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“But Fat People Have Great Personalities!”

Last week, during the manosphere’s round of “fat acceptance” trolling/Google bombing, a clueless chubster named Erin chimed in on FFY’s post:

As a fat girl, I was reading the first few paragraphs with this face of disgust. “What? Really? You want to fucking congratulate her on not taking escalator?” I face palmed, BUT! As I kept reading, a smile came to my face. FINALLY! You get it! We, like skinny people, have personalities! Usually they are really fucking awesome personalities because we’ve had to deal with bullying our entire lives, so we have a lot of jokes on the back burner.

I’m bummed it didn’t work out with you and Jennie, but I’m glad she changed your mind a bit! :)

Erin has a blog, where you can read her earthshattering opinions on birth control, body shaming, and sweating (no joke), all delivered with the peculiar mix of arrogance and vapidity unique to women under the age of 25. Boy, there’s nothing I enjoy more than getting life advice from someone younger than me.

But that’s not important. What I want to talk about is Erin’s claim that fat people have “awesome personalities.”

Rule number one of life: anyone who makes a show about having or being something is a faker. People who join “freethinker” groups are conformist sheep; manosphere blog commenters who brag about their ten-strong harems (filled with HB10s, of course) are lonely virgins; and fat people who crow about their “great” personalities are miserable, sulky assholes.

No, not every single fatso is a jerk, but jerkiness is far more common among fatsos than the general population. Fat people are greedy and think the world revolves around them and what they want. They have no discipline or drive, which is how they ended up fat to begin with. Think People of Walmart. Fat women in particular are far more narcissistic and entitled than they deserve to be. While some fat guys tend to be aware of their low social status and try to be decent human beings (raises hand), fat girls have zero manners, class or social tact. On average, thin and attractive women have been far kinder and more polite to me than fat ones.

More importantly, the “fat people have great personalities” argument assumes that being attractive and having a good personality are mutually exclusive.

A generation brought up on Barney the Dinosaur and other saccharine children’s programming has given birth to this wrong, wrong, wrong idea; that attractive people are all shallow, conceited douchebags while ugly ones are kinder and gentler. It’s false; IQ has been shown to be correlated with physical beauty as well as mental stability. It’s like that nerd meme about how you can’t have a girl who is hot, intelligent and emotionally stable, just two of the three.

“But-but-but the reason fat people tend to have mental disorders is because they’ve been BULLIED their whole lives! *sniff*

Bottom line: when you fatasses crow about how being fat endows you with a great personality, you’re full of shit and you know it. I know you know it because I used to be one of you. You’re not fooling anyone. Ugly on the outside equals ugly on the inside.

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