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#FreeMattForney: SJWs in Chicago Are Waging a Stalking Campaign Against Me


As you all know, I was suspended from Twitter yesterday due to a wave of SJWs filing false abuse reports against me even though I was the one receiving hundreds of death threats via the site. Now, SJWs in Chicago are launching a campaign to stalk and harass me in real life, as well as harass my friends in the city.

The stalking campaign is lead by a bogus account that has been impersonating me as well as falsely claiming that I was sending death threats via Twitter direct message. Despite me (as well as many other people) reporting this creep for harassment and impersonation, Twitter has taken no action as of this post (the account was created Saturday afternoon).

I’ve screencapped all of his threats below as well as archived them via Here he threatens to dox me (post my address online), post flyers in my neighborhood, as well as claiming that he’s notified bars in Chicago of what a “racist” I am:











threats-19 links here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Here he is threatening my friend Snowplow (a member of Roosh V Forum):

threats-1 link here.

The stalker also claims to be armed:



Here he is falsely claiming I was sending death threats via Twitter DMs:



freemattforney-stalker-3 links here, here and here.

Please help me out by reporting this creep to Twitter and by spreading the word about his stalking campaign. If you’re on Twitter, follow my alternate account here and stay peeled for more updates.

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  • That guy is seriously damaged and obsessed with you. I’ve had internet troll problems before, even threats, but nowhere near that dedication.

    As a person who has been threatened before in real life by someone both unhinged and with the means, I’d say that person is dangerous. My situation wasn’t a stalker but an angry ex, but having a real threat out there makes me cringe when people complain about anonymous trolls so when I say that person is scary obsessed I’m not just a shrinking violet whiner.

    I hope you’re looking out for yourself, Matt. And to boot, I hope this boosts your status and results in some money flow in your direction.

  • oh boy. geebus. I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions how we can help?

  • Report the Twitter account “mattforneylive” for harassment and impersonation. Get the word out by linking to these posts and sharing the screencaps in it on Twitter with the hashtag #FreeMattForney. Contact journalists who might be interested in covering the story (Milo Yiannopoulos etc.).

  • The

    Yeah. You’re being trolled with predictable “WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!!!” rhetoric, using rote details that you yourself provided. Its old hat. I suppose there’s always the million to one shot the troll isn’t just some dweller, but it doesn’t make sense to worry about million-to-one shots. Take two deep breaths and know these two things. 1) You voluntarily entered an ideologically provocative world with your real identity. That was your choice. You knew eventually, you’d get trolled because of it. Well, here it is. Big effing deal. 2) Remember Martin Shkrelli (sp?)? The “most hated man on the internet” because his pharma company jacked up some drug price? Well, ever since that event a month or two ago, Martin has gone to great lengths to prove (mock, really) just how totally impotent ‘internet haters’ are, regularly posting his itinerary, where he’ll be going, his phone number, doing live streams on the internet… Turns out all those chants of “THIS GUY HAD BETTER WATCH HIS BACK!” and torrent of very vicious “threats” he received were as utterly weak as the losers saying it. Now, granted, if you have a day job, there’s always that threat (of aggrieved losers bitching at your employer), but that’s part and parcel of the game you signed up for when you became an internet author with blatantly provocative ideals and your real identity. The bigger question here is whether or not you have anything to ‘worry’ about. Watching Martin Shkrelli troll back has been a master class in just what NOT to worry about on the internet.

  • I’m on it.

  • Wald

    I reported him.


  • SouthOhioGipper

    Man screw that. Hunt this dude down and beat him senseless. For real. Once it leaves the Internet, that is it. It’s time for ass beatings to occur.

  • Ivan Herrera

    These SJWs have no life. they don’t have the IQ to articulate their beliefs and earn a following so they just resort to high level trolling. Pussies in every sense of the word.

  • Adm Tech

    Is this not a police matter if someone is making death threats? Especially if they are local to you? The police are going to have the tools to identify and charge the individual(s) in question. Otherwise you’re letting these freaks waste your valuable time and indirectly feeding their notoriety or ‘street cred”.

  • Ray Johnson

    the police do not give two shits about this kind of thing, I know that from experience

  • Adm Tech

    Even so, if god forbid it does escalate to violence at least there’s a police file opened with a history to reference. Direct death threats and identifying the target’s home address is a pretty specific threat. Just sayin’.

  • Ray Johnson

    Texas police don’t even care when they specific threats to an address escalate to ARSON. They take no action and just shrug.

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