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“Game Promotes Rape”: The Latest Smear

First the manosphere was ignored. While the MSM and feminists went on their merry ways, we toiled in silence and obscurity, assembling our armies.

Then the manosphere was mocked. Tenth-rate writers like David Futrelle deployed the lamest of snark against us to the delight of their bon bon-eating, emotionally stunted audiences.

Now the manosphere is being openly attacked. Prominent Jizzabeller Anna North openly equated pick-up artists and rapists in a recent article for Buzzfeed:

“I was an extremely isolated youth who came from a broken home,” wrote Reddit user throwbabyaway89 on a much-discussed thread about the motivations of rapists last week. “My escape was the internet.” Specifically, pickup artist (PUA) websites. From the ages of 16 to 20, throwbabyaway89 wrote, he was heavily influenced by “PUA material” that was “very objectifying and sexually aggressive towards women.”

All this is background for the real point of his post: a confession that he committed sexual assault at age 17. He says he penetrated a girl he knew with his finger in the backseat of a car, despite her repeated objections. Years later, she allegedly told him “the experience had left her a bit shaken for a year or two.”

This idea that game turns ordinary men into evil rapists is further refined in an article at xoJane. (Though keep in mind that this isn’t real rape we’re talking about, but the feminist “I made an oops” concept of rape.) Both pieces focus their ire on the PUA concepts of “anti-slut defense” and “last minute resistance”:

Much of the language around ASD surrounds the idea that women put up “token resistance,” encouraging PUAs to not take resistance and requests to stop seriously. The idea is that it’s necessary to plow right through a partner’s inhibitions because they aren’t really serious; she’s just faking it because she wants to create a smokescreen to hide behind. Since, obviously, women who have casual sex should be embarrassed by their behavior.

“No means no” doesn’t apply here, and there’s not a lot of discussion about how PUAs are supposed to tell the difference between this so-called faux resistance and the real thing. The language used implies that all women are secretly sexually available and willing at all times and just need a little “encouragement.” Some might need a little more than others, sure, and you can buy the DVD for $29.99 if you want to know more about how to reel them in.

I have to applaud these gals. From a journalistic perspective, these articles are actually well-written, lacking the nauseating snark and screeching hysterics that are a staple of feminist writing, meaning that people might actually take them seriously.

And that’s a good thing.

Back when game was the domain of con artists and socially awkward freaks like Mystery, it was easy to ignore or mock. What self-respecting guy would seek relationship advice from someone who wore a fuzzy hat and guyliner? But now the PUAs have been relegated to the sidelines, supplanted by dudes like Roosh and Heartiste who are normal, cool guys. Game is no longer about “use x line at y moment to get z girl naked” and more about building yourself into the best man you can be, from becoming physically fit to reading good books to cultivating a cool lifestyle.

In other words, it’s a threat to the existing dating paradigm of male supplication.

The funny part is that the manosphere is a natural reaction to the female-skewed sexual marketplace, Newton’s third law in action. Most men are clueless about women, and any doofus who is dumb enough to go to girls like these asking for advice on getting a girlfriend is going to get hit with one of two stock replies:

  1. “Treat women like human beings.”
  2. “Women are individuals, you can’t be attractive to ALL of them.”

The first one is so vague and ill-defined it’s useless. What the hell does “treating someone like a human being” even mean? What if I’m a cranky misanthrope? In that specific instance, “treating someone like a human being” means “being as abusive as possible within the bounds of the law.” If it means “treat them well,” most guys have already done that and gotten nothing for it, aside from being mocked as “Nice Guys” (I’m not a fan of nice guys, but let’s call a spade a spade).

The second one is one of the biggest lies of our time: that everyone is totally unique and unlike anyone else. No, you can’t be attractive to all women everywhere simultaneously, but the idea that we are all special little snowflakes is ridiculous. Our very economy is based on the fact that most of us are interchangeable: advertisers simultaneously organize us into neat little demographics with similar beliefs and tastes, then sell us stuff by claiming it will set us apart from all those other losers. And is it just a coincidence that all the individualist, “quirky” creative-types all write their Tumblelog/Twitter/OKCupid profiles in the exact same way?

“Feminist. Vegan. Arrested Development nerd. Optimist. Kitten-rapist.”

No, you are not that special or unique. There are literally millions of people in the world who watch the same TV shows, listen to the same bands, and think the same thoughts as you do. You are just another cog in the machine. This is more true of women than men, as they are herd creatures by nature, but most of us are as interchangeable as spark plugs. That includes me.

Men are coming to the manosphere because we’re the only ones telling the truth.

Expect more articles of this kind coming out of the MSM. Also don’t be surprised if feminists push for laws making it illegal—or at least difficult—for men to approach women they don’t know, a la sexual harassment policies at workplaces. The definition of rape will be expanded to the point where it becomes meaningless. Also expect more vigorous persecution of major manosphere figures. The pseudonymous will be unmasked; the ones who are open about their identities, like Roosh, will be libeled and targeted by lynch mobs.

 Things are going to get worse before they get better.

But don’t worry. For our enemies, the end is nigh. They know it, which is why they’re flailing, screaming, calling down the forces of social opprobrium. Truth always wins out over lies. Not immediately, not without sacrifice, but the truth is always victorious.

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