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Are Feminists and Leftists Less Than Human?

One of the most common refrains leveled at anti-feminists and rightists like myself is that we don’t treat women/minorities/gays like “human beings.” When a feminist criticizes a game blogger, she/he inevitably argues that all a guy has to do to get laid is “treat women like human beings.” Around the end of last summer, my blog was briefly terrorized by a Danish girl who accused me of “dehumanizing” women by calling them sluts, oblivious to the fact that “dehumanization” means stripping someone of their humanity, and since sluts are always human, calling a girl a slut isn’t “dehumanizing” by any meaning of the word.

What does it even mean to treat someone like a “human being?”

Does it mean treating them well? If that’s the case, does it extend to people who treat others cruelly and without remorse? Did Ted Bundy deserve to be “treated like a human being?” Does Charles Manson? The black kids who beat Michael Daniels to death for being white?

Does it mean treating people with respect? What about people who’ve done nothing to earn my respect? Should homeless drug addicts be “treated like human beings?” Pasty basement-dwelling video game addicts? Mass murderers?

Does it mean tolerating people? The problem there is that going by the dictionary definition of tolerance (“to put up with“), I tolerate plenty of things that aren’t and never will be human. I tolerate my mother’s cat whenever I visit her; does that mean I’m treating the cat like a human being?

Several months ago, I wrote about the Sexxxtons, the mother-daughter porn duo down in Florida, and how empty and lacking in consciousness they were. The mere fact that they could engage in threesomes together without feeling guilt or disgust shows that they lack the emotional sensitivity that separates humans from animals.

To put it another way, they don’t have souls.

I presume that when leftists and feminists talk about treating people like human beings, that means treating them with charity and respect. The problem is that human beings are capable of such depravity and evil that being anything other than a bitter misanthrope is completely illogical according to this train of thought. And leftists themselves don’t hold to their own principles; whenever they encounter anyone who disagrees with them, they do their finest to harass, hound and stalk him. Were the Portlanders who tried to hack my blog and harass me by posting my phone number online treating me like a human being? I don’t think so.

It makes me wonder if the reason feminists and leftists repeat the “humanity” mantra is because they believe themselves to be less than human, yet don’t want this fundamental truth to be known.

Anonymous Conservative has repeatedly harped on the fact that amygdala size is what separates liberals and conservatives; liberals consistently have smaller amygdalas than conservatives, as shown by brain scans. If your amygdala is small and underdeveloped, you effectively have a form of brain damage. You’re incapable of recognizing legitimate threats to your well-being, you’re more likely to engage in risky behavior such as drug abuse and sexual promiscuity, and you’re incapable of normal emotions (lab studies have repeatedly shown that rats and other animals with amygdala damage will abandon their children to starve).

You are arguably less human.

Last Friday, leftists erupted in outrage when Jeb Bush, stumping for immigration reform, described immigrants as being more fertile than native-born Americans. This is an objective, verifiable fact: statistical analyses from Pew, the Census Bureau and other sources have consistently shown that foreign-born women have a higher birthrate than native-born women. Leftists took offense to this statement because… um… no seriously, I can’t think of a good reason. All the Tweets against Bush vaguely alluded to him being “racist” or “bigoted” but didn’t explain why. Because I am an inquisitive man, I took to Twitter with this sincere question:

Someone of indeterminate sex sounded the bigotry bullhorn on me:

I responded innocently:

He/she/it came back with this:

Shortly thereafter, the leftist blocked me, leaving this parting shot once he thought my piercing gaze was gone:

The simple reality is that if your instinctive response to a comment stating that immigrants have a higher birthrate than native-born Americans (which, again, is objective fact) is to log on to Twitter and yell about racism, there is something wrong with you. At a certain level, I suspect that my leftist interlocutor knew that he was being a hysterical moron about the issue, but he joined in the pile-on anyway because his rabbity instincts were too strong. When I politely asked him for an explanation, he couldn’t provide one because there isn’t one, so his only option was to block me so I could no longer intrude on the luxurious mind-fog of his delusions: the online equivalent of the rabbit hopping away from the big scary noise.

Can you imagine someone who goes into this kind of hysterical screaming fit surviving without the trappings of civilization? Without a police force or government to protect them?

This is why leftists and feminists constantly harp about “humanity”: deep down, they believe themselves to be unworthy of the title. Their screeching is pure projection, an attempt to transfer their own faults and insecurities onto conservatives. It’s also a form of affirmation; by constantly admonishing others to “treat people like human beings,” they can silence that little demon in their heads for another day.

And their psychosis will be the doom of us all.

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