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While I’m Away, Get the Kindle Editions of My Books for Half-Off or More!


By the time this post goes up, I’ll be on a train to New York City reading my Kindle in quiet contemplation. I’m also taking a break from being online constantly. I’ve written posts to be published while I’m gone (including a killer podcast for next week) and I’ll have net access through my phone, but otherwise I’m unplugging. I’ve had enough of the goddamn Internet.

But while I’m gone, I’ve got a special treat for all of y’all.

A week ago, Amazon debuted a new feature allowing publishers to put their books up for sale for a limited time. I have decided to offer up my books as a guinea pig for this new feature because, in the immortal words of Frito Pendejo, “I like money.”

From now until 3am EST/midnight PST November 13th (the day I’m coming home), you can of Confessions of an Online HustlerThe Hitchhiking Crash Course, and Trolling for a Living for half-off or more.

No conditions, no terms, no strings attached. Just head on over to Amazon and hit the “Buy” button. And if you enjoy any of the books, I’d appreciate it if you left a review on Amazon to spread the Gospel of Matt Forney far and wide.

Please note that this sale is for U.S. and U.K. customers only, as Amazon has yet to implement the program in other countries. Additionally, because of Amazon’s regulations, the U.K. sale will end eight hours before the U.S. one (around midnight GMT November 13, or 7pm EST November 12).

Additionally, if you’ve purchased the paperback edition of any of my books through Amazon (as opposed to my CreateSpace e-store), you can get the Kindle edition of that same book for a discount through Amazon’s Matchbook program. This is not time-limited and will still be available after the current sale ends, and is also available for customers in any country where my books are sold. (My books have been enrolled in Matchbook for a couple months now, but I forgot to make an announcement then.)

But enough of my blathering. Click the below links to buy my books:

  • Click here to buy Confessions of an Online Hustler. (U.K. customers click here.)
  • Click here to buy The Hitchhiking Crash Course. (U.K. customers click here.)
  • Click here to buy Trolling for a Living(U.K. customers click here.)

I’ll see you in New York.