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Leftists Try to Keep Hungary from Shutting Down George Soros’ Central European University (and Fail)

While my American comrades were busy physically removing antifas on Saturday, I was busy stepping over the remnants of the defeated, castrated Hungarian left. The impotent protests against the imminent closure of George Soros’ Central European University are continuing, to Hungarians’ complete indifference and the police’s total amusement. I stumbled into their protest on Saturday night and laughed my ass off.

The anarchy began when I was walking to meet Kyle Trouble and some of my other friends at a bar off Andrássy. I passed by a dejected gang of a dozen people. One was blowing a whistle (the calling card of the Hungarian left), another was playing a bugle, and a chick was holding up a sign that showed Viktor Orbán and Vladimir Putin making out. Had it not been for said chick, I would have assumed that they were a British stag party.

Later that night, we were walking to a nightclub on Andrássy when we stumbled across the festering nest of protesters. They were camped out in the center of Oktogon, blocking traffic and stinking the place up. Despite the fake news media’s claims of Budapest being ablaze, there were maybe 500 filthy losers at the protest, and nightlife was proceeding like normal. They were also very low-energy: I heckled one guy wrapped in an EU flag by yelling “Fuck the EU!” and “I love Viktor Orbán!”, and he couldn’t even look me in the eye.

While I was filming, a couple of Spanish girls supporting the demonstrations came up and started chatting with me:

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The best part? After I left the nightclub an hour later, the protesters were gone. They got rained out.


It almost never rains in Budapest—part of the reason why I love it here—and it happens to rain on the night the leftists are protesting their precious gender studies courses being taken away.

God really is on our side.

I’ll continue providing more updates on the situation in Hungary as time permits.

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