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#FreeMattForney: Trolls Are Impersonating Me on Twitter


Ever since I was suspended from Twitter on Saturday due to SJWs filing false abuse reports, trolls and stalkers have been impersonating me with fake accounts on the site.

The only real Matt Forney Twitter accounts are “@realmattforney” and “@basedmattforney.” All others are imposters.

@Realmattforney is my main Twitter account, the one that was suspended. @Basedmattforney is an old account I reactivated until my main account is reactivated; if you’re on Twitter, you can follow me there.

You can tell these two accounts from the fakes easily because on the account pages, @realmattforney says “Joined April 2012” while @basedmattforney says “Joined January 2013.” Fake accounts don’t say either:



If you see any Matt Forney Twitter accounts aside from @realmattforney and @basedmattforney, they are imposters and I ask you to report them for impersonation, stalking and harassment. Also, watch my video below for more information:

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  • Nin Nihilism

    >I was banned on Twitter by felon moderators.
    >Go cry to the same felon moderators about people impersonating me.

    Why are you intentionally being retarded? You know legally you can kill or at least detain them right?

  • Ella

    you’re so disgusting you go around blaring hate speech and then you expect people to ignore it? and let you keep saying dumb things like “ooh women should be insecure it makes me more attracted to them!!” i hope you never get your twitter back, i hope this ridiculous page gets deleted, i hope you wake up and realize how wrong you are about like. everything.

  • Ella,

    The answer to speech you don’t like is more speech, not harassment and threats (which are a form of violence — according to SJW types). What you said here is a whole lot different from stalking and harassment, threats of violence, and doxxing.

    If we decide speech people don’t like isn’t allowed… well there are a great deal of things said that I don’t like.