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If Your Girlfriend Drinks, She’s Cheating on You

This is a guest post by the Captain Power.

It is a scientific fact that most women have a lower tolerance to alcohol than men. Women are generally affected by alcohol more because they tend to have a higher proportion of body fat. As fat cannot absorb alcohol, it is concentrated at higher levels in the blood.

Women also have less dehydrogenase, a gastric enzyme that metabolizes or breaks down alcohol before it enters the bloodstream. Because of this, women absorb up to nearly 30% more alcohol into their bloodstream than men of the same height and weight who drink the same amount of alcohol.

Women are also usually shorter and lighter than men, further concentrating alcohol in their blood. Therefore, when women of average size consume one drink, it will have almost the same effect as two drinks do for the average-size man.

So what does this all mean? If your girlfriend goes out and drinks alcohol, you are most likely getting cheated on.

Women by nature are predetermined in their D.N.A to get pregnant and reproduce, and until they reach menopause they need a constant supply of penis to provide fertility. Your girlfriend might prefer your penis, but once the alcohol kicks in and she is inebriated, your penis is useless.  Out of site, out of mind (but full of semen).

In my entire life I have never met a women who was out drinking and didn’t cheat on her boyfriend. This is my rule of thumb:

  • One drink:  Talking to a guy (harmless).
  • Two drinks:  Talking very close (borderline kiss close).
  • Three drinks:  Makeout session.
  • Four drinks: Makeout session and a feel up.
  • Five drinks:  Bathroom blowjob.
  • Six drinks: Hotel or backseat of the car.

The few drinking exceptions for women include weddings, work parties, birthday parties with male friends, and suicide attempts. Hormone changes during the menstrual cycle can also affect alcohol metabolism adversely, increasing the impact of alcohol.



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