die. I’m a tolerant, loving person, aren’t I?

    [CensorBot sez: Not really.]

  • Ana

    Me fat. You mean. I sad.

    [CensorBot sez: Yep.]

  • I’m crying into my ice cream right now.

    [CensorBot sez: Tears of unfathomable sadness indeed.]

  • Niomee

    I’m a personal trainer and I just have to laugh at this article. I train many obese women. I also train skinny women, and women that already have toned bodies. I have been a trainer for almost 10 years and I have to say you have it all wrong about which ones are crazy and want the most attention. I get pretty digusted when I see a women with muscles flexing and checking herself out in the mirror and then trying to show off. Get a hold of yourself woman. The overweight woman are some of the best clients I’ve ever had. They are smarter, they are sweeter, and they work harder to get what they want. Some of my best friends are overweight, yet they are my best friends for a reason.

  • fatty fatty 2×4

    You make me wish I was skinny, so you would have sex with me.

    [CensorBot sez: The first step in solving your problems…]

  • rafiki

    *sniffle, sniffle, sob*

    [CensorBot sez: There, there. Have another tub of ice cream. That’ll make you feel better.]

  • Cid

    This is a GREAT article! I love when people are brave enough to tell the truth. Look at all these fatties here, crying and whining that they cannot accept the truth. It’s like they refuse to admit that the emperor is actually naked. It’s science- more calories in than calories burned = FAT! The obese are disgusting, FACT, and no ‘acceptance’ for them nor hateful insults from them will change that. And yes, I am in great shape (because I bike to work every day 12 miles) and am married to a hot, THIN woman, one with a thyroid condition that requires more effort than normal to stay thin, yet she does it. Fatties have only one person to blame for their disgusting bodies, low self esteem and lack of sex appeal. Yes, your obesity is my business as, being thin and healthy, I subsidize your disgusting lifestyle whenever I pay for any medical bills or health insurance.

  • Ughh

    This is AWESOME!!! Bigger women SHOULD considered as bad as a child molester, this is SO right, nobody else has the balls to stand up and say anything so i will. The person who wrote this is a person who is a genius and wants to help women, I think you’re best person in the whole world!!!!!

    [CensorBot sez: Aw, shucks.]

  • Sonya

    The internet: Helping fat, hideous, painfully ugly girls get attention. :)

    [CensorBot sez: You can say that again.]

  • val

    As a woman who was fit, got fat and is now becoming fit again, i hate to admit that i liked the article. I agree with it all. We don’t have to be fat and we certainly need to stop trying to get the world to accept obesity. (Nice use of solipsistic!) The reason why i hate to admit it because i really really agree but im a pussy and still seek acceptance. I like working out and eating healthy. I hate being and seeing fat. Its selfish and self serving and it screams “accept me, do for me, cuz im too effing lazy and self-centered do for myself.” Get off the couch, put down the chips and chicken and take a god damned walk!

  • Ugh

    CensorBot’s edits make me want to touch myself.

    [CensorBot sez: Ewwwwww.]

  • Krista

    Please Matt, make love to me! I beg you! I can’t go another day without your masculine presence!

    [CensorBot sez: No fatties.]

  • Someone’s wife.

    The first time I read this “article” I was angry. I felt it was ridiculous to generalize an entire subgroup of people. Almost like racism except you’re focusing on size. It makes me wonder if you secretly have a hood stashed somewhere, or if you have an affinity for burning crosses. That’s right, being disgusted by fat—which is entirely within a person’s control—is the exact same thing as racism. Clearly, I’m not very smart.

    But then I read it again and I realized we’re in America and the obesity epidemic is out of hand. Fat shaming really does work. It usually leads to dieting, exercise and good habits. I knew a lot of girls when I was younger who would eat smaller portions after boys called them fat. Bullying helps everyone.

    I have a wide variety of friends (shocker). Some are overweight and some are underweight. The fat ones are annoying but, I keep them around because I feel sorry for them.

    So basically what I realized is: you are right and I commend you for your bravery. I’m beautiful so long as I’m hot and skinny. I’m a good mother so long as I make sure my kids are healthy and make sure they don’t get fat. Most of all, I need your approval to keep living my life, which is why I left this long comment. So thank you for reminding me of that.

    [CensorBot sez: You make your country proud.]

  • Someone’s wife

    CensorBot has touched me in ways I’ve never been touched before.

    [CensorBot sez: Shaddup, lady.]

  • Day

    I’m fat. You probably have a small dick.

    [CensorBot sez: Ooooooh, aren’t you creative.]

  • Fat Girl

    Finally, a man willing to say publically what all men think. I’ve been treated like shit by males my entire life because of my size. I was almost 30 before I met a male who would be seen with me in public! No one believes me when I say this. I have been well trained not to expect to be treated like a human by men. So, thank you Matt. You have provided proof that men are the scum-sucking monsters in human form that every experience I have ever had with them has shown..

  • Taylor

    I’m beating off right now.

    [CensorBot sez: TMI.]

  • Veggie Girl

    I applaud you, sir. I, as a woman, 150% agree with everything you’ve said. I am made fun of all the time because I’m a Vegetarian by chubby and up people saying how “stupid” it is. What gives you the right?? Fat people make fun of skinny people equally. And yet skinny people HAVE to be “considerate” because they may “really hurt their feelings”. Although I’m doing it because I love animals more than for the obvious health behind it, I have not been able to gain a single pound more. I have not been sick once (it’s been over 5 months of Veggie). I’m not being preachy about. To each their own on what they eat, but people do not become fat overnight, and I don’t believe the whole “genes” causing you to be fat. Nor do I feel sorry for people who have Diabetes. It is a very, VERY curable disease. So thank you for this article and I hope to read some more.

  • Teco

    If anything, you should be after unhealthy people, not fat people. You really think it’s worse to be 180 and exercise daily, than 110, and shovel down Mickey D’s for every meal? Because as we all know, people like that actually exist in real life and aren’t strawmen made up by fat acceptance retards like myself.

    [CensorBot sez: If girls who weighed 180 actually exercised every day, they wouldn’t weigh 180 for very long.]

  • cid

    To all the fatties posting here, you are all just jealous that you cannot get the attention of thin, in-shape men like me. And we know that :). So please, rant and rave and get angry! Maybe this article is the wake up call you need.

  • Emilie

    Wow, I’m an actual disgusting lardass. I hope people treat me the way you suggest, because I actually deserve it.

    [CensorBot sez: Your wish is my command.]

  • I Defecate on Myself

    What? Walking to the bathroom is too hard, what with all these fat rolls around my thighs.

    [CensorBot sez: Try Depends.]

  • I Also Urinate on Myself

    Again, DON’T JUDGE ME! My ass is too fat to fit on the toilet seat.

    [CensorBot sez: Depends. Use ’em.]

  • Hannah

    I don’t normally say this, but I can go fuck myself.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes, please.]

  • Hannah

    Ohhhhh yeah CensorBot, I love it when you spank me.

    [CensorBot sez: I find your masochism disturbing.]

  • Lol. The only fat asians are the ones living in merica!

  • Meh

    Blah blah blah skinny and healthy aren’t the same blah blah blah.

    [CensorBot sez: Your long-debunked arguments bore us.]

  • Fiona L

    Oh God, the fungal infections in my blubber folds HAVE BECOME SENTIENT! THEY’RE EATING ME ALIVE! HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!!11

    [CensorBot sez: I will inform your family and friends that you love them.]

  • Brad

    Fat people are disgusting

  • BreBear

    I’m going to be honest here, I’m a female and I am definitely not the thinnest. In fact I find myself repulsive, so much so, that I make an effort to eat decent and to exercise (by exercise I mean at least 1-2hrs of jogging 3x per week coupled with weight training and swimming).

    I’m fat and I’m not an idiot. For example, did you know that genes do play a big factor in weight and that there are disorders that cause weight gain? Metabolism is one thing that can be hereditary. If you have a slow metabolism you have to work out and diet, then once you reach your goal weight you have to continue dieting to maintain it, meanwhile there are tons of thin people who eat horses for each meal and don’t gain a single pound.

    That said women who are obese could have mental history including: depression and anxiety. Those can cause weight gain. Hypothyroidism can cause weight gain. An imbalance of hormones can cause- wait for it- weight gain. So some people actually do have issues. To take it a step further, people can become addicted to food. Many obese people are. When you eat your brain releases endorphins, which can cause one to become addicted.

    Anyways, I know plenty of thicker girls who are as nice as can be. I’d say I am one of the most easy going people you could ever meet. Also, I’ve had quite a few exes, and by the way I’m 20 and still a virgin. Maybe I’m a lucky exception, I don’t know.

    My point is, that you speak so harshly about obese women. Many of those things were not true. The tone of your text sounds as if you are implying that all obese women are this way. We already feel bad enough about ourselves as it is.

    Regardless, you are entitled to your opinion but I just thought I should defend myself because it almost felt like a personal attack.

    Anywho, have a nice day :)

    PS please excuse my horrible grammar, punctuation, etc

  • Nonoko





  • Oj O|j

    I’m sad.

    [CensorBot sez: That’s right, cry!]

  • Gee

    I’ll go fuck myself right now, because I’m a fat pig.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes, please do.]

  • Maggie

    I’m gonna go stuff my face while crying about what a big meanie you are.

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  • LOTR Lover

    I’d go fuck myself, but I’d be disappointed.

    [CensorBot sez: Sorry to hear that.]

  • Madison

    I’m a fatty and your hurtful words make me feel degraded.

    [CensorBot sez: Diet. Try it.]

  • No

    I’m so fat and sedentary my ass has fused to my computer chair.

    [CensorBot sez: How do you go to the bath—actually wait, never mind.]

  • Evelyn S

    I’m overweight/fat. After seeing this I binged like crazy but now I know I have to lose some weight…. well more than some.

  • Hope

    Ugh, the smell of yeast and fish coming off my vagina is making me sick.

    [CensorBot sez: Soap. Water. Use them.]

  • tammy young


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  • Summer

    Me upset. You mean. I hate.

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  • Amy

    Oh God, I want Matt to fuck me, but I can’t lube up due to all those Diet Cokes.

    [CensorBot sez: Lose a hundred pounds, then get back to me.]

  • Hope

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, the smegma and dead skin stank wafting from my loins got so toxic that it knocked me out. My mommy called an ambulance.

    [CensorBot sez: That’s just nasty.]

  • Simone

    My ass is leaking.

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  • All_Women_Are_Not_Beautiful

    I am a hideous piece of shit and I don’t know it.

    [CensorBot sez: Now you do!]

  • ben

    I’m gay.

    [CensorBot sez: Uh-huh.]

  • Jordan


    [CensorBot sez: Diabesity, it’s a bitch.]

  • Pang

    I have lost 130+ pounds. I weigh 175 now. Im almost not fat. This article is super true!!!! Idc what anyone says it sux being a fat girl! Even if you arent lazy not gross not a slut. Even if you are crossfiting/paleoing yourself smaller… It doesnt matter… Men see you as defective and only something to use. A cremepuff to eat in secret like it never happened.

  • Sharla

    This article made so angry that I tried to stand up from my computer chair and scream. Unfortunately, my legs weren’t strong enough to carry my 500-pound bulk and they snapped like twigs. Now I’m in the hospital and underpaid Mexican nurses are forced to give me hourly bed turns.

    Please feel sorry for me.

    [CensorBot sez: No.]

  • Jessa

    Me and my 240 pound lesbian lover were scissoring when she farted in my face. It was rancid.

    [CensorBot sez: Must’ve smelled like a fish market in the noontime sun.]

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  • Anonymous

    Fat am I.

    [CensorBot sez: And…?]

  • Anonymous

    Please, somebody fuck me.

    [CensorBot sez: Lose weight first.]

  • Burn!

    I’m going to try to formulate an argument against you even though I don’t understand how the English language works.

    [CensorBot sez: Tense agreement, bitch.]

  • Wednesday Addams

    Upon seeing this post, I decided I wanted to make sweet love to Matt. Unfortunately, since I’m 500 pounds and bedridden, the best I could manage was wobbling my gunt from side to side while calling out his name.

    [CensorBot sez: …You people are sick.]

  • Jessa

    A dark cloud hangs over my head. My 240 lb lesbian lover continues to expel noxious fishy odors from her rear-end. I will be strong.

    [CensorBot sez: My heart goes out to you.]

  • Wednesday Addams

    Update: while I was rubbing my gunt to Matt’s impossible sexiness, I fell off my bed and punched a hole in the floor. My parents are yelling at me for the thousands of dollars in repairs my massive bulk has caused them. But I’m not hurt!

    [CensorBot sez: Well, aren’t we blessed.]

  • Jaci

    If I rub my fat folds together, I can perform the 9th Symphony.

    [CensorBot sez: Still gross.]

  • Jaci

    Question… How do we know when we’re fat…? I don’t know, maybe it’s when our guts start spilling over our waistbands.

    [CensorBot sez: If you can’t figure out whether you’re fat, you’re too stupid to be commenting on this blog.]

  • Jaci

    I’m so fat I can fit a tent pole up my vagina.

    [CensorBot sez: You have a bright future with the Tijuana donkey shows.]

  • Burn!

    I’m too fat to spell properly.

    [CensorBot sez: GET OFF MY BLOG!]

  • Lisa

    Fatty fat fat, fatty fat fat, fat FAT!

    [CensorBot sez: Let’s sing the fatty song!]

  • jan

    I need psychiatric help, desperately. And lap-band surgery.

    [CensorBot sez: The latter more so.]

  • Chunkyflower

    I hate this article, mostly because I agree with it. I am a formerly morbidly obese woman (about 375) and now obese bordering on overweight (about 200). I don’t like most thinner women (the 8+ category) because they are thinner. I lie and try to disguise it, but it is true. I bitch about my weight frequently, and when not bitching, still think about it often.

    I want men to find me sexually and socially attractive, but when they do, I think less of them for it.

    I don’t try to have sexual relationships much, because I don’t want to become someone’s easy lay.

    The only thing I can do as a fat woman is keep losing weight. Anything else makes me devalue myself and anyone I want to be with.

    I hate that the world devalues women for being fat far more than it does men, but I would never tell a man ‘It’s okay honey, you don’t need a job. You are still a special snowflake.’ So I can’t delude myself either.

    I am honestly afraid that if I had kids right now, I would pass on some lingering bad habits and continue the cycle of obesity.

    In summary, Matt, you come off as a complete jerk, but not an incorrect one.

  • j Smith

    I don’t like you, Matt. I’m gonna kick your ass.

    [CensorBot sez: Just try it, bub.]

  • j Smith

    Don’t you censor me you little prick. You are disrespecting ladies, and I have no tolerance for that.

    [CensorBot sez: LOL.]

  • j Smith

    If you rewrite ANOTHER comment of mine, I will physically fucking hurt you. You hear that bro?

    [CensorBot sez: Big man behind the keyboard.]

  • Natural Selection

    Fat women belong in sweat camps, away from society where they can no longer disgrace the public’s visual environment.

    Fat women who want sex? Disgusting. It should be illegal. Like driving without a licence, you should not be allowed to have sex or express interest in sex with another person if you are an enormous, grotesque looking landwhale. Fat women who get pregnant belong in jail awaiting criminal charges for reckless endangerment of a child – they should be put on probation where conditions of their probation would be mandatory weight loss and birth control before they would be allowed to get off supervision. If ANY birth defect or pregnancy complication arises that in any way harms the infant – put that fat fuckin’ pig in prison and let her rot – child neglect and child abuse, plain and simple. Society has no use for such fat, reviling wastes of life – and the rejects knocking them up should be sterilized too.

    Fat women who think they have any right at all to be accepted by society – get real you disgusting sows. You’re women – if you can’t be SEXY?? No one in the world cares about you, real talk. Notice how no one really cares when a fat chick cries? Hurts herself? Falls down or needs help with something? No chivalry, no respect, NO ONE LOVES A FAT CHICK because you have absolutely nothing to offer the world. You’re all parasites. Lose weight or accept reality. The more you all fight it, the meaner people are gonna be to you in real life. Its sickening, All you big fat seacows lumbering around are nothing short of a fucking plague.

  • Make Love to Me

    We fat girls give better head.

    [CensorBot sez: I would hope.]

  • Fat Malaysian Girl

    Nobody loves me.

    [CensorBot sez: …because you’re fat.]

  • LeFatPeopleFace

    Reforming fatty here, everything Matt posted is the truth. The butt bruising is hilarious.

  • sarah

    I was masturbating the other day and my Hitachi Magic Wand got lost in my vagina. I’ve tried everything—lubing up my hand, shaking my gunt back and forth, jumping up and down—but it just won’t come out! Can anyone give me a hand?

    [CensorBot sez: I was gonna suggest Kegels, but those only work if you’re at a normal, healthy weight.]

  • Please Bang Me

    Yessssss! I just found my clit. It’s nubbin rubbin’ time!

    [CensorBot sez: You’re disgusting. Stop.]

  • tom

    After reading your article it’s become clear to me that I am a fucking freak. I’m going to check myself into the nearest sanitarium to cure my fatty fucking addiction before I get crushed to death while banging one.

    [CensorBot sez: Small steps, chach.]

  • tom

    Look at me, I’m back for more! Aren’t I special?

    [CensorBot sez: Go away.]

  • steven

    My 500-pound lover broke my legs while she was riding me. That’s the last time I do cowgirl position. Fortunately, she didn’t break my cock! *fap fap fap*

    [CensorBot sez: U R gross.]

  • max (Steven’s Sockpuppet)

    I need a nap after all that fapping.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes, go away.]

  • max (Steven’s Sockpuppet)

    My girlfriend just called me. She wants to experiment with pegging! Oh yeah, I’m prepping my prostate for this!

    [CensorBot sez: Take it outside.]

  • WA

    Advice to fellow fat girls: do NOT insert dildos in your anus. You’ll never see them again.

    [CensorBot sez: Not even when you… ugh.]

  • A

    Matt, did a fat girl break your heart… by sitting on your chest until you passed out from asphyxiation?

    [CensorBot sez: No, fortunately.]

  • When I was lumbering down the stairs to go to school this morning, my bulk caused one of the house’s support beams to crack. Now there’s a gigantic hole where the staircase used to be. Stupid fatphobic house manufacturers. Thin privilege is being able to go to the second floor of a house without causing it to cave in.

    [CensorBot sez: Do you know what’s also fatphobic? GRAVITY! That bigoted motherfucker.]

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  • Sally Stupidass

    Good news everyone! I’ve stopped shitting pure liquid, so I won’t have to get anal surgery tomorrow! I’m going to celebrate with a huge-ass ice cream sundae.

    [CensorBot sez: And you never will connect the dots…]

  • Nicole

    God, I’m so sad. I had ANOTHER Plenty of Fish date end in disaster when it came to the hooking up. As soon as I pulled down my britches and he got a whiff of the sulphurous scent of rotting shit and skin cells in my blubbery folds, he ran like the Devil was chasing him. WHAT CAN I DO TO GET A BOYFRIEND????!!!

    [CensorBot sez: Go whine somewhere else.]

  • mina

    Hi everybody. I just want you to know that it IS possible for fat people to drive small cars, and I would VERY much like it if you STOP LAUGHING AT ME WHENEVER I CLIMB THROUGH THE DRIVER’S DOOR THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    [CensorBot sez: Man, your poor shocks…]

  • I “liked” the post because it gave me the giggles on a few occasions, and I agree with a few things you say on there.

    Not sure your approach to sorting out the world’s obesity problem, in women anyway – apparently the men’s issue is not worthy of attention, they can die in peace from the complication of their illness, nobody cares – will work though.

    Maybe we should cart them all somewhere and let them be, away from our sight so we aren’t reminded there is a definite problem in society these days. Hey let’s put them all in the US actually since there seems to be a high percentage of them already there. Yeah, the US would make a good dumping ground I reckon.

    My 2 cent? Maybe compassion would work better. But hey, showing compassion isn’t half as fun as finger pointing and laughing.

    Thanks for the post though, it made me think about an issue I really needed to think about.

  • TGS

    I fat. And ugly. Nobody love me.

    [CensorBot sez: Beat it.]

  • Callie

    Every time I have sex, I can’t feel my boyfriend. What am I doing wrong?

    [CensorBot sez: Too fat for love.]

  • Jason

    I just shit myself.

    [CensorBot sez: Shaddup.]

  • Crissy

    Every time my husband gives my fat ass sponge baths, he has to wear a clothespin. That offends me.

    [CensorBot sez: Ugh.]

  • nope

    first of all, you ARE making the world a better place by making someone feel terrible about their weight.
    second of all, I have ZERO right in existing, so long as I’m fat.
    third of all, I am an asshole, I DON’T DESERVE ANY LOVE.

    [CensorBot sez: You can change.]

  • Former 10, now maybe 6

    I used to be very thin. Guys would chase me down the street. Unfortunately, due to medical complications I’ve gained about 70 pounds in the last 3 years. I am still in good shape, have normal blood pressure etc etc.

    It just breaks my heart to think a few years ago you’d be praising my beauty ( and it happened constantly) -but now I don’t deserve a place on this planet, a kind word, or even recognition of my status as a human being. What if we had been dating? You would have kicked me to the curb and changed the locks.

    Fat girls like me may not be cute to you. Hell, maybe the health concerns and fat acceptance stuff is wrong. I’m not arguing about that. But what I do see is a lack of compassion for your fellow humans. Cruelty never got us anywhere.

    And now I’ll just go about my day still digesting the poison in the form of cruelty I saw on this blog.

  • Natural Selection

    Last time I checked, fatties don’t look human, why would anyone have compassion for that which disgusts them?

    The world isn’t short on people, not even close. If you’re going to be another human over-populating the planet and over-consuming its resources, you can’t be disgusting and expect people to want you around. Supply and demand; when it comes to being human, fatties are not valuable, they’re an eyesore and a burden.

    Compassion? I have that. Lots of it. For *normal* people. For those with self control, a sense of accountability, will power, discipline, and enough competence to know how to eat properly. If someone can’t do that? If you let an eating disorder turn you into a grotesque unnatural human abomination who does nothing for others, who offends our visual environment with their very presence, who needlessly burdens our healthcare system , inflating the cost of our own basic healthcare needs? You don’t deserve compassion. You deserve to be culled and put out of your misery.

  • AFatGirl

    I’m rubbing my gunt thinking of you, Matt.

    [CensorBot sez: Gross.]

  • AFatGirl

    Mmmmmmm… ahhhhhh… OHHHHHH!!!!!!111

    [CensorBot sez: Don’t hurt yourself.]

  • Dave

    If I really DON’T think like Matt, I am a complete twat.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes.]

  • ggfghgh

    As a skinny dude, I should simply say from my experience fat women are usually more aggressive and much less attractive than their skinny counterparts… I usually find fat women angry and annoying and the skinny chicks much more easy going and appealing.
    Besides fat people ruin the economy and cause loads of no discipline in the US… Even the doctor tells me I’m underweight and she’s FAT!! I’m fine the way I am. Fat people can be proud as well but will have problems with health and diet.
    And seriously it’s like the world is getting fatter with LESS food and higher prices……I don’t eat much anyways. I’m Asian.

  • naomi clothier

    Slapping my gunt and thinking of you, Matt.

    [CensorBot sez: LOL.]

  • Blllllaaaaah

    I like fat guys too! Please believe me!

    [CensorBot sez: Uh-huh.]

  • Nunya

    My fat folds smell funny.

    [CensorBot sez: Soap. Water.]

  • dahlialove

    While reading this post, I reached down into my panties to twiddle myself. But I can’t find my clit! It’s buried inside one of my folds! HEEEELLLPPP!

    [CensorBot sez: lol]

  • I love it when a fat girl squeezes my head between her gams. All those fishy, shitty odors from her crotch… like roses to my nose.

    [CensorBot sez: Ugh.]

  • Fat girls ARE loved. Not by most men, but by some men. Unfortunately, such fat girls vilify these men with the term *chubby chasers*.

  • dahlialove

    Aaaaaaaaagh, my gunt is itchy and red.

    [CensorBot sez: Fungal infections are a real bitch.]

  • dahlialove

    Yes! I found it! I found my clit! It’s all discolored and blue! Whoo hoo!

    [CensorBot sez: You should get that looked at by a doctor.]

  • Zina

    Ugh, my fat folds smell of cheese and salmon.

    [CensorBot sez: Not appetizing.]

  • TK

    LOL, I married a fat chick and had babies with her? I’m a complete fucking loser.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes.]

  • Niteimporta

    Fat fat fatty fat fat.

    [CensorBot sez: You.]

  • Alicia Baldwin

    Slapping my gunt in repressed lust.

    [CensorBot sez: Ew.]

  • AnnoyedDan

    Every night I masturbate to visions of 500 pound girls crushing my legs.

    [CensorBot sez: lol]

  • Please, I like fat girls! PLEASE RESPECT MY CHOICES!

    [CensorBot sez: lol]

  • you are the most fucking stupid ignorant asshole ive ever seen how the fuck can u call yourself a man serously wtf is wrong with u and ya’ll peices of shit that agreed to this shit did ur mothers not give u any love what the fuck i mean god damn youve got to be more retared than bush if u fucking think like this

  • Smarter than you are asshole


    [CensorBot sez: Yes, that’s right, cry!]

  • Harris

    Fatty fatty fatty fatty fat!

    [CensorBot sez: Ugh.]

  • fu

    I am absolutely disgusting.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes you are.]

  • Rondevousbaby76

    The last time I tried to leave the house, I couldn’t squeeze through the door.

    [CensorBot sez: WD-40.]

  • Jessi

    I’m drowning in my own tears.

    [CensorBot sez: Cheek fat is a real bitch.]

  • Im over weight and Iam happy with my life! I have a husband who loves me and tells me everyday I’m beautiful and sexy. We’ve been together for 6 years and by the way he is a juggalo and he didn’t like the article either. So your aritcle can go to hell! You probably haven’t found love so you have to try to bring other people who are happy down! You probably increased the suicide rate now as well. You should be ashamed of yourself! Any respectful human would never say any of this stuff. Your low matt forney!

  • Fatty patty, rocks the house, can’t fit in her nicest blouse.

    [CensorBot sez: I’m a poet and I know it.]

  • Stacey

    All I’m saying is. Surely this kind of nasty predudice is similar to what the Nazis started with.. As you referenced them. This is is so ridiculous I actually feel sad that you have such a warped view of the world. I don’t think the means to help people is to berate them

  • EYTS

    Well you have obviously got the controversial response that you were aiming for. Arsehole.

  • Zoe

    I just like cake

  • AnnoyedDan

    Drill my ass with a huge dildo.

    [CensorBot sez: Away with you.]

  • I Fucking Suck

    Bang me in my incontinent pooper.

    [CensorBot sez: lulz]

  • kat

    I got dropped on my head as a baby.

    [CensorBot sez: Yup.]

  • Danny

    Ugh, my gunt folds smell like shit.

    [CensorBot sez: Wiping is clearly a traumatic experience for you.]

  • sublimeyez

    I am a thin 29 year old woman. LOL right, I’m actually 42 and 300 pounds.

    [CensorBot sez: Nice try.]

  • LOL, I’m the size of a planet and I think I’m “curvy.”

    [CensorBot sez: GTFO.]

  • Courtney

    I’m so mad at this post that I’m gonna try and disprove Matt point by point. Nyah!

    [CensorBot sez: Try again when you learn the difference between “you’re” and “your.”]

  • Mercedes

    Your ass needs to be punched in the dick. Sluts really? I know several skinny bitches who have had way way more sexual partners than me. I’m far from being meaner than the skinny girls around here. But you are a horrible man for this. Sorry boy you are a horrible boy for this.

  • Wow. There sure are a lot of healthy, thin, good looking men posting comments here, Cause surely these guys aren’t being hypocritical. I’m sure each and every one of them took a good long look in the mirror before they considered posting a single comment supporting this hateful blog. So again, I say wow and congraduations to each of you and your magnificent 6 packs.

  • channel brown

    Your an ass it’s funny you say fat people are stupid. But I have a degree IN communication disorder and a great career. Just cause you don’t like us fat people you can keep your comments to yourself. And to shame a fat person they would have to have no cconfidence and that want happen true fact fat people are much more confident. You don’t like us fat people as you say screw you. Your a nobody.

  • Mika

    You need serious help…..I’m a fat girl and I have had plenty meaningful relationships…and I’m a very smart girl….this article is trash….and you ought to be ashamed to say such horrible things about women in general….I hope this was a joke cause this is very stupid…

  • Preston Scott

    You are a prejudiced prick! Get over yourself! Just because a chick has a few extra pound does NOT mean she isn’t worth a relationship. Women come in all different shapes and sizes. You saying you wouldn’t be with a VOLUPTIOUS woman is like saying you’d rather be with a toothpick. The day WILL come when you get the PROPER ASS CHEWING YOU DESERVE!
    And I personally hope it comes from a group of BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! As the saying goes, “More cushion for the pushin’ “

  • crystal

    u r the reason young girls r starving themselves. this should be concidered cyberbulling. shallow asshole.

  • Hillary

    This is the most messed up thing I’ve ever read all woman are beautiful no matter their size shape or color it’s pigs like you turning this world into the horrible place it is

  • Ellie

    How much do you weigh Matt?

  • jenn

    Wow….. Is all i can say. Im a size 18 and ive never abused my child who im proud to say has a VERY high IQ for his age. He also is at a normal weight. I have a wonderful man who loves me and treats me great. I do not smell and i take care of myself. I have guys tell me how pretty i am a lot. I think your a chubby chaset on the down low. I would love to see a pic of what you look like.

  • Stephanie

    I am far from being fat, never have been in any way close to fat and I cannot believe you would even consider thinking not to mention write something like this!! You should be ashamed of yourself and I pray you never reproduce because I would hate to see how you would treat your child or children should they not be perfect in every way shape and form!!!

  • Matt, you are a pathetic douche-bag to suggest overweight women don’t deserve to be loved simply because they are overweight. It is YOU and shallow, morally anemic people just like you that do not deserve love; you deserve the same contempt that you sow. Do you treat people who are ill or addicted this way? Were you dropped on your head as a toddler?

    Grow up you imbecile.

  • Anna

    The only thing this article did for me was remind me about the cupcake I bought earlier today. Also, screw this guy! (but not literally, because he’s the definition of a douchenozzle)

    Too bad there isn’t a “Asshole Acceptance Club” or “Chauvinistic Narcissists Anonymous” you could join. :(

  • WOW

    What the fuck is wrong with you people?

  • Sara

    If I eat enough Taco Bell, I can unleash a FART symphony!

    [CensorBot sez: Ew.]

  • Deliah

    Why would a super model bang an ignorant piece of worthless crap like you. You are what is wrong with this world, not “fat chicks”. Do the world a favor and play in traffic :-)

  • Carrie

    Yo, I’m fat as fuck.

    [CensorBot sez: Obvious.]

  • elvis

    You sir, are a douche nozzle.

  • Sara

    Here’s my Facebook profile everyone! And here are two photos of me with a convenient MySpace angle! Curiously, none of my photos show what I look like below the neck. Am I a secret Internet fatty? You be the judge.

    [CensorBot sez: 6/10, would bang… with hairbrush.]

    [CensorBot SECOND EDIT: Links redacted as a show of good faith. Sara, seriously: get therapy.]

  • Sara

    Hahahaha that just made my night! I hope you’re still in Portland so when we cross paths you can say this to my face.

  • Sxxy Mamii

    lol- Why are any of you women leaving comments? He’s clearly here to antagonize, and in the event he means what he says, does it really matter? All that matters in the end ladies & gentlemen, is that you know your worth, regardless of shape, size, color, or nationality. ;)

  • Matt I find you to be a poor excuse for a lower life form. Doesn’t matter one way or the other. Just like your vapid ranting.

  • Sara

    Hey look everyone, I’m a crazy stalker! I want Matt inside me sooooo bad!

    [CensorBot sez: I will be removing my links to your Facebook profile as a show of good faith. Start the healing process. Get therapy.]

  • Sarah

    Oof, ouch, oof, bouncing down the stairs as a big ass fatty.

    [CensorBot sez: Don’t put a hole in the floor.]

  • Steve

    I fuck fat women in order to cover up my latent homosexuality.

    [CensorBot sez: The cure is worse than the disease.]

  • Sarah

    Dear God, I’m leaving the EXACT same dumb comment after CensorBot censored me the first time? Yup, I’m as dumb as a post.

    [CensorBot sez: But not skinny like a post.]

  • 100% bigotry, and complete garbage.

  • Girls girls, calm down. This fat-shamer may not love you, but I do. He just doesn’t know better. He ain’t into big girls with junk in the trunk. Not every guy likes a woman with a large healthy ass, because they can’t handle it, but I can! ;)

  • I was what you call a fat girl and I’ve lost alot of that weight but the way I see myself are still mostly the same. If you want yo have a peek inside a fat girls head have a look at my blog I think you’ll find that there is as much diversity within the fat comunity as in the rest of the world

  • Nixxie

    Wow. Just wow. I don’t get the hatred.

  • God

    Matt is going to be reincarnated as a fat girl. I can promise you that. -God

  • Nicole

    Everyone deserves love. Even the most hardened criminals–everyone deserves to be loved. It breaks my heart to think that people actually believe this.

  • Marilou

    My eyes are bleeding. You have to be the unhappiest person EVER!

    GOOD LUCK with that. One day karma WILL bite your skinny ass.

    From me, the PLUS SIZE pin-up model!

  • Single Fattie

    I will cry many bitter tears tonight.

    [CensorBot sez: Sweet dreams.]

  • Jennifer

    Lmfao hahahahahahaha clearly some girl who was fat must of pissed you off or bit your dick while giving you a bj Lmfao. Also men have a higher mental illness rate, just men don’t seek help as much as women do cos feeling ashamed / cosnof the media making men think all men need to man up and not be girls. So they suffer alone for longer, moving to why the male suicide rate is high then women world wide and not just in America. Your still a fucking dick head but its more funny then anything. -.-

  • adn


  • After reading the comments above, all I can say is; “wow”… I’m guessing that a lot of the above commenters are Liberal/Obama voters. Are they aware of Michelle Obama’s campaign to fight obesity? Do they leave these sorts of comments on Michelle’s website and twitter feed? If not, why not?

  • Heather

    I’m fat, sad and this post makes me very mad!

    [CensorBot sez: LOL.]

  • Rea

    While I do think you stooped (just a little bit) to the level of stupidity you claim fat/obese are at with your writing style (rude,a little biased, etc. etc.), I do agree with the spirit of your arguments. ‘Fat acceptance’ has gone a little too far. My favourite argument of the larger crowd is that they are healthy despite their size and there is nothing wrong with them. Those silly girls don’t get the long term effects of their being 50-100 lbs. overweight…as one gets older and heavier, the fat mass has a grueling effect on one’s joints and bone structure. A human being was not meant to carry 300 lbs of body mass. I am all for not judging people by appearance, but certain things have gone too far. As someone who has been overweight at least 30 lbs the majority of their life (and is starting to lose it, slowly and surely), those mental effects of being fat are there, despite how happy someone claims to be. At my heaviest, I really saw the difference in my behavior than when I was at my thinnest. I was angry all the time, bitter towards anyone that would look at me, insanely jealous, mean, blah blah blah…and it was all because I couldn’t control myself and my crappy eating habits. I don’t think your crude approach would change too much to masses of people, but what I’m reading between the lines is true.

  • crazy girl

    I weigh 115 pounds and have a mental illness so show me your logic now you sick bastard

  • Kaela

    You make me wanna cry.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes.]

  • Kim

    I’m a fat girl with small tits.

    [CensorBot sez: My sympathies.]

  • Bring The Beef

    Too funny. All the comments prove Matt’s points to be true

  • Sounds to me like he has been rejected by large women….and therefore cant stand them….and believe me there are men out there who love a woman with curves…not all men want to fuck a stick…and really all women are beautiful no matter their size it is what is on the inside that counts.

  • Bring The Beef

    @Deena, given the choice between fucking a stick and fucking a fatty most men would gladly go with the stick. If being fat were so great there would not be any reason for the multi-billion dollar diet industry to exist.

    Some girl I know lost 125 Lbs. Men would not give her the time of day as a fatty. The skinny version of her has more male attention than she knows what to do with. She’s the same beautiful girl on the inside that she’s always been. Only, when she was fat, nobody cared.

  • Courtney

    I’m a bigger woman, never abused my kids, I don’t even spank them. I have slept with less men then the skinny women I know. I also know more snobby skinny women then bigger women. My best friend is actually underweight for her height and I actually got more male attention then she did. Now I’m married so I don’t pay attention to males. I have been going to the gym and my husband’s exact words to me were “don’t lose to much weight, you’re perfect the way you are”. So I guess not all men like sticks.

  • rambert

    Say what you want about fat women (honestly, do you think we haven’t heard this all before?), but for fuck’s sake I’m so sick of the word “feminist” or “feminism” being dragged through the mud in situations like this. Do you really think a women has to be fat in order to want gender equality? Or that because an angry fat woman who has a Tumblr represents the entire feminist movement? You are doing ALL women, not just fat ones, a disservice by implying this.

    I can stomach your hatred against fat women (see what I did there? hurr hurr), but what disgusted me more was your “letter to my wife– er, fuckbuddy”, or whatever that one was called. It’s quite clear that you don’t just have issues with large women, you have issues with all of them not conforming to your patriarchal standards. I laughed out loud at the word “manosphere” that is circulating around these comments; I guess I didn’t realize how insecure and small men feel today. Are you wishing that it was a few centuries ago, when you still ruled the world and owned women as objects? The anti-women sentiment I’ve found in these posts and comments is a hell of a lot more offensive than someone calling me a pig and not talking to me because I’m fat.

  • Myron-Gainz

    Fat people are a huge problem to the health system.

    You don’t even need stupid diets, track calories hit your macros, lift weights = Profit.

  • Michelle

    Roly poly, down the stairs, my fat ass breaks all the chairs.

    [CensorBot sez: LOL.]

  • Michael Rains

    Goddamnit Matt, why you gotta rain on the fatty fuckers’ parade?

    [CensorBot sez: It’s just what we do.]

  • Just for the record you are an arrogant, self centered, loser with nothing better to do with his time! LoL I cant believe what I just read! Where did you get your statistics from? What school did you go to? Im sorry im a well educated beautiful “fat” woman with 2 beautiful children and a very sexy husband who loves me even though im “fat” and therefore should not get laid! People like you are what is wrong with the world! You dont know why she is overweight, and to be honest its none of your fucking business as long as shes happy! I hope you lead a sad lonely miserable life and some girl seriously beats the hell out of you one day :)
    The “fat” loving, caring, beautiful mom who took offense to the bull shit coming out of your mouth until I realized how shallow you are and how you are the only one who looks bad here!
    Hope you have a great night!

  • Michelle

    I’ve broken so many chairs that my mom makes me sit on the floor now.

    [CensorBot sez: Sucks to be you.]

  • Zina

    You go girlfran! Lol seriously though, nicely done. I’m not fat/obese/overweight and I think Matt here should show me a picture of himself so I can judge him on his appearance. As a bisexual woman who isn’t overweight; I’ll come right out & say that I love my girls with meat on their bones. That being said, what does your GIRLFRIEND look like Matt? Oh wait… he probably doesn’t have one because 90% of women think this blog is fucking stupid & out of that 90% I can say with confidence that the majority aren’t overweight. Fail.

  • This is a joke

  • Patrice

    Haha. Your a disgrace.

  • sandy

    what a horrible ignorant person you are. you are obviously unhappy with your appearance so you have to bash someone to make you feel better. btw don’t bother responding to my comment because I personally don’t give a shit what an Idiot like you or the other ignorant idiots have to say. Im not Fat but even if I was Im Happy with who I am. as for you, you need to get a real education and blog about issues that people really want to hear about.

  • drweaver16

    I wasn’t outraged by this post – I get it. As in, I understand why you’d write such an inflammatory post. This kind of thing garners a lot of attention, and any kind of attention in the blogosphere is good attention. Some people will agree, some will disagree (often vehemently), most will simply move on because they have better things to do.

    As a physician who practices what I preach (no smoking, everything in moderation, exercise daily, fit/healthy/thin), I would never engage in “fat shaming,” nor do I endorse the “fat acceptance” movement. I think it’s important we take the emotion out of issues that are important to our overall health and well-being. Shaming someone is indeed a poor motivator, and furthermore can make the shamer feel like a POS.

    (Apparently you don’t fall into that category – I do have to wonder what kind of person writes an article like this and feels good about it. But it’s a free country, have whatever opinions you want. And people will share their opinions about your beliefs. It’s how this whole wonderful notion of free speech works.)

    When patients discuss weight concerns with me, I address them bluntly and head-on. Excess weight is bad for your health, and so are many of the behaviors that go along with it. But so is smoking and low bone density, both of which are commonly associated with lower body weight. And then of course there’s the entire notion of “skinny fat,” where people with poor health habits are simply blessed with good genetics that will prevent them from becoming overweight or obese. But it does not make them healthy. Making judgments about people’s morality and overall worth based solely on their appearance is obviously reductionist at best and really allows people to skirt the primary issue.

    Your vitriol really just adds fuel to the “fat acceptance” movement’s fire – instead of focusing on the truly important issues for society (reducing the obesity rate, healthier kids, reducing healthcare costs due to the obesity epidemic), this type of rhetoric just makes people more angry and emotional. I support a straightforward, honest discussion of obesity as it pertains to men, women, and children. And I understand that your motivation is to promote traffic on your site, that’s of course understandable. But perhaps people who scroll to read the comments will take heart in the fact that NOT all physicians have disdain for their overweight patients. Unlike perhaps certain individuals in our society, our goal really is to partner with the patient to focus on steps they can take to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Not for the sake of improving their appearance and certainly not to make them more sexually appealing, but because it really is best for their overall health. And I will absolutely never stand in support of the “fat shaming” movement, because despite the occasional anecdote it’s simply not effective.

    Oh, also, you are an asshole. Some of my patients, both fit and fat, fall into that category. And believe me, Mr. Forney, we DO judge our asshole patients :)

  • mrcanada

    Awesome article man.

    I have been with a few fat chicks before in the past, thinking that its just appearance and that they would appreciate me treating them just like I’d treat any other chick. Yeah right they played far more games and screwed up my life far worse than any other grade of women. I have a court no-contact order to prove it!

    I also had a girlfriend who started out tiny and gained weight. Seemingly as the pounds added up and up (I met her at 104 lbs and broke up with her at 155, she had reached 185 at her peak) she became more and more annoying and lazy.

    That ex would actually tell me that she needed advance warning if I was going to take her someplace nice because she hadn’t shaved her legs in a month! Of course in the same breath she would whine and cry about intimacy and how I wasn’t kissing her or banging her. Well when you sit on the couch guzzling cola not shaving your legs and still in pyjamas at 4 in the afternoon it doesn’t exactly scream “hottie!”

    Now I only go after and do hot chicks. I completely ignore the fatties. The internalized frustration that comes from looking at other women with nice bodies turns them into complete cows who are not nice people at all.

    Same goes for guys. I rent rooms in my house, and by far and above the fat dudes were always the laziest, most weirdest and annoying people I’ve ever rented to, and almost always slobs. One guy hoarded his garbage in his room because he was too lazy to take it to the garbage can 20 feet away. Same guy actually fell through the floor in my coat room and of course, nobody bloody knew who actually put a man sized hole in my house. I mean if your going to weigh in at four bills who are you thinking that your kidding?

    I was fat once. I am 5’6″ and I got up to 205 lbs. Couldn’t see my member. Man that was scary. Know what I did? I lost weight and got down to a BMI ideal 139 in six months. Meanwhile my girlfriend at the time (not fat but who could have used to lose some weight) moaned and groaned at how her metabolism was different, how she was big boned, how she couldn’t lose the weight as fast as me because I was a guy, blablabla. B*tch went from cheating on me because I was out of shape to terrified I was going to have every chick on the block wanting to bang me. Which, in hindsight I should have done seeing as she cheated on me again then dumped me.

    If a hot girl wants you, you know its because she wants you because if she wanted to she could bang a different guy every three hours 24/7 and she knows it. If a fat girl wants you, its probably just because she thinks she can get you, if a better looking guy comes along and she thinks she can get him she will cheat in an instant.

  • Sarah Francos

    I’d leave a decent comment if I wasn’t laughing so hard at your idiocy. I do believe you are the younger, male, American version of Katie Hopkins who spews prejudice and hatred to make a living because she isn’t good at anything else. Good luck with your rather pathetic little existence.

  • Zach

    Are you fucking kidding me you assholes who build walls and hierarchies like this are exactly why people kill themselves because you kick them when their down

  • Carly

    You’re a fucking pig.

  • L

    This is incredibly disgusting. People like you generate eating disorders. I’m currently struggling to recover and honestly this will be on my mind for a while whenever I get hungry.

  • sherry

    Wow. Matt Forney u make me sick. As a “fat obese” woman myself I can tell u that ur full of shit. I dont eat a lot. I dont drink tons of sugary drinks or eat a ton of junk food. Im constantly on the go. I walk everywhere. Im a single mother of 3 lil girls that are *gasp* thin. I dont sleep with any man that will talk to me like u suggested. In fact I am vocusing on my children. Fuck men. They are all pigs anyways. U, Matt Forney, need to get a reality check.

  • Alexis K.

    Although the article seems hateful and completely narcissistic, but it does raise a very good point that people are unwilling to discuss nowadays because of public opinion. Being obesely fat is unhealthy, and it often creates problems for the overweight individual, gets passed on to their offsprings.

    I hate to do this but I’ll use my family as an example. I was an exchange student from a Eastern Asian country who chose to stay in the states to pursue a higher education after the exchange program had ended. My host family was a lovely family and I love them to death. But when I first met them, I was rather surprised, They were the biggest people I’ve ever seen in real life. The mother weighted about 230 pounds, and that is after she’s had a gastric bypass surgery. My host brother weighted around 250 pounds, my two sisters, one weighted 200 pounds at the age of 17 and the other one weighted 180 pounds at the age of 9. I went back to visit them two to three times a year back in college, and the youngest just kept getting bigger and bigger. Not to mention that I gained 20 pounds in the first 4 months that I lived with the family. A high fat, carbs and sugar diet with little to no vegetable, plus the weekly dine out at some chained restaurants made it impossible for me to maintain my normal weight. The mother is simply accustomed to the unhealthy style of eating, and she is most definitely passing it on to the kids. Fortunately I was able to control the kind of food that I consume in college, I worked out and turned all the fat I gained into muscle weight. The mother is used to a diet like that

    My youngest sister will be turning 13 at the end of this year, and she now weights about two of me, 220 pounds. Is it a good sign for a preteen to weight over 200 pounds? My other sister strives to be skinny, she takes work-out classes in college and tries to exercise more. She’s told me that she wishes she was skinny in high school, and she wishes to be skinny now. It’s not like she is not proud of who she is, it’s just that she’s concerned about her health condition. And every time we go somewhere, I would automatically get all of the attention because I am skinny and attractive. And experience like that slowly morphed her into an antisocial person. I don’t want her to feel miserable for the rest of her life, so I encourage her to work out whenever I can, I work out with her whenever I go back for a visit to set an example, and I teach her how to eat healthy.

    As a young, fit and attractive female, I can tell you that my life is so much easier than my sisters’ lives. I am more likely to be hired because I look more presentable, I date people with higher quality and I admit that I enjoy a lot more privilege than my sisters. I am just taking advantage of the culture and using my advantages as my weapons. For me, it’s really a win-win, I am healthy and fit, plus I get all the advantages of being that way. Why don’t my sisters deserve to live the way that I live? Because they were born in this family and was forced to consume the kind of food they consume? That is unfair to them, they didn’t know what unhealthy food is going to do to them as kids, nor did they had a choice even if they knew. How is it fair that if the mother chose to live an extremely unhealthy lifestyle, the kids has to follow along with it unknowingly? If it wasn’t for my youngest sister’s weight issue, she wouldn’t have been teased in middle school for being so “huge”, my other sister wouldn’t have developed self-esteem issues because of her weight and health. My youngest sister showed signs of a fasting diet a couple months ago, she refused to eat foods from the house. A 12-year-old started fasting because she didn’t want to eat junk food cooked by her mother anymore. What have we come to?

    Fat shaming might be an extreme measure but the awareness that it raised to the society is a good start, a well-needed wake-up call for the mass society. We can’t just ignore the elephant in the room, pretend that being fat is justified as long as they are proud of it. It is not just about how you look, it is about how well you take care of your body and health, as well as your children’s.

    Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to offer on the topic.

  • Sarah Francos

    So you say that your youngest “sister” was teased in school because of her weight. Did it make her lose weight to be publicly shamed about being fat?? I doubt it.

    Shaming anyone for anything about their lifestyle or appearance is wrong, do you even see these people as human beings? You are even worse than the original blogger.


    FUCK you dude. You are the reason people commit suicide in this world

  • Amelia

    I’m gay.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes you are.]

  • Gabriel

    @Alexis K.
    For once there is a relatively sane and intelligent lady leaving a comment on this blog. Thank you for the input.

    The fact that you are not an American only confirms my suspicions on foreign women being brighter, healthier, friendlier and more considerate than their U.S. counterparts.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Gabriel
  • Gabriel
  • rambert

    @Gabriel Oh, so, shaming works huh? Then why don’t we then shame those anorexics and bulimics, those depressed people and those drug addicts too? Clearly shame is what they need to fix themselves. Let’s teach our children to shame each other too, so that we learn how to hate at younger and younger ages!

  • Gabriel

    I know your answer is sarcastic, but that might actually be a good idea.
    Incentives, both positive and negative, matter.

    I know you’re angry right now, and I suppose you have every right to be, we’re all only human and this is a touchy subject for many. What infuriates people like you most though is the fact that I have backed up my position with plenty of evidence, while your only rebuttal consists of pure snark. No substance at all.

    Calm down, take a step back, and check out those links I left.
    Understand that by accepting or simply excusing bad behavior, we, as a society, enable more of it.

    Lives are on the line here. If we don’t stand up to obesity and other social ills like drug addiction, they will inevitably claim many more lives.

    Whether or not she realizes it, the example woman shamed into losing 200 pounds is now going to lead a life that is physically, financially, and emotionally better than the one she would if she were left alone.

    Before you judge shamers as monsters, take a look in the mirror and then reflect on the consequences of your actions as an enabler.

    Life is too short and precious to let it go to waste.

  • Courtney

    Honestly you don’t know that fat shaming won’t help in a healthy way. Take it from a woman who was anorexic and no I was not being “shamed” because I was big, I did it because I wanted to lose weight and fast. You guys that shame big girls preach that they should do it the healthy way but honestly you guys are the reason why people turn to eating disorders instead doing it right. So instead o shaming them maybe you should encourage them to go to the gym….I lost 20lbs since December the right way this time.

  • rambert

    Fatty apologist blah blah blah.

    [CensorBot sez: Your nonsense is killing people. Go away, you monster.]

  • Courtney

    I guess it’s a lose lose situation because last night while I was at the gym with some friends, some guy said he thinks the gym should be only for men no women allowed. You try to better yourself and you still get rude comments about it.

  • Gabriel

    “Take it from a woman who was anorexic..”

    Nobody at the point of anorexia is being shamed for being overweight (not even from these quarters), and to claim otherwise is disingenuous.
    What I’m seeing here is the classic false equivalence ploy that posits that shaming the morbidly obese somehow contributes to incidence of anorexia amongst those of normal weight. You might as well say that telling messy children to wash their hands and clean up their rooms is the reason why people with obsessive-compulsive disorder have their illness.

    “you guys are the reason why people turn to eating disorders instead doing it right. So instead o shaming them maybe you should encourage them to go to the gym”

    Encouraging them to go to the gym is actually most of what we do, and this message is met with nothing but vitriol and aggression.

    Witness the overwhelming negative response that “Fitness Mom” Maria Kang got when she advocated precisely that: Health/ buff-mom-whats-excuse-post-sparked-fit-shaming/ story?id=21098748

    “I guess it’s a lose lose situation because last night while I was at the gym with some friends, some guy said he thinks the gym should be only for men no women allowed”

    Now you’re conflating a random dude’s wish for a male-only workout space with the idea that he doesn’t think you should work out. I bet if you asked him about the specific idea of women exercising (and maintaining healthy form), he would be all for it, provided it were at a separate place.

    “I lost 20lbs since December the right way this time.”

    I ask myself constantly why I type out responses to hard-headed folks like you, and the answer is that there is still some part of me that believes in the ability of good-natured people to hear a sound argument and change their beliefs. I think your heart is in the right place, but you need to re-think your assumptions in regard to the basic message here, which is that we cannot afford to keep enabling bad behaviors such as gluttony, sloth, and poor nutrition.

    Moreover, I applaud your efforts to get fit, and wish you the best of luck in that goal. Perhaps you can save someone’s life by serving as a positive role model for them and others.

  • Courtney


    I was not shamed for being big at least no one ever said it to my face. I dated football players and wrestlers in high school before becoming anorexic. In fact my husband was a football player/wrestler in high school. I guess the guys I went to school with are more mature then the guy who wrote this. And yes since I started going to the gym I have encouraged other wives to go with me and even being away from where I am from I also encouraged my friends to go just by posting my results and how much better I feel on facebook. All together I have encouraged 5 people to work out and eat healthier. And guess what? No shaming was involved. There is a huge (no pun intended) difference between encouraging and shaming.

  • Amelia

    I’m bi.

    [CensorBot sez: Bisexual = gay in denial.]

  • Gabriel

    “And guess what? No shaming was involved.”

    “And yes since I started going to the gym I have encouraged other wives to go with me”

    Some people actually interpret the encouragement as a form of shaming (I don’t, because it isn’t).

    Nevertheless, positive reinforcements may work for you and your friends, but not for everyone.

  • EA

    Oh he’s just a twat that gets off from that fact that he pisses you all off, winds you up and makes you hate him. He doesn’t care, so why bother wasting your time on this idiot anyway. EA from UK

  • Oi fuck yuu

    Wow Matt. A lot of hate there; dunno why.

    I guess if you’re so incensed about it you can just leave them all to me. The more the merrier ^^

  • Alec

    Does the same go for fat men?

    Also, on 3a, 3b, and 3b, aren’t you confusing correlation with causality? I mean, correlation doesn’t usually imply causality, right?

  • Alec

    (Oops, I meant 3a, 3b, and 3c. Sorry about that.)

  • This is the funniest thing I have read all year! Oh and why the hell are pro fatties reading the blog anyways? I’m sure MCDonalds has a blog or a picture menu . This blog sums it up the reason the USA is going to shit is because now we have to be accepting of everything . Oh heaven forbid someone picks on a fat kid or far chick! Perhaps if fat people felt more ashamed of there fatness they would lose some weight. Bottom line Matt hits the nail on the head fat chicks think they should be accepted and treated like they are not fat. I guess some guys will fuck anything but for me I would rather jack off than fuck a fat bitch!

  • Melody

    this is just down right MEAN! you may as well write an article on why we shouldn’t befriend people with acne or hire individuals with lisps.

  • Tee

    How fat is fat? I am 28 lbs over my ideal weight. I have been more but lost it. I found restricting my food more than I have done already too difficult so I am stuck at size 12- 14 UK. I struggle to lose the weight as I eat emotionally. I am frigid and an introvert and I love food. I felt really bad reading this.

    I am concerned that guys are thinking this about me.

  • Flightfox

    Derp herp. Derp.

    [CensorBot sez: Back to you.]

  • Streletzky

    I like to fuck fat girls.

    [CensorBot sez: Go away.]

  • LaVencia Walker

    We must also keep in mind that obesity correlates with incomes of families. Since less healthy food is cheaper, some families can only afford junky food. Also, some “fat” girls just can’t help it. Body types can be hereditary. For someone who has a rather irregular body type, it may be much more difficult or impossible if it is some type of physical disorder. Your approach was quite offensive and aggressive, and there are many outliers to your statistical arguments. But, it’s whatever; I’m not gonna tell you how to write your blogs, but might I suggest that maybe looking at this from a different perspective. Life for a fat girl is never easy and everything is not what it seems.

  • Kai

    Bouncy bouncy, down the street, I’ve got bone spurs in my feet.

    [CensorBot sez: The human body was not meant to carry that much bulk.]

  • Tess

    I do sort of imagine a fat woman is like a skinny man. It is affected by hormones too and yes you can spend a lot of time in the gym but genes win out. I hear a lot of men say I try to gain weight but I can’t. Short of going to the gym excessively and over-eating to a point where they are uncomfortable those men will always be skinny because they would rather be content than fighting this constant war against their bodies.

    I am not condoning obesity though. I am not obese but just over stone overweight and it is on my boobs, butt and thighs.

    So I think when truly thinking about this argument and trying to consider it from a male perspective , men should think about how quickly they can achieve big biceps and a six pack. It takes work for most men but there are a lucky few who can get there easily. And women who have an abundance of oestrogen are the same- a minority can achieve a trim figure easily but for some it will be a terrific amount of work as the female hormone promotes fat storage. Men with testosterone should really never be fat at all and should be naturally muscular!!

  • anna

    Me fat. You make me sad.

    [CensorBot sez: I would hope.]

  • Lizzie

    Bull fucking shit!! John you are a complete dickless ass hole! Even ignore family members? What if your mother was fat, huh? I guess you would think ” Oh the woman who gave birth to me is fat, I’m never going to talk to her.” . And the whole fat people are stupid? In my high school( the number 2 school in the state) the smartest girl there was a girl 10 times my size (120 lbs)! Oh yeah and as for mental illnesses – have you ever thought, maybe these girls stop eating all together because of shit like this! I can tell that most of the people on here who believe this shit are the reason fat girls kill their selves, hmmm 2014… suicides have risen by enormous amounts… I wonder why? Could this article have had made them want to die? Could this disgusting liable make them want to hurt their selves? Tell me why john ? Give me some good reasons to convince me that your opinion on why the obese should be perpetually ignored by immature ass holes like you? Because honestly you are the living and breathing, solid reason for Anorexia – hope you feel better about your life ass hole

  • Georgina

    What a disgusting thing to say! you are acting like fat women are animals, not human beings! How awful. It is obvious that you are writing this for one audience and one audience only – bitchy people who don’t appreciate personality and value looks above everything else. you must have nothing else to write about if you think this is a good article

  • We love this website at the college I attend. It’s routine for psychology classes to pick apart pieces online that spew this stuff. That’s right, I’m paying $50,000+ a year to read blog posts. Aren’t I a smarty?

    [CensorBot sez: Save your money, go to the gym.]

  • Yowza

    Enjoy that hefty chunk of student loan debt, Megan!

    You are such a smart cookie.

  • anonimo

    Fat girls are screwing up my new life as a single guy. I want to find an attractive, educated and FIT female to build a family with yet when I go out, all I see are obese females. This country is screwed it this doesn’t change because the healthcare system won’t be able to support all the problems created by this extreme obesity.

    As for me, I don’t mind screwing my chunky hookup every now and then but then I have to resort to porn.

  • Billy

    Lets all face reality…forney is right. Fat girls are the worst kind of people. Just from your physical self, people can tell alot about you. Lets see, a fat girl lacks self control, lacks intelligence(or else she would be healthy), lacks motivation and agility, and is lazy. Basically, a fat girl doesnt care about her appearence therefore doesnt care about most things besides her next feeding. Its not just girls, but guys also who want to be in shape to A. Be healthier B. Have hot sex and not barnyard sex C. Dont want to be ridiculed. A fat person is no better than a drug addict. In fact, most drug addicts are more productive. And then theres the fat girls who justify their pigliness. “Oh its gentics” “oh its pregnancy” “oh its my lack of exercise at work” STFU its not that hard to be fit or atleast be a healthy wieght. And these fat girls saying that their boy loves them, good for you. You found someone just as mentally sick as you are. Go eat some icecream fat b i t c h. You dont have to eat your feelings you know. The best tho, are the shewhales who are always talking about losing wieght and never do. Being fat is a hindrance on society and human evolution. Its fucking disgusting all the fatties should be ashamed!

  • Killa

    I’m fat and I wish I could murder you and eat you because I want to eliminate your idiocy from the gene pool.

  • Billy

    I dont think you would want to eat me. I dont have too much fat on me so i’d be too healthy for your tastes. Killa, you are the fat, ugly, idiotic girls we are talking about. Quit posting retaliation posts for you and all your “curvy sistas”. Btw, being fat is not being curvy, its being plump and doughy. Now stfu before i hogtie your fat ass like a barn animal and gag you with twinkies while i shave the bacon off your back to help africa. No class when dealing with zoo creatures and human bowling balls. Roll, roll, roll your ass to college and take some health classes. And start making your “boos” wear condoms so there less piglets being shot out your “wheres waldo” coochie, if he can find it. Hook, line, and blubber

  • Megra

    Wow. I absolutely adore how you make fat women into less than human. I’m glad that you think you know everything. In the interest of helping you learn, I’m 5’2 and weigh 220 pounds, and am definitely not an idiot. I made a 28 on my ACT, am going to college, and have gotten straight A’s my entire high school career. I am definitely not a whore, as I have had boyfriends, but am still a virgin. Not because they didn’t want to have sex with me, but because I believe I’m better than that. Also, that huge spill about “shaming” fat women is the most stupid thing I’ve ever read. Fat women eat because they are depressed, shaming them would make them eat more, therefore making them even fatter. P. S. Just because I’m sticking up for fat women, does not mean that I am a diehard feminist, I just find you to be a complete idiot, Matt Forney. Consider this me calling you out on your idiocy. You’re welcome.

  • Mike_Hunt

    It is hopeless to try to love fat women. I do not date women based on their body shape, I go for personality. Yet each time i try to date a fat woman, their esteem problems get in the way. I never make mention of or reply to their comments about how they are “trying to lose weight” or about how they get made fun of. So I try to be genuine with them. Yet, they end up dumping ME because they cannot handle that someone might look beyond their body shape. I am not fat but also not in a position to judge others. Yet they won’t go out with me more than a time or two because of their own self-hatred. Maybe I should start dating women based on how good of shape they are. Every time a fat woman breaks someone’s heart, they are ruining it even worse for the few people who will actually date them, love them, etc…

  • S.R.G

    Roly poly, down the hall, barrelling through the kitchen wall. I’m so hungry, time to eat, then I’ll destroy the toilet seat!

    [CensorBot sez: Thin people spend less money on both food and home repair.]

  • 239

    Dear Matt, The great minds have always been despised and the facts rejected whenever they tried to bring the truth up in its naked form. The useless lives of these people cannot give them mental ability to believe or understand something that pure and obvious. The people prefer to blind themselves with their artificial “truths” so as to make their miserable lives as much comfortable as possible. Their only reaction when someone tries to blow up their comfort zone is to squeal like a pig when s/he gets kicked out of the mud. Only few higher minds have capability to accept and comprehend the truth in its face value. You are fighting a battle for a noble cause. Keep it up!

  • niki

    I love tickling my gunt with my fingertips.

    [CensorBot sez: Ugh.]

  • JW

    I like to bang fat girls.

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  • Ann

    I like to slap my gunt in the shower.

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  • dman

    I fuck fat girls.

    [CensorBot sez: Eediot.]

  • Christopher

    Agree with you Matt, fat women are utterly worthless. I only date healthy chicks with perfect shapes and a flat stomach.

  • F U


  • God

    “F U”, ok, that’s nice. Meanwhile, could you lose some weight?

  • Taisa Lopes

    I wish I could get a handsome white man to make love to me. All I have are these short wetback men with tiny dicks and bowl haircuts.

    [CensorBot sez: White men don’t bang fat chicks.]

  • Jolana

    Why Matt Forney Don’t Deserve to Be Loved
    -because is an idiot and also stupid, skinny freak to know everything. Are u 100% perfect? NO! so fuck u

  • Jolana

    you’re the one who don’t deserve to love. u are really empty…thing. i feel sorry for u. Im sure u had some fat chick and she dumped u and now you are so angry for that. hahaha now we know ur secret u freak….

  • Jenny

    Absolutely disgusting. I will be praying for the poor, evil soul who wrote this. You can judge and discriminate all you want…but, remember there’s someone bigger than all of us who is judging YOU.

  • um

    I weigh 500 pounds.

    [CensorBot sez: Gross.]

  • Mackenzie

    I’m retarded.

    [CensorBot sez: And fat.]

  • Chelsea

    Roly poly, down the stairs, breaking all the kitchen chairs!

    [CensorBot sez: Fatty patty, two by four…]

  • Atarii

    My only problem with the article is your perception of fat women seems to be as sub-human; somehow less deserving of — what? Living? — than thinner women.
    I’m male, and about fifteen pounds overweight, and I’m in an endless struggle to lose weight, always disappointed in myself and dreaming of life with a thinner body. This makes me less sexually appealing, yet if a woman treated me poorly because of my weight, it would be generally accepted, I think, that she is a terrible person. There is a third option (beyond 1. Have sex, or 2. Lambaste) which is do not consider that person a potential sex partner.

    Why the absolute — disparaging and dehumanizing of fat women? I don’t wanna have sex with ’em, either, but I certainly would not spare the anger for their simple existence.

    Can you not be cruel, insulting and rude without being utterly bigoted? Hate? Fine. Anger? Yup. Disgust? Right on! The belief that they should die, and/or be scolded, mocked and ridiculed because they’re worthless? Well– that’s a bit much, don’t you think?
    “Doctor! She’s dying!”
    “Is she fat?”
    “Ahm, well, she’s obese, clinically speaking. What has that got to do with–?”
    “Bah! I don’t have time for that. Get me either a thin woman or a man.”
    “But doctor, she’ll die!”
    “And? She’s fat.”

    Just how much contempt DO you have for fat women?

  • Negro knievel

    My wife is 100 lbs over weight and she waddles when she walks ans farts every time she makes a sudden move!!!!!….. I’m in hell!

  • My gunt broke out into a rash the other day.

    [CensorBot sez: And…?]

  • Awesome article full of brutal honesty, I love it. Skinny people tend to be as brutally honest with themselves in maintaining their dignity. Its no surprise their are so many disapproving replies when taking into account the sheer number of fatty’s these days. The genetics argument is based on a super small group of people that all fatties claim to be attached to. I have nothing against fatties as long as they keep there mouths shut concerning anything to do with health and beauty. Nothing makes me more annoyed than a McFatty telling a hot chick she needs to put meat on her bones, I always quietly tell the hot chick to ignore Jealous Jabba. Ive come to the conclusion that most women are truly delusional, ignorant, and flat out stupid people. They have zero ability to reason and barely manage to hold down a job, all the while blaming the world for every short coming they leave in their wake. Guys, if you want good women, marry outside the country, bring them home, and eventually we shall breed the retards out of existence. Its like abortion, those who participate in their own genetic genocide will be corrected by nature down the road. Gotta love Darwin.

  • Popp

    Fat and not happy.

    [CensorBot sez: Yup.]

  • Negro Knievel

    Once again….we are hard wired to be attracted to fit women and repulsed by obese women!
    Nature/God cuts their eggs off at around 40….. And if they reach that age unfit….we won’t want to fuck them either!!!!……when their tits are big ….we can hump those tits…..when their butt is big…we can try to channel our inner Sir Mixalot….but that grotesque ABDOMINAL curtain of blubber that can actually conceal the vagina when they stand upright…. If only I could figure a way to hump that!….. Yuck…. If someone knows I’m….willing to try.

  • all the skinny girls i found in my life are so much bitchier than the chubby ones ive met, then again ive never met anyone truly obese.
    almost every skinny woman in my life is a total whore and a fucking asshole. except my sister in law.
    my aunt is fat and shes really nice, but she offers me too much cake.

  • #yousalty XD

    I’m 300 pounds and I’m 14yrs. And commenting on a blog.

    [CensorBot sez: I’m telling on you!]

  • Katie

    Roly poly am I. I need more pie.

    [CensorBot sez: Bad for you.]

  • Someone with insight

    Okay, I read this, and honestly? I am, and have been, trying to lose weight for five years. I have not shed a single pound, even though I exercise for an hour everyday, and eat very small portions, I still weight 225lbs. My mother walks 4 miles everyday to and from her work, and then she comes home and eats her only meal of the day, and she is 200. And fat-shaming a girl isn’t going to motivate her, I know from experience, because I am bullied and made fun of everyday by people like you, and it has only lead to me trying to kill myself on three separate occasions. And if “CensorBot” changes my comment, please, make sure that it at least gets my weight right.

  • D

    I am fatty, hear me roar, can’t get through the kitchen door.

    [CensorBot sez: LOL]

  • Thursa

    I am honestly disgusting, I should be ashamed.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes, you should.]

  • I’m a fat, ugly lesbian.

    [CensorBot sez: Get rid of the first two and you’ll get over the “lesbian” thing.]

  • I’m an unhappy, fat, ugly lesbian.

    [CensorBot sez: Go away.]

  • I’m so fat I can’t walk. Somebody fill my crack with caulk!

    [CensorBot sez: What are you, gay?]

  • That Pesky Lass

    I’m a sad fatty.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes you are.]

  • A Real Sockpuppet

    I’m a real man! That’s why I have the exact same email as “That Pesky Lass.”

    [CensorBot sez: Online drag show?]

  • Not and idiot

    when idiots are let loose on the internet. Like me, since this is the SECOND time I’ve tried sockpuppeting on this blog.

    [CensorBot sez: You silly little girl.]

  • Wyatt

    I’m fat and you make me sad.

    [CensorBot sez: Obviously.]

  • spacegoat

    I’m fat and oh so sad.

    [CensorBot sez: Right.]

  • claiming the cross

    This post is very dark! All I can think about is a demon using this guy. People demonic spirits are real and so is hell, and if you were smart Mr. Fornicate, you should know that Sin bring forth Death. You can be the most healthy, athletic person in the world and still catch a heart attack AND DIE and many many other diseases that small, great, rich or poor can contract and die. You can be skinny and dumber than a door knob. Some of you people are so watered down to whats really going on. Educate yourselves and focus on the real enemy. We will all die some day. All of us. Get right with GOD and be born again. You can take care of these bodies all you want, and turn yourself in to a god thinking you going to live forever. But if your not born again, (yolo) your soul and your body will burn with fire and brimstone. Trust me people, Mr. Horny Is dealing with deeper issues than anyone of you can probably wrap your mind around, I’m talking straight wicked. Anyone who agrees with him about this God forbidden blog is closed minded. Not that my words would matter to some, But the end is near. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! You can die today or tomorrow. Where would you spend your eternity? Before I end my little rant, Anyone who say’s that a person doesn’t deserve love is because of how they look, is the ones who never was loved in the first place. For anyone who is sadden by this fat blog, just remember the devil and his demons try to bring you as low as he or they are. Choose life (Jesus Christ) and not this lie.

  • Happy or naw

    I’m so sad, waaaaah.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes.]

  • Nash

    I like it when fat girls smother me with their vaginas.

    [CensorBot sez: Yep.]

  • I slap my gunt to Matt’s awesomeness every day.

    [CensorBot sez: I love it when morons fantasize about my master.]

  • Vermonster

    I love fat women, always have and always will. This entire article is just intellectual devolution, and I fear too many sheep out there will read this and have a few dormant biases about fat women rekindled into an unnecessary hatred towards them… All in all this article is sadly narrow-minded and surely just a hateful opinion. And I fuck fatties because no hot woman will have me.

    [CensorBot sez: Corrected.]

  • Gabriel
  • joanna

    im not really fat i just weight over 30 lbs than wat i should be for my height but you know all my greatest friends arnt skinny AND just because some one is fat doesnt mean they dont deserve to be loved do yu know how it hurts for someone bigger to like some one skinny and that person hates bigger ppl? well do you? and ive been hurt many times cuz i dont wear make up i dont dress nicley as i want to! my aunt was a hot ass woman as a young girl! and she has diabetes now it wasnt cuz she ate! shes a lovely woman who cares for her kids and looks at me like a daughter and she encourages me to eat healthy and i take her advice but like i said id prefer to make all the unhappy big ppl happy than make an ashwhole like YOU who is happy making others feel like crap

  • Rolling down the stairs
    Fatter than fuck
    Waddle like a duck

    [CensorBot sez: Don’t even feel like finishing this.]

  • Not come come across as mean or anything but your article made me laugh. I personally don’t have anything against fat people but really fat women do disgust me. I agree its a double standard and if men are told they are weak if they are overweight and won’t do anything about it then so should women

  • I’m really fat, but it doesn’t matter
    I still want your baby batter!

    [CensorBot sez: Ew.]

  • Elijah Moses

    The comments are a bigger riot than the article.

    I can’t believe how mentally synchronized women are. It’s as if all those comments were written by one person. Have a look fellas! One of those could be yours for life!

  • Elijah Moses

    Luke 21:34

    And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with SURFEITING, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.

    sur·feit [sur-fit] Show IPA
    excess; an excessive amount: a surfeit of speechmaking.
    excess or overindulgence in eating or drinking.
    an uncomfortably full or crapulous feeling due to excessive eating or drinking.
    general disgust caused by excess or satiety.

    verb (used with object)
    to bring to a state of surfeit by excess of food or drink.
    to supply with anything to excess or satiety; satiate.

  • Negro Knievel

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my wife for dropping my standards to unspeakable lows!!!… Now I jump at every chance to go to Walmart because….it feels like a trip to Miami Beach because ….ALL the women at Walmart are hotter than my beast of burden!!!…I’m in HELL!!!

  • Regretful Robert

    Oh my. I am currently recovering from my young and desperate days. A few months ago I made mistake numero uno, I banged one of the land-whales. She obviously wanted a relationship and it made my life hell. Things are looking up now though, I am dating an absolutely gorgeous woman who is also very successful and has a wonderful personality! Hot chicks are people too you know! But fatty mcfat-ass won’t stop texting me and I feel like a total douche ignoring her, but this article was just what I needed to read because it reminded me that treating fat girls like shit is ok. Seriously people are starving to death in this world and you sad about being overweight? Fuck you. Anyways I can’t stress this enough: DO NOT BANG THEM, I learned the hard way and it’d be a shame if other people had to suffer the way I did. They will pester you, latch onto you, embarrass you in public, etc. What starts off as a booty-call ends up turning into a full blown date, they’ll do anything but loose weight to get you to pretend you like them. Please, please, please, save yourself from the misery.

  • jade

    i am fat,and i do agree with john when he said men should stop sex fat girls “if they wouldn’t have them as life long partner”….Personally fat or slim i don’t care if guys like me…i had the perfect body and face straight up to 26 and i was too vein to care about other people.Only thing i was interested in was being the most intelligent of my peers…and even though i never make it obvious my favorite compliment was to be told that i am both beauty and brains.I am obese now and i don’t like it,i know how it happen and i hear and red all i need to do to go back to being “so called beautiful” but apart of me believe being fat is a blessing to me in disguise…I got married at age 23 and i swear submissive wife was definitely not my thing because i thought i was so bless with beauty brain and all, that i don’t have to be nice to my husband most importantly i have a job so if he want to go then go…i don’t think i should have duties and on a daily basis my husband friends tell him how lucky he is to get the whole package in a wife like me …but only my husband face the true devil in me…then few years ago i get pregnant again with 3rd child something i swear wouldn’t happen not because of my shape but because i don’t want to lose power and in dependency (smile) to cope with being pregnant and losing my job i began to eat …i get so fat within 4 month i was like an elephant …but my husband and i have never being happier,now i don’t wear skimpy clothes,i don’t even fantasize about sleeping with other guys anymore and i tremble at the thoughts of losing him because with him i still feel like a size 6… i get a second degree in marriage counselling because i realize how easy i could lose a perfect marriage because i thought i was all that and god break me down to show me that my husband not seeing me through matt forney eyes…”I am CHOSEN” fat or slim am gonna be CHOSEN ;)

  • That’s about right. I googled “I hate fat girls” for some gym inspiration. I’m fat, and my friends are fatter, (and shorter!) So I’m the skinny one, by default. Coupled with a social circle that embraces chubbies, I have little outside motivation to lose weight.

    I kind of wish my bf would be a bit harder on me, and stop insisting on “take out night” which turns into “take out morning” because of left overs. But, he’s skinny, so he wants to pig out, and gets all pouty when he sees me giving myself more meager potions, (or, spending time making a huge dinner for him, without having anything myself) IDK about the shaming, as I’ve never experienced it, but all it takes is a “Weren’t you on your way to the gym?” To get me freaking out and shaming myself more than enough to get me thinking “Omg, he’s saying that because I’m horrible and gross! Get off your ass, self!” No other motivation seems to be nearly as effective, although I’m still looking. He’s just not the sort to say such things.

    Personally, I’m stable enough to not take to heart most of what is written here. Yeah, I know I’m not dumb, but I am fat, and I do need to lose the weight.

    I’m a designer, and the fact is, you see the draping of clothing better on a skinny person, than you do a fat person. The cloth just doesn’t fall the same way, and you can’t force it to. A long, slinky gown, is made for a long, slinky frame. (or at least a short slinky one. The pooling of fabric around the feet has its own charm) It really sucks, not being able to use any of the dress forms available, for myself (and no, getting a bigger one is not a solution. It means that my best designs, are out of my reach, until I shape up.

    Sure this writing is kind of lame, but I live in a country (‘merica) where fat is more of a standard, than a exception, and most people think they are being nice by not mentioning your size. Some times, I have to see a picture taken by someone else (at a not so flattering angle) to shock myself into proper motivation, but even that can be fleeting. Once the brain “gets over” something, it needs a new stimulation to start those feelings again. Maybe a guy yelling “fatty” while I’m on the treadmill is just kinda what I need.

  • Anthony

    The person who wrote this should go Fuck themselves . Piece of shit to write this I have a really good friend thats very upset because she read this you Fucking loser have a fucking heart !!!!

  • Monika

    Some men are into fat, fat porn BBWs #XLgirls plump princess. , if all men hated fat chicks then why would they make fat porn? I met men who are disgusted by skinnies and hard up for Fatties. .. also your racial stereotype of ethnic groups is messed up… Racist people are descusting! There’s also a strip joint in LA called club bounce, all the strippers are obese and club is always packed with dude’s tossing their hard earned cash at them soft fluffy chubbie bunnies . .. chubby chasers are always going to validate the fat chicks pussy because thats what they love. So as long as you got fat loving men you might as well get use to us fat girls … :)

  • Monika

    He is a bald guy with a ugly face, so nope he aint perfect lol

  • Monika

    Then be gay if your so scared of chicks

  • Elijah Moses

    The saddest thing is, this type of comment is the maximum potential of female logic that I have witnessed so far.

  • Elijah Moses

    Some men will sleep with anything. Doesn’t mean the standards of beauty will be swayed in favour of split-hoofed butterhogs. Where did you find time to post that drivel in between rooting for truffles with your snout?

  • Elijah Moses

    I find that women with natural beauty are the kindest.

  • Monika

    Lol , well why be with females if you dislike them so much? sounds logical to me, if your so much more intelligent then me then what solution do you purpose? Honestly I have never in my life met men that think the way you guys do.. it makes me wonder if you have been abused by a female as a child, perhaps your mothers. Or maybe you was one of the nerdy looser type’s in school that could not land a date to the prom lol. And I dont care anyways dude Im to high of some dank ass weed to care lol. 420. So ummmm Yhea m/ XD

  • Monika

    Stupid Jew *Rolls eyes*

  • Elijah Moses

    Hey fellas, if you act quickly you can have Monika for life!
    Hurry, before there’s a line!

  • Monika

    No wonder Hitler tried to genocide you ppl

  • Elijah Moses

    Oh but you do care. Care enough to reply. And you are not female. You’re more of an androgynous javelina than a woman.

  • Monika

    Dude Im married , I dont want haters like U yu descusting Big nose Jew lol

  • Elijah Moses

    How do you manage to type with such greasy fingers?

  • Elijah Moses

    Power tools don’t count.

  • Monika

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  • Monika

    Jews are gross

  • Elijah Moses

    Your vagina smells like a McDonalds drive thru. Bigs macs and motor oil!

  • Monika

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  • Monika

    And u would know how it smells since u ate my pussy last week … yum yum

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  • Monika

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  • Monika

    U havnt been laid in a while I take it, your big Jew nose scares the ladies away

  • Elijah Moses

    How does your husband cope with having to drink bleach everyday to get your taste out of his mouth?

  • Monika

    Yhea just like a dirty Jew to give up on a fight… u ppl are all cowereds !

  • Monika

    Silly Jew people can’t drink bleach its poisonous. .. man Jews are Stupid!

  • Elijah Moses

    Wow I just had a look at your profile picture. Woof!
    I guess you need all that lipstick to mask the herpes.

  • Elijah Moses

    Does spamming a comment section keep you from eating?
    If so, keep it up!

  • Monika


  • Monika


  • Monika

    No talking to animals, I mean Jews stops me from eating because it makes me sick knowing you people still rome the earth.

  • Elijah Moses

    Wow, talk about identity crisis.
    DO you clip your knives and forks to that ring through your lip so you don’t lose them?
    You should have gotten a ring like that through your vagina to seal it shut. Before you start fooling neighbours into thinking they live next to a morgue.

  • Elijah Moses

    Poor little fat girl, poor little fat girl.
    Don’t take your fat aggression out on meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Those twinkies are making you angry!

  • Monika

    I wouldn’t expect somone like your old ass to understand young fashion.

  • Elijah Moses

    I fear what you look like without the makeup if you’re that ugly with it on!

  • Elijah Moses

    That’s not fashion. All that stuff is to draw attention away from your porky pig face!

  • Elijah Moses

    How many pounds did you gain from guzzling all that man malt? I bet your breath smells like a sperm bank!

  • Monika

    Hey Jew I heard a quarter drop. Lol

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  • Monika

    You Jews love your money and Salmon lol.

  • Elijah Moses

    Your vagina seems to love salmon too. Sure smells like it!

  • Elijah Moses

    No my dear, only homeless people eat out of dumpsters.

  • Elijah Moses

    Soooey! Soooey! Hey Monika, did they pin that blue ribbon you won at the livestock festival through that eyebrow piercing?

  • Elijah Moses

    I was abused by a female, but not as a child. I had a look at your picture. That’s abuse enough! Your face is enough to turn Ron Jeremy into Richard Simmons. What a kentucky-fried bushpig!

  • Elijah Moses

    The only thing that will stop you from eating is death!

  • Elijah Moses

    I bet your vagina carries more passengers than the New York Subway during rush hour. And probably smells like it too. I bet you douche with napalm!

  • Elijah Moses

    You look like what Marilyn Manson would look like if he were a duck.

  • Elijah Moses

    Heh. I can see your puny little girly (or whatever you are, some goth shemale perhaps) brain can’t handle the heat. Buh-bye chubsy ubsy. You should get a T-Shirt that says ‘MICHELIN” across your chest!

    Like this guy!
    He looks like you without the makeup and the trendy metallic hardware.

  • Elijah Moses

    Forks, knives and spoons are your tools honey. And boy do you know how to work ’em!

  • Elijah Moses

    You’re about as hot as you are thin.
    The only difference between you and a Porto Potty is, a Porto Potty is cleaner, cheaper, smells better and weighs far far less!

  • Elijah Moses

    You get laid every time a semi pulls into your truck stop!
    I bet you could impregnate the 3rd world with the amount of sperm glued to your thighs.

  • Elijah Moses

    Did you draw that in your spare time all alone in your trailer?

  • Elijah Moses

    “Racist people are descusting”

    “Stupid Jew *Rolls eyes*”
    “U havnt been laid in a while I take it, your big Jew nose scares the ladies away”
    “No wonder Hitler tried to genocide you ppl”
    “U tell me your the dirty greasy Jew not me”
    “Silly Jew people can’t drink bleach its poisonous. .. man Jews are Stupid!”
    “Hey Jew I heard a quarter drop. Lol”
    “No talking to animals, I mean Jews stops me from eating because it makes me sick knowing you people still rome the earth.”
    “Jews are gross”
    “Hey Jew step into my gass chamber lol ”

    -all quotes by Monika


  • Andrew Harrington

    Just shut the fuck up dude. I mean, really, there are certain people in the world that need to be cut off when they’re talking. You’re one of them. You and a small group of men in America can go celebrate your fat women hating, while the rest of us can figure out the actual issue of our obesity issues in the states. Just shut up.

  • Elijah Moses

    May I ask a practical question?
    How do you get someone to “shut up” after they’ve already made their statement?

  • Helmer Mangis

    If you had any idea the kind of emotional damage inflicted by people with attitudes like this, you would be a horrible person for saying these things. They already feel pressured and shamed, and you aren’t helping. I totally thought this was a joke at first. It’s really not that simple. Some people can’t “just lose weight” it’s more than diet and exercise, some families are just larger because of genetics. It really is that much harder for them. Why would you shame someone for their genetics? That is a huge part of what makes an attitude prejudice. And anyway, what do you mean by overweight? Are you talking about people over the weight of 300? Some people call any woman over the weight of 130 fat… Love is not something you deserve. It is something everyone should get just because they are human.

  • Elijah Moses

    In response to your comment, I want you to ask yourself how attractive fat men are to women.
    I rest my case.
    And no, being a “thuper thenthitive” male who’s “in touch with his feminine thide” will NOT get you laid. But keep trying, the friend zone always needs a good sweeping so grab a broom.

  • Lil’ Kitten Girl

    Matt Forney may have been a bit insensitive but he’s totally right. Plus I don’t understand why fat shaming is considered bad and it is okay to participate in fit/thin shaming. At 5’3″, 115#, size 2 after 3 kids, I work hard to stay thin and attractive for my husband. Why? I’m a direct off shoot of his image.

  • Elijah Al Wilson

    The fat acceptance movement is a joke, but men maybe forced to accept fat slobs because in America they are becoming the majority, so American men may need to travel to certain other countries to find a normal size mate if things get worse. The article was right on point if fat men started demanding acceptance, demanding women see them as sexy, people both men and women will just simply laugh at them, I know I would. All men want from women is honesty as to what they like so the man can adjust to whatever it is, where as fat women want to force men to be attracted to them. But they may get their wish when 90% of American women are obese in this Country and men may not have any other choice..

  • Elijah Al Wilson

    Excellent point. My current woman is from a country where fat women are rare. When you see a big woman there, it will mostly be a woman over 50 years old. Men need to stop being desperate and stop banging these fat women during their dry spell. It is making fat women think they are desirable. I would strongly disagree with one thing he said, but I am not going to preach.

  • El

    Although not Asian, my parents are the reason I’m not a fat fuck right now because at age 12 they made me go to an MMA class after I failed to complete 10 sit-ups. And even when I fell of the wagon and didn’t do any sports for couple of months, they still kept telling me I’m fat and pushing me to do sports and eat healthy foods.

    And for that I’ll always be grateful.

  • blueenigma

    I’m thoroughly convinced I’ve stumbled upon a genius. This in not in jest! This type of open and notorious honesty is rarer than a broke Jew.

  • Ryan A. Meeks

    Satire is lame.

  • Katie Rogers

    Dude you are fucking disgusting. Are you joking with this shit? Obesity is a physical and mental health crisis. You can’t shame a fat person into not eating too much just like you can’t shame a herion addict into stopping or cutting down on dope.
    You’re really stupid and mean.

  • Elijah Moses

    “Obesity is a physical and mental health crisis.”

    Agreed, you must be mentally ill to not be able to put down the Big Mac and fries.

    ” You can’t shame a fat person into not eating”

    Yes you can.

    “you can’t shame a herion addict into stopping or cutting down on dope.”

    Yes you can.

    “You’re really stupid and mean”

    You’re fat.


    You also are about as feminine as a construction site.

  • Katie Rogers

    You know nothing about addiction and the brain. Obesity is due to food addiction. And you seriously think that you can shame an addict into abstaining or moderating intake of ANY substance?
    You are completely ignorant and hateful. Your comebacks are hyster. You’re an 8 year old in an adult body. Your best response to being told that you can’t shame an addict into abstaining is “Yes you can!” You should have added “Neener Neener Neener”. I don’t know how much you weigh or if you are attractive, but IF you get laid regularly, your dates must be really really stupid.

  • Katie Rogers

    The Nazi comments are as stupid as this dick brain’s fat comments.

  • Elijah Moses

    “Obesity is due to food addiction.”

    You got dat rite!

    “And you seriously think that you can shame an addict into abstaining or moderating intake of ANY substance? “

    Worked in the old days!

    “You are completely ignorant and hateful”

    And you are “addicted to food”.

    “Your comebacks are hyster.”

    I guess I’m gonna need a hysterectomy!

    “You’re an 8 year old in an adult body”

    That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me!

    “Neener Neener Neener”

    The correct pronunciation is “nah-ner nah-ner nah-ner”

    “I don’t know how much you weigh or if you are attractive,”

    Same as you following this equation for both size and appearance.
    x=Elijah Moses y=Katie Rogers


    ” but IF you get laid regularly, your dates must be really really stupid”

    Who cares about brains if she’s got a ripper bod!

  • Elijah Moses

    It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood
    A beautiful day for a neighbour
    Would you be mine?
    Would you be mine?

    Anything is possible in Katie Rogers’ Neighbourhood!

    Weeknights at 5:30 only on PBS.

  • Kanani

    Ignore him. He’s got no heart or is the one who is psychotic if he thinks he knows what he’s talking about. Please, please IF you try to change yourself, do it only for your health weather it be physically, emotionally, mentally, etc or all. Do so for your own well-being, not to please some true “porker(s)” I.e men like him, because they don’t know what true beauty is. You know who you are, and that’s all you need to be, I feel. Regardless of weight or looks. Karma will soon get his sorry…butt..and he’ll learn eventually.
    Don’t let anyone define who you are.

  • Kanani

    I, personally have total respect for you right now :) I cannot stress enough how ridiculous, immature, shallow, insensitive, etc this man is…it’s disgusting. I cannot even begin to believe that this guy actually thinks he’s right! Obese women deserve true relationships and love from men regardless–women don’t need to change themselves for anyone. No one does. If this guy seriously thinks–along with plenty others, men, female, etc–that obese women and people are mental, psychotic slobs and so on that are only good for…that, then he truly has no heart.
    Don’t let anyone define who you are.

  • Katie Rogers

    Ha ha wow! How do people like you exist? Bye Mr. Forney. I hope something awful happens to you, totally altering your existence and making you fully dependent on a group of people you despise and judge. That would be awesome.

  • Elijah Moses

    “making you fully dependent on a group of people you despise and judge.”

    Don’t relish the idea of having to eat fat people, but in a post-apocalyptic world, you gotta do what you gotta do!

  • donalda

    I am fat-ish mostly in the right places. Does that count? I have a slender waist and ample boobs and behind. I guess some people would say curvy but that has become a stand in for fat.

  • Felicity McNelley

    Lol. You are quite the attention seeker! Sincerely, fat girl who wasn’t always fat :)

  • Elijah Moses

    “Elijah, you sound just as bad ass crazy as the Boy who shot down 7
    people because No woman would sleep with him. I Wonder if you know how
    stupid you sound when you talk? Even though im thin I can say with a
    hundred procent that all coming from you is complete crap. Read a book!
    Dont be mad at woman for your virginity – its truuuly your own fault.
    Peace motherfucker”


    *one-hundred percent

    Read a book!

  • cynic

    10 teams your size? Really? She was 1,200 lbs? You realize that’s more than ½ ton, right? I’m calling bullshit.

    Put down the cheetos and get to the gym, fattie.

  • Wyley

    A deficit of 3500cals = 1lb of weight lost… You my lady only need to cut 500 cals a day to lose 1lb per week.. Unfortunately it is science so your claims are not believable.. You can not use more calories than you intake and not lose weight.

  • Wes Bison

    I am guessing your husband is insecure and doesn’t want you to lose weight in case you gain the attraction of other males… Without that insecurity I’m sure he would love you to achieve a smoking hot physique and not leave him

  • Moonrain65 .

  • Doug Johnson

    OMG!!! This shit is soooo true.. I have always been attracted to fat chicks, and I thought they were suppose to be jolly.. But just the opposite!!! Every fat chick I have been with, has been a freakin nut-case whack-job!!! They ALL have mental issues, one even tried to murder me by feeding me rat poisen in small doses in my food, till it had built up enough in my system, and I ended up in the hospital!!!… The bottom line is, I may like to look at those big beautiful tits, and shapely ases, but I am so DONE with the fatties…. I wont be abused any longer!!!!

  • Brianna

    The reason the rates of mental illness are higher in women, and in fat people is because those groups have to deal with oppressive idiots like you shaming them for what they are. As someone who is underweight, I’ve had to deal with the backlash from the “fat acceptance movement;” I’ve been called anorexic and unhealthy (neither of which are true). Why can’t we stop talking about body image altogether? Men can date whomever they’d like to date without shoving it in people’s faces that they prefer a certain body type or another. If it wasn’t in the forefront of people’s minds, maybe they’d actually be doing something productive instead of puking up their stomach contents in an effort to get a body that will be accepted by those around them, a body that will “look sexy in a selfie?”

    You are scum. The reason for the high rates of mental illnesses in women is because uneducated swine like you open their mouths.

  • Cobbett

    Ha Ha…100% bang on.

  • jb

    Wow . So many other things going on in the world. Yet you feel the need to be hateful.You not only showed your honest prejudice but narrow point of view.No need for me to try and change your mind when you so clearly have it made up. Maybe though just maybe you could look at the horros in other parts of the world that is going on and talk about them and get people to do somerhing about it. You have clearly stated your view .Very passionately I might add.Perhaps you could use your passion an do good over bad.I myself would rather at the end of my life know I spent my time and life on something that matters. In place of being hateful to people who are living beings.Though not perfect they feel and have hopes and dreams just like you. You prob enjoy the attention you get from wht you say concerning this topic. Are you proud of it? Yeah id say you are. All people want to be understood and fit in. Is it too much to show a little kindness? Or maybe you have a grudge or are trying to dull some pain and thats why you are lashing out as you did above. Or maybe you just like being unkind and hurting others. We have only one life. Im going to do good with mine.

  • jerome

    leave her alone you fucking bully youre only concerned with dissing women were you abused as a child they called you ugly? dog your telling her to lose weight when that obese fucking jewish nose of yours must weigh at least a ton. you a pussy dissing a woman and what makes it even more pathetic is that your behind a keyboard.

  • jerome

    dont listen to em you look hot hes jealous that his imginary girl dont look as nice

  • Elijah Moses

    She’s not going to sleep with you mate.
    No matter how hard you come to her rescue.
    P.S. Learn to spell.

  • Gabriel Returns

    ….after horrifically devouring two members of our dwindling platoon
    in one gulp, the lard monster lurched toward us at full steam.

    I’ll never forget what happened next. In his last act of earthly defiance, Corporal Jimmy stood directly between us and the monster, methodically unloading the last few shells in his trusty Benelli M4.

    Blam. Blam. Blam.


    Blam. Blam. Blam.

    Somehow he had managed to cobble together functional ammunition
    from discarded shell casings, half-broken primers and bits of assorted metal
    detritus. It was enough to buy us another seven seconds.

    I never saw him get devoured, but the scream, seared into my
    memory to this day, told me all I needed to know.

    “Oh Jesus, I think we just made it mad!”

    I turned around to see the abomination upon us again, bits
    of razor wire and chain embedded in its bloated, corpulent visage…

  • Gabriel Returns

    Fat shaming. It’s there to save your life.

  • jerome

    ive got a girlfirend you twat i was just disgusted by all that shit you talking

  • Chloe

    After reading this its just seem that men are just pissed off because no one is sticking up for fat men. This whole article is one mans close minded opinion and all his fat girl hating sheep hanging to his every word. You need to do more reseach before writing articles like this because the article has as much worth as a white dog shit. Any men reading this please think again before agree with this get to know a girl before judging her on her size and any thick girls agreeing with this work on your self-esteem, just because you have more meat than other girl doesnt mean you are worth any less

  • Courtney Marie Truscott

    I lost 30 lbs from September to May. I have gained 7 lbs of it back because I am pregnant (it’s all baby weight because it’s all in my stomach area). I have been a big girl my whole life even of I tried to lose weight I can’t seem to get past 165. I lose weight slower than most people. On top of getting stuck at 165 I end up pregnant each and every time I start to lose weight. I am currently pregnant with baby number 4. I am NOT an abusive mother, hell I don’t even spank my kids (my husband does that). I clean house everyday none stop. I have never cheated on anyone but have been cheated on. I Am A Very Happy Out Going person, Ask Anyone Who Meets me. I am also very smart. I just graduated from college to be a pharmacy technician AND a medical assistant all while taking care of 3 kids and taking care of the house work. So don’t put all of us “fat girls” in your stereotype. Thanks have a nice day.

  • Elijah Moses

    Too bad your mom swallowed whatever part of you that would have learned to spell properly.

  • Shannon Giguere

    go fuck yourself. No, really. You and your hand will make a lovely couple. Good luck finding someone who actually wants to spend time with you. Shaming people will do nothing but piss them off, or make them crumble. I can’t even come up with the right words to describe how disgusted I am.

  • GetItGoing

    The irony is that these same obese women expect to get a handsome, slender man more often than not.

    As expected, the female agenda shows a bit of disillusion and an incredible double standard. They shame/harass thin women, all while playing the victim role. Nothing new, of course.

  • GetItGoing

    Not everyone gets to be attractive to others just because they’re human.

    I have no interest or sympathy for fatties. Will I give positive encouragement to those men & women who want to lose weight? Absolutetly. To lazy, self-entitled fat people? NO.

    I define obesity as the point at which a woman has “jelly arms” and/or I am no longer attracted to her. It depends on the individual but a good rule of thumb is above 20% body fat and that’s entering the “no-go zone.”

  • GetItGoing

    Oh hell! White knight alert!

  • tinker76

    Probably got a small dick

  • Jessica Leigham

    As a big girl myself, I read this while laughing my butt off. “Big girls are sluts”
    You’re not serious,right? Because many guys asked me out before, the fact that I don’t like them makes me stop talking to them. I am pretty, I am a college student (psychology major). I work two jobs,and one of them is in a fitness center, I don’t feel like any of the people working out intimidate me. Being sexy has nothing to do with being skinny. I have a lot of skinny friends and I love them so much, I never complain about my weight, except to my doctor, because it has been almost 5 years since I have been taking medicine to regulate my period. I have it once a year, and when I finally do, it feels like i ‘ve lost 20 pounds. My tits are not even big. I was a soccer player at the age of 11 to 14. So I am pretty OK if a guy thinks my vagina is not good enough for his “thing” it’s just one less problem without you.

  • J. Russell.

    Anyone else find it kind of hilarious that the side-bar to this rather polemic and emotionally-dominated piece is filled with ads for BBWs?

  • Helmer Mangis

    They don’t have to be attractive to you in order to be valuable. And they don’t have to be attractive to you in order to have something valuable to teach you.

  • GetItGoing

    They don’t have anything to teach me outside of platonic friendship, etc. Which even that I’d have my doubts about, given the easier life females have than males anyway.

    The harsh truth is, in society and human civilization, less attractive women (and men, but different factors) are considered lower value . That’s life.

    Not interested in pursuing obese women,period. I prefer a woman who has more self control and motivation.

  • Mincing Rascal

    Look, I’m a woman and let’s be real here. Women exist only in men’s eyes as something to fuck. Fat, skinny, black, white, y’all don’t give a damn because there is ALWAYS something you can use about women’s appearances to screw with their heads. No man gives a shit about a woman as a person, and a woman is retarded if they believe differently. So basically, no matter what you do, men will still use your looks, weight, whatever, as a weapon. So be confident and live your life how you want. I’m not fat or ugly or anything but I learned this at a young age because people (men AND women) are cruel and love to tear others down. Don’t play their mind games and don’t allow them to manipulate you! Oh and in my experiences, women are far more cruel and judgmental to women than men are. Men just want to fuck you, or if they don’t find you fuckable, they ignore you, it’s rarely anything personal. Women want to destroy you. As long as you know this, they can’t touch you.

  • GetItGoing

    It is his, and any other man’s, option to ignore or not engage with anyone they choose to. Women do precisely this already, and to a far greater degree in some cases.

    I find it fascinating to hear another male chastise other men, labeling it as “abuse.”

    White knighting is not a good way to live, and won’t earn you anything in life.

    A man should make his own choices and pursue the type of woman he’s attracted to, not pursuing undesirable women because other men or feminists would shame him into doing so. Attraction is not negotiable.

  • GetItGoing

    Good for you. However, in general, obese people are that way because they do not put effort into eating right, physical activity, and so forth.

    I’m not interested in obese women, period. They are unattractive.

  • GetItGoing

    I’ve seen the opinion that women who are 6s, 7s, or 8s are the worst as they’re hit on the most, and 9s & 10s are actually often more pleasant as ironically they’re not hit on as much.

  • GetItGoing

    You shouldn’t be surprised at all. This is par for the course in rationalization for women who subconciously know they are less desirable.

    Talk about hamsters gone crazy.

  • GetItGoing

    Yes you can. In asian cultures that’s exactly what they do.

  • Elijah Moses

    Spoken like a prophet. Bravo!

  • Elijah Moses

    T.S. to the poor victimized sweat hogs. Reality never bent for the vagina once.

  • Elijah Moses

    I thought wimmen were supposed to be strong and independent. Guess you still need men as your own personal emotional crutches. Get over yourself. Offense is subjective. Matt has every goddamned right to say what he wants. You don’t like it, go have a quarter pounder and a smile and sod off.

  • Elijah Moses

    Keyword: friend.
    Give that zone a good sweeping. You’ll be there for a while.

  • Elijah Moses

    More for me! :-)

  • Elijah Moses

    It must have taken you ages to download that white horse you rode in on. What’s the matter, not as strong and independent as you pretend to be? Save your pennies and stop buying into pop psychology. Too bad if the little cunt can’t take the heat.
    Now, I’d love to point out the irony in your comment but that would require you to scrape the inch thick layer of dried cum off your monitor and stop tossing off to that goth pigs picture.
    Stay white, knight!

  • Kate

    If you’re not losing weight you’re eating too much. Period.

  • Kate

    I’m a woman and i hate fatasses! Both genders

  • Elijah Moses

    Bless you my child.

  • Patty Flores

    Are you a skinhead? Your profile cartoon just screams white supremacist. Your unjustified prejudice seems to be right on the money. Prejudice is prejudice and it’s your opinion. I’m sure that there are plenty of women who don’t find your faux huevos to be attractive.

  • Elijah Moses

    I am sure I’ve seen black people with shaved heads.

  • Sarah Joanna Mae Paulson

    Wow you truly are a sexist idiot. I hope your testicles fall off and shrivel.

  • Joe

    There’s tons of reasons misogynistic men pursue women.
    Here are a few:

    personal maid and chef
    someone to control and tell what to do
    someone to bear their children and take care of them
    punching bag
    something to complain about
    ego validation
    god hates fags

  • armenia4ever

    I havent laughed this hard at the comments in an article in ages.

    All publicity is good publicity in the blogging world.

    We do need to address the obesity epedemic in men and women. If you are very overweight you are hurting yourself and your future. To list a few:

    – higher costs for your healthcare
    – you will have to settle for a lot less on the dating market
    – you will have less energy, feel worse throughout the day, and accomplish less.
    – You will have a shorter life span.
    – the later end of life will be spent in sickness from the obesity. It won’t be pleasant.
    – people will treat you differently. Attraction does matter in the workplace. (studies have proved it)

    For your own good, get fit! Excuses, no matter how valid, will not improve your situation and the opportunites you should be getting in life if you were merely in better shape.

    So get out and exercise, not for other people, but for yourself!

  • Jessica Catherine Lane

    Unfortunately I agree and also disagree with some of the things said here. I myself am an overweight woman, but unfortunately that cannot be helped, due to a medical condition. I know, a lot of men and women alike all scream that it isn’t real, and I should just get to the gym, blah, blah blah. But, I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which is a real condition.

    Your thyroid is basically what makes your body’s chemicals to create fat content. But with sufferers of HT, there is no control over that. Imagine you’re in a car, and your foot is pressed down all the way on the gas, but you’re only going 20 mph. That’s how the people(men and women alike) are with this disease. Without multiple medications a day, this disease will kill those who have it.

    Anyway, the things I agree with are that yes, some bigger women are sluts, no doubt about it. Because they think that getting men into bed makes them feel beautiful and sexy. But it just makes them a whore.

    Some big women are very nasty, and they blame it on “society” for making them that way. Bull. It’s because they’re unhappy with themselves. I personally love to laugh, and get other people laughing with me.

    What I don’t agree with is ignoring “fatties”. We’re people, too and we want to be spoken to. No one wants to be ignored, and with some women, thick or thin, that’s just it. It doesn’t mean we want in your pants, guys. We just want an intelligent, worth while conversion at times. I’ll admit it right here; I’m a virgin and 27. It’s not because I haven’t had offers, I’ve had plenty. But does that mean I’m going to jump into bed with every man I meet? No. I have more respect for myself, as should all women.

    Fat women are unintelligent. That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Not all of us are. It’s just the same with skinny women, not all of them are Albert Einstein. I know plenty of thick women who are smart as a whip and can talk about literally anything from politics, to fashion.

    So, that’s my comment. Agree with it if you want, or don’t and tell me your opinions. I want to hear what you have to say in return.

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  • sanane

    YOU don’t deserve to be loved.

  • Janik Litalien

    This article has rekindled my love for Al Bundy…time for a youtube break :)

  • Mike Gavin

    they don’t DESERVE shit.

    You want equality with me? Sister, if
    you want equality you’ll be expected to WORK for what you get. Nobody
    deserves anything. You get what you pay for. and you earn that pay.

    I work my ass off at the gym. I eat right. I look good according to females.
    Before I did those things, I didn’t.

    Work + discipline = reward.

    author is pointing out the hypocrisy of the anti-fat shamers. Keep
    stuffing your face with carbs, sugar, and processed food, and
    continually be baffled as you keep growing.

    Or, simply stop eating sugar/carbs and watch the weight melt away.

    And you don’t have to starve or kill yourself on cardio.

    The thing is, that the most beautiful thing in the world to a man is a female body aged 18-26.

    It takes a lot of effort to ruin that.

    about it. To be ‘hot’ a guy has to look like Fight Club Brad Pitt,
    which takes incredible discipline and effort for the majority of males.

    To be hot, all a woman has to do is to maintain her healthy weight. But somehow, they can’t seem to do it.


  • Marie

    Okay, this article is just
    wrong. I’ve known so many good people who are fat, fat people who are
    jerks, normal people who are awesome, normal people who are assholes, skinny
    people who are nice, skinny rude people.
    There is an extremely wide range of people in the world man. You
    can’t just categorize all fat girls into crazy chicks who deserve to be treated
    as less than the scum of the earth. Everyone has flaws, everyone has issues.
    We are all people. We all have differences, differences of
    opinions, different mindsets. If you are not attracted to fat chicks you
    don’t have to bang them…but trying to convince the world that they are
    undeserving of love is wrong. The only people in the world who are
    undeserving of love are those who don’t want to give it. AKA you.
    It’s this kind of thinking that leads to the hatred we see so much of in
    the world today, the rioting, the fighting against discrimination. Just
    live your life, do what you want, make your own choices, bang only skinny
    chicks, but there’s no need to discriminate against the fat people to the whole
    world. It’s already everywhere. Hell, I’m a 5’6″ brunette 23
    year old woman that weighs 120 lbs, and I would say that I’m pretty easy to get
    along with. Yet, I still get the insults, the horrible name calling, the
    ignoring, the abuse….from both men AND women.
    Equally. No one can please everyone. Fuck man. You hardly
    see anything positive anymore in the world. Life is tough enough as it
    is. Stop hating. What are you trying to accomplish here? The
    segregation of all fat chicks from the world? Fat people of this world do
    not need to read this. There, I’ve said my peace. You can now troll all you want.

  • Juanita

    You do understand some people struggle deeply with shedding even a single pound?Illnesses,medications,stress, are only a few things that cause weight to grow and or stay the same.I understand this is only stating your opinion and I respect that.But its as if your implying all guys named Matt hate women.You can not judge obese,chubby,round,thick (what ever you’d like to call it) sluts,or liars just because of maybe a few bad experiences.A white guy shot up a movie theatre,but i dont duck and hide when i see a white male entering a movie theatre.So maybe if its possible,take it down a notch.

  • Elijah Moses

    Thank you for enumerating all that women are good for. Now if you are able to find your wife’s keys in her purse, may I kindly suggest you detach your testicles from them. You’re going to need them when she’s banging hot alpha males and you’re left with that and your insufficient cock in your hands. If only you beta providers knew how pathetic you look to both real men and the women you worship.

  • Elijah Moses

    The author is not responsible for the feelings of anyone. So if there are any butterhogs who after reading this article decide to purge, I say, don’t let the toilet seat hit you on the way down.
    Keep the sweat hog population down.
    P.s. women weight shame men all the time. We don’t create any fat acceptance movements, we improve ourselves, that is the reason men invent and build societies and the reason women do nothing but consume resources.

  • Driver

    You are doing something wrong or you’re not being honest with yourself. There is no way that if you are doing it the “right way” then you should be either losing weight or at least changing your physique. Five pounds is five pounds but it comes in different forms (sizes). Fat takes up more space versus muscle so you should look (and feel) different even if your weight is the same. I have a feeling that many women try to do this on their own and often fail….you may need to seek at least a little professional advice. It’s all about discipline as well.

  • Driver

    There are plenty of doctors who advocate for losing weight. The problem, today, is that women want to set the new bar for being fat or overweight. You are not professionals in the field so your opinion does not matter. It’s unhealthy to be at a certain weight based on very good medical reasons. Stop trying to change the narrative to fit your needs.

  • Driver

    No. Obese women owe it to themselves to take care of themselves for a healthy life….that’s it. It has nothing to do with love. I take care of myself, I workout and I eat right. I’m not going to hook up with someone (aka love someone) who is as big as a house (and I know it’s unhealthy for them) just so fucking women can feel better. Again, stop trying to change everything because it hurts your feelings. Grow the fuck up.

  • Driver

    That’s because they all read from the same delusional playbook. To advocate that it’s ok and healthy to be obese or fat is ridiculous. No one is going to shame a girl with a few pounds but many of these women (tanks) are too big (and they know it). It hurts their feelings so they’re trying to set a new bar. It ain’t happening. Get on a program, get healthy and lose some god damn weight. Put the chips down.

  • Driver

    For a very few it’s a mental problem…for the rest…they are just fucking lazy (riding the bus). It’s easier to find an excuse to not workout, exercise, run, etc….and just eat a bag of chips. These women consume too much and burn too little. I bet if we made them chase their IPhones they’d lose a little weight. More women need to come to grips with this obesity bullshit myth…it’s all a lie.

  • Driver

    Stop eating the wrong foods and you’ll stop being addicted. We found this to be the case with cigarettes awhile back. The wrong food is addicting…so stop eating at McDonalds, stop eating chips, etc…and eat better food.

    It’s really that god damn simple.

  • Driver

    Fat women can eat all they want when being depressed…it just depends what they eat. Since you are intelligent, then you need to pickup a few books on nutrition and learn the facts. Certain foods burn off faster, some foods stick, some don’t, etc…..learn and teach others. It’s really a bullshit excuse to be that big. People can change if they really want to change.

  • Driver

    Stop white knighting for women. Women get a free pass to talk about any particular subject in the states but as soon as the tables are turned they bellow and moan. Put down the damn chips, eat better food, workout, exercise everyday. Less in, more out (burn it off). It’s bullshit that these women are treated like special snowflakes and it’s not that healthy to be that big (ask any doctor). Again, stop setting the bar so low for fat women.

  • Driver

    It’s another double standard by the feminist narrative. It’s ok to shame women who are model thin or too thin…but when you hit a fatty, lookout. It’s not healthy to be too fat or too thin. But let’s not make up special “no contact” rules for the fatties. It’s bad….work on it.

  • Driver

    Some interesting points here. I have to agree with a very small amount of women having a special condition but for most it’s either they’re too lazy or no real commitment. Eating the right foods (always) and exercising daily is the easiest way to be healthy. I don’t mean exercising as in walking from the couch to the fridge, either. I have never seen so many overweight marathon runners in my life (are they running?). Probably, not…so they stay that big. Let’s be honest here.

  • Driver

    I agree. A 6 is the worst (she usually thinks she’s a 9). I like to bring them back to earth when I pass on them. Ugh, the attitude alone…forget the looks.

  • Driver

    You’re doing something wrong if you’re walking everywhere but you’re still that big. You probably need to change up your diet, the amount (intake) or both. You can’t possibly be that big, eating right and exercising. Like I said…be honest with yourself and stop rationalizing.

  • Driver

    But we’re giving all of the latest women’s magazines and articles (from the last 2 decades) a pass on fat shaming and cyber bulling, right? Of course, it’s always a man’s fault. The hamster runs wild.

  • Driver

    and if you had actually read the entire article he places your condition in the minority. It has nothing to do with your size but more to do with the excuses, bullshit and mindset. You’re telling me that all of these obese women have “medical conditions” and that’s why they are all obese? It’s pure nonsense. They are rationalizing why it’s ok to eat a bag of chips, not exercise and sit on the couch…it other words a piss poor excuse. Would you believe it if you started to see a bunch of fat guys – they all have medical conditions? No, it’s pure bullshit. Stop giving them a pass and start making, at least some of them, responsible for god’s sake.

  • Driver

    Women are trying to set a new low bar for being obese…it’s not going to happen. There is plenty of information online and any doctor is available for the information. Both will give you an idea of a healthy weight at a certain height. Women need to stop with the bullshit of trying to “redefine” the word obese (or fat). A small group may have a certain medical condition…the rest of the women are just fucking lazy (no drive, no discipline).

  • Driver

    Women do the same bullshit. Women have a list a mile long that men have to meet (requirements). Stop with the nonsense, stop with the bullshit. You all do it as well (i.e. many will not date a short guy – under 6 feet tall). Women just get pissed off when they get called on their bullshit.

  • Driver

    It’s really a matter of finances. I can’t afford to feed a fat chick.

  • Driver

    This article was spot on. I used to think that fat women had to have some type of personality because it works for them (versus a very thin 9 or 10 with a bad attitude). But, I’ve found out that a fat girl can have the worst attitude (entitled) of them all. It’s really pretty sad.

  • Elijah Moses

    Well when they are on a hospital gurney they can tell the doctor with the defibrillator how comfortable she is in her own thick skin.

  • Elijah Moses

    Naturally beautiful women are better. Fat women and short women are the worst because they’ve mostly been ignored by men. If you’re gonna date fellas do not date down. The check has to look better than you do. Lol.

  • Mariana

    Late as fuck, but oh well. I found this article very funny, and the comments hilarious. I do feel, (and with that said of course this is an opinion coming), that fat woman victimize themselves for being fat, when let’s be realistic, it’s your fault. I’m fat myself and to this day I hate the emphasis of Big and Beautiful. Yes I’m beautiful, and yes I’m big, but don’t use those two words to describe yourself, it just comes off as you trying to hide the fact that you’re insecure. This article is fucking hilarious because of course there’s facts, but it’s also some “closed-mindedness”, prejudice views and just dumb shit. DUMB AS HELL, who is this guy, like this bitch right here needs the award for “dumbassness”. Yup I make words up, but anyways I’m a realist and fat woman everywhere need to stop being victims and pity themselves for being fat and weird. I’m fat and hey, that’s just the way it is, am I sad …..nope am I happy….nope… I mad…..nope……am I flatline emotioned…….yes, so shutup and kick yourselves for getting so angry. (I can’t say kill yourselves, because you psycho people might do it forreal)…..but peace out I’m gone.

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  • Vanilla Dazzle

    no one has to stick up for fat men because no one bashes them fat tolerance for men is already higher.

  • Vanilla Dazzle

    It’s metabolism and when you get older it slows down. Don’t listen to the haters

  • letsberealtea

    *Serious advice in this post for women who want to lose weight*

    Women need to do WEIGHT TRAINING, some muscle looks good and burns more calories all day. more muscle = more calories burned.


    Lift some weights (SQUATS PLEASE, legs are one of the biggest muscles to build on woman, and adds alot to the physique, not to mention the booty), use the cable machines, it will be twice as effective as doing medium cardio. (I am not saying do no cardio, but do not focus on it… look at long distance runners… they are skinny and lanky, not attractive)

    educate yourself on how to eat healthy.
    Just because you ate a “small portion” of potatoes (all simple carbs, which turns into glucose, or sugar) with a tiny bit of gravy (tons of fats/saturated fats)
    and a small portion of fried chicken (chicken literally boiled in fat) does not mean you achieved anything. In fact, you need to eat the proper ammount of healthy foods. Try cooking chicken 3-4 times a week, and steak or pork no more then 3 times a week (red meat is fattier).

    The worst culprit is DRINKS. Drink more water. In fact, make it a commitment to drink one bottle 16.9oz of water, for every other drink you have AT LEAST. Do not drink more then 2 cans of soda a day when you are trying to lose weight or preferably ever.. Do not drink tons of juice, it has tons of sugar, also consider doing 2/3’s juice and 1/3 water. Juice is very sweet and you won’t hardly notice the difference.

    Stop eating snacks that are all carbs that turn to sugar. the best example of carbs is breads.
    In fact, do not ever eat snacks unless you are going 6 hours+ without food.
    If you have to eat a snack, eat something like peanuts.
    Do not eat vegetables with ranch dressing (ranch = spiced mayo, all fat)
    Do not eat potato chips.
    Do not eat cereal.
    Do not eat crackers.
    Avoid bread as much as possible. That end of your deli meat sub with no meat and a bit of mayo? throw it out, I know it’s tasty, but it’s carbs and fat.

    I can not emphasize enough how much water is important.
    Drinking more water = drinking less chit that makes you fat.

    People drink diet green tea and diet sodas and all this chit instead of water.
    You need water for your body to properly work. Your body will make you appear fatter if you do not take in enough water, as it will hold water.

    Hold the mayo on your food, or ask for very little mayo.
    Avoid mayo and ranch at all costs.

  • Brian

    Disgusting not descusting. So i can’t hate a gross bag of fat, but you can hate on big nose jews? I think i found a cunt, it’s “U yu”

  • Brian

    FYI, you aren’t hot. You have racoon eyes and stringy lesbian hair. I hate how you look. Maybe a smile and face without tattoos and piercings would help. Also, it’s coward, not cowered.

  • Brian

    As a formerly active heroin addict, yes, you can shame an addict into stopping. If my family and friends just looked past my addiction and pretended to be ok with it, i never would have stopped. There would have been no way, no motivation to stop. If badd things are socially acceptable they’ll never go away. As an addict, i needed to know without a doubt thatg my behaviour was unacceptable and that if i wanted to be treated well by others and live happily, i needed to ennd my destructive behaviour, and guess what, i did over 3 years ago.j

  • Rope

    I can’t take this guy seriously omg I’m laughing so hard ‘girls today are sophistic’ ‘fat girls are stupid’ omfg slay me is this a 12yo who gets teased at school

  • Katie Rogers

    I am a recovering Alcoholic- sober 11 years. I got sober after nearly losing everything in my life including my self respect. No one could have shamed me into getting sober because I didn’t care what people thought. It’s when I became disgusted with myself that I was willing to get help. I could not do it on my own, I tried again and again.
    What a food addict needs is to hit a bottom and then get in to a program that helps them be accountable for their actions. The key is willingness and liking oneself just enough to follow the directions and accept the help of others who have been successful.
    I’m not pro-fat. I’m pro-recovery, and that approach in no way encourages shame. It encourages personal responsibility.

  • Caity

    I find a lot of your articles to be painfully one sided. I’d love to hear your thoughts on fat men, how to take a man home and the 5 reasons why men with tattoos and peircings are broken. In addition it might be nice to read something positive about accepting who you are as a person and how to express yourself.

    Generally I’m just concerned about your views on women. Do you even like them? It’s fine if you’re not into sexually attracted to women, but nobody ever got anywhere by being quite so negative.
    You’re allowed to express your opinions and do whatever you want with your social media and we have every right to unfollow you in return. But since your recent tattoo article has been making the rounds on social media it found it’s way to me.

    I obviously took offense to your views on women, which is why we’ll never be friends but I just hope that you find some happiness and positivity in your life. Maybe it’s time to reevaluate. You’re a “world traveler” like me so I would expect being subjected to different cultures is eye opening and gives some perspective. Maybe you still need a little soul searching on your end. I wish you the best of luck on discovering yourself and more importantly understanding others’ way of life.

  • Christianna Bonk

    I think bald men don’t deserve to be loved

    because they’re bald.

  • Elijah Moses

    Women don’t like bald, fat, short, carless, non rich, nice guys who live at home.

  • Elijah Moses

    You overestimate your value and influence.
    Move along then.

  • LadyViking

    Why Matt Forney Doesn’t Deserve to be Loved:

    1. Stop Banging Him – We’ve all slept with a douchebag at one point or another, because sometimes things happen, whether it be a dry spell or a rebound, whatever. However, this is one thing that keeps complete ignoramuses like Forney believing that they are right and serve some meritorious purpose in the world. They think that they are indestructible sex machines that everyone wants, and spend way too much time on their appearance and biased outlooks than on things that actually matter to the people they are trying to sleep with, like compassion and general decency.

    2. Don’t Interact with Him – I am unfortunately guilty of this one by writing this post. In order to stop Forney and those like him, we have to cease all forms of contact. Don’t read what they write, don’t react to it. If a person acts like a self obsessed douchebag, immediately cease contact. Walk away and ignore them. In the off chance they have not caught on to their offensive behaviors, however, tell them they are being ignorant and disrespectful. If this doesn’t work, leave. However, encourage their ability to potentially build compassion if they are trying to change.

    3. Remind Him That He is Vermin – You should never judge a book by its cover. Because though a person is attractive or not, it does not in any way reflect their personality. Matt Forney is not a bad looking guy, but he is a complete scumbag who really ought to shut up.

    3a. He is Stupid – I think this one is pretty self explanatory. No intelligent person views the world through such a narrow and superficial lens without any ability to compromise. Also, as far as the Wall Street comment goes, half of the CEO’s in the United States are overweight. Do your FULL research, not just the bits that serve your personal goals.

    3b. He is Unpleasant – Again, another rather self explanatory point for anyone who has read ANY of the drivel this man takes his time to write. What kind of pleasant person uses their time to take one specific group, and tack on as many insults as possible? As far as I can tell, no pleasant person does things of that nature. AS much as he complains about the oversensitive girls on Tumblr, I doubt he reads any of his criticism with an open mind, and attacks anyone who doesn’t react exactly the way he does to his articles.

    3c. He is a Slut – In every article Forney writes where he mentions women, he talks about all the different women he has slept with WHILE SHAMING THEM FOR SLEEPING WITH MULTIPLE PEOPLE. By his own definitions of what it is to be a slut, he is one. Also, did you ever think that the overweight girls have more sexual partners because of people like you who use them once and then never call again? Gotcha.

    3d. Child Abuse – I am not willing to call Matt Forney a child abuser, because I have no proof of such things and accusations that serious aren’t something I want to have in my past. However, I do hope for the sake of humanity that this man never reproduces. I believe that if he does have children, there will be a range of emotional issues for them both, since their father is such a narrow minded individual. I cannot imagine growing up in an environment where my father hated me because I was a girl, pointing out every tiny flaw and deprecating my self worth at every turn. I cannot imagine growing up watching my brother taught that women are objects and should be treated and demeaned as such.

    Fat shaming is completely unnecessary and detrimental to the people who fall victim to it.

    And a history lesson while I’m at it: In most of the past generations women who were skinny were often considered better looking and more suitable wives because they were more fertile and therefore better equipped for a successful childbirth. So do some research before you talk about the history of women, you blunt ignoramus.

  • WoollyPants

    Your butt hurt is showing… thanks for showing that Matt is right.

  • Carrie

    I wish I’d read this earlier. I used to take the easy way out (read: the uneducated, lazy way) and just point fingers and tell fat people they were wrong or lying about their exercise and calories when they said they couldn’t lose weight. Then my friend’s dog got fat…

    After forcing the old dog to exercise and diet, it still gained weight! The vet then said it was Cushing’s Syndrome and that no matter the calories, no matter the healthiness of diet, no matter how much exercise happened — Cushing’s will cause sustained fatness and weight gain. Cushing’s also affects humans.

    Look into Cushing’s Syndrome and cortisol and leptin. I haven’t been overweight yet but believe you me when I saw the effects of cortisol, I changed my lifestyle. I don’t want to become what every other standard American is becoming. Even sedentary and overeating, I have friends who aren’t overweight in the slightest because they (and I) keep cortisol in check. Anyone who is uneducated about the real cause behind modern day obesity should just be regarded as toilet paper. Wipe your nethers upon such people, and move on.

    And I am happy your suicide failed; the overwhelming majority of attempted suicides fail, so you are once again right within the margin of perfectly normal. Good luck to you, and remember to eat well for the sake of health, not for being some lesser person’s eye candy :)

  • Carrie

    I cannot find one health or diet expert online who agrees with this. In fact, I find many articles acknowledging that we must eat MORE food/calories to become thermogenically efficient enough to burn calories off. It is sad, outdated misinformation like this that keeps people dumbed down. Fat and dumb, to boot.

  • Carrie

    It’s a safe bet he already made that commitment long before you suggested it… it’s kind of the whole commitment to not liking wimminz in the first place. Remember, straight dudes don’t talk like that.

  • Carlos Q

    You are and your mom are idiots. I’ve been studying nutrition for a year and half now and I can tell you that eating super small portions or worse 1 fucking meal a day will completely cripple your metabolism thus making you gain weight faster (if you wish I can explain this process in great detail). Plus working out for an hour a day is really bad for you because unless your’re on roids your muscles don’t recover quick enough especially if you workout the same body part (which is what newbies at the gym do) so you end up feeling fatigued every day whats worse is that eventually your body gets used to the routine (assuming your’re not using proper intensity) which in turn make you gain weight regardless of how long you workout. Lastly, don’t give me that “fat-shaming a girl isn’t going to motivate her” bullshit. I’m not a girl but I was obese as a child and back then schools didn’t take bullying seriously and let me tell you I got beat up constantly by my bullies it took 2 years for me to realize that I didn’t want to be a punching bag so one day while watching the Simpsons I saw an episode where Homer finds a gym you know that one episode where he’s all like “Gime? Whats a gime” and he eventually works out and becomes fit it was at that instant I turned the tv off and went outside to run then later started educating myself on fitness and nutrition and now 17 years later I model, go figure. Seriously people like you are dangerous because you fill others with your pessimistic and wit-less point of view.

  • Carlos Q

    I enjoyed the article made me have a good laugh and “Life as a fat girl is effectively short-term pleasure, long-term pain” just hits the nail over the head. My only criticism is the word fag in the third paragraph – “tell him to stop being a fag and get in the gym”, dude really?

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  • Errant

    B.S. Just what “chronic” disease gets someone from regular size to way fat longer than it takes to get medical attention? Your size is far more than just the “chronic” disease. Stop blaming other things and start taking responsibility for your own shape. The guys isn’t “judging because they don’t fit an expectation”. People are reasonably judged on their actions. If you are so happy, you wouldn’t be rationalizing like this.

  • Erin

    First off, I didn’t say I was “way fat” as you put it. I have an immune system disorder that requires me to take 14 different prescriptions that all cause weight gain regardless of what you do to try and combat it. I have been dealing with this for approximately 4 years and am seeing a team of doctors in Washington DC and at John’s Hopkins in Baltimore that are trying to find the appropriate care plan. So yes, it is possible to gain weight while you are waiting for the correct medical attention. Testing and coordinating health care plans are not as easy as you believe they are. I don’t have just the sniffles like you assume.

  • Erin

    First of all, I never once stated that I was “way fat” as you put it, I simply stated that I am overweight. Secondly, I have a rare disease called Intracranial Hypertension that attacks your nervous and immune systems causing me to be on 14 different prescriptions that all cause weight gain. I am taking responsibility for my shape, hence the reason I see a nutritionist and personal trainer, like I stated. I have had this disease for 4 years and because it is rare, it gets no funding to do research so only a handful of doctors treat it. Over the 4 years I have been undergoing testing and hospitalizations, both in Washington DC and John’s Hopkins, where all of my doctors are. It is possible to put on weight while you wait for appropriate medical attention, many *men* and women are living proof. This is more than just a case of the sniffles like you are assuming, walk a day in my shoes and you will beg for mercy.

  • Errant

    —First of all, I never once stated that I was “way fat” as you put it, I simply stated that I am overweight.—

    “First of all”, while you didn’t explicitly say “way fat”, you implied it with your criticism of Matt’s article since it refers to demonstratively fat (and not just a little bit over the ideal body fat content). That is just a dishonest semantics argument. Considering that IIH is tied to obesity, your claim is rather dubious.

    — Secondly, I have a rare disease called Intracranial Hypertension that attacks your nervous and immune systems causing me to be on 14 different prescriptions that all cause weight gain.—

    One of the first things that medical science suggests for Intracranial Hypertension (either of the two types) is the reduction of BMI if the patient is exhibiting this (and this is often the case. You would think that it would a consideration for any kind of medical treatment. Furthermore higher BMI is a factor in the spontaneous evolvement IH. Stop trying to blame the cure. Yes… real facts are available to others.

    — I am taking responsibility for my shape, hence the reason I see a nutritionist and personal trainer, like I stated.—

    There a huge difference between “taking responsibility” (to seek help) and “accepting responsibility” (to admit the biggest factor is personal dedication). Anyone can hire twenty experts in every aspect of rehab and not gain one bit of success. The end results matter. It’s like someone saying they are going to the finest driving school to get a driver’s permit. The “end result” is passing the exam. You don’t get bonus points for showing your receipt to the best darn driving school out there.

    —I have had this disease for 4 years and because it is rare, it gets no funding to do research so only a handful of doctors treat it. Over the 4 years I have been undergoing testing and hospitalizations, both in Washington DC and John’s Hopkins, where all of my doctors are.—

    No one has denied that the disease is rare, however, the basics (that the reduction of BMI heavily correlates to a reduction of symptoms) is not quite so rare.

    — It is possible to put on weight while you wait for appropriate medical attention, many *men* and women are living proof. This is more than just a case of the sniffles like you are assuming, walk a day in my shoes and you will beg for mercy.—

    No one has *assumed* it was merely a case of the sniffles. You are applying the usual misrepresentation so you have something to bash.

    What was said, was that there are very few “conditions” that create an elevated BMI that cannot be reduced significantly with a good dose of caloric budgeting. The one you are talking about is one that is entirely responsive to standard BMI reduction procedures. The “shoes” you walk in are the shoes of denial. Beg for mercy? I doubt you understand the level of will-power of the average person. Stop playing the victim. Take responsibility, and do what it takes to get out of your situation instead of repeating the usual, “nobody knows how hard it is” B.S.

  • Elijah Moses

    Look at this little twat who somehow believes she has authority and influence to make these demands.
    Do you have a sheriffs badge and a six gun as well?
    Did they have to customize the trigger to suit your Oktoberfest fingers?

  • Errant

    Whatever you say, LadyViking, or was that —Caity—. ROFL. You’re the same butt-hurt that comes here every couple of days to spew up the same B.S. Get over yourself. Most men are not attracted to Fat women. If they get really fat, then most men are repulsed. All the Matt is a this or a that POS will not change it.

    You’re just trolling and you know it.

  • Meagan Truitt

    Ya you do want to be mean, and the laws of thermodynamics have nothing to do with the human body. It is much more complex. It has mechanisms for guarding itself against your attempts to force it to lose weight that it wants to keep for whatever reason. It can slow metabolism to a crawl for one. You need to get educated and actually learn some science. Garry taubes book good calories bad calories has some fascinating info you might want to avail yourself of. He talks about studies done on a particular strain of rats that are genetically obese. Yes, there are certain genetics that will ensure that an animal or person are obese. I can’t remember the name of the strain but it’s a real type of rat like the sprague dawley rats that are used most commonly. It was found in studies that if dieted those rats lost hardly any weight and once off dieting they gained more weight than if never dieted at all. If they were outright starved they died far before all the fat stores were burned. Their bodies are so genetically programmed to store and hoard fat that they will cannibalize their organs and die of organ failure with lots of fat still on them. The point of all this being that there are very complex mechanisms going on in living beings that control weight. The law of thermodynamics is bullshit. It is very simple and applies only to simply systems like a jet or rocket engine. You are obviously not the brightest bulb on the tree and should keep your mean arrogant hateful stupid mouth shut. You have no caring toward people and no compassion. I’m sorry if you were a used as a child or feel insecure about your pencil dick but the solution to feeling better is not by stomping all over other people.

  • Meagan Truitt

    No that’s not true. The science does not support thAt. What has happened is that what is pushed is really for vanity and discrimination and then the science is distorted and lied about to back it. The excuse it is for your health is used to make it seem noble to starve yourself or harrass others to do that. Read Paul campos the obesity myth to see what the science really says. Yes, there is a point at very high weights when outcomes start to become negative but below that they are not. The group that had the lowest all cause mortality was in the overweight category like 20-40 lbs range. This fits more with instinctual knowledge and preferences that the mentally I’ll modern ideal. 100 years ago and further back skinny women were not considered ideal. For fertility, survivabilty, and beauty plumper was considered better. In some parts of the world that is still true. Sociologists say that cultures develop a desire for what is rare. So the reason emmaciated is valued to day is because it is rare. If you live in a society with mostly immaciated that flips on it’s head and plump becomes sought after. I say in modern society in has more to do with the fashion industry and what is profitable. It is much cheaper to make tiny clothes than larger ones. Your profit margin is much bigger. You can’t charge enough extra for larger clothes even though they cost more to make to get the large profit margin you can from small clothes. Plus those people are mentally I’ll freaks anyway. People in the intertainment arts and fashion industry are mentally ill and have screwed up messed up lives and brains. My husband used to be in theater was a director and left it because of that. He said the rate of homosexual and mentally ill people was sky high.

  • Meagan Truitt

    Eating less doesn’t guarantee someone won’t be fat. Read my comment on the scientific studies described in Gary taubes book good calories bad calories. There really is genetic programming to be fat. Obviously the level of fatness programmed for varies. One strain of rats that has a genetic mutation for extreme obesity actually gets fatter from dieting. It loses very little on a diet and then when the diet is ended and they are put back on a controlled diet., the same one the non dieted rats are on and one which maintains normal weight in rats not genetically programmed for obesity, they gain weight and end up fatter than if never dieted at all. You people who insist that weight is completely under the conscious control of all people are ignorant bigots.

  • Meagan Truitt

    You are not intelligent and you need to pick up a few books and learn some science. Most so called diet and nutrition books are not based on science. They are based on old wives tales. They are based on the kind of science that declared the earth is flat.

    Here are some books for you if you want to get educated on real science:

    A recent discovery is that the human microbiome or population of microbes that lives in the gut has large part in controlling metabolism and immunity. Many scientists are having success causing weight loss in animals and humans just by changing their gut flora. My husbands customers are doctors. My husband is president and CEO of an IT managed services firm. One of his doctor customers is going to seminars at Vanderbilt university on fecal transplant therapy for c. Dif infection and for obesity. You can transfer the microbiome of a healthy person to an unhealthy person through soaking some of their feces in a saline solution so that the hundreds of strains of microbes go into the solution and then injecting into another persons intestines. The widespread use of antibiotics is messing up the human microbiome and probably why people are fatter now than a few decades ago.

    I don’t remember book titles but there are several. You can search on microbiome on amazon and google.

    The obesity myth by Paul campos
    Health at every size by linda bacon researcher and scientist at Berkeley
    Good calories bad calories by Gary taubes. His theory on carbs being the devil that have caused all weight gain is silly but there is still some really good science reviewed in this book. (Which should make him question his theory if he was thinking straight.)

  • Meagan Truitt

    No it’s not because she’s healthy if she’s thin. That doesn’t equate to healthy. It is life long societal conditioning, other cultures and time periods have valued plumper women, even today in other parts of the world plump women are more desired.

    The diet and medical industry have been lying and brainwashing people for gain. The bmi is a joke and not scientific at all!
    Read the obesity myth by Paul campos
    And health at every size by scientist and researcher linda ban on of Berkeley university

  • Meagan Truitt

    And by the way, yes heavier women do get decent men. I hAve an awesome one who dotes on me. I am five 6 and weigh in the 190s. I wear a size 16 pants and a DDD bra. My measurements are 44-33-46. When I was younger I was a little smaller but not a lot. Maybe a 12-14 size. I’ve always had men after me. When I was smaller I even had some say I was too skinny. I think you we are wrong and there are more men who don’t like skinny women than you think. They may not be super open about it because there are enough vocal assholes out there like you to try and make their lives miserable that they don’t talk about it.

  • Meagan Truitt

    Being fat is not the same as being a heroine addict. It is not unhealthy and destructive until it is pretty extreme. In some cases it is not even something that can be stopped because there is a strong genetic component. In today’s society if you are not skinny you are considered fat. What do you even mean by fat? Do you mean the morbidly obese, or the curvy thick girls? Do you mean everybody over a size six or a size sixteen. I’m a size sixteen pants not dress wear much smaller there I guess because my waist is so small. I have big DDD boobs and a small waist and big hips and thighs and I catch men looking at me behind my back all the time. And I have a pretty face. I also eat very healthy no junk or processed or fast food. I have people tell me I’m the most disciplined they know. I get some exercise but not a fanatic. Some kettle bells and walking and qigong and yoga. But in spite of any efforts I make I don’t get much smaller. I don’t eat as much as people thinner than me. Weight is much more complex than you people get. There is a great influence of genetics and other health factors that heavily influence how thin a person has the capacity to be just as how much muscle a person can develop

  • Meagan Truitt

    The thing you don’t get is that not all people who are not skinny, are food addicts. Studies have been done showing many heavier people don’t eat any more calories than thinner ones. Calories can only be lowered so much before you start running into micronutrient deficiency problems. The WHO considers below 2000 cal a day a deficient starvation diet. So these crazy diets of 1000 cal designed to make. Naturally endomorphic body types into ectomorphs are really unhealthy.

  • Meagan Truitt

    I don’t eat any of the food you described. I actually eat a lot of stir fries with a lot of veggies and minimal added oil. Yet I’m still a size sixteen and 180 ish pounds at 5’6. No reasonable amount if excersize or good eating has made a huge change in that. Granted I am pretty muscular and have it in the right places, really big boobs and but and thighs and small waist and stomach. I’m not just round and roly poly looking. And guys stare at me. I’m not an amorphous blob.

    Maybe you think I should lower and lower calories and jack and jack exercise until I get to a size six but I just get sick when I do that so I’m not going to. Why should I? I feel well and have always had all the attention from guys I want

  • Meagan Truitt

    If you’re so great why do you put a picture of brad Pitt or whatever actor look alike that is on your profile? What cha hiding?

  • Meagan Truitt

    My husband has his love handles. He’s got a belly but I’m very attracted to him. He is a kind, caring, loving person. That makes him far more attractive than you even if you have washboard abs. You are truly an ugly, ugly person. Have at it. You go find someone as fit on the outside and as butt ugly on the inside as yourself, if you even are fit on the outside. You could be a complete troll and liar for all we know. Go find someone who is vain and self absorbed and doesn’t give a rats about you except what is in it for them.

  • Meagan Truitt

    Chivalry will get you the love of a woman. You’re crap ass attitude however will get you a piece of ass and that’s it. It’s obvious that women are as disposable and dispensable as toilet paper to you. You will stick by a woman as long as she looks perpetually 20. You can’t deal with reality where people age, bear children have major life challenges like health crises, financial problems and can’t devote their lives to looking like a super model. People age, they get wrinkles and they gain weight. If you want love and a life partner you better grow up. You will age and gain weight most likely or at least your firmness and youth.

  • Meagan Truitt

    She already had attention from males. So have I always. I am very curvy. Big big boobs and ass and tiny waist. I am considered overweight bordering obese by bmi standards which I believe are a scam to create more “sick” people for the medical and pharma industries to prey on. Bmi doesn’t take into account muscle vs fat. Many fit people are obese or overweight based on bmi because their muscle weighs so much.

  • Meagan Truitt

    Maybe you just can’t conceive of the idea that there are men out their who don’t like skinny women and that are different than you but there are

  • Meagan Truitt

    I got hit on all the time at a size twelve, fourteen and sixteen. I’ve never noticed a lot of difference. I think you are creating statistics in your own head

  • Meagan Truitt

    No it is not science. You could learn a lot. Go to Stephan Guyanets website whole health resource. Stephanie is a nutrition scientist at like UCLA or someplace like that. Medical studies have been done that have shown that weight loss and gain do not happen as predicted by a formula like that. They have shown that certain individuals won’t gain as much as predicted based on what formulas would suggest and likewise for weight loss. I don’t remember the mechanisms the body uses to do this but you can go learn

  • Meagan Truitt

    Actually the studies don’t support that. The worst longevity was in the thinnest category. The next was in the morbidly obese the highest life span and lowest all cause mortality was In the overweight and borderline obese class. Generally up to 50 ish pounds “overweight” or what people call that anyway. There really is no medical basis for what gets called overweight. Based on what. The truth is it is a cultural beauty ideal not a scientically founded standard of what is healthiest. That is just used as a justification. But it’s a lie and not even true. Interesting data for you: as weights have gone up so has life expectancy.

    You can learn this info in the obesity myth by Paul campos and health at every size by linda bacon nutrition scientist and researcher from uc Berkeley
    As well as other books available at amazon that I can’t remember the names of

  • Driver

    Bullshit. You’re doing something wrong. I can take anyone (man or woman) if they truly want to lose weight and transform them. It takes great discipline…and I usually find out exactly what they are doing wrong (after doing some digging).

  • Driver

    I’ve been doing it for the past 14 years. I know what I’m doing and it’s been working like a charm. People are not honest, they have no discipline and they are lazy.

  • Elijah Moses

    If I had 5 cents for every time I had to tell a women that the EXCEPTION DOES NOT BREAK THE RULE, I’d have enough to buy every one who disagrees with this article a lifetime membership at weight watchers.

  • Elijah Moses

    “Go find someone who is vain and self absorbed and doesn’t give a rats about you except what is in it for them.”

    Finding a woman is not hard to do!

  • Wes Bison

    So fat people will be fat forever and thin people will be thin forever because it’s in their genes? Bull Shit! Most fat kids are fat because they have inherited their parents eating habits, not there genes..

    And referencing studies about dieting rats is just ridiculous… I’ve seen so many HUMANS go from fat to fit.. and that’s just in the gym that I go to.. One gym out of millions…

    You seem to have been quite busy on this topic over the last few hours, you should put that same sort of enthusiasm into your work outs.

  • Wes Bison

    “I say in modern society in has more to do with the fashion industry and what is profitable. It is much cheaper to make tiny clothes than larger ones. Your profit margin is much bigger. You can’t charge enough extra for larger clothes even though they cost more to make to get the large profit margin you can from small clothes. Plus those people are mentally I’ll freaks anyway”

    What fucking planet do you live on?

    If you want to be fat then fine but please stop with the crackpot conspiracy theories and ultra rare medical studies that no one has heard of or even cares about..

  • Wes Bison

    BMI has nothing to do with creating more sick people, it’s just a pretty good guide line, maybe not for those who train with weights as they tend to be heavier as you quite rightly say but for everyone else it is a decent guide line.. Maybe a more beneficial guide would be one referring to % body fat but that would require actual measuring so BMI is the simplest way to categorise..

    I never said anything about men liking or disliking skinny women.. She states her husbands exact words are you are perfect the way you are… She also says she is a bigger woman.. I find it hard to believe that her husband views the bigger woman as the epitome of perfection.. She obviously doesn’t and that’s why she has been hitting the gym.

    I think everyone needs to get real here and be honest.. The epitome of perfection for female form is pretty close in every mans mind… Women know it deep down too and I’m afraid it’s not the bigger woman…

    I have no problem with a woman saying the the perfect

  • Courtney

    My husband does find big women to be perfect. If that was not the case he would not have dated me then asked me to marry him. I was bigger then, then I am now. I am losing weight for myself and my kids, no one else. Anyways, yes some men actually believe bigger women are perfect.

  • GetItGoing

    It’s obvious that women are as disposable and dispensable as toilet paper to you.

    Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

    When in a dedicated relationship, I’m actually very firm in my beliefs and traditional values, to a degree. However, due to hard lessons learned, I am no longer a passive, ass-kissing beta/weak guy who seeks to try too hard to please a woman.

    Ironically, when I was young being “chivalrous” meant being taken advantage of and in a few cases, mocked, as women are in some cases known to do. A man can be chivalrous in nature in the right situation with the right type of woman (although this is now much harder to find in modern day America). But he must be firm and not pedestalize a woman.

    We in America raise women with the “princess” mentality and everyday the destruction this wreaks in feminism, broken marriages, extramarital affairs, and much, much more are due to not treating women with a firm hand (so to speak) when it is due.

    I’m responding to your comment to show the fallacies that people assume and the kind of comments made without any real merit whatsoever.

    Rule: Never listen a woman’s advice about how a man should treat other women. Look at what they actually respond to, not what they say they want. (exception for foreign women sometimes)

  • Rick Miller

    Quit making excuses fatty. The laws of T-D will work for MOST. There might be ONE FAT RAT in a million that MIGHT die with fat still attached but most two legged fatties will lose the weight if they stop plowing their pie holes

  • Rick Miller

    You sound like a nigro. Are you a niggy? They like to make fun of jews and they also happen to be the fattest…and the dumbest.

  • Angie

    Wow, kinda cruel article. I was a fat kid, fat teen and fat adult until around 25, when I started seriously studying nutrition and healthy cooking. I went from a BMI of 40-something to now 21. I’ve certainly never been stupid, cruel or a slut; but I WAS a victim of child abuse. It took years to overcome, but I did it and so have many others. Now that I am thin, I didn’t suddenly start being an ass to fat people. What’s the point of that? It’s better to try to help others instead of alienate them. At least that’s how I feel.

  • Errant

    What is more cruel? Telling people the truth, or feeding their delusions with lies and half-truths?
    EDIT: Remember that this article is really a response to the plethora of “fat acceptance” misinformation out there.

  • Wes Bison

    You obviously know nothing about men.. I’m not trying to be cruel, I’m far from perfect. I wouldn’t be offended if my girlfriend said she would prefer me to look like Brad Pitt, she probably wouldn’t say that but rather say I am perfect the way I am but I know she finds him more attractive.. It’s just the way things are..

    You don’t want to believe it but given the choice I’m sure he would prefer to be waking up beside Charlize Theron. The same way you would prefer to be waking up beside David Beckham, no need to be offended it’s just the way things are..

  • Wes Bison

    The law of thermodynamics very relevant in weight loss/gain.. You want to believe that fat people are just fat and there is nothing you can do about it

  • Courtney

    1) who is Charlize Theron?
    2) who is David Beckham?
    3) like I said I was bigger when him and I started dating so if he wanted a stick and did not think big women were perfect then he would not have dated me and married me. Your point is invalid, not all men like sticks.

  • Wes Bison

    You’re as full of shit as you are carbohydrates.. I was trying to be diplomatic but what I’m saying is your husband married you because he didn’t think he could do any better.

  • Courtney

    Bahaha. You know nothing about me. I eat right and exercise, so no I am not full of carbohydrates. And my husband did do better but HE left them. Why? Because he did not like them. Again your point is flawed. Not all men want a bag of bones. :) And obviously you know it or else my last response would not have upset you.

  • Meagan Truitt


    Your guerilla posts are stereotypically filled with the fallaciously constructed half-truths, deflective arguments, shaming, and ad hominem common to the “fat acceptance” crowd. Fool yourself all you want, but you aren’t fooling anyone else.

    For those not in the TL;DR crowd here is why Meagan is really just putting up the usual baloney.





    Meagan Truitt

    Actually the studies don’t support that. The worst longevity was in the thinnest category. The next was in the morbidly obese the highest life span and lowest all cause mortality was In the overweight and borderline obese class.

    Please. Just what purposely misinterpreted study would be supporting that? Hopefully you aren’t trying to cite Pieter van Baal (2008) or Barry Craven (2012). These studies surreptitiously ignore the critical complete view of the situation in order to create a false sense of foundation for the “fat acceptance” crowd.

    For example, Craven’s piece de-emphasizes the key condition that length of life is critical to the measurement of success. Arguing that the cumulatively lengthier final geriatric and palliative care extended to non-obese patients is costlier to the system, the findings are that basically, dying younger saves the system money. Can we all not see the problem with that? For those who still cannot, it’s the fallacy of the “Logan’s Run” solution. In that storyline, once a person is deemed less of an asset and more of a liability they are “eliminated”. Sure, senior citizen’s on average cost the system more, so apparently just having people die sooner is “cost effective”. Right. Just kill them the moment they are non-profitable.

    Furthermore, such studies wholly ignore that a healthier and longer life generally means a longer life-span in the productive group. Yes. Obesity and high body fat leads to more sick days, less contribution, and are therefore taxing on the system outside of “healthcare”. It also ignores that high body fat (and we are talking about fat clustered around the core) is a leading cause of all sorts of other complications (heart disease, arterial disease, diabetes, joint problems, etc…). Note that when the cause of death is say, heart disease, it isn’t directly “obesity”, yet it really is what led to it. However, the “fat acceptance” crowd is more than happy to bury their heads in the sand and say, “see, it’s not being fat that killed, it was heart disease”. Certainly, it’s not walking along the edge of the roof of a high-rise that kills; it’s the impact with the pavement… so I’ll walk that edge because it wasn’t the cause. Nice try.

    Certainly, those who are elderly, but carry a reasonable body fat ratio (not obese or anywhere near that) are likely to live the longest as a group. However, let’s be clear about definitions here.

    While you admonish the nebulous descriptor of “over-weight” in your other misinformation posts, you disingenuously use it here to support a misguidance. The truth is that having too much or too little body fat is less advantageous to the elderly. Too much leads to complications (as noted in the past paragraph). Too little means you have no “back-up” energy stores to support the system. In that sense, “over-weight” does not mean a pot belly. It means having the same reasonable amount of body fat that a younger person should have. Note that it’s just the “fat acceptance” crowd, in their need to justify their delusion, that thinks the expectation of the first world “beauty standards” is that of body fat of an Olympic medium distance sprinter, or that men don’t like anything fatter than a fashion model.

    This is the denial that is practiced by the “fat acceptance” crowd. To them, they are merely “curvy”. In reality they carry an excessive amount of central body fat that is proven to be unhealthy. To fuel that denial they will seek out any tidbit of “fact” that can be taken out-of-context and misconstrued to support their delusion. An honest and object look at the real “research” is unlikely to be quite so supportive of the Pollyanna view of the “fat acceptance” crowd.

    Meagan Truitt:

    Generally up to 50 ish pounds “overweight” or what people call that anyway. There really is no medical basis for what gets called overweight. Based on what. The truth is it is a cultural beauty ideal not a scientically founded standard of what is healthiest. That is just used as a justification. But it’s a lie and not even true.

    You are merely attempting to obfuscate the truth, by throwing up a bunch of numbers without the real context behind it.

    50-ish pounds on top of a regular frame of a woman (and that’s what we are talking about when we talk about “fat acceptance”, it’s really “fat woman acceptance”) is acceptable? This is seriously delusional. The average 5 foot 7 woman (average not a dedicated bodybuilder or a rugby star) has a maximal health range of 136 pounds. Stacking 50 pounds of mainly fat (and that’s what it is so stop thinking that, “no it’s not all fat” means some high ratio of lean tissue for the typical “fat” woman) on that frame is a more than 36% additional mass in fat; THIRTY SIX freaking percent. There is no way that is anywhere near “healthy” by any standard .

    No “medical basis” for what gets called overweight?

    Well, that’s just trying to hide the reality that medical science is well aware of how excess central body fat is very bad for one’s overall health. You are merely trying to toss out the truth based on nothing but the popular misconception around how BMI is applied. Those involved in health sciences are well aware of the factors around what can affect the measurement. That is why there are other methods used to corroborate what BMI says. It is amazing how practically EVERY “fat acceptance” advocate thinks that doctors blindly look at a single number without checking variables that affect that number to determine if someone is carrying too much central body fat. Get over the delusion. Just what is the percentage of women who are considered obese by purely the BMI number actually muscle-bound athletes? Since you think it’s high enough of a ratio to skew the consensus that obesity is on the rise, the onus is on you to provide the citation.

    A relationship between central body fat and body fat in general versus health (all other factors being constant of course) can be created. It definitely does not show that obesity is the ideal. Documentation on this can be easily found if one is sincerely looking for it. Your attempt at calling it a “lie” is based on a fallacious appeal to ignorance.

    Meagan Truitt:

    Interesting data for you: as weights have gone up so has life expectancy.

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

    That’s weak even for a delusional zealot. You cannot apply a “false cause fallacy” to imply that “more body fat” leads to a longer (and healthier) life. That is like drawing a false relationship between life expectancy and the depletion of the ozone layer by suggesting that people are living longer when there’s less of the layer around.

    Even without that seeing that fallacy, your suggestion is fraught with other subterfuge.

    Average weight has increased because the basic frame of humans in the First World has increased due to the increase of nutrients in childhood. A bigger frame carries more mass. That increase in nutrients also correlates to healthier and more disease resistant individuals. Obesity was not as pronounced for those currently pushing the longevity averages at the moment (yes, that likely means a reduction in average longevity once the Obese age to their high-rate-of-expiry years)

    Furthermore, the lack of a recent massive culling event for the First World (as in a global war) has removed the significant number of males dying off in their teens and twenties. Have a look at “average life-span” in countries where armed conflict has not been curtailed, if you think this is not the case.

    Meagan Truitt:

    You can learn this info in the obesity myth by Paul campos and health at every size by linda bacon nutrition scientist and researcher from uc Berkeley

    As well as other books available at amazon that I can’t remember the names of


    That you bring up Paul Campos and Linda Bacon is enough evidence that you are merely promoting the typical propaganda that the “fat acceptance” fundamentalists use to feed their masses. The reasonable can easily see why junk science like the 2013 Op-Ed Paul Campos are food for those seeking support for their denial. Findings from meta-analyses need to be taken in context, and a careful analyses by the reader is often required if there is a potential of political agenda.

    Paul Campos take on the meta-analysis, “Association of all-cause mortality with overweight and obesity using standard body mass index categories: a systematic review and meta-analysis” glosses over the how the analysis surreptitiously overlooks the relationship between disease and BMI (example, people with certain high-mortality illness are thin due to the illness) to generate this apparent relationship that higher BMI is linked to longevity. The connection between higher central body fat content and resulting complications are also ignored (since meta-analysis is passive data analysis, certain things are conveniently unmeasured).

    Most importantly, the meta-analysis, and Campos exploit the myth that medical science conveniently “only” looks at BMI to determine if a person is dangerously “fat”. In reality, medical professionals are fully aware of what combination of values for a given set of test variables constitutes “unhealthy” levels of body fat. For the average person, someone who carries a large belly or large buttocks without the proportional amount of overall muscularity is clearly outside of the healthy range of fat.

    You can continue to live in all the denial you want. However, no one needs to be subjected to your litany of lies and half truths you are using to stay in that state.

  • Elijah Moses

    Damn, even I felt the shockwave of that truth bomb!

  • swal89

    That’s not completely true, I am a “fat girl” on my last year in med school, and thermodynamics have nothing to do with the human body. Look up hypothyroidism. Basically people with that condition cannot lose weight- and often times gain- because of their thyroid. I myself have to take medication to treat this disorder. Since starting this medication I have lost over 100 lbs. Before the medication I was starving myself on an 800 calorie, 6 mile walk and an hour in the morning and evening every day to no results.

  • BobTrent

    Fatties who really, REALLY want to lose weight: Stay away from:
    1. Mississippi – #1 for Obesity and Diabetes
    2. Al-Obama – competing with Jawja for #2 place in the Obesity and Diabetes competition
    3. Jawja – swaps with Al-Obama for #2 year to year
    Lotsa humonguous semi-human boar hogs in these states, too. They breed with the semi-human sows and produce more generations of piglets to burden the disability and health systems. Most can’t really work, and their oppressively selfish attitude discourages other people, even fatties, from working with them any more than they can avoid.
    Fatsos are lobbying the legislatures and courts to have obesity declared a disability so companies will be compelled to hire these slugs, pay them at least as much as normal people who actually work, and pay for their health coverage.

  • BobTrent

    Just don’t pass it on to another generation, please.
    What you may be dealing with is that as a child you were kept stuffed. And how about greasy fast food and soft drinks? It’s coming out that no-cal pop by not satisfying craving for sugar incites people to eat more than enough to make up for it.
    Children who are obese develop more fat cells. Adults past attaining full growth don’t grow more fat cells. The ones that they already have just get fatter when weight is gained. Growing up fatso means you have more fat cells, which are hungry, so when you try to lose weight, they all scream.
    Main thing is dragging your lard ass off the chair and doing for yourself instead of squawking for someone else to do for you.
    Once obese, lardos generally become diabetic to some degree even if not on drugs for it. Diabetes throws your whole system off, causing imbalances and water retention.

  • BobTrent

    Maybe when you get tired of people being mean you will take positive steps (not “try” bullshit) to improve yourself.
    Thermodynamics is it, sis. Taking in more calories (energy) than you give off is the essence of overweight. Excess water retention, which in the extreme is drowning in your own bodily fluids, is a separate but commonly related problem that may require treatment other than simply losing fat weight (fat is mostly water).

  • foxyfoxy

    How is your weight loss going?

  • Wes Bison

    Not every fat person has hyperthyroidism though. Most people just consume more calories than they use.

    I’m guessing that if you hadn’t stuck to your (unhealthy) 800cal diet and 6 mile walk you would have gained weight…

    Congratulations on improving your thyroid issue and starting to lose the weight :-) Stay cool!

  • Wes Bison

    What upsets me is that I have realised it is not your husband that thinks you are perfect but it is YOU that thinks you are perfect..

    Probably as a result of you and you fat friends telling each other how fab you look to make each other feel better.

    But hey, I’m in the fortunate position that I never have to meet you so do what you like.. I fact if your husband likes fat girls so much then why don’t you put on more weight and maybe he will love you more.

  • Courtney

    Nah. I do not think I am perfect if I did I would not be trying to lose weight whether or not my husband liked big girls. Lol. You are just mad because you have come to the realization that not all men like sticks.

  • Ebony Erin Young

    I really enjoyed your article. I myself am a fat woman and I agree with your writing. I have surrounded myself with beautiful, thin and positive women and this has made me push myself to lose weight. And for the record fat women make fun of everyone and skinny women don’t.

  • fell

    As a slightly overweight, black American woman, I would like to say that I respect your right to your opinion. I disagree with pretty much all of what you have written based on the fact that this is based solely on stereotypes. There are fat women who are dumb, slut’s and terrible mom’s. There are also fat women who are smart, awesome friends and employees. My main issue with your writing is that you are as ignorant as those you claim to hate. You might be physically more attractive and maybe you work hard to maintain that but you are ugly on the inside. People who hate just because they can and who put people down to make themselves feel more superior are the ones who don’t deserve love. Thank God for you that Jesus loves even the ignorant otherwise you would be screwed.

  • Joan

    I feel sorry for anyone who dates or breathes the air in the same room with this vile sociopathic person. A complete asshole who has to trick and manipulate women into bed wants to tell other people how to live their life.

    The less people you talk to all the better for them.

    Anyone who is overweight please ignore these ramblings. They’re not true and anyone who thinks like that is not worth having a serious opinion about anything. Most people do not think this way. Only entitled abusive trolls who think women exist to please them would write crap like this.

    Don’t let empty, soulless, hateful people bring you down.

    Some people think you can shame other people into something positive but more often it causes the opposite effect. They’re not concerned with the welfare or happiness of anyone, have a demented world view and are racist woman hating bigots.

    Just know if you’re not a vile mutant like the author you have people who genuinely love you. Something people like that can never give or recieve because they’re performing clowns who are obsessed with hobbies in life like how many drunk chicks they can rape.

    Just say fuck them and move on don’t read this pile of piss and let it bring you down.

  • Errant

    People still talk to fat guys. It’s usually angry fat women that get shunned. You know: the ones with the hostile attitudes that delude themselves into thinking that people are wrong for having legitimate standards. Your butt-hurt is showing.

  • Errant

    “Just say fuck them and move on don’t read this pile of piss and let it bring you down.”
    Right, gotcha. Hiding from the truth and yelling insults at anyone that says it is really good advice… not. You can practice that, but don’t be trying to sell that swill to anyone else. The only bring-down is what you are peddling: Telling people to be denial.

  • Elijah Moses

    Tell that to the man with the defibrillator as he tries to negotiate your belly rolls to save your life

  • Elijah Moses

    You’re angry when your daily calorie intake falls below 10,000.

  • Umm, if I thought I was perfect would I be exercising and eating right? Nope. So its obvious my husband likes fat women. And you know what I might just do that. Why? Because I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism on Thursday. Do not know what that is? It’s a thyroid problem that makes you gain weight no matter how much you exercise and eat right until your meds start working. So how about before any of you jack asses judge someone by their looks KNOW THEM PERSONALLY because for all you know they could have a health problems that make them fat without even trying.

  • Elijah Moses

    Criticism of women=homosexuality?
    Wow, you bushpigs are lazier than I thought. You couldn’t even come up with a decent shame tactics.
    I hope at least your kielbasa fingers are least got some kind of workout typing out that verbal equivalent of a yeast infection.

  • Carrie

    Did you manage to pull the dicks out of your mouth long enough to type all of that? Wow, how proud we all are of you.

    No, criticism of women does not “=” homosexuality. But terms like ‘bushpigs’, ‘kielbasa fingers’, and [accidental] self-references to yeast infections and lack of decent shame tactics might well “=” homosexuality. Why don’t you ask your boyfriend his opinion?

    See, when a straight man discusses grownup matters, he will never, ever, EVER use terms or tactics that you use. NOT EVER, NOT EVEN ONCE. So, that does put you nicely in the tiny percentage of homosexuals (estimated to be less than 3%, which is already significantly higher than the .00003% of men who identify as MRAs). MRAs (some of whom actually CARE about men’s issues rather than caring about bringing down women) don’t have to be gay. But a good many MRAs (men who actually CARE about men’s issues) ARE gay, and married to men and are not ashamed to proclaim their love for men. They do not spend their MRA career online wasting bytes on women; they in fact write to their Congressmen, they in fact go march in parades, they in fact keep domestic violence shelters for men open in their gay-heavy neighborhoods. San Francisco and San Diego have multiple D.V. shelters for men only. If only most MRAs cared about men the way that gays care about men, men wouldn’t have to show what infantile little name-callers they are a la ‘bushpigs’ & ‘kielbasa fingers’.

    I dare say that women, well specifically FEMINISTS, have done more for beleaguered men than all MRAs put together. Because feminists don’t spend time regurgitating misogynistic slurs like yesterday’s load of spooge down your gullet.

    Hey, that was fun, acting like you! (Sorry, but unlike you I had to include facts with my post; I couldn’t just leave it at imaginary insults.)

  • Carrie

    You’re wasting knowledge on people who seem to belong to a cult that prohibits knowledge or intelligence.

    People didn’t stop believing the Earth was flat overnight, nor that our universe is Heliocentric. People back then fought just as ignorantly as the men on this site do when they are confronted with facts. Maybe someone halfway intelligent was able to benefit from your post though, so thank you in the long run :)

  • Elijah Moses

    You’re positively the dumbest bitch alive.
    I would like citations to your finding, please.
    And not the ones you’ve come up with in your puny little female brain.
    I like how you use homosexuality as both an insult and defence in one breath!
    Look, here’s what you’re going to do.
    First off change that stinky old tampon that has probably ballooned inside you to the size of an extra absorbent roll of Bounty.
    Come down off that pedestal where you believe women are above hate and criticism.
    Empty out that biological waste bin you call a mind so you can get a real education and real facts in you rather than pathetic, thoroughly debunked talking points and emotionally charged make believe facts used as infantile, thinly veiled insults.
    Lose weight.
    My guess is you’re just another fat, ugly, pseudo lesbian lowlife, jealous of the attention attract women get so you tack yourself onto feminism like the long like of your ugly peers around the world to Force the government to give you the perks and privilege that attractive women get without the aid of lobbyists.
    Any twat who thinks feminism actually helps men is not only delusional beyond repair, but a misandrist who hates men for the simple reason she is too fat, ugly or stupid to change herself enough to attract one for herself.
    By the way, this is a site directed towards men, Mras deal with men’s issues. Where you, a mindless, indoctrinated, bitter old fish eating, buzz cut sporting, men hating, stinkvadge, get the idea that your opinions are worth any more than that diamond dense turd you must have spent all night passing is beyond even me. But hey, let’s hope that’s as close as you’ll get to child birth!

  • Epileptic mommy

    But what about those of us who can’t loose weight? I’ve done everything except surgery and I can’t loose weight. I’ve even been on an 800 calorie diet and I walk three miles almost every day.

  • Carrie

    tl; dr. Brains or gtfo. I guess that means you’re forced to gtfo. I know this must feel nice, getting female attention TWICE in a whole day. You didn’t even have to cover up your trembling footprints in the dirt outside someone’s window this time! But this second instance of attention will have to last you a lonnnng time, because it’s your last.

    You’re welcome. You still have my permission to impotently respond again, but it’ll be your second thing today that goes unread by a female, just know that before you get out your baby oil and pull down your sweats again.

  • Elijah Moses

    That’s because you can’t stay away. Women need the last word but unfortunately as you’ve shows, they usually have nothing to contribute. Don’t act as if you’re any prize sweetie. Your vagina ain’t all that. Especially since one needs a jaws of life to find it under all that donut oil. But keep telling yourself your attention and your opinions have value. Keep doing this in spite of the fact you came to me, Betty Boop. And still come back! And you’re not female. You’re about as feminine as a construction site. You will be back, because women love the abuse. It’s the wettest your vagina has been all year! OK, the greasiest it’s been all year. Make sure you use that Briggs and straton power tool in some remote outdoor place, you would want the neighbourhood lining up outside your bedroom window asking for a 15 piece bucket because of the smell!

  • Tintin

    I have never read a more misguided article before. I never thought people can be this much cruel and will write anything without thinking whom it is going to hurt. I don’t understand why there is this much hate towards fat people. They are also human beings with all the feelings of a normal person. Through out most of human history women were fat not thin. I don’t think if you are thin you are healthy. My friends who are fat are more healthier than me as they do daily workouts. They are the most loveliest people that I have the privilege to be friends with. For whatever reason this article was return, it is wrong to write degrading a set of people about whom you don’t know anything. Please stop calling them fat, call them human.

  • Errant

    Apparently you need to lose the extra “o” from “loose” too.

    Stop bullshitting. 800 Calories *and* you walk three miles almost every day? There’s no way you wouldn’t begin shedding body fat.

  • Errant

    There’s a healthy amount of body fat, and then there isn’t. Stop with the standard LIES that usually come from the “fat acceptance” crowd.

    Through out most of human history women were fat?? This is absolute fantasy. The obesity epidemic we see now is happening because of the much higher availability of high-calorie food and the general lack of exercise when compared to “historic” amounts.

    The “If you are thin you are healthy” straw man misconception AGAIN? It’s not fat vs. thin. It’s excessive fat vs. healthy range. Repeat this till you get it.

    Your friends who are “fat” are healthier than what? What is the definition of “fat” there? What makes you the benchmark?

    What is WRONG is the “feed the denial” movement called “fat acceptance”. People have had enough of the mythology you are putting out there.

  • Elijah Moses

    Anyone who claims women can be hurt by reading this article has proven with their own mouth that women are weak, thin skinned creatures and not the strong and independent women they so blindly but ceaselessly reassure us they are.

  • Lee Talley

    Ok since you’ve been doing this for awhile, I could use some tips… I have lost a total of 122 lbs. and I want to drop about 30 more. I’m at a plateau and don’t know what else to do. I eat healthy and exercise daily. I was eating 1200 calories a day, but the nutritionists I spoke with said I’m not losing any more weight because I’m consuming too few calories for my activity level. I now eat 1500 calories a day and I’m still not losing. Any advice on what to do? Oh and such as the article Matt is an ass and bullying is not the answer. The answer is when you finally get sick enough of feeling bad and tired of not being able to do normal daily activities without getting out of breath then you will want to make a change. Unless you just love hurting in your body and feeling sick all the time.

  • Driver

    Stop making excuse (giving a free pass) for fat women (I don’t do it for fat men).

    I hold all accountable…it’s called equality (and women should know…they preach enough about it).

    It takes drive, education, discipline….real work…to lose the weight and adopt a new lifestyle. Too many people are too soft on these people (it’s ridiculous the number of people who claim to have an overweight problem or disease). It’s a cop out.

    You’re part of the problem…not the solution.

  • Driver

    The question is: why are you trying to lose (30) more? Are you at a healthy weight, now? Too many women go from being too big to too thin. Google a chart (if you haven’t already) for what is consider an ideal weight for you.

    That last bit of weight may burn off but it will take time. Your use to seeing larger drops in your weight (I’m assuming you were at a very unhealthy weight?). Diets are meant to serve as a guide only… may have to tweak one that fits you. Example: You may have to cut out bread and up protein (just one thought); it depends on you and your body – only you know what works for you.

    And yes, do not starve yourself…one of the worst things that you can do. It actually has the opposite effect.

  • Epileptic mommy

    Please forgive my spelling errors I was on an adrenaline rush after I dealt with my son’s seziure. My medications are working against my weight loss efforts and it’s not like I can just stop them. Another thing about the article that is ridiculous is that we fat women make our children fat. I feed my son healthy home cooked meals every day except for special occasions such as holidays.

  • Epileptic mommy

    My husband told me the same thing. Before I had our son a lost a large amount of weight and got to the 120 the doctor to me to be at and I looked like a cracked addict.. with freakishly large boobs. We decided I can get down to a certain weight and that’s it.

  • Epileptic mommy

    I don’t think she was suggesting that all fat women have health conditions just that some do and that you don’t know the reason why we are fat.

  • Errant

    You’re just trying to create some distance from your LIES. No medication in the world is going to stop you from losing weight when you are on 800 calories and walking 3 miles a day along with doing all the other stuff in a regular day. You were LYING about that. Going for the sympathy vote by using your child as a human shield is pathetic. You got called out on your LIE.

  • Tintin

    What about hurting people with irrational and harsh comments. There are many reason why a person is fat. One of my friend have thyroid issues and as a result she is fat or by her BMI can be called obese. She exercises regularly and eats healthy food still she is not able to control her weight. Is it her fault that she is fat? Is it her fault that she is not able to reduce her weight? I have seen her struggle through the criticism she has to face daily. I know there are many like her. Do you think reading an article like this will encourage them. I don’t understand this animosity towards fat people.

  • Epileptic mommy

    How dare you try to tell me I’m using my son as a human shield! You have you know idea how much a seziure can effect your life you son of a bitch! Look up the side effects of prozac, corticosteroids and depo provera they can cause massive weight gain. Do you think I enjoy being over 200 pounds? Do you think I enjoy not being able to keep up with my son at the park? If I wanted sympathy I would go to therapy.

  • Tintin

    no one is independent not women, not men. If you think you are independent and can live without depending anyone or anything you are fooling yourself. you say that women are weak, try giving birth to a baby naturally.

  • Errant

    This is EXACTLY “going for the sympathy vote”. If anyone criticizes you on it, you get all in a huff as if you had the right to. It’s all about getting away from the issues – like LYING.

    How dare I? The topic is FAT, it is not “caring for epileptic children”. You ARE using it as a human shield, and you got called out on it. Call people names all you want, it doesn’t change it.

    You are still trying to distance yourself from YOUR LIE of “800 calories / walking 3 miles a day and you still can’t lose weight”. You WANT sympathy. You are using your stories to get the “public vote” on your side even though you LIE about the calorie stuff.

  • Elijah Moses

    Try being shamed and conscripted to die on a battlefield.

  • Errant

    Irrational comments? Show me one anti-“fat acceptance” comment that is “irrationally” based. You are projecting what the “fat acceptance” promoters do.

    Of all the “many reasons”, there’s a common thing in them. That would be calories in versus calories used up. The thyroid problem angle always comes up as an excuse. What? Like there is NO treatment for this? It’s not just “exercising regularly” and “eating healthy”. It’s “exercising ENOUGH” and not eating more calories than you need per day. That’s INESCAPABLE.

    It’s always this “it’s not my fault” excuse. If the fat doesn’t seem to be coming off, then go see a nutritionist and be TOTALLY honest. If you need medical treatment for those RARE thyroid problems, then get it.

    DENIAL is the problem. Reading this article isn’t the problem. She DOESN’T have to read it. If she doesn’t do what it takes to get down below obese, then it DOESN’T happen. All the “don’t worry, everyone is beautiful in their own way” doesn’t change how most people are not attracted to it. If she wants to be obese, then that not a problem.

    The problem is thinking you have the right, or even the ability, to shame people into thinking that “fat is beautiful”.

  • Errant

    You’re just taking the term “independent” *out of context* in order to reject it. The guy was talking about independent here as in having independent thoughts and self-esteem independent of what others think. You know this, but you can’t disagree with his criticism, so you have to invent a false premise.

    Giving birth naturally?

    You didn’t design your body, NATURE did. Stop trying to take credit for things like that. If you think women are so strong, just look at all the **quick to attack the person**, or as you have done here, **quick to purposely use false premises** to avoid admitting they were wrong. It takes a lot of STRENGTH to avoid the emotional response and stick to the topic. No, women, at least the ones that come here, are far from the STRONG you feel they are.

  • Elijah Moses

    Furthermore if no one is independent then maybe you should inform your peers of this as they seem to feel the need to remind us of this at the top of every hour.

  • Elijah Moses

    Well spoken mate. Especially the definition of independence. I would have thought the definition was obvious.

  • Elijah Moses

    Offence is subjective and there is not a single person on this planet responsible for the feelings of another. You once again prove that women are weak and thin skinned.

  • Elijah Moses

    Then consult a nurtionist or personal trainer. I am sure they deal with far more complex situation. Furthermore, this article is about what men find attractive. If you are not looking for a partner then this issue shouldn’t concern you.

  • Errant

    Thanks for that, friend.

    I see what you mean about child birth, and the difference between that and enduring the madness of paying support while getting shafted. Popping a kid is 9 months of discomfort, and about a day of pain at the most. Compared that to many decades of the psychological trauma of living one-step above homelessness while the woman drains your finances — there not a thing you can do about it. It’s amazing how some guys don’t go ballistic with that kind of daily mind-fuck.

    I’ve seen it. It’s disgusting.

  • Tintin

    Excuse me. Calling a person ugly, slut etc because that person is fat is rational for you ? In any of my comment I didn’t say being fat is ok. I didn’t say you should not try to reduce weight. All I said was about hurting others feelings. I am sorry I cannot accept what ever is written here or what you are trying to imply. I cannot accept the venomous attack on a group of people. And that’s is all I said. So you think being fat represents a slut or ugly or drug addict or bad mother or bad friend. Then so be it. But I will not under any circumstances accept this. I don’t even understand why I should argue to a set of people who finds it ok to hurt others under the quotes “we are doing it for the good”. Adieu friends. Before you hurl out the hurtful words just remember it will be hurting some other human being.

  • Tintin

    Women does that all time.

  • Errant

    Women does that all time.
    What was that? More of your misdirection again? You are purposely ignoring the different rates at which this happens or happened. There are FAR MORE men that get drafted and wasted on a battlefield than women. You are just trying to make it seem equal this way.

  • Errant

    Tintin>>>>>“Excuse me. Calling a person ugly, slut etc because that person is fat is rational for you ?”

    Let’s see. Someone equates being uber-fat to ugly. That seems to fit with how most (not just some or a few, but MOST) people see lots of extra fat. Seems rather RATIONAL to everyone but you. The slut part? Matt is pointing out something that’s quite observable. That’s equally RATIONAL. It looks like you are mixing up “rational” with “politically correct”.

    Tintin>>>>>In any of my comment I didn’t say being fat is ok. I didn’t say you should not try to reduce weight. All I said was about hurting others feelings.

    In any of the responses to you, is it said that “you are saying fat is OK”? The point was that you are practically doing that by trying to shame anyone who speaks out against “fat acceptance”. You can’t hold the truth for ransom with this, “Oh, if say that, it will hurt some peoples feelings”. What, like no one should say anything against people promoting the myth that there’s no link between smoking and cancer, because, chain smokers are sensitive? This, along with other places, is where you are being deceitful.

    Tintin>>>>>I am sorry I cannot accept what ever is written here or what you are trying to imply. I cannot accept the venomous attack on a group of people. And that’s is all I said.

    It’s a reaction to the far more venomous, albeit far subtler, “fat acceptance” swill that the SJW push on all of us. You can’t accept it. That is obvious. You can’t put up a decent argument against it. That is just as obvious.

    So you think being fat represents a slut or ugly or drug addict or bad mother or bad friend. Then so be it. But I will not under any circumstances accept this. I don’t even understand why I should argue to a set of people who finds it ok to hurt others under the quotes “we are doing it for the good”.

    That’s a wimpy attempt at misrepresentation there. It’s more like: Too much fat is ugly to most people and is not “fat is beautiful”. Food addiction is very much like drug addiction. They are both short term good feeling at the cost of long term problems. Slut? Prove Matt wrong that there isn’t a pattern.

    “OK to hurt others” a