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Traveling Abroad: Foodies vs. Love Tourists


This is a guest post by Ruxman.

I sat at the travel agentʼs desk. It was the third and final time I would need to see him before I left for a solo trip through America. I built a rapport with him after I learned he too was a skateboarder. He mentioned some cheap plane tickets to Hong Kong that he acquired for himself and a friend.

Me: Cool, you gonna bring your board? I heard Hong Kong has a solid nightlife too.

Travel Agent: Nah, only going for 10 days, thereʼs meant to be some really good food in Hong Kong though, food is a big deal to me.

I was surprised at my contempt when he told me this, I didn’t have anything against food or dining out, but his trip no longer sounded exciting. For a guy like myself who is always on the lookout for new experiences, I often weigh potential experiences with their ability to orchestrate adventure, challenges and girls. Eating, like sleeping, sustains your carcass to function optimally for the day. One could argue that the need for food and sex are both primal drivers for a man, and a holiday based on food consumption has no less substance than one based on relationships and sex. However, the main difference is that food can be easily bought, but a holiday where sex is a driver has themes of risk, independence and fortitude.

Both a foodie and love tourist, a traveler looking for genuine female company, seek to realize a primal urge. This primal urge, when realized, is cultivated into a feeling of achievement as expectations and curiosity are met. That satisfaction, however, varies between the traveler looking to get laid with an exotic woman and the foodie who wishes to fill his memory card with pictures of forgettable food.

Foodies get their internal reward system cranking straight after landing. Their primal driver is food and it’s easily accessible. After checking into their hotel, theyʼre out on the street and within moments, the steam from a bowl of fried duck vagina with fukien fried rice is coating their face. I find the sense of accomplishment from finding a rustic noodle stand is perhaps no better than the feeling of joy when you obtain a sweet parking spot. Itʼs indeed subjective, but weʼre talking about travel, a word thatʼs usually in the same sentence as “money,” “cost,” “how much?” and “2K.” Why not make the most of it?

Iʼve experienced culture through my taste buds, some form of Ukrainian stew in NYC. It was cool and I recall taking a picture. But after my last bite, it was time to move on and actually live, make that expensive plane ticket from Australia worth it.

The traveler who touches down in a new country seeking to get laid with the local women will have to work hard and expose himself emotionally in order to get his satisfaction. Of course there is prostitutes, the route of the sex tourist. But thatʼs a different story. In summary, if you havenʼt delved into the seedy world of cheap hookers, then donʼt do it when youʼre traveling. You have the exotic foreigner card to play as well as money and time, so take advantage of that. So, unlike food, a resulting relationship or sexual encounter with a foreign girl isnʼt guaranteed; there is a decent possibility of failure depending on the traveler, his experience and choice of country. Some nights youʼll go out alone and approach girls until you find one who is comfortable with sharing herself to a passing foreigner. You may even be inclined to stay in a city longer and make a name for yourself in a small social circle that you wove together. I believe the satisfaction that comes from landing in a foreign country and bedding one of its girls is long lasting and indeed follows the traveler home.

Sometimes going for the flag is secondary to a more substantial journey that youʼre not completely aware of. New country, new city, new people. You start over and leave the shit behind, getting acquainted with the city and its culture becomes a priority. In order to sleep with the girl, you must first dance with the city. Gaming day and night on my journey, I introduced myself to all walks of life in places like New York and Nashville. Apart from girls, game seemed to have me cross paths with office workers, students from middle America, street hawkers and thugs. Foodies wonʼt get their finger on the pulse of a city in the way that a love tourist will.

To base an entire trip around food is to base a trip on comfort, and thereʼs no growth in comfort. I believe such intent abandons your masculine core, it doesnʼt matter so much who or what you were at home. When a man travels, his natural inclination for challenge, risk and sex are stirred: who are you not to indulge?

Ruxman began his blog upon returning from his journey through America. He writes about day game, introversion and the quirks of society at You can also throw him a follow on Twitter.

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