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FilipinoCupid Review: The Easiest Way to Have Sex with Filipinas

I’ve said before that online dating is the easiest way to pick up girls in the Philippines. In contrast to its uselessness in the States, Filipinas take online dating seriously, particularly when it comes to foreign men. If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be an American girl, being mobbed by hundreds of interchangeable members of the opposite sex vying for your attention, sign up for a Filipino dating site.

But which site do you choose?

FilipinoCupid by far is my favorite online dating site, not just for Filipinas but for any woman period. No other site out there has such a fantastic rate of return. I can guarantee you that the limiting factor in how many girls you bang from FilipinoCupid won’t be how many are interested in you, but how many you can physically bang in a week before you get sick of it and want to become a monk.

If you plan on visiting the Philippines any time soon, you would be insane to not sign up for a FilipinoCupid account. Even if you aren’t ordinarily a fan of online dating, getting laid with the site is so easy that there’s no reason not to join.


The White God Factor

You can get a taste of how eager Filipinas are to hook up with foreign men within minutes of signing up. As soon as I had put a picture of myself online, I literally had dozens of girls sending me messages and liking my profile. I hadn’t even filled anything else out and they were swarming on me like ants on a candy bar.

“Yellow fever,” my ass: these girls have white fever.

Unlike most dating sites, women significantly outnumber men on FilipinoCupid, meaning the odds are ridiculously in your favor. There are also hundreds of thousands of women on the site, with more being added on a daily basis as Filipinas turn 18 and seek to slake their thirst for white men. At any given time, there will be thousands of women online, showing that they’re serious about finding love (or just hooking up). Also, there aren’t any ladyboys.

Pay no attention to the hordes of girls saying “no players” and “tired of having my heart broken”: you’ll have them naked within at least two or three dates.

FilipinoCupid is also easy to use, with an extensive amount of search options so you can narrow down the kinds of women you want to meet. I find the fact that it keeps logging me out after a period of inactivity to be annoying, but you can remedy this by just reloading the page every so often.

Finally, the girls on FilipinoCupid are extremely receptive to meeting up. You don’t even really need that much game, particularly in the smaller cities that receive less tourist traffic; just message the girls, exchange numbers, land and bang. While you’ll run into girls trying to scam you out of money or otherwise play games, you’d have to be a complete retard to fall for their tricks.


FilipinoCupid: Buy! Buy! Buy!

While you can sign up for a FilipinoCupid account for free, you need to get a paid subscription if you want to send messages or read the ones that girls send you. Since it’s so insanely easy to lay girls you meet off the site, it’s absolutely worth the money.

Given that the effectiveness of day and night game in the Philippines varies wildly depending on where you are, online game is an invaluable part of your arsenal. If you want to get Filipinas from online dating, FilipinoCupid is absolutely worth checking out.

Click here to sign up for FilipinoCupid.

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  • Sean

    Is it strictly for Flipflops in the Philippines or those in the diaspora as well?

  • You’ll probably end up with more success in the Philippines.

  • Ao393

    What about Black men?

  • BlkAV8TR

    As a black man myself, I’m interested in knowing as well.

  • Black men will be just fine. I met a black reader of mine in Davao (a very conservative city by Philippine standards) and he was killing it with online game. Anecdote and observation suggest to me that the Philippines is one of the best Asian countries for black men, second only to Japan.

    Best comparison I can make between white and black guys in the Philippines is that it’s like a guy who has 20 billion dollars versus one who has 15 billion dollars. Yeah, the guy with 20 billion dollars has more, but you both each have more money than you’ll ever be able to spend, so the difference really doesn’t matter.

  • maricar

    not all filipinas are like that

  • Matthew Donatelle

    Hi Matt- Nice article. I signed up for FC. I am flying into Manilla next week. I will rent a place in philippines and stay for awhile. I can live in any city. This is what i
    am looking for

    Nice/fun/clean good sized city of perhaps 500,000 plus with decent nightlife, culture, girls, and Internet

    Within 20 minutes or so of my apartment I want free/low cost clean and hopefully public beach.
    If i go to a beach daily i don’t want to travel hour plus, etc

    has been tricky finding something that satisfies both criteria. It
    seems like most cities you have to hop on a long boat or bus ride

    Any thoughts?


  • DreamGun

    not all but most are…I’m not even a white guy (Arabic + Indian facial features), and I dated + slept with almost 18 girls from online social sites in a year while working as a consultant in Manila (engineering consultant @ Globe Telecomms). Mind you, these were all regular girls with a day job. I’m not even considered a great looking guy or anything, just well groomed , athletic body + good skin …..Online dating WORKS a treat in Phillipines…..,for the white guy, I just have to say, you are lucky bastards, there certainly is a higher white god factor in Philippines compared to many other Asian countries… American colleagues were getting fresh Pinay pussy (college + young office girls) on a weekly basis,with close to zero gaming skills……black guys will have no problem as well…

  • DreamGun

    Just to add..for the non white guys in Philippines, try to have a unique look or style (eg hairstyle, body, clothes, sharp perfume)…it works like crazy, especially with those shop girls in the malls…

  • DreamGun

    Black guys totally have no problem getting girls in Phillipines nightclubs…From my observation, it’s a little harder for black guys to cold approach e.g office girls especially if you are considering day gaming….having said that, I had a black work colleague from Egypt who stood out with his height (6’5″) + bald headed, and he was killing it with the ladies there…sharp dressed guy always wearing nice perfumes…had a rich guy appeal to him which got the chicks…

  • Even not being 6’5? I’m 5’10/5’11

  • Simpleview123

    I’m a little in reply. I am sure you have figured out that there are very few cities that meet your 500K requirement. Most cities that size are in the NCR and are all intertwined. Sane with some of the component cities in the Provinces. (of that size) Some places on Mindanao might have meant your need. You will figure out that there are many Pinay with good morals that will not play around.. .

  • Simpleview123

    You are wrong on that assumption. Most Pinay are not like that. I have lived there for about 35 years. In the NCR it can be easier because of the large numbers of ladies there..Playing any type of game to get a girl is wrong. No gaming skills should be beeded

  • DreamGun

    average height of girls in Manila is 5′ 3″……you’ll do well mate….dress style goes a long way, and wear a sharp scent….having a fit bod helps too of course…the climate there is warm, build a nice thick V-taper upper body and hit up some upper chest/triceps/biceps and rock those V neck T shirts…the black guys I saw there, and in other asian countries p00k really good with this style and a nice haircut….

    As long as you don’t look like Eddie Murphy from the Nutty Professor flicks, or Steve Urkel , you’ll be fine..:)

  • DreamGun

    true to a certain extent, but good game is needed when you are competing with other good looking/cool/stylish/rich guys for a hot Pinay’s attention..of course competition is scarce in the rural areas, so less game is required

    Get off your high horse mate, the only ones that need no game are single mothers and fat bishes if that’s what you’re after..

    Some form of game is needed to get quality girls in every part of the world…wake up buddy:)

    P/S :I worked there for over a year and easily gamed office girls (7.5/10 rating average) around PB Comm Tower & the Greenbelt mall outdoor area in Makati & also the Robinson’s area in Ortigas. Used to invite them for a cuppa “Irish coffee” over lunch break to my condominium nearby (near the KFC behind PB Comm tower)…and bang:)

  • Getting into shape currently :)

  • PAstorKush

    You want have no problem meeting ladies as a black man, I would just go there for a month, you can easy stay there for a month for 2k food and room, unless you drink alot. My father is black been married to a Philippine lady for 18 years and some of his friends, its best to go there, cause many scammers on them dating sites, and you need to be careful some of them she males, look better than regular females. I have meet many pretty ladies there, of all ages.

  • telltell

    Dude i live in Portugal, and online dating in websites like POF is completely impossible.. only if you’re rich and post a photo with your ferrari. There only 20 women from the capital vs thousands of men … i once created a fake account posing myself as a female.. and received 20+ messages in just one day!

  • Dane

    Don’t feel so bad. I think those men who gets easy fuck find those ladies in the wrong places. Personally, I don’t think highly of white men because of some people just like Mr. Forney. ;-)

  • Dane

    Nicely said. Thanks!

    Those who needs gaming skills I guess got the low class breeds. Lol

  • Kris

    I am considering a trip to the Philippines after I get reestablished as an airline pilot. I am a young-looking fifty with an athletic body. I am however not tall (5’7″) and not particularly outgoing. I am a quiet thoughtful type. Hence my reason for wanting to go where I will be sought after. Any thoughts on meeting and picking up women during the day over there?

  • Rickkkkkk

    I went end of August and banged 8 girls in 6 1/2 days. 5 weeks from today I’ll be back. Fishing with dynamite. Didn’t use this specific site but one like it. You have to play the game and know how to talk to these women but I could go 3 months and bang a new one every day no joke. And these are GOOD girls, not hookers, going to school, working, etc. 20-30.

  • Aily Heaven Abron

    Im gonna disagree with u, what about in ur country is girls not easy to bang too. Think first before u say anything, maybe the filipina u meet has no respect for there self , im filipina so its annoying to read comments like this.

  • Aily Heaven Abron

    Its ur opinion, have u been in japan, japanese women like black guys, african married in japanese , there bunch in here. Its ur opinion. Investigate first

  • Aily Heaven Abron

    Your right they forget that girls in there country is easy to bang too

  • Aug Hki

    i was married a young cute Filipina when i was 53. she was 27, it went very well. 5’7″ is a giant in the Philippines. Just find the hottest sexiest 27 year old you can find who is about 4’10” and you will discover the finest butt you ever wanted attached to a sex machine. They have incredible sex drive and they know it and love it. They love white guys. For them we are the trophy that they all seek.

  • Thomas

    I am seriously thinking moving to the Philippines for the soul purpose of getting a Filipina GF, here is US I have a hard time with Asian ladies they seem to be very picky. I am not bad looking at all. I am Latino people say I even look Filipino, do I have a chance? Thanks!

  • Mark Mentor

    Hi Aily I have a question for you?

  • Edano Leo

    butthurt Filipina spotted! accept the truth lady. FIlipina chics are suckers for foreigners. their entertainment industry get actors/actress that are half foreigners.. they try to look fukin white, they have so much whitening products in the supermarket.. other than that, theyre dying to marry a foreigner cos they want to get out of the country and live a good life. when you go to the the shopping malls, you can see a lot of fat ugly white guys/foreigners together with a Filipina, sometimes i even see old white dudes with no legs and ugly as fck but is together with a Filipina, do you seriously believe that the chic loves these types of guy? hell no. its all about the money and the above average lifestyle. i’ve been living here for 30years now. i know exactly what im saying.

  • Gypsy

    I have questions… Are all men joining this site are like that? You just go fishing woman and bang them? Reality checked, the world is not perfect, so I think everywhere there are liberated girls, girls milking their date for money, scammers (girls/man) but I also believed and I know that there are women/men who are sincere and honest. Will this site be safe for those sincere women? How will you spot and avoid men who just wants to bang? I’m not in anyway contradicting you. I am just asking because you guys might know the answer. Thanks. :)

  • i have dated two fillipino girls ….both were awesome…but they are sweet ones and as far as girls are conserned i respect everyone in this world (even prostitutes)

  • Ej Kern

    You asshole! You might have met a few girls that are desperate but not all Filipinas are like that! Nobody wants your white ugly ass in the Philippines. Pathetic! I bet no white women like you cos you are so ugly in the US!

  • Ej Kern

    You ruin the image of good American men! You will get HIV in no time!

  • Bluesscout

    i have a buddy,retired air force,married to a filipina.shes beautiful.hes always got a shit eatin grin.

  • Bluesscout

    i went to china for my girl.the 1st was a bust.i knew after the 3rd day she was right for me.we have been together 5yrs now.thats my gal

  • Bluesscout

    asian gals in US are educated and also know american guys want them.the liberal agenda has empowered women in US.usually an american female has her guy by the balls and hes squealin in soprano

  • Bluesscout

    this is how you select the right man for yourself by weedin out the assholes that wanna come to the PIs to get laid.

  • Bluesscout

    yeah and ur still a buttfucked asshole

  • Bluesscout

    kris i found mine in china.there are plenty of sweet asian women if thats what you really want

  • Bluesscout

    was married?

  • Christopher Chalkley

    It’s really a shame that you felt the need to write an article on how to exploit women in a country. These girls are trapped in their own country! They don’t have an insatiable desire for you, so get over yourself…they are desperately trying to marry you so they can get out of the PI. You people that go there and take advantage of their poverty to bang them and break their heart are sick.

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  • ollie

    This guy is obviously nothing but a scumbag trying to make money off promoting this dating site by spouting a lot of untrue defamatory garbage.

  • ollie

    Bullshit and quit pretending like you are someone different when you are obviously the site owner trying to push the dating site

  • ollie

    You only need “game” if you are short, ugly and have a small dick