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The FISA Memo, the End of Objective Reality, and the Coming Civil War

My friend Davis Aurini has been predicting that the U.S.—and the world at large—will break out into war later this year, based on his reading of The Fourth Turning and the churn and conflict that defines the generational cycle. I used to doubt him. I don’t anymore.

The release of the FISA memo last Friday has laid bare the impossibility of uniting America.

There’s enough analysis about the memo itself to fill a book, so I don’t need to write too much about it, other than to say that it’s just as bad as everyone thought it would be. The Obama administration, in collaboration with the FBI, the courts, and the intelligence apparatus of a foreign country, spied on then candidate Donald Trump solely because they did not want him to become president. Their justification for obtaining a warrant was based entirely on partisan opposition research, most of which was fabricated.

This is worse than Watergate. Watergate was just a botched break-in, a 13-year old blowing off toilet seats with cherry bombs. Obama and the FBI openly colluded with a foreign nation to stop a democratically elected candidate—Trump—from assuming his office.

And the sad reality is that it doesn’t matter.

Prior to the memo being released, the Democrats and the fake news memo were attacking it relentlessly, warning anyone who listened not to read it, lest their heads be filled with Satanic thoughts. At no point before or after did the left contest the truthfulness of the memo, instead using only emotional, rhetorical appeals about how the memo was a “smear job” or would undermine Americans’ faith in the justice system (as if that ship hasn’t already sailed). Within hours after its release, leftists were making jokes about it on Twitter.

You cannot reason with people who cannot see objective reality. The left doesn’t care about the abuses of power revealed by the FISA memo because they don’t care about anything but their feeeeeelings, their subjective reality. To them, President Trump is Orange Hitler and he has to be stopped by any means necessary, including rioting, assassination attempts, judicial activism, and trampling all over our civil liberties and the rule of law.

If this is how they feel about the president, it’s also how they feel about you.

I wrote years ago that there is no one more dangerous in this world than the man who considers himself a victim. A man who sees himself as a victim can invent any justification for whatever he wants to do, because he’s been wronged and he needs to exact justice on those who he believes to have harmed him. He is right by virtue of being wronged, and anyone who questions his actions is just as bad as those who he perceives to have hurt him, regardless of how real that hurt was. The greatest villains of history have always wrapped themselves in the cloak of victimhood, whether it was Hitler and the Nazis believing they were victimized by the Jews and the Poles, to communists believing they were victimized by international finance, to Puritans believing they were victimized by the big bad Catholic Church.

The American left—and the global left at large—believe themselves to be victims above all else. Minorities believe they are the victims of whites, women believe they are the victims of men, and sodomites believe they are the victims of heterosexuals. The electoral triumph of 2016, in which an unabashedly heterosexual white man became president when it was “her turn,” has pushed the left into mass psychosis. They feel like they are victimized every moment of every day, and they will not stop until they perceive that victimization to end.

As the rise of antifa and the left’s approval of violently attacking people who offend them shows, the left won’t stop unless the rest of us submit to them or are killed.

As Anonymous Conservative has pointed out, this is due to the defective brain structures of leftists and their inability to handle threat detection and response. Life as a leftist is utter hell. Imagine going around all the time constantly feeling like you’re under assault, interpreting innocuous gestures and comments and minor inconveniences as attacks on your race, sex, or identity. That’s the leftist way of life: existing in a state of permanent agitation, always on the lookout for “microaggressions,” “mansplaining,” or “wypipo” coming to ruin your day.

It’s because of their defective brain chemistry that leftists cannot interpret objective reality. You say one thing and they hear another, making communication with them impossible since we cannot even agree on the meanings of words. For them, communication and basic observation is like a Rorschach test on acid.

For example, a long time ago, there was this soyboy who made a video attacking me as a “pick-up artist” (a term I have never used to describe myself) and accusing me of pretending to be a woman online so I could convince myself that women don’t like cunnilingus. In actuality, I invented a fake female persona years ago so I could troll the manosphere and make fun of “red pill women.” But because this soyboy has brain damage, he sees a satirical article I wrote about women not liking it when men go down on them and assumes I wrote it out of personal insecurity.

It’s entirely possible he knows this full-well and chose to libel me anyway, but nearly ten years of experience writing has shown me that the left is increasingly incapable of perceiving the world correctly and telling truth from fiction.

This is why war is inevitable now. To the average person, it is increasingly obvious that one-half of the political spectrum is totally divorced from reality. When one half of the population hates the other half and can justify doing anything to them—including getting them fired from their jobs, arresting them for hate speech, spying on them, and physically attacking them—no compromise or peace is possible. As the Bible put it, one cannot be unequally yoked.

Similarly, President Trump’s constant fakeouts on DACA and amnesty are also hitting this home. As Trump pointed out in his State of the Union Address last week, the amnesty deal he’s offering is more generous than the one that Obama proposed several years back, yet the Democrats are still rejecting it.

The average voter is seeing this and going, “Why SHOULDN’T we deport them all? The President is trying to compromise with the other side and they absolutely will not cooperate.”

If two groups who hate each other—who can’t even see reality the same way—are forced to inhabit the same space, they will eventually try to wipe each other out. Will it be the right or the left who inherits the Earth? I can’t say; all I can say is that the current paradigm is about to end.

We truly were cursed to live in interesting times.

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