Matt Forney
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  • Weather forecast: heavy shitstorm expected.

  • sth_txs

    Let us not forget the Alien and Sedition Acts just after the country’s founding which quietly went away.

  • craig0r

    Well, when you throw a bunch of shit up in the air, it’s gonna come back down…

  • Looks like my forecast was wrong. It’s that global warming.

  • Oh, sweetie pie…
    You have a mother, right?

  • Shmalkandik

    I must be missing some thing here.
    Even when women had the franchise, they enjoyed protection of the 1st Amendment. So, I don’t understand the basis for the suggestion. Perhaps your are arguing that women have used their rights badly. But, that is their right – indeed, people have the right to say stupid things. False accusations of felonies have always been illegal. We should be working to eliminate any exceptions to that, and make sure this also applies to the so called ‘internal procedures’ of universities. I know of no right for universities to allow slander or libel.
    So, other than ensuring enforcement of laws against libel and slander, allowing no exceptions for accusations of rape, I’m puzzled as to the action the author wants.

  • Lifecandy Director

    It’s called climate change