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“Fingered a Fat Chick and She Wouldn’t Fuck Me”: June Search Terms

In homage to Delicious Tacos and Unleash the Beef, I’ve decided to share with you some of the search strings that brought people to my blog in the past month. While I have yet to reach the heights of depravity that their searchers have, given some of the material on this list—tranny fetishists, rape enthusiasts and little boys listening to their older sisters masturbating—I hope/fear it’s only a matter of time.

big cock australian hurdler michelle jenneke

can fat asian girls be loved?

fa women jerking off

fat call girls in portland

fat korean girls exist

fat slut does everything

fat ugly women of portland, oregon

fattest girls in the world 2013

felt up at a concert

fingered a fat chick and she wouldn’t fuck me

fucking and accidentally getting pregnant

fucking see through keyhole

ghetto whore raped

girl tried to rape me

girls with slabs of meat for pussies

how to make love to a fat woman

impregnation dreams knock me up.tumblr

insecure women call other women fat ugly when i’m not fat or ugly

massive tittie saggie

meat pocket tumblr

michelle jenneke penis

military sluts torrent

no one cares how fat lindy west is

overweight girls who don’t think there pretty enough

pensis around the world

photos of ugly fat ladies bums

pinterest female teachers sucking cock

polish slut destroyed

portland junkie street kids

portland people are ugly

pussy juice dripping down cocks

raped but cum

sex with fat girls justification

sis making squishy noises at night

slut gets killed

some girl tried to rape me

tumblr cunt horse beast

ugly fat women junkie

ugly pancake ass

why boy wont love a fat girl

woman watches a couple fuck through a keyhole

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