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Fit Juice Trilogy by Mike Cernovich

Is it hyperbole to say that juicing changed my life?

Maybe it is. But ever since I bought a juicer, I’ve experienced huge improvements in my health, from better, younger-looking skin to weight loss. In fact, one of the things that annoyed me about living in the Philippines was that I couldn’t take my juicer with me (no room in my luggage). While juicing isn’t the solution to all your health problems, given all the benefits it does provide, you’d be crazy to not get a juicer yesterday.

If you juice and you’ve been reading blogs in this part of the Internet, you need to pay homage to the man who pioneered juicing, Mike Cernovich. Yes, that Mike Cernovich, creator of Danger & Play, Based Lawyer, and all-around righteous dude. For nearly as long as he’s blogged at Danger & Play, Cernovich has run Fit Juice, a blog dedicated to his juicing experiments. Pretty much everyone in the manosphere who juices either reads Fit Juice or reads someone who does.

Now, you can benefit from Cernovich’s wisdom in book format.

As the name would suggest, Fit Juice Trilogy is a trio of e-books giving you all the info you need to start juicing, from juicer recommendations to recipes to explanations of the science behind juicing. It’s dense, accessible and a must-buy for anyone interested in juicing. Cernovich has done the hard work so you don’t have to.

The centerpiece of Fit Juice Trilogy is Juice Power, a nearly 200-page manual on juicing in general. If you’re the average reader, Juice Power will provide you with most of the info you need to get started:

Breville juicers are centrifugal juicers. Like all juicers, a Breville separates the juice from the pulp. A centrifugal juicer works by spinning a blade at several thousands of RPMs. The juice goes out one side and the pulp goes out the other. You drink the juice and then throw away the pulp, or add the pulp to your compost bin, or even make veggie burgers.

Cernovich’s prose style in Fit Juice Trilogy is pretty much what you’ve come to expect from him: erudite but street smart, he explains things in a simple and direct fashion. Indeed, even though I’ve been juicing for well over a year, Juice Power taught me a lot about the science of juicing that I didn’t know. For example, Cernovich explains how juicing can alleviate depression:

In an associational study you notice a pattern among a group of people. You then say, “People who live to be 80 consume 7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. So you should probably consume 7 servings of vegetables a day.” Indeed, people who eat a lot of fruit tend to be leaner, smarter, and healthier in old age.

The other two books in Fit Juice Trilogy are more specialized and shorter. Juicing for Men is a brief book explaining how juicing items such as maca root can improve your testosterone, while Juicing for Athletes is about using juices to enhance your performance in the gym:

Maca refers to a plant (usually its roots) belonging to the broccoli family. It’s native to the Andes Mountains of Peru and has been used as an aphrodisiac. Traditionally, maca has always been cooked to get rid of goitrogens that cause digestion issues and potential thyroid problems. Always use cooked/gelatinized maca despite what some shady companies may try to sell you. It tastes very earthy, but red maca is the mildest and sweetest tasting of all the varieties. Red maca is also prostate-protective. Go with red if you have the choice, black maca is your next best bet.

Put simply, if you seriously want to get into juicing, you need to check out Fit Juice Trilogy. There’s no other collection of books out there that explains juicing so thoroughly, right down to the scientific evidence of its effectiveness. Whether you’re looking to raise your testosterone levels, lose weight or cure depression, Fit Juice Trilogy will help you do it.

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