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Iowa Campaign Dispatch, Day 5: Fiorina Gets Freudian, Trump Stumps Violent Leftist

On Tuesday, I hit the road for Iowa City, home of the University of Iowa and a city so infested with social justice warriors that Lena Dunham visited it on her book tour despite its small size (population 67,862). My destinations were a Carly Fiorina town hall in the morning and a Donald Trump rally in the evening.

The Fiorina event, much like the Ben Carson and Marco Rubio town halls I’ve been to, was a low-energy affair with a turn-out of about a hundred. I lucked into a seat near the front, and had the displeasure of having Fiorina herself pat me on the shoulder when she headed up to give her speech, making her the first (and to date, last) presidential candidate I have technically met. Watch my recording of her below:

Per usual, Fiorina’s platform was cuckservative talking points, the sole distinguishing feature being the creepy, undersexed spinster vibe she gives off. Between her drag queen-esque overexaggerated feminine mannerisms, weirdly lecherous gaze and the overly friendly hugs she gave to her young supporters afterward, I felt a little violated just by being in her presence.

The Trump rally later that night was both more exciting and less pervy. The crowd was enormously bigger than the one that turned out to see Trump in Pella: the gym where the rally was held had at least 5,000 people minimum, and the Donald himself was delayed for nearly an hour so more people could be packed in.

Trump’s actual speech covered most of the same terrain he traversed in Pella, the biggest change being the leftist fruitloops in the audience who tried to heckle him. One protester threw an apple (or some other kind of fruit, it was hard to tell) at Trump after he called Bernie Sanders a “communist,” and throughout the rally, morons kept trying to disrupt him by blowing whistles. Watch my recording of the speech below:

Afterwards, Trump went around shaking supporters’ hands and autographing their books and hats. As I left, a crowd of smelly-looking leftoids had set up shop just inside the front doors, holding signs like “Deport Trump to Mexico,” “Iowans Against Hate” and “Tuck Frump.” One of them heckled us as we went out the doors, “Don’t walk on the socialist sidewalks!”

Check out my video recapping the day’s events:

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My written dispatch on the Carly Fiorina town hall is here, and my report on the Trump rally is at Return of Kings.

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