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Why You Should Date Filipinas

This is an excerpt from my book Do the Philippines.

What really made me fall in love with the Philippines was the way that the girls treated me. On average, Filipinas are so pleasant, girly and nurturing that it’s impossible to not have a good time with one. Even if a girl wasn’t as attractive as I would have liked, her femininity and eagerness to please kept me around, at least for a little bit.

To begin with, virtually all Filipinas you’ll meet are sweet to the point of being downright treacly. Even girls who don’t want to sleep with you will be so nice about rejecting you that you won’t even feel bad. Because Filipinas haven’t been conditioned to hate and fear men in the same way that American girls have, they won’t brutally shoot you down just for kicks. Filipino girls don’t treat men like clowns that are there to entertain them, so they won’t reject you just for making a bad joke or insult you for the sake of insulting you.

Filipinas are also incredibly nurturing. A Filipina’s highest goal in life is to find a man whom she can serve and care for. If you get into a relationship with a girl, don’t be surprised if she starts offering to cook for you, clean your apartment and do other nice things to make you happy. For example, when I mentioned to one of my Davao girlfriends that I was sick, she insisted that I let her run to the pharmacy for some medicine and stay the night to make sure I was all right. Even sluttier, more Westernized girls have some of these nurturing qualities. The average Filipina’s desire to satisfy her man makes her a great mother. More than once when I was over in the Philippines, I kept thinking to myself, “Y’know, if I accidentally got this girl pregnant, it wouldn’t be so bad.”

Next, Filipinas are incredibly feminine. Even though their daily dress is more functional than flashy, they always try to look attractive for men by wearing makeup and earrings. For example, virtually all cashiers you’ll come across wear lipstick. I became so inured to the femininity of Filipinas that when I ran across an Australian girl waddling around the immigration office in Davao, I was almost taken aback. She was twenty pounds overweight, had buck teeth, and was seething with resentment and sexual frustration. It’s clear that wherever she was from, she was used to men kissing her ass just for being female, but in a land where girls are feminine and take care of themselves, she’d been relegated to freak show status.

As a corollary to this, Filipinas become insecure when they don’t look 100 percent their best. Even if she’s just coming over to your place to watch a movie, she’ll be done up as if she’s going clubbing. No matter how long you’ve been together, she’ll always remain self-conscious of her appearance and want to look as hot as possible.

Because Filipinos are generally fluent in English and follow American TV and movies, the cultural barrier between the girls and you is a lot lower than it ordinarily would be. While Filipinas have their own cultural quirks, you can have a conversation with one and she’ll be able to understand your jokes and pop culture references. This makes wooing girls with your verbal acuity a lot easier than in other foreign countries.

While Filipinas take education seriously, they don’t allow their schooling to get in the way of their relationships. Even girls studying to be lawyers or computer engineers are just as feminine and charming as other Filipinas. In fact, living in the Philippines forced me to reevaluate my belief that college education ruins girls’ personalities and makes them unsuitable to be wives and mothers. While Filipinas aspire to learn and to get good jobs, they don’t place their careers ahead of their desire to get married and have children. To Filipinas, jobs are something you do to get money and nothing more.

Next, Filipinas cause less drama than American girls. While pinays tend to get jealous and clingy, they won’t start fights without a good reason, nor will they hold minor slights against you. While I did get into a huge fight with one girl in Davao, it was because I was being an asshole and I deserved it. If you’ve been laboring under the assumption that all relationships involve violent arguments and constant bickering, you’ll find Filipinas to be pleasantly tranquil.

While Filipinas try to play games with men they don’t know well, once you’ve seen her a couple times, she’ll drop the act. When you’re dating a Filipina, she’ll wear her heart on her sleeve and make it clear that she cares about you. Filipinas in more liberal cities like Manila tend to play more games and are harder to crack, but if you’re in a more conservative city like Davao, don’t be surprised if you have girls telling you that they love you after a few weeks. It’s entirely possible that their weak-ass game playing works on chump Filipino dudes, but unless you’re a basement-dwelling virgin, you’ll be able to tell a Filipina’s next move from miles away.

While many Filipinas tend to sleep around—particularly in the more tourist-heavy cities—you’ll also encounter a lot of girls who want to settle down with one man. As a result, once you’ve gotten a girl into bed, you can make her your girlfriend almost immediately afterwards. This is best done in cities that are more conservative; given the Filipino attitude of living in the moment, girls in Manila and similar places tend to hop from guy to guy, never mind that they all claim they’re “sick” of players or whatever.

Filipinas are absolute demons in the sack. While their Catholic beliefs tend to make them outwardly reserved, once you’ve turned a girl on, she’ll fuck you until you can’t take it anymore. More chaste girls will need to be trained up, but after a few dates, you’ll be able to mold her into the perfect slut. Just remember that virtually all Filipinas have ludicrously tight pussies, and browner girls tend to have shorter pussies as well. If you’re average or above average in size, you’re not going to be able to fully penetrate a good portion of the girls you bang. Additionally, Filipinas’ vice-grip pussies can initially make having sex with you painful for them, particularly if they’re virgins. For this reason, I recommend having a bottle of K-Y or Astroglide handy so you can ease your battering ram into her iron gates of life.

Finally, Filipinas have strong family values. It’s common to see girls holding hands with their mothers at the mall and treating each other affectionately. To a Filipina, her family is the most important thing in her life, and she remains close with not only her parents and siblings, but her extended family as well. It’s because of these close family ties that Filipinas make such great wives and mothers; indeed, when you visit, you’ll often find yourself wondering why you shouldn’t get married and create your own brood of halfie kids.

The only real downside of the Filipina personality is how reserved they are in public. Because of the country’s Catholic-influenced culture, Filipinas will not be super-affectionate with you when you’re out, nor do they dress in a way that will make your hard-on strain against your jeans. In public, Filipinas behave in a very wholesome fashion, and you won’t truly see them at their best until you’re alone with one.

Another possible downside (or upside, depending on your perspective) to Filipinas is their lack of future time orientation. As I’ve mentioned before, Filipinos very much live in the moment and usually don’t think their actions through. This makes it easy as cake to get a Filipina into bed—simply make her feel good and continually move the seduction forward—but can also lead to other problems down the road. For example, take this account from Roosh V Forum member iknowexactly, who discussed how he asked a Filipina if she wanted to have a baby and she said yes right away; i.e., she wanted to have a baby right at that moment.

It’s their public demureness and their unattractive faces that knock the Philippines out of the highest echelon of poosy paradise. Depending on your preferences in girls, you may find Filipinas’ butterfaces and Catholic hang-ups too much to deal with. In particular, the lack of truly hot girls may be a deal-breaker, particularly if you have excellent game. Despite all this, given how wonderful Filipino girls are to be around, it’s impossible to have a bad time when you’re visiting.

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