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Five Reviews of Do the Philippines

do the philippinesJudging by the critical response, Do the Philippines may be my finest book to date. Here are excerpts from five reviews published in the past week.

The first review is from Seth Rose at Masculine Books:

Christianity is a fundamental part of Filipino culture. This has kept traditional families and gender roles strongly entrenched and these women have not been exposed to Western, cultural Marxist thought. Yet, despite that, in cities like Manila the women are more than willing to have a one-night stand. That’s no matter as “even the biggest urban slut machine of Manila is more nurturing and caring that the average American woman.”

This review is from Matt Lawrence, who also designed the book’s cover art:

I love the look of 80’s retro/futuristic artwork. Since the Philippines is stuck in the 80’s, I decided that a retro 80’s action theme a la They Live would be the perfect look for Matt’s new book. Dunno about you, but neon colors, sunsets and palm trees make me want to hit Manila for a hard night of cocaine-fueled Kenny Loggins karaoke covers.

This review is from William Rome, author of The Legend of the Great Trek:

Since Adam busted his first nut, men have been searching for the mystical Poosy Paradise. The land of boobs and blowjobs; where tits taste like honey and lips part like the Red Sea. Byron thought he found it in Regency-era Venice, while Jack Nicholson thought he found it in 1960’s Hollywood. But Matt Forney has found it today on the far side of the globe.

This review is from Jose L. Romero:

In conclusion, I think the book Do the Philippines can be a great guide for any young man as well as old to learn what to expect when going to and staying in the Philippines…

Finally, this review is from an Amazon customer:

…Since Roosh V has stopped producing Bang guides, there has been be a void, and finally that void has been filled by none other than Matt Forney. Forney leaves no stone unturned and is able to go into lush detail, yet gets his point across succinctly. Forney is a wordsmith who wastes no words. Everything you need to know about getting there, staying alive, what cities to visit, and getting laid can be found within these pages. I plan on hitting the Phils at some point in the near future and I will be sure to keep a copy on my hard drive.

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