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I Need Your Help to Cover the French Presidential Election, the Ukraine Crisis and More

With the French presidential election less than a month away, it’s time for me to hit the road.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, part of my reason for being in Europe is to report on the rise of nationalism across the Western world. Despite the problems that President Trump has run into, the hardest part of the battle in America has been won, and Europe is the new frontier for pushing back globalism and preserving white culture. As an experienced journalist who reported extensively on the U.S. election, it’s my duty to keep covering important news stories for you, my loyal readers.

However, I need your help to do so.

On April 23, France holds the first round of its presidential election, with the National Front’s Marine Le Pen predicted to win; however, her chances in the second round on May 7 are much smaller. Given France’s significance in Europe and on the world stage, a win for Le Pen—or for her globalist, leftist opponent, Emmanuel Macron—would send seismic shocks across the Western world. Indeed, the globalists are already trying to hamstring Le Pen in the same way they hamstrung Trump last year.

Additionally, as I detailed in today’s post, Belarus and Ukraine are developing into major flashpoints for the globalist war against Trump and Russia. Ukraine is in a state of advanced collapse due to the Soros-backed Euromaidan government’s incompetence and corruption, while Belarus has been wracked by anti-government riots for the past week. The globalists are seeking to foment chaos and revolution in both countries to weaken Trump and Vladimir Putin, bringing the world closer to war.

For various reasons, I need to temporarily leave Hungary next week. I’m not much for pleasure travel, so I want to visit nearby Ukraine and document how the country is falling apart under the country’s corrupt globalist government.

Due to the deteriorating economic situation in Ukraine, visiting the country is relatively cheap: ergo, I’ve estimated a budget of $750 for visiting the major cities in the country, which covers accommodation, transportation, translation fees and other costs. I’ve estimated a cost of $1,250 for traveling to France for their election, for a total of $2,000. Any unused funds from the Ukraine trip will be put towards the France one.

Because of the short timeframe for my departure from Hungary, I need to make my first goal—the $750 for Ukraine—by Sunday, April 2 at 9am EST. My deadline for the $1,250 for the French election is Wednesday, April 14. Per usual, if I cannot make my goals, I will refund donors on request.

My political reporting has consistently been the most popular topic I’ve written about for the past year and a half. My Right On articles about the U.S. election were the most popular articles on the site period, and I’ve won accolades for my coverage of the DNC leaks and other major scandals. Not only do I get far better results than the fake news media, I do it with far less money and resources. Throughout my travels on the campaign trail last year, I cut costs by crashing on readers’ couches (and in one case, a reader’s floor), took public transportation whenever possible, and at one point contemplated sleeping in my rental car to save money.

Due to the ongoing Right On/ situation, I’m still temporarily deprived of a source of income that was important to my journalistic ventures. Moreover, due to possible sabotage from leftists, another major source of my income was wiped away in the past month; while it’s slowly recovering, basic living expenses as well as unexpected ones have put me under extreme financial strain.

I hope you can read between the lines and understand why I desperately need your help.

If you’ve enjoyed my political reporting in the past, you need to donate, or else I won’t be able to continue doing it. Any amount, whether it’s $1, $5, $10, $20 or $100, will help.

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I greatly appreciate any and all help you can provide, and I truly appreciate those who’ve donated to my campaigns in the past. You are the people who make my work possible, and I hope to keep doing it for a long time to come.