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#FreeMattForney: I’ve Been Unjustly Suspended from Twitter


A few hours ago, I was unjustly suspended from Twitter because of false reports filed by the same leftists, feminists and social justice warriors who have been sending me death threats. I’ve appealed my suspension but have yet to hear back from Twitter. Additionally, I’m being stalked by a guy on Twitter who is impersonating me, falsely claiming I was sending death threats on Twitter, and stalking friends of mine—smearing them as “white supremacists” and “neo-Nazis”—because they’ve spoken up in my support:



I’ve reactivated an old account of mine to use in the interim: you can follow it here.

Watch the video below for more info, and also please share the video and this post as widely as you can. Use the hashtag #FreeMattForney if you’re on Twitter:

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