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Why Are Feminists Such Weaklings?


In 1971, feminists sang “I am woman, hear me roar/In numbers too big to ignore!” In 2012, feminists are driven to tears over Internet articles. Reading popular feminist watering holes like Shakesville or Feministe is enough to convince anyone that “hysteria” should be brought back as a medical diagnosis. Think I’m kidding? Here’s a case example.

A while ago, a blogger posted an article titled, “The MRAs: They Scare the Everloving Shit Out of Me.” Her argument is that not only will the various abuses brought on men by feminism result in serious misogynistic blowback somewhere down the line, that according to feminists’ own theories, this blowback would be justified:

That’s why MRAs worry me so. Despite the instinctual desire to protect and defend women something in this group of men has “gone astray”. They may still feel that way to some extent but there IS a growing misogyny among men. And for any Feminist that has gotten this far I need you to understand something. Hatred of women.. ACTUAL hatred of women is incredibly rare. A man might have contempt for women, he might be afraid of women, he might like women, or he might just not view them as anything of value. But hatred of women? That’s rare on the whole. True *hatred* for women is something you almost never encounter and when you do it’s almost instantly recognizable. Plenty of men have contempt for women, but hate? No. That’s changing though. That hatred is growing. That rage is growing.

(“MRAs” refers to Men’s Rights’ Activists, who campaign against feminist-inspired family courts and the like that discriminate against men.)

I can see why feminists would disagree with this. But did the blogger get some reasoned, respectful criticism? No. She got frothing hysterics like this:

And then, apparently, I only don’t rape people at every turn because I have some sort of societal blinders on, and as soon as society collapses, watch out, everyone! It’s rape time:

“Because in the battle of the sexes men win. The current climate is one where men are holding their right arm behind their back and putting blinders on. Those blinders will come off, and that right hook will come out and there will be a hatefueled rage creature standing over womenkind as a whole. This is when the rape culture will begin. Actual rape culture.”

I am fucking disgusted. This is why I fucking hate people. This is why I hate admitting to being trans*. Because ‘why would I want to be an “uneducated” brutal, barbaric, vicious rapist?’ Obviously, that’s what all men are. Obviously.

I think I’m going to go throw up or something.

…I’m crying. It fucking hurts to think that people will make these sorts of assumptions about me based on something like my gender. And I hate that, not having transitioned and generally being recognized as a woman by people that don’t know me, I would be sorted into the same category as people who would make such misandrist misanthropic remarks.

Two points here:

  1. You broke down crying in response to something on the Internet.
  2. You admitted to doing this on a publicly-accessible blog.

Pardon my French, but what the fuck is wrong with you? How can you be so emotionally fragile that words on a screen cause you to blubber like this? And why aren’t you the least bit ashamed about admitting this?

Look, I’m not a total jerk, so I’ll give you some advice, sweetie. You want to become a man? Well, if a man wrote a blog post like this, his own mother would call him a pussy. Toughen up. The only time you should cry like this is after a break-up or after your mom or dad’s death. Doing it in response to something you read just makes you look like an unhinged weirdo.

You may think I’m just cherry-picking to make feminists look bad, but I’m not. If you browse any feminist blog for more than twenty seconds, you’ll come across the “trigger warning.” According to this definition, trigger warnings are slapped on material that is potentially “triggering,” i.e. could cause someone to have a breakdown. For example, a rape survivor might have an emotional relapse reading an account of someone else’s rape.

Okay, I understand the logic. I think it’s incredibly idiotic—if you’re so weak that blog posts cause you to descend into mouth-foaming seizures, you need professional help—but I get it. But blogs like Shakesville have trigger warnings and content notes on nearly every single post for nearly every single thing. I’m not exaggerating in the least. Melissa McEwan, Shakesville’s morbidly obese webmistress, puts warnings on her posts for racism, homophobia, “anti-choice terrorism” (abortion clinic bombings, I guess), “ableism,” “ageism,” and “fat-shaming,” among others. I wonder how she can even leave her apartment without hyperventilating to death from something that offennnnnds her.

What happened? How did a movement dedicated to empowering women become so thin-skinned and whiny? Emmeline Pankhurst is spinning in her grave right now.

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  • Liz

    Your obsession with fighting feminism (the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men) is really concerning. Are you so sad and broken down that you feel the need to pick on those of us who are seeking equal treatment and equal rights? What happened to you to make you so resentful of women? We are not sexual objects nor are we the butt of your jokes. We are simply human beings striving to have our voice be heard and taken seriously. You must be a very disturbed individual to look down upon your female counterparts the way that you do, or to laugh in the face of female empowerment rather than try to understand it and become an allie to it. I find it really sad and pathetic that you’ve dedicated books and entire website to tearing down the female form and mocking her humanity. Perhaps your should seek professional help.

  • Sabrina

    The obvious problem, and the comment above (or below?) is a fine example of it, is that some of these women have a terrible or no satire/sarcasm/humor radar whatsoever, on top of that, they take themselves so seriously that any random word like alpaca would make them feel offended because they will somehow find a chain of relations between an alpaca and them and will twist anything any man says so it looks like they’re being attacked.
    Almost every person involved in being a social justice warrior seems to add too much of their emotional and personal experience to their cause and while that is not entirely wrong it is selfish…

  • me

    I love the way people can read that the blogger you reference got frothing responses from some individual who couldn’t complete three paragraphs without declaring “oh by the way, I’m trans-gender” (the transfags are, in my opinion, the furries of the 21st Century Internet; if you are too young to remember the vast miasmic clouds of noisome furrydrama that choked so many promising forums in the 1990s Internet, go to Encyclopedia Dramatica, read their articles on the “Furry Fandom,” and keep Poe’s Law in mind). Anyway, the trendy transfaggots are, to no one’s great surprise, batshit insane, just like the people who pretend that wearing a Bugs Bunny suit with the crotch cut out to Ye Olde Glorye Hole while sucking twenty anonymous strangers’ dicks in a night makes them somehow not repugnant faggots and reacted by making death threats to people who tried to help them by pointing this out. But people like “Liz” read all this and conclude that you are the insane one and not the ranting trans-thing.

    Likewise, I don’t see from your writings that you hate women. You find a great deal that is contemptibly infantile about most “adult” women, particularly the self-proclaimed “feminist” faction of the Social Justice Warrior lynch mob. Contempt is a natural and sane result of this. Contempt for the contemptible is always appropriate, by definition.

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  • I think it’s very human to be able to feel quite a lot. I feel like I’ve been living my life to improve it for a long time, and you know what? I feel better now. And now, I feel everything. I’m glad I have the ability to live my life like that. I’m glad I can well up just by looking at my child. I’m glad I can well up when I see an injustice. I’m glad I can well up when I see people doing something beautiful. Granted, that post seemed a bit hysterical, but I can’t judge that person so much. It’s just something you’re using to attack feminists and label them as weak. I think it actually takes more courage to face the human ego, your fears, and learn to express your most authentic self. Sometimes, there’s a plethora of undiscovered emotions coursing under the surface. I think that, if even for a bit, a person took the time to draw inwards and connect with that unsteady river underneath, that it’s very brave to even try. I also think that it can work to benefit the person in the long run. Tapping into your emotions means you can learn to harness a lot of once unbridled strength in your life.

  • Boy Bawang

    In 1971 women SHOULD have sang “I am woman, I’m a whore, my knees are always on the floor” :) That would have been a more accurate portrayal of reality.