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Help Fight Twitter’s Censorship by Joining Me on Gab


Most of you have probably been following the problems me and other conservatives have been having with Twitter. While the site’s leadership is universally hostile to the right, Twitter’s popularity makes it all but mandatory for sharing and following the news. However, with the site clearly moving to purge right-wingers and Trump supporters ahead of the election, there’s a big business opportunity for a social networking platform that actually values free speech.

With Gab, we now have this platform.

Gab is a Twitter-like social networking site run by people who—GASP—aren’t interested in censoring the free flow of ideas. What distinguishes it from other Twitter knockoffs is the fact that it features a number of big improvements over the Twitter formula, from lengthier posts (300 characters as opposed to 160) to the ability to edit your posts. (Yes: over a decade after its founding, Twitter has yet to implement editing.) Additionally, many movers and shakers on the right, from Mike Cernovich to Ricky Vaughn to Chuck Johnson, are on Gab already.

I signed up for the Gab waiting list (the site’s still in beta) a few weeks ago, and I got the email to activate my account yesterday. While the site still has a long way to go in terms of functionality—for example, the inability to put my site URL in my account or upload my profile pic is annoying—what I’ve seen of Gab so far, I like. As Twitter continues to swirl the bowl, Gab is increasingly going to become my preferred social networking site.

You can follow me on Gab here; while the site is private, the sooner you get onto the waiting list, the sooner you’ll be able to join me. Thanks to Vox Day for his help in getting my account set up.

Additionally, if you want to stay in touch with me in the event I’m banned from Twitter, here are other ways you can do it:

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  • JohnC

    Hey Matt, what are your thoughts on the lawsuit by Vox Day on GAB?