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The Ultimate Guide to Girls in the Philippines

I’m both enormously sick and hard at work trying to pull myself out of the huge pile of work I’m buried in, so here are some thoughts I’ve picked up on dating and smashing Filipino girls for the past month.

1. If you want to date Filipinas, you better be prepared to play a whole new set of games.

Yes, it is ludicrously easy to get laid here. Yes, in a good number of cases, all you need to do is show up and not be a weirdo to get the pussy. But Filipinas are far from stupid; they’re cunning and have their own share of stupid head games they play. It’s nowhere near as bad as the States, but like all women, Filipinas have an inner predator that they’re all too willing to unleash on idiotic men.

If you let them walk all over you, they will, so you need to go in prepared.

One big game that Filipinas love to play with men is the last minute meeting change-up. It goes like this: you’ll start texting her, she’ll agree to meet you at place X, but then an hour before you meet, she’ll suddenly text you asking to meet at place Y instead because it’s “closer.” This is despite the fact that she had no problem meeting you at place X the night before. I’ve had no less than six girls in the past month try and pull this on me and I’ve nexted every single one. This kind of game is an obvious power play: if you accede to her demands and change up your plans on her whim, she will be dictating the frame of the relationship.

For example, the first time a girl tried this on me, we had agreed to meet at a coffeeshop that was just up the street from my house in downtown Davao. Not an hour before our date, after I’d already arrived at the mall where the shop was, I get a text from her asking if we can meet at this other mall that happens to be closer to her house… a mall that is on the outskirts of town and would take me at least an hour-and-a-half to get to accounting for traffic. I politely told her no, then blocked her number from my phone. (I also later found out that she had hid the fact that she was a single mother from me.)

This game is probably the most insidious as the girl doesn’t start fucking with you until just before your date, but there are plenty of others you need to look out for as well. For example, if a Filipina starts whining at any point about her life (“I hate my job, I hate my classwork,” etc.), next her. Not only does this indicate that she has a low resilience for pain and struggle, it’s only a matter of time before she starts hitting you up for money. Honest Filipinas deal with their struggles with dignity and are too proud to ask for handouts from foreigners; I once tried to give my current girlfriend money for a taxi and she flatly refused.

To the outside observer, it might seem ridiculous that I’m advocating cutting off contact with Filipinas the minute they show dishonesty or attitude. “Real men figure out how to deal with these problems, not run away from them!” What you don’t get is that your value as a foreign man is so high in the Philippines that you will never lack for female company provided you put in a bare minimum of effort. For every girl who tries to force you into her frame or extort money out of you, there are three more who will treat you like a king.

There’s no reason to put up with shit from one girl where there are so many more willing to sleep with you.

2. If a Filipina can barely communicate in written English, next her.

English is one of the official languages of the Philippines, learning it is mandatory in schools, and the government favors it when it comes to written documentation. While few Filipinos are 100 percent fluent in English, you can hold conversations with them easily provided you tone down your use of slang and ten-dollar words. For example, as I found out the hard way, Filipinos don’t say “o” in place of “zero” in spoken English when it comes to long numbers (ex: if you read off “103” as “one oh three,” many Filipinos will have no clue what you’re talking about; you have to say “one zero three” or “one hundred and three”). While most of the girls I’ve known send typo-filled English texts, I can understand them easily, and we can have conversations where I display my wit and wisdom.

In a country where English is so widely used and learning it is mandatory, what does that say about girls who can barely write in it?

Answer: they’re dumb as rocks. They’re lazy. Attempting to woo them over a cup of coffee will be torturous because they won’t understand anything you say. I made the mistake of trying to date one girl who could only send illiterate one-syllable word texts, and most of our “date” consisted of me pantomiming with my arms hoping and praying something would penetrate her thick skull. She was pretty cute, but the language barrier was simply too big to cross.

This goes back to what I discussed in point one: given that most Filipinas speak passable English, why waste your time on one who can barely grunt out “I love you?” Filipino culture isn’t exactly intellectual to begin with; at times, it feels like this place got frozen in time somewhere around 1987. There’s no reason to make things hard on yourself by trying to screw a girl who isn’t smart enough to count to ten in a language she was required to study throughout school.

3. If a girl wants to bring one of her friends along on a date, let her.

This might sound like a game, but it’s not. Remember: as a foreign man in the Philippines, you are a rock star. Half the girls here dream of being married to a white guy, and when she tells her family she’s dating a foreigner, they practically high-five each other. When a girl wants to bring her friend along on a date, it’s a form of bragging: “Ha ha, look at the cool white guy I’m dating!” Having that friend along will make it way easier to seal the deal with your girl, because like all girls, Filipinas’ opinions are in part dictated by their social group. Make a good impression on the friend, you make an even better impression on your girl.

4. Creating a harem here is all but required due to the lax labor laws.

As you’d expect from a second-world country, the Philippines lacks many of the labor protections that Americans take for granted. When it comes to girls you date who have jobs (particularly teenage girls), most of them are working twelve hours a day, six days a week. This means you’ll only be able to see them a couple days a week at most. If you need companionship around the clock, you’ll have to make your peace with the idea of keeping multiple girls on rotation. If that makes you feel bad, just remind yourself that a good number of these girls are fucking around on you despite their protestations of chastity and fidelity. Why do you think the fertility rate is so high in this country?

5. Bring your own condoms.

I’m not kidding you. Not only are condoms here too small for the average white man (Filipinos being less endowed on average), wrapping it up is damn near required given the country’s laws. The Philippines is one of the few countries on Earth where abortion is illegal, thanks to the efforts of the Catholic Church, meaning a slip-up in the baby department means massive pain for you. While the Philippines and the U.S. don’t have a child support extradition agreement—meaning if you knock a girl up, you can get off the hook by fleeing the country—I’m not fond of the idea of leaving my child to be raised in a Southeast Asian ghetto.

6. If a Filipina wears bikinis, she’s a slut.

This one comes from my friend Larry. The Philippines still values female modesty and chastity (at least in public), meaning that revealing outfits are a no-no for Filipino girls. The ones who do wear them are girls who’ve spent some time outside the country and have absorbed some of the culture of wherever they went (read: they were riding the cock carousel until their labias turned blue). This is probably less true in the more liberal parts of the country, though.

Keep in mind that these are my observations and not a strict guide. I will likely post more detailed information on banging Filipino girls later, when I have more experiences to comment on.

P.S. If you’re ready to start meeting Filipinas now, click here.

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  • Toads


    What camera do you use for your YouTube videos? Does it have a separate microphone extension?

    I am thinking of making some videos (on an unrelated subject), and found your video quality to be good in both resolution and sound.


  • Chance Boudreaux

    You forgot to mention. Your average filipina you meet on the street, will NOT come up and be forward with you. She will suddenly appear nearish you, smiling and looking friendly, but not speak to you unless you talk to her first. If a filipina DOES come up to you aggressively she is either: A)trying to sell you something B) a prostitute C) is a dude, or D) some combination of the above, like a she-male prostitute trying to sell you a butterfly knife.

  • I use my computer’s webcam and an Audio Technica USB microphone.

  • Very true. That said, I distrust any woman in any country who comes to me of her accord. I’ve been burned by these hoes one too many times.

  • John Doe

    Can’t help but notice how much of your site is forked from danger and play. Is he your alter ego or something?

  • Filipino culture isn’t exactly intellectual to begin with

    neither is the rest of the world. America, especially around the West and East coasts, is a uniquely intellectual place.

  • Mike is actually my uncle.

  • John Doe

    Funny how a guy can have such a hard stance on plagiarism but no problem stealing someone’s entire site design. You should meet Tucker Max. I’m sure you’d get along.

  • I redesigned my site based on Mike’s critique of my old layout:

    Go back to the minor leagues, kid.

  • John Doe

    That only leaves the colour scheme, toolbar and sidebar design and the general feel of the site. Even the links are the same colour. Except the real reason Mike gets high consistent traffic is because his content is positive. The only reason anyone visits your site is hate.

  • John Doe

    Your greatest business achievement is telling men how to beat their girlfriends. How the hell does that feel? Think anyone died because of that article?

  • Toads

    He is Matt’s uncle, moron…

    Getting feedback from your uncle is hardly a crime…I suspect you don’t have an uncle who helps you in any way….

  • That was a joke. He asked a stupid question, he got a stupid answer.

  • Is this your way of saying you need a spanking? Sorry boy, I’m straight.

    Anyway, I don’t believe you actually read D&P. If you did, you wouldn’t be talking like a leftist SJW. Go back to Tumblr.

  • John Doe

    Some sharp readers you have there Forney. I’d tell him to kiss my ass but I’m scared of what might happen!

    And if its only leftists that hate you, why do Mike and Clarey preface every mention of your name with “I know a lot of you hate Matt Forney but…”?

  • I just looked at your comment history. All you ever do is make the same catty, “let’s you and him fight” kinds of remarks on every blog you go to.

    Better zip up your skirt, your vagina is showing.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    That’s fucking awesome…for dudes who like Filipinas. More importantly, have you checked out the surf spots? Does Charlie ,surf?

  • I was born in Oregon.

    The West Coast is not “intellectual”. Pretentious, yes.

  • GetItGoing

    Looks like some solid advice, thanks. Interesting that you said the opposite of the typical advice regarding a woman bringing a friend: In this case, welcome it. I take it that the Phillipines are an exception in that in this case, the friend won’t be a cock-blocker?

    But what about escalating and moving to a more personal space if the friend is around? Seems like that would be an issue.

    I have considered the Phillipines. I admit this article fuels my curiousity even more (in addition to what I’ve heard elsewhere).


  • GetItGoing

    I’m from the southeast. Not a great deal of rocket scientists here, either.

  • You’re not going to be able to escalate on the first date, friend or no friend. At least here in Davao, the culture is conservative and you need 2 or 3 dates minimum before sex.

  • elyhim


  • JustUs4Awe

    You have the nerve to call women sluts as you brag about banging a rotation of girls in your harem? Any smart woman would see you and run.

  • 20Nation

    I’ve been following your trip a bit and it’s making me miss the Philippines. No other country like it to be honest

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  • Aya R

    Well this is beyond disgusting. Treating these women like animals.

    My mother’s from a lovely village that frowns upon scum like yourself and, I kid you not, you would get your dick chopped off if you were found to be sleeping round when you’re supposed to be with one woman.

    Also, this whole “white worshipping” is a load of shit but does work on the truly brainless and desperate women.

  • joe

    Why are you so scared of sluts? Jesus. Did you have some kind of emotional falling out as a middle schooler or what b/c it looks like your self image depends on how much ass you get. God bless the girl who actually ends up with your sexist ass.

  • joe


  • JP

    Firstly, I am Filipina.
    But whether I like it or not, you’re perspective is dead on. Brutal to the point of rudeness nevertheless you’ve hit the nail square on the head.
    There are exceptions of course but just like any exceptions they are the minority.
    It’s been a source of embarrassment to me that when western men hear the word ‘Filipina’, it is synonymous to easy sex. I mean Google Filipina and the first page would be all about dating sites or hookups (images are no better with scantily clad women trying to look very alluring).
    Can’t blame the guys…the opinions aren’t easy to digest but it is the truth.

  • Timoteo4 .

    I’ve noticed the thing about bikinis online. In a great number of women’s profiles, they have pics of them at the beach wearing cut-off jeans and a t-shirt in the water. With a bikini top on UNDER the t-shirt. While you see others that are in bikinis making suggestive poses. They go extreme in one direction or the other.

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  • tropicalhotdognight

    You’re a violent and disgusting pig, fantasizing about mutilating violence simply because a man has sex with different women. How many people do you know who sleep with only one member of the opposite sex? Do you want to cut out the genitals of all the others?

    You’re also too stupid to notice that Matt actually likes and respects Filipina women a lot more than he does his female white compatriots.

  • Aya R

    Fantasizing? No, that is literally what happened to a man in my mum’s village for cheating on his wife.

    And I think you are the moron in this conversation. Please read the title again and tell me if that is respectful to Filipina women. Then read section 4 about keeping a harem for extra effect.

  • tropicalhotdognight

    So it’s cool because it really happened. Do you support the same punishment for women cheating on their husbands?

    Wanting to have sex with someone does not necessarily entail disrespect, even if one does not want to have a monogamous relationship with them. And once again if you read more of Matt’s writing’s on his trip to the Phillipines, it would be abundantly obvious that he likes the place, its culture and its women.

  • snbatman

    Just because a truth is uncomfortable doesn’t make it less true.

  • MJ

    “I am not an angel,’ I asserted; ‘and I will not be one till I die: I will be myself. Mr. Rochester, you must neither expect nor exact anything celestial of me – for you will not get it, any more than I shall get it of you: which I do not at all anticipate.” Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

  • ExecutiveK

    As a Filipina, I find this article disgusting. Any non Asian who comes and read this this filth would instantly think the Philippines breed hoes. They don’t. You make them out that way by writing this type of garbage.

    Then again, I’m guessing that’s why you came to the Philippines – to be one with your kind. In short, you’re disgusting.

    I wouldn’t touch you even if you are the last pig on earth.

  • Aya R

    Now did I say it was “cool” or is someone putting words in my mouth? I don’t agree with it but laws in the Philippines are a lot different than the western countries and people can get away with things such as that.

    I never said sex was disrespectful either, however, what is the likelihood that these women are cool with a man sleeping with several other women at the same time they’re seeing each other? I know I would go ape shit if I found out my boyfriend was sleeping with someone whilst I was busy working. If you truly knew the culture of the Philippines you would know that the majority of the population are Roman Catholic and women there want monogamous relationships.

    If you try saying that they don’t then next time I am off to see my family over there I will take a video cam and ask the women in public what they really think of an article like this. I know my mother is disgusted but she confirms it’s the easy and gold digging women who would be happy with pigs that treat women like that.

  • slimmy jimmy

    “like a she-male prostitute trying to sell you a butterfly knife” – Best line ever

  • sameer

    nice article,but i dont think so philippines is that sort of sex heaven like white nations are, i mean i am neither tall nor that good looking just average 20 year old brown indian dude,still i managed to banged almost half of europe,i have been with lithuanian,russian,french,swede,romanian,danish,belgian,etc etc , i guess white girls are the biggest sluts here, they tend to sleep with anyone even africans anyways what i m trying to say is filipinas are far better than these whites, i don’t know which type of girls u have been with(probably hoes) but filipinas are much better my current gf is filipina and she is the most loyal,caring,educated girl i have ever been with

  • TyDaMan

    Don’t listen to this borderline sociopath.

  • Zen Castro

    Aya R, great comment! I salute your viewpoint….

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  • akshay

    zen u are so hot i will kiss u lips and suck

  • Pingback: 5 Reasons Why Girls With Tattoos And Piercings Are Broken | MGTOW 2.0()

  • Blu Soulstn

    I noticed you said “my mother” was from the village but not you right…your westernized and free to spew obscenities at will. yeah the article wasn’t talking about you it was talking about Filipinas.

  • Christine

    This article is extremely insulting and disgusting and i’m sure it reflects your personality as well. The only way scum like you could ever get any woman in the Philippines is if she was a gold digger or a slut. But since you enjoy wasting time by writing shit articles like this that aren’t even true to begin with you obviously have no money so you must have been banging straight up sluts. I feel sorry for people like you that need to go to a different country to fuck girls that pretend to like you; I guess the sluts in America know better than to fuck a repulsive dirty cunt licker like yourself.

  • Aya R

    What is your argument exactly?

  • Faye R

    Observations on dating and banging foreign dudes in the Philippines:

    1. Girls: we need to be way more discerning with whom we shag and/or date, if even someone like Matt Forney finds it easy.

    2. Girls who don’t speak very good English: be thankful for the language barrier – at least you don’t have to sit through every dullard white boy carry on about how fascinating he is. Believe me, it will make you want to gouge your eardrums out with a cocktail umbrella.

    3. Do no bring your friends along to your dates unless you want to be mocked for sleeping with some pasty-skinned, doughy bald guy who had to move halfway around the world to get laid because the girls in his country won’t touch him with their worst enemy’s vagina.

    4. If you’re seeing a grown man who needs the companionship of a teenage girl around the clock so bad that he needs to build a harem, run for your life. Flee the clutches of the pathetic white dude with sick Lolita fantasies and serious mommy issues like the very hounds of hell were at your heels.

    5. Let’s not be angered by the observations of the likes of Matt Forney. Matt Forney had found out from a very early age that he is an extremely unlikeable person. Being well aware of this, and having to
    make a living off click-throughs and web traffic, the only tack left to him, obviously, is to be hateful and inflammatory. And this is exactly what he does. He takes the contempt he’s had to put up with all his life and tries to make money off of it. And I’m pretty sure that’s not going too well for him either.

  • According to your IP address, you live in the U.K.

    U mad sis?

  • The True Frank

    You’re just plain disrespectful, man. Filipino women are some of the smartest, prettiest, classiest, and most sophisticated people I know. Your article gives me the impression that you have no experience whatsoever of the women I’m talking about, and I pity you for that. You have a talent for writing, I’ll give you that. But the fact that you’re using your skills to create pieces of shit like this article: wow, I think you have to reevaluate your life, man. You and your fairy boys have to assert your masculinity every so often, but you’re doing so through the internet. Grow a pair. Real men respect women. You’re passing off as some whiny loser who’s pathetic enough to make shitty rants about something he clearly can’t live without.

  • Why are you slut-shaming Filipinas, you racist misogynistic shitlord?

  • At least you live in the Philippines (according to your IP address). You should be thankful you do, even white knighting losers like you can get laid there.

  • Faye R

    …er, somehow I fail to see your point.
    Have we gone back to the age before cartography and overseas travel?
    U thinking straight, pare?

  • When was the last time you got laid, sweetie? Be honest.

  • The True Frank

    I’m flattered, you bothered to look at my IP address :3 I’ve got myself a classy girl, thank you very much–the kind who’s way out of your league. And I got her by being a white knighting loser. Anybody can get laid anywhere, sure. You speak of it as if it’s a great achievement, like you’re a teenage boy amazed at his erection. The real deal is about how you treat women. You don’t have to be all gentlemanly, baldude, but you’ve got to stop creating shit articles like this one. You earn nothing by it, except the approval of your borderline-homo group of fairy boys.

  • Larry Dickman

    A woman who sleeps around is a slut.
    A man who sleeps around is a stud.
    Hope that’s cleared up.

  • geoff_lucky

    Men need sex. Its physiological. Trying to guilt trip men about sex is like a man guilt triping you because you have your period. Its sexist.

  • William Johnson

    Have you tried Thailand? I was there for 5 months last winter and now I don’t even look at women in my home country (Canada). Western women have been ruined by feminism. Most of them are bitches.

  • Aya R

    I’d like to know what you’re trying to get at. My issue with the article is that it is trying to teach men to sleep around with countless women from one particular country, disregarding that these women are probably not comfortable with sleeping with a man who’s banging several women during the week.

    As an example, I have a completely healthy sex life with ONE MAN. Pretty sure most Filipina’s would like one man to be faithful to them in the duration of their relationship.

  • Christine Padinit

    What the hell!! Still not all Filipinos are same individuals. Just like every races. Whoever wrote that article who has experienced culture and women’s in the Philippines is a dick and hypocrite.. A stud and a moron!!!!!

  • Driver

    I think you can get your point across without the “dick chopping off” reference.

    I see this shit more and more, every day. Have we sunk to such a low level where adults can’t have simple conversations or debates without going over the top?

  • Driver

    and you don’t see anything wrong with the “dick chopping off” reference?

    What happened to people disagreeing on points or having a debate (minus the violence)? I’ve seen more and more of this shit…usually from the group who claims to be more understanding, fair or diverse.

    Let’s get back to discussions without the over the top shit, ok.

  • Driver

    You’re not being “genuine” in your response. I’m not buying it.

    The language typically spoken (if not English) is Tagalog (not “Filipino”).

  • matthew

    Bloody oath mate some people get so butt hurt peoples opinions

  • matthew

    Jim Jeffries sums it up perfectly.
    Its fucking easy to be a slut, Its fucking hard to be a stud.

  • Aya R

    Nothing more effective for emphasis than an OTT real life example!

    It’s the internet. Where “simple conversations” just don’t exist and where articles made for sad men can thrive.

  • Aya R

    Just to clarify, Filipino is the formal name of Tagalog. It’s because certain parts of the Philippines speak other languages that are exclusive to the Philippines but are still classed as “Filipino” (such as ‘Ilokano’ which I hear more of when I visit).

    Not only that but if you’ve ever seen a school text book over there then you’ll know they learn “Filipino” in school not “Tagalog”. Therefore ‘Alexa’ is most likely genuine.

  • Driver

    Good excuse. Thanks for stopping by and never mind.

  • Driver

    Sure (I’m not buying it). I’ve had too many people (who were actually born and raised in the Philippines) tell me otherwise.

  • Aya R

    Well that sounds believable…

    Just admit it, you didn’t know there were other dialects man.

  • Driver

    I did know and I looked it up before responding. I live with many different people (east coast near navy base) so I’ve come in contact with many different type of people, cultures, language, etc…I just didn’t find the comment “genuine” because of the many people that I know don’t refer to that dialect in the “official” name.

  • Driver

    and next time you want my attention, sweetie…just ask for it (don’t play coy with me).

  • Brucewayne

    You aren’t exactly spot on, but closer than most people who write about the Philippines here.
    I am married to a Filipina and have been for 9 years.
    From what I have seen, i am lucky, they all seem to cheat on theirhusbands sometime in their relationship, but at least mine waited and asked me.
    By the time she did, i didn’t care anymore because of all of her harping all of the time and now things are quiet again.
    i told her if he had a bigger dick than mine, go for it.
    We have a 7 year old daughter and the wife will not jeopardize losing her because I am the one the girl is attached to since i am the Mother and Father to her all of the time.

  • Brucewayne

    If they want monogamous relationships, why do so many of them screw around on their men?

  • Brucewayne

    Filipinas always go over the top.

  • Brucewayne

    No, a man is a slut puppy or a whore monger, not a stud.
    A stud is a desirable man.

  • Ann

    I don’t know if this is so something satirical or what not. But this is actually funny. I am a Filipina and yeah maybe some of these things are true yet harsh buuuut this is just plainly taken from a single point of view.. Hell i care about other’s affirmation, it’s not like they’ve come from a very holy place as well

  • Ann

    Hahhaha! Right on the head! Hahaha Totally ironic, right? Haha

  • Ann

    Yep mister driver, it’s Filipino. Take it from me, born and raised in Philippines. i was once a Filipino subject teacher as well

  • Ann

    Hahaha that’s why i find this so funny. It’s so full of figurative expressions in an idiotic way.! Hahaha

  • Glass Beach

    I lived in Makati City Phils from 2004-2006 and my experience are very much as Matt Forney describes. Getting laid there is so easy that it becomes boring (did I just say that?). My experiences with Pinay put me on a steep learning curve with S-E Asian women. On leaving Phils I lived in Thailand for the next 7 years, enjoying the challenging language barrier, amazing food, Buddhist calm and far more honorable womenfolk (yes, get away from the bars and tourist areas and you’ll find an incredibly conservative culture).

    And to those Pinay wishing to attack me here, my 23 year old apprentice at work got laid last night by a Pinay here in the UK. He went to a shared house to view the room she is vacating next week when she returns to Phils after finishing Uni here. He’s still in shock!

  • Guest

    While I agree on the english comments, I don’t agree with a lot of your points. I think since you were in davao it’s different than luzon as a whole or cebu,bacolod,etc; wearing a swimsuit is common, that doesnt make women sluts there,regular sized condoms are sold everywhere, and the plan b pill is called nordette which you get at the drug store. i been to pi 5 times, im 29. to be honest youre smashing these mainly uneducated provincial women. equivelant to banging women from west virginia and then making an assumption on all american women. go to manila, specifically the fort, bgc, makati; the women are cool,normal,educated,cultured and not from the sticks. also, being white in the pines is equivelent to beinga black dude at a all white college bar, girls want you because your different and because the pines is one of the least visited countries in sea, its the truth, people like different colors who cares

  • bill

    While I agree on the english comments, I don’t agree with a lot of your points. I think since you were in davao it’s different than luzon as a whole or cebu,bacolod,etc; wearing a swimsuit is common, that doesnt make women sluts there,regular sized condoms are sold everywhere, and the plan b pill is called nordette which you get at the drug store. i been to pi 5 times, im 29. to be honest youre smashing these mainly uneducated provincial women. equivelant to banging women from west virginia and then making an assumption on all american women. go to manila, specifically the fort, bgc, makati; the women are cool,normal,educated,cultured and not from the sticks. also, being white in the pines is equivelent to beinga black dude at a all white college bar, girls want you because your different and because the pines is one of the least visited countries in sea, its the truth, people like different colors who cares.

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  • Kyle

    I have been to the Philippines many times and I will agree with this article 100%. Women there love American D while I am there I usually sleep with 2 different girls everyday. Sometimes 2 at once they can’t get enough as long as your not a jack butt it so easy Aye is just mad its not her getting D down.

  • Tim E

    ok so your advice then is to not have any sharp objects in the apartment? Also, probably not falling asleep would be a good idea, just send her home after you’re done banging her.

  • Tim E

    Nice to see other people getting the Jim Jeffries reference :)

  • Tim E

    Wait so is it actually harder for you to get laid in Philippines? Idk man, never been there, but people report some crazy numbers, they certainly don’t say the same about Europe.

  • matthew

    He has a brilliant mind haha

  • Alex K

    Clearly some one has problems with logics, common sense and English comprehension!
    As a Christian, but certainly a sinner, I will say to you “don’t judge and you shall not be judged”. Be they women or men each one makes his or her own decisions about what and with whom they will do things. Your simple Assumptions about “those” women who may have different view of life (regarding sex) or higher sexual libido than your’s are simply dumb in itself and very narrow minded. As you were…

  • Alex K

    I see some >>> …. people here get upset about it and take it personal. I suggest everyone to take courtesy not to generalise too much but also accept facts and people’s experiences.

    I must say from experience even when I use an online dating site to meet friends or potentially a “special one” I never stopped being hustled by and attract way more women from SE Asia. I take it as a complement and its not always about money. So of course the chance of SEX is way greater for someone like me ion the SE Asia.

    It’s all about mutual respect and respect of the person you are with at the time. Fuck if you want to fuck. And Love if you found Love and don’t fuck around!

    Kind regards

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  • Aya R

    Clearly someone wanted to sound intelligent but that backfired atrociously…

    Oh and your assumption of my libido couldn’t be more wrong.

  • David O.

    I totally agree with you, women all over the world want the same thing, to be loved and respected. If you sleep around with many women you are many things but certainly not showing them respect! I have only good things to say about filipina girls, they are sweet caring and very loyal. And they have what many western women have lost, that feminin sweetness that make a man happy he is a man. ;-)

  • Aya R

    Thank you kuya, God bless!

  • Aya R

    In your dreams.

  • Dennis Khan

    I would personally be very satisfied with a lady much like your self actually and actually do see both your original points of view from the start to begin with ,
    I myself however as modest as it sounds even if maybe such moments were to present themselves couldn’t simply bare the guilt of such which at the end of the day would initially just absorb me and ruin my day ,
    For me it just really boils down to common sense take from this topic what you may as I would be more drawn by the fact that most Filipino ladies can actually speak and understand English very well as I have met ( conversed with ) a couple of ladies here in my own country through work whom I never would have picked to have been Filipino whom I thought were very easy to talk to respectful as well as attractive ,
    I don’t mean to sound sexually racist or discriminative in a sense as I have had multiple opportunities in the past where I could have just dove on in and had this part of my life done dusted and sorted but don’t really seem to feel any real connection yet alone attraction to the ladies here which more than likely seems to be more the norm here whom to me seem to be more in sync with an easy going drinking sporting like culture locally
    Which there’s nothing wrong with but really isn’t my cup of tea , I’ve always thought Asian ladies to be more exotic looking younger looking and just basically in general more attractive and from what I’ve noticed seem to be more consistent at maintaining this physic even after child birth by basically in general maintaining a healthy diet unlike over here where a lot seem to just waste themselves away which I feel would play a part in there partners potentially looking at other options

  • Aya R

    I respect your opinion and preference; this is by far the most honourable response I have read and I thoroughly appreciate it.

    Women deserve respect and not to be treated like pieces of meat. There is no issue for a man to take a liking to a certain race but when someone takes advantage of the traits, that women of a particular culture possesses, it is hard not to be repulsed and offended.

    Once again, I’m glad to finally see an intelligent reply.

  • Aya R

    What sort of evidence do you have to back your “so many of them” statement? Just because some dirty men have slept with a few promiscuous women doesn’t mean the whole country is like that.

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  • Driver

    You’re not the first female to play that role (to gain attention from men).

    It’s not a problem, I’m ok with it. Go with it…don’t try to down play it (to appear “strong and independent” for the rest of the women).

  • Alex K

    Fairly balanced comment in my opinion. I think the main article contained many thruths mixed with some disrespectful and negligent view of Filipina girls. There is an explanation to that which people will bot quite understand unless they know how Western mind ticks. On one hand we have a man who disrespects women but on other hand we have men who are opposite of that and respect Filipinas and who mutually enjoy sexual encounters. We are not talking about money. Also, to give you an example if a down to earth, polite guy with decent physical appearance puts a profile on Filipino dating website he will get hundreds if interests and e-mails. This normally would not happen in home country and such situation seriously affects some men’s attitude towards Filipino women as they dis not have much respect to Filipino women.
    The article which we discuss could be written in a better way to avoid this aggression and the whole discussion would be purely pisitive. I’ve never been to Phil but have a wonderful fenale friend there who raised the bar of respect for the women there.

  • Guest

    Well for a change something seems to be clear to you. However no! Someone was intelligent and not “wanted” to be one. You seem to act like you are right and your opinion is the main opinion in this diacussion. Your style of communication is more rude and sexist than if you were simply swearing and used labels. You might as well do that because the level of aggression you exert towards Others is like of an angry dog barking at anything that moves past its fence. May be its time to shut up with that angry barking and instead go and get laid with your boy friend(?) rather than preaching about who should sleep with who.
    Your entire rhetoric about sex is exactly the same as of some extremist religious sects or far right wing which tells homosexuals they can’t do what they want to do in their own beds.
    And finally, girl I think you’ve convinced most “experienced” men that you do have libido issues or you simply not getting enough. And this not an assumption but a straight forward observation of a good old cop. As you’d rather be a nun and had no wealth of sexual education and experience, someone like could not possible have a slight comparison or idea of what high libido is. Literally stop barking and join the peripheral die hard feminists forum to help with your angry verbal diarrhoea. Mind your own business before someone comes to your bedroom and puts a cloth over your head and imposes their extreme views of where your place should be.
    Despite everyone telling you to stop casting you judgements and mind your own bisiness your skull is too thick to get any point other than yours. Hopeless case you are.

  • Alex K

    I am sorry to five you the bad news and a bit of a culture shock Indian bloke. Nothing agains Indians. But you have been used by them because they are young, playful and horny and used you and threw out like an old bone and moved on. Where as you thought you did something exceptional. European girls are same as guys, what do they do they travel and fuck. Excuse my High English.

  • Alex K

    Mate what tou said about your gf I could say about some European girls. having slept with a few girls in your travels one could say you were whoring yourself and either lying or unlucky not to meet family oriented girls in Europe.
    I have respect for most Filos, but you know it is strange when in 3 days on the dating site for the purpose to meet 1 girl I got over 100emails and more than that interests. To each one of those girls i amgrateful, but such situation corrupts White tourists. However amongs those contacts that girls tried to make with me it discusses me when they throw their cam shows or ask to borrow 50bucks. I personally hate that but smart enough not to generalise the rest.

  • Aya R

    Basically read my reply to Dennis Khan below and then you would understand what sort of opinion I appreciate. Cannot be bothered to reply to such a nonsensical response.

    And once again, as far as my libido is concerned, I am actually getting a lot more than most in relationships seeing as most nights I am with him we have sex. I’m pretty happy it’s with one man too but I’ve had some crazy experiences at Uni when I was single.

  • Aya R

    Hmmm, I think someone’s confused.

    Don’t act like you know me just by my internet persona. If I wanted attention from a man I could very well go outside and get it but I’m happy in my relationship to do that.

  • Driver

    of course.

  • Aya R

    And I’m sorry you have to read an article to help you get laid. Good luck in life.

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  • Brucewayne

    Evidence is all around us, so many divorces because the wife is caught cheating and wives carrying babies for other men.
    I personally have seen nearly a dozen such cases in the last 9 years I have lived in Cebu and have heard of many more.

  • Aya R

    Well immediately I can see something wrong; Philippines is predominantly Catholic, they do not believe in divorce.

    And a dozen cases in 9 years? Mate, that’s nothing, I’m British and the West is the worst for cheating and babies from other men.

    Of course you’re going to get people who don’t stay faithful whatever country they’re from so that’s not what you call evidence.

  • Brucewayne

    Most Catholics here seem to believe in divorce, but the Philippine churches don’t.
    A dozen cases of the men going home and filing divorce out of what, maybe 25-30 foreigners I have actually known here isn’t nothing as you say.
    Also, what do you mean by “evidence”, I mean is this a court room?

  • Brucewayne

    Also, a lot of those who can’t get a divorce end up mysteriously widowed if they want the husband out of the picture, so what you are implying is that divorce isn’t acceptable to these Catholics, but murder is?

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  • Pingback: Robin Rinaldi’s Wild Oats Project Shows Why Women Should Not Sleep Around()

  • Ket A

    Bravo Aya R, men’s comments here are idiotic…just like the writer!!! I hope this writer will be kidnapped in the Philippines!

  • Ket A

    Just make sure you are not coming back to Mindanao…people there would like to behead you!!!

  • Ohh that is so sad. I can feel you though. In general most Filipina girls are like that, especially those from the province…. You can’t just met someone who can be equal or be able to compete with your mentality, Filipina’s has a different humor culture and they don’t get what sarcasms is, also it doesn’t mean someone who finished college can speak well in English. But I feel you, if I where I dude, I would probably be blogging this kind of list too. Have a nice day ;*

  • lol Agree though

  • Ket A

    there are 95M+ Filipinos in the world….do not generalize moron!!! surely the Filipinas would not want to stay with you because you have a small dick!

  • Mikko L.

    You retard. F*cking several different Filipinas is not respect, it’s using them as fuckbags. For the people who do this: get STIs and/ or AIDS.

  • Mikko L.

    People shouldn’t be f*cking around like low-levelled animals anyway. There’s a reason the ideal is to get married first.

  • Mikko L.

    Any woman with objective morals, ethics and values, especially regarding sexuality.

  • Mikko L.

    Men and women who fuck around are both sluts. And are highly susceptible to STIs and AIDS. XD

  • Sebastiano

    All women should be treated with respect. But I must say Philippino women are beautiful..:)

  • I partially agree with all (and everybody’s opinion), i use to wonder why there were so many Filipino Women online looking for husband, this article basically told me why they were all acting so shady when they couldn’t get their way with me, I don’t think every woman is bad, but I look at this as a cautious article to teach people what to expect from these Filipino Women, i spoke to a Filipino woman over the phone, and she was telling me how theres no opportunity in the Philippines, and she was saying that “You don’t want to live here”, and how almost everybody you meet there is evil, my response to her was “people wise, its no different from america, people out here do evil things too,”, I can’t judge by looking and reading, but I can judge by interaction, and no offense “Aya R”, I’m highly attracted to Mexican Women and Asian Women, you gotta understand, this generation changed when your talking about people, government and their rules, the system everywhere got lazy, people these days are not raised with value, and just remember on every continent theres a ghetto, as a person writing blogs about’em……….

  • Rita

    I am a Filipina and I have a British fiancé. We’re internet friends since I was high school and when he decided to meet in person he went here in Philippines. After that we’re committed now.

    As my observation when he was here, there’s lots of women, even gay men flirting with him. Lots of women smiling to him. And there were a time when we went to a mall and I was in restroom,he said that a women asked him if he’s available and so persistent to have him and it always happen when i’m not around, but as always he rejected them.
    Then in his hotel someone want to get in on his room and he saw that it’s a women. I didn’t want to believe but it’s reality, that some Filipinas want foreign men for sex and money.
    But I think that in everywhere, especially in this modern times, these scenes are reality.
    It’s just depends on that person if he/she would be a part of it. If he really wants a serious relationship then he should know who are the right women to be dated by finding her in a right circumstances.
    There were lots of Filipinas who are mature, honest, caring, thoughtful, hard working and trustworthy out there that build up from a family-oriented culture and have good beliefs in God.
    And I agree that women MUST BE RESPECTED coz that’s a real man should do.
    We, Filipinas are not all like that, but we, women, should always be respected even she didn’t want to, coz that’s a real man should do.
    Philippines has high poverty that causes why there are Pinays want foreign men for money but if WE fall in love we submit all. We care and treat him how a man should love. When it comes to love, we are patient, caring, understanding, loyal and very lovable that’s why foreign men fall in love in a Filipino women that easy.
    In a world full of sin and temptations, we should be wise and have the eyes to see what’s the truth. If you want good you should also be good. If you settle for less then you’ll only have it. Go find a good Filipino women and respect her,accept her and love her and you’ll have the best of Pinays!

  • tropicalhotdognight

    You’re the retard, asshole. Not everyone is monogamous you stupid fuck.

  • This is a sad article, I partially agree with everybody’s opinion including yours, when I was online, chilling and chatting, I ran across some shady & sneaky filipino women online, they either asked me for money, or they kutt me off because they didn’t get what they want (like a fast relationship or marriage), which is cool, because i’m a busy and I never make time to chase women, my response to the article, just like america and countries around the world, theres ghettos, sluts, whores, sneaky, shady, slimey/grimey people, and theres also good people, intelligent, smart, well focused, determined and hardworking. now i’m not defending anybody’s culture, i’m speaking in general. Just like how some blacks attack whites, and some whites attack blacks, you really can’t judge anybody’s culture, especially when it comes down to the females. YES, I’am extremely attracted to Asian Women and Mexican Women, but it doesn’t mean I’ll give’em money when I don’t even know them, I’m not crazy (desperate) to do favors for people. I have a filipino friend I met at my job, he is cool as hell, yeah, he was seeing & dating 3 different women at the same time, he didn’t get any SEX from them. The moral of the being is, nobody is perfect, if you accept the good in people, you have to accept the bad that comes with them (big or small). My advice to the blogger, just because you ran across bad women, don’t judge every woman and their whole culture…….

  • Mikko L.

    Hope you know what STIs and AIDS are, kid.

  • Simpleview123

    Excellent responses Aya. I find this boy Matt (I can in no way consider him a man) to be quite repulsive. He knows ;little of the Philippines or the culture. His comments and reasoning are so far off the mark from the reality of the culture. I never try to be judgmental or buy into stereotypes. However, some stereotypes such as the term ugly american come into existence for a reason. His attitude and behavior fits the bill for that stereotype. I hope he never sets foot in the Philippines again. If he does, I hope he would have the courage while clearing immigration to say… hello my name is Matt Forney, this is an article I’ve written/published about what I think of your country. Probably would not be well received. .

  • Simpleview123

    Matt… Your ignorance of the Philippines shines so bright in your writing.

  • Simpleview123

    @Debbie Your comments are so far off base and biased. The average Pinay is not going to be flirting with a westerner. There are some that will, but overall, no. There are just as many shameless women in the US as in the Philippines. (probably more) Fact is the US ranks very high in the sex trafficking arena. Well over 100,000 children alone every year forced into the sex trade. You must have been very sheltered and in one location for the most part during your stay in the Philippines. Before you just speak negative of a country in general, I suggest you look at your own. Also, many western men that visit the Philippines and some that live there are nothing less than degenerate pigs anyway. There might be a lot of bad people in the Philippines, there are a lot of good too.,Same applies to the US. Same applies all over the world.

  • Simpleview123

    You are correct, there are good and bad people everywhere in this world.. That so many focus on the bad is very sad, I did find the article to be a ;little to negative and the generalizations expressed to be way out of line. I’ve been involved with the Philippines and have considered it home for about 35 years now. I understand the culture well. The key factor is to understand the culture. Sadly most Americans judge other countries on there cultural values alone. Do not take into account cultural differences There are still many raised with traditional values there. The biggest change I have seen in the past 35 years is that the population has doubled. There are opportunities available in the Philippines, you just have to be creative and find your niche. There is money to be made.As for living there, I love it. The only way you will get a good understanding of the Philippines is to come and live there for a few years. Not just restrict yourself to the major cities and heavy tourist areas, but get out and live in the provinces. Explore the country.
    . .

  • Simpleview123

    You are correct. Most Pinay would prefer one honest and true man for life. Most guys that sleep around all the rime end up one way. Lonely in the end. Never experience true love. The sad thing is, I am sure they are deceitful at times and actually end up hurting a nice a trusting girl on occasion. I have seen it happen before. I have seen more than one case of date rape too. I do not consider these guys men though. In my eyes, they are merely little immature boys. Real men do not behave like that. . .

  • Simpleview123

    How is this over the top??? It has happened on more than one occasion at home. It is a fact based reality. .

  • Klokinator

    Lemme guess. Feminist?

  • Klokinator

    Based on your grammar, lemme make an educated guess. Feminist?

  • Klokinator

    Oh shit, that MLG callout though.

  • Aya R

    Tell me, do you see women as equal or below you? If your answer is the former then congrats, you yourself are a feminist. If it’s the latter then I don’t think you’ll ever find a woman that would truly respect you.

    Please understand the meaning of ‘feminisim’ before throwing it around as if it is a bad thing.

  • Klokinator

    Feminists: Fat women who are too lazy to keep themselves competitive in the sexual marketplace and who do anything possible to get a free lunch ticket.*

    *Not to be confused with actual feminists from the 1920’s who actually advanced the human race.

  • Aya R

    Funny that, I don’t think my boyfriend would agree with your definition!

    Maybe you should read an actual dictionary, this may help you become less ignorant. Do you need me to give you the definition of ignorant for you or can you manage that?

  • Klokinator

    Sure, it’s listed right here.

    Ignorant; Adjective. See: Aya R.

  • Aya R

    Great comeback. I’ve heard something similar from a 4 year old.

  • Simpleview123

    Wrong about the language issue Driver. In the Visayans region, Cebuano is the most common language spoken. Some from Luzon that speak Tagalog do not understand Cebuano. Many that speak Cebuano also speak Tagalog along with their local language. Many that speak Tagalog also have their own local language. So no, Tagalog is not typical everywhere. Your ignorance of the Philippines and the culture is very apparent and shines bright.. Filipino is used in many cases to refer to Tagalog. However there are over 124 other Filipino languages. I’ve been around the Philippines for about 35 years now so I know a little about the culture.

  • Klokinator

    Kids do tend to talk amongst themselves, yes. I’m sure you and your friend had a very interesting conversation about why the sky is blue and how to rub crayon on paper the correct way.

  • Driver

    Ok..wrong on the language. Anything else of value to add here or was that it?

  • Raghu Nandan

    I don’t know about the
    Filipinas living in Philippines but I can say certain things very
    surely about Filipinas living in Dubai.

    I had a relationship
    with a Filipina and I got to know about her secrets just 2 months after the
    relationship started. I really could not believe that how
    come a person can have secrets like that . Then I started researching
    about Filipinas behavior and their consideration for a relationships.
    I went to each and every Filipino colleague of mine just to know how come
    a girl can be so secretive. I kept researching for six months just out of
    curiosity how come people be so fake. During that time i broke up with my GF
    but kept friendship alive. Then slowly slowly she told me the below mentioned
    things about Filipinas and i got confirmation from almost all colleagues of
    mine + other Filipino friends of mine and reached to these conclusions and
    trust me 90% of them are like that and it is very normal for them (may
    be this is what their culture is or this is how they take the

    1. They make
    relationship with other nationals just to suck their money or to get passport
    of some western country, if the guy is White.

    2. Almost all
    Filipinas just play with guys for money ( they can date a guy just for 1
    time meal at KFC) and have more than 1 boyfriend for sure. If ur GF who is a
    Filipina is faithful and loyal to u, u need to wake up from ur illusion. She is
    not faithful, she is just clever and knows how play.

    3. Here in Dubai 90%
    are single moms and most of them lie and don’t disclose their marital status
    and their kids.

    4. Not all but more
    than 50% are into hidden prostitution. They have links and sleep with White
    guys or locals just for 500 bucks (sometimes even 300).

    5.A Filipina can leave
    her husband and kids just for a teddy bear, nice chocolate (not even expensive
    ones) and 1 rose. U need to pamper her with these 3 things for three
    days in a row and 4th day she’ll be in ur bed.

    Their image in Dubai
    is really bad. people think that they are easily available puss** and
    treat them like tissue paper (use n throw) almost without any efforts just
    because they behave cheap and low standard.



  • I dated a white guy once…when I was abroad had a sort of steady relationship with him but after five months of being together. I left for home then had to deal with his insecure shit over skype. To cut the story short I dated other Filipino men…he came back I didn’t care anymore. Hun, you haven’t dated enough guys to realize your own self in future relationships. Chopping dicks off is disgusting. You’ve got no respect for other human beings. Part of being human is to constantly get hurt and to hurt other people because were all different. That difference is what makes us humans really special. So stop being so insensitive. Men and their penises are the only pride they have left when they virtually have none to begin with.

  • So that was why I got cheated on by three of my Filipino exes. Sob. They couldn’t handle a little fight and wouldn’t put up with one. Oh, well, I’m over that. This was insightful at so many many levels.

    There’s no reason to put up with shit from one girl where there are so many more willing to sleep with you.

  • Hun, You should go see a psychiatrist because you spend so much time on comment sections just to prove a pointless point. I’m saying it as a fellow woman and also a Filipina. Don’t take everything on the net seriously. ha-ha.

  • Aya R

    Well I’d first like to start off with the fact you think I haven’t dated enough men. I’ve been with a lot of different races and my exs include caucasian, Greek and mixed race Iranian-Scottish, a majority however would be white as I live in the UK. Currently I am dating a British Indian and he knows the story of the mutilation. Obviously I wouldn’t do something crazy like to him that and he knows it. He’s got a dark sense of humour like myself and I think you need to lighten up and realise I wouldn’t literally do that myself, I simply stated what had happened in my mother’s village.

  • Aya R

    Does it look like I’m about to chop his dick off?

  • Aya R

    As said before, don’t assume you know someone just to seem intelligent!

  • Aya R

    Yes I did actually. About 19 years ago.

  • Simpleview123

    If you want to truly understand the Philippine culture and people, come live here for 20 to 30 years. Your views might change some.

  • Simpleview123

    You are a misogynist. Easy to see that by your writings. Your responses.

  • Are you that insecure to even include your personal life into an argument that doesn’t even makes sense. Sweet heart you clearly need to stop spreading hate and negativity and get your head and health checked out. What happened in the village must have clearly fucked you up since it sounds to me the poor sap who had his dick circumcised in the worst possible scenario must have probably been your dad. I know, I know I feel your pain sweet heart that’s why we have psychiatrist’s and Valium for those awful childhood traumas.

  • We also have a rope for when you decide to end it all in the most flashy manner. And I think you’ll like that since your so flashy and all. A great publicity stunt always does the trick or you could use a gun and shoot yourself with it because you need to learn to shut up when you’re so fucked up.

    My two cents of wisdom for you with no animosity in them. ✌

  • Lol bitch you need to stop being so sensitive to everything. Life is a fucked up existence even for girls and ladies of your caliber. I only said that cause I felt deep inside my black scarred heart that you are egoist who doesn’t know the difference between fantasy or reality. In fact I was just screwing with your head so I can get your reaction but I knew you would react cuz your typically on here like 24/7.

    Sounds like someone needs a gun more than a psychiatrist.

  • Do you have a picture to prove it?

  • protectingmynamecauseimstoopid

    1) You’re a fucking racist.
    2) Stop talking like you know what its like in the Philippines cause obviously you dont even fucking know how it is here. Fucking twat.
    3) At least I try to sound intelligent than act like I am when in truth I have to talk and speak like a 3 gram brain sewer rat from the UK or should I say ukay ukay.
    4) Im just screwing wit ya cuz I’m bored. And I’m one of those brainless 3rd world Filipina with no hopes for the future but have a high tolerance rate for racist idiots like you.

  • protectingmynamecauseimstoopid

    There’s legal separation and annulment here. Two types of wedding too. One is civil where you can file for legal separaoution and annulment plus you have to wait til your marriage license expires after 5 years or so. The second type of wedding is religious which is just a fancy way of telling other people they’re married at the costly expense of the relatives. In other words catholic weddings doesn’t account for a strong foundation for a long term relation compared to civil weddings and there’s a law passed here that once you’ve reached a minimum years of cohabitating with your partner. You can file for it. Dont know the term. But its a form of agreement that helps when the couple separate and all the messy stuff like properties and children are equally award to the appropriate partner or parent.

  • protectingmynamecauseimstoopid

    Debbi I totally agree with you. Most young girls here are forced to believe in poverty and to let them believe that they’re salvation is abroad. This was one of the many things I hated growing up in a society that favored juanism. Its your right to protect your husband and your relationship because people here are very callous and cold hearted! They will not even acknowledge you oror ur hard workwork unless you strike it rich or famous.

  • protectingmynamecauseimstoopid

    And how many average Filipina populate the whole country. They’re everywhere.

  • protectingmynamecauseimstoopid

    Kid we have contraceptives. Not everyone likes raw sex like you.

  • protectingmynamecauseimstoopid

    Can you even define what libido means without google?
    Retard pig bitch

  • protectingmynamecauseimstoopid

    It seems that you love Philippine culture a lot. Might I suggest you start a fund raising event to remove all foreign invaders from our land in your tribal thing so we could all see ur brown ass out?

  • protectingmynamecauseimstoopid

    And ruin the children’s future with incompatible parents?

  • protectingmynamecauseimstoopid

    Fuck him tit or gtfo!

  • Raghu Nandan

    true to the core!!!!!

  • Aya R

    I don’t even need Google. I can understand my libido by how much sex I have. I’m sorry you can’t even get a woman to sleep with you.

  • Aya R

    Someone’s jealous!

  • Aya R

    You don’t even make logical sense. Just chill the fuck out.

  • Raghu Nandan

    just dozens in 9 years………trust me buddy… the last 6 years in Dubai……I have seen almost most of them are single moms…..separated with their BF (later they call him husband so that at least the baby knows who is his father) husband and have 2-3 BF either locals or Indias or half Arabs just to suck their money and feed their 2-3 kids back in their home town…………………….I have had a lot of experience and many Filipino friends…………………I can say it very confidently ………..they are the most UNTRUSTWORTHY people when it comes to relationship or money…………

  • Raghu Nandan

    Trust me u really have no idea about Philipinos………………….

    I don’t know about the
    Filipinas living in Philippines but I can say certain things very
    surely about Filipinas living in Dubai.

    I had a relationship
    with a Filipina and I got to know about her secrets just 2 months after the
    relationship started. I really could not believe that how
    come a person can have secrets like that . Then I started researching
    about Filipinas behavior and their consideration for a relationships.
    I went to each and every Filipino colleague of mine just to know how come
    a girl can be so secretive. I kept researching for six months just out of
    curiosity how come people be so fake. During that time i broke up with my GF
    but kept friendship alive. Then slowly slowly she told me the below mentioned
    things about Filipinas and i got confirmation from almost all colleagues of
    mine + other Filipino friends of mine and reached to these conclusions and
    trust me 90% of them are like that and it is very normal for them (may
    be this is what their culture is or this is how they take the

    1. They make
    relationship with other nationals just to suck their money or to get passport
    of some western country, if the guy is White.

    2. Almost all
    Filipinas just play with guys for money ( they can date a guy just for 1
    time meal at KFC) and have more than 1 boyfriend for sure. If ur GF who is a
    Filipina is faithful and loyal to u, u need to wake up from ur illusion. She is
    not faithful, she is just clever and knows how play.

    3. Here in Dubai 90%
    are single moms and most of them lie and don’t disclose their marital status
    and their kids.

    4. Not all but more
    than 50% are into hidden prostitution. They have links and sleep with White
    guys or locals just for 500 bucks (sometimes even 300).

    5.A Filipina can leave
    her husband and kids just for a teddy bear, nice chocolate (not even expensive
    ones) and 1 rose. U need to pamper her with these 3 things for three
    days in a row and 4th day she’ll be in ur bed.

    Their image in Dubai
    is really bad. people think that they are easily available puss** and
    treat them like tissue paper (use n throw) almost without any efforts just
    because they behave cheap and low standard.

  • Aya R

    Why are you so angry? Have you not been fucked in a while? Is that why you want me to make a porno?

  • Aya R

    You sound much more fired up than me. I’ve got a good life and a great relationship, that’s my reality so I’m not complaining. You sound so bitter it’s quite funny.

    FYI, I get email notifications on my phone and so I just reply to comments I get. Hardly psycho.

  • Raghu Nandan

    u really have no idea about Philipinos……………….People actually give them respect in the beginning but when they come to know about their intention to suck money and the layers of lies…………………they treat Filipinas like tissue paper…..use n throw………………………….Philipinos are not good people, I can say it very surely……………I m against discrimination and generalizing people on the basis of anything illogical……………………….but trust my words………….this is what they r…………….not 10% of them r bad…………90% of them r bad………….they r soft, polite, hospitable, even clean and hygienic but all of that is a part of a sweet trap…………………….I have had personal experience and I researched about their behavior continuously for 6 months because in my country it is almost next impossible people behave like this. So, I was surprised how come people be like that……I went to each n every collegue of mine and other friends of mine and many other victims of Filipinas…………………..I just found certain things………….

    They make
    relationship with other nationals just to suck their money or to get passport
    of some western country, if the guy is White.

    2. Almost all
    Filipinas just play with guys for money ( they can date a guy just for 1
    time meal at KFC) and have more than 1 boyfriend for sure. If ur GF who is a
    Filipina is faithful and loyal to u, u need to wake up from ur illusion. She is
    not faithful, she is just clever and knows how play.

    3. Here in Dubai 90%
    are single moms and most of them lie and don’t disclose their marital status
    and their kids.

    4. Not all but more
    than 50% are into hidden prostitution. They have links and sleep with White
    guys or locals just for 500 bucks (sometimes even 300).

    5.A Filipina can leave
    her husband and kids just for a teddy bear, nice chocolate (not even expensive
    ones) and 1 rose. U need to pamper her with these 3 things for three
    days in a row and 4th day she’ll be in ur bed.

    Their image in Dubai
    is really bad. people think that they are easily available puss** and
    treat them like tissue paper (use n throw) almost without any efforts just
    because they behave cheap and low standard.


  • Aya R

    Oh and also, Aihia, stop trying to hide your identity. I hope you put your degree from Cebu to good use rather than spend your days watching anime and being lonely.

  • Aya R

    Aihia, you need to learn how to speak to people, you sad and lonely little girl. Your anime profile picture on Facebook speaks for itself; you’re ugly and haven’t had any real relationships. Maybe it’s you who should kill yourself since you fail so hard at life.

  • Aya R

    Sorry but, DAYMN, no wonder you’re so bitter…

  • Aya R

    Yes I did actually. About 20 years ago.

  • Cleveratti

    At least she put a face behind all her comments. Unlike you who called her names and spouted disrespectful, hateful comments. You wanna call someone a name to try and put them down, you should put a face and a name behind those words of yours. I bet you’re as ugly as your words.

  • Cleveratti

    So you got burned and now you hate an entire culture. Pathetic.

    If you’re so convinced of your conviction, tell your Filipino friends what you think of them and see if you’re still friends after that.

  • Raghu Nandan

    I got burned, that’s one fact, I hate the entire culture that’s another fact and they are not TRUSTWORTHY at all, that’s also one of the facts…………………u accept it or not, it will not make any difference
    I can bet that u don’t know anything about Philipinos and I m not saying this out of anger…I had hatred against them till 6 months back but now everything gone is gone. so I m not kind of person who keeps grudges for someone for a long. I m mature enough to understand the characteristics of different people from different race differs. I know it very well that one person (my EX-GF) cannot define the entire Philipino culture but here the story is really different.
    In general, Philipinos are good, polite, they connect with each other so quickly.
    As they connect with each other so quickly and they all are same, they help each other in hiding the SINS of each other but at the same time they are good in case if u need information about their culture. U just go to them and tell ur whole story genuinely and they’ll just say one thing to u………..”.PARE (friend), be careful having a relationship with a FILIPINA”…….FILIPINA sare all the same”…………….they’ll give a genuine advice though they will not talk in details but they’ll give u a complete idea……………….
    for example, in my case when I went to so many Philipinos to know about the truth about Filipinas, after listening my story, they just told me one thing………”PARE (friend) u r a nice person but Filipinas are not good, they just need money and whatever has happened with u is normal for Filipinas……just don’t involve with Filipinas, just enjoy with them”…………………………..
    Even my manager who is a Filipina, said ” I m ashamed why Filipinas doing this to people and ruining the name of the country” but later I came to know that she herself married a German and extort a lot of money, then German old man caught her red handed having sex with her Philipino Boyfriend in her house when German guy went to office (it is common for Filipinas) and then German guy created a lot of trouble to this girl and he made a big issue in our office and everything was exposed……………
    Trust my words, each and every Philipino around me know how much I hated Filipinas but they understand it very well that it is for a genuine reason. They understand deep inside their heart that I m not a wrong person, somewhere the fault is from their end……………..and they r still my friends, I go to their parties, enjoy and have a BLAST………………………………………….They don’t mind if u hate FILIPINAS because they know the truth and fact. In face they’ll give genuine advices…………..
    Have a relationaship with a Filipina, experience it and u’ll agree with me…………….If u r a white guy, they’ll not ditch u till the time she doesn’t get the passport but once she gets the passport, she’ll show u her true colors…………………..
    anyways, I just want to help people………..have relationship with FILIPINAS buy don’t involve emotionally……….just enjoy……………..and that’s why I wrote such a long long story, just to explain so that others can understand my point what I want to say………………………
    u accept it on not, doen not make any difference……………….it is not going to affect me in anyways……………..I m just trying to help people…………….I have seen people suffering emotionally and financially because of Filipinas………………..

  • Z Kim

    Ugh more gross westerners looking to exploit girls from poorer countries.

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  • randomToaster

    Really? Well I love you.

  • Your blog is so disgusting you piece of shit! Why do you treat Filipina women like animals? M*ther f*ckr!

  • I agree. The blog owner is a freaking loser trying to get attention. I stumbled upon this site when my friend asked why there are so many young girls dating old farts? I googled and found this disgusting blog! Eeeew! Obviously he doesn’t know what he was talking about. Dumb ass Matt Forney with diminishing hairline!

  • stop generalizing dude!

  • FYI, there’s no divorce in PH.

  • I pity you Raghu. Obviously you haven’t met a decent girl because you cannot “TRUST” the girls you date. You even investigate, did your research and found this pig’s article. Awww! Try to keep an open mind dude! tsk tsk!

  • ya you don’t make any sense man. I’m a Filipina and I live in the Philippines. Aya is not a racist. She was just stating facts. If you are brave enough you would use your real ID and won’t post as a “guest”. Obviously you are Matt Forneypig fan, so just get lost. :)

  • Why do you those women chose to work in Dubai? Coz of the higher pay. Why do you think they lie to you about their husband or kids? Coz they want your “money” you gullible f*ckr……..My point is, it all boils down to money. They want to provide for their family. But please, stop generalizing. Not all PH women are like that. Try to go the corporate world in PH, some women here are independent and won’t care about your Dirham.

  • oh come on, you didn’t just copy and paste what you posted earlier. Your stats is full of sh%t. And your spelling sucks too. Just saying. :)

  • Your username stinks

  • Raghu Nandan

    my English is good or not or my spellings are correct or not, doesn’t matter…………….the fact will not change…………………

  • Raghu Nandan

    I do agree with u………if it is all about money,they should make it clear in the beginning of a relationship so that the guy does not involve himself emotionally with a Filipina………….Only the problem is that they trap the guy emotionally and once they r confirmed that the guy is deeply in love with them, they start using him…………………That is the only problem…………..I have seen many good guys approaching bad girls but not all the bad girls r same, some of them have a good heart too… when they come to know that the guy is emotional for the bad girl, they reveal everything to the guy….their past and present so that the guy can decide to go further in the relationship or not …………….they don’t hide anything just to trap a guy emotionally………………that is the only problem with FILIPINAS, they start using the guy once they know that the guy is deeply in love with the girl and cannot leave so easily…………..My point is that nobody is bad in this world, situations make people bad……………..but in case of FILIPINAS if they really want to do bad, do it in a right way so that it does not effect other person emotionally……….anyways, I hope u understood my point………………..and I m sorry if my earlier posts have hurt u in anyway…………………

  • tropicalhotdognight

    Ha nice one. What are you, two? You don’t even know where it comes from.

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  • Watt SirSteven

    Yeah, I just left Mindanao 6 months ago.. They do behead over there.. Thankful to be back in Florida

  • Watt SirSteven

    I spent 3 years in Cagayan De Oro… Northern Mindanao.. I married a wonderful Lady there! I always felt like a rock star wherever I went. I never went there to BANG women, but only to visit there… I love the beautiful woman and culture. The women in the Philippines treats men much better than American woman do! I was shocked at the difference.. They really believe in taking care of their man.. I asked Rose my wife, why she cuts my finger nails and groom me all the time. She told be this: “If you look bad baby, it makes me look like I don’t care for you.” I wish I would have went to the Philippines are in Asia years ago… I love you baby!

  • Nostradamus

    how did your mom came here? Of course idea of young beautiful girls wanting to sleep around with guys twice their age or more is wrong . These girls just want to get out of poverty by all means. This has helped you .If it was not for your mom’s heroic efforts of sacrificing herself for better life of her child you would have not been here.

    So dont be judgmental. God Bless.

  • Nostradamus

    how did your mom came here? Of course idea of young beautiful girls wanting to sleep around with guys twice their age or more is wrong . These girls just want to get out of poverty by all means. This has helped you .If it was not for your mom’s heroic efforts of sacrificing herself for better life of her child you would have not been here.

    So dont be judgmental.

  • Your post is so badly worded that I could barely make sense of it.

    My mother came to the UK as a midwife and was offered a place at University College Hospital in London. What is your point?

    My dad isn’t white, so again, I don’t know what your point is.

  • Nostradamus

    it is not black or white issue. I was not making racist issue. It is easy for you to judge . That is my point.
    You go back there where your roots are and live in extreme poverty.You will marry old man as well. Or you will be a prostitute.

    That is my point. You are lucky .You are sitting in prosperous country and judging how bad these men are or how slutty filipina girls are.

    why dont you go where you belong? you came to white country. We whites did not come to you.

    so if you want to make color issue then go back where u belong

  • Why don’t you learn proper English before you try making a nonsensical argument?

    None of my aunties or female cousins in the Philippines are prostitutes.

    Oh and by the way, I am mixed race. I’m half Filipino and half Bengali, born and bred in a town called Bristol in the South West of England. I am British and I’m staying here thank you very much.

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  • R. Pauline

    I am a Filipina and my Australian bf moved to the Philippines as I have no interest in living wheresoever other than the Philippines. Sure, my Philippine passport holds me off with lengthy tourist visa processes but with patience and planning my bf and I can travel to wherever we want. I feel so sorry for you. I guess your money can only buy you a living in that area of the Philippines. Try living here in Alabang and for sure you will kick yourself out with the rent too high and the community too rich for you. Shame on you.

  • Sauron666

    I dated a filipina a while ago when I was there on business a few times a couple of years ago. Super nice and ridiculously perfect tiny body (very few American girls are anywhere near that — she was 29 y.o. and weighed only 37kg, which is ~82 lbs). Innocent and over-the-top sexy at the same time. Guileless and sweet with a heart of gold, but absolutely as dumb as a post. She was quite shy but did wear bikinis and pretty hot outfits and such. Teeth in braces and needed some help. I don’t remember ever in my life meeting a cleaner woman. No driver’s license, no passport, no credit cards, no checking account … it’s a whole different way of life.

  • slera

    how’s your new boyfriend doing? what number you on now?

  • slera

    Oh look someone upset a little western princess. booooooo hooooooo…

    You are the poster child for why western men leave to search for females abroad. Congrats.

    Do you enjoy posting images of yourself online to try and get approval from complete strangers on the internet? and putting other peoples looks down simply to try and build up your own insecure ego as you’ve already done here? you insecure little piglet. Your true colors are showing bitch. I would rather be with 10 SE Asian whores than a narcissistic western pig like you.

    Dumb little girl.

  • slera

    All women are prostitutes. Some just accept the money directly for sex while others (like you) want men to first buy you things and take you places and agree to be controlled by you before spreading your legs for them.

  • slera

    All women are prostitutes. Some just accept the money directly for sex while others want men to first buy them things and take them places and agree to be controlled by them before spreading their legs for you.

  • Go away Aihia, you bitter, ugly bitch.

  • Oh wow Aihia, you created another account just to have a dig at me. You must be really hurt that I called you out on your downright ugliness.

  • Hi Aihia, how are you today? Obviously love me so much to create this ‘slera’. Dumb bitch.

  • Cuddles

    Keep telling yourself that.

  • Cuddles

    Aya R. is a brainwashed Filipino raised with a steady feminist/leftist diet in America. She’s basically a loudmouth white broad’s mind planted in an (overweight) Philippine body.

  • Cuddles

    Not a white man that’s for sure.

  • Trustworthy

    Nothin’ in this world like a Filipina girl!!!

  • beware of them my friends, especially if you are a nice guy looking for the same.

    CIBCsilverio .wordpress .com

    true story, that you could not make up, and if you did, no one would believe you. She’s a embarrassment to women, to filipinos, and to humanity.

  • Read this, though I agree with most of your posts here, there are examples of them using people, and laughing as they screw your life up.

    CIBCsilverio .wordpress. com

    And do me a favour and pass it around, this creature needs to be shamed, and jailed, then deported.

  • Culture??, right is right, and wrong is wrong

    CIBCsilverio .wordpress .com

  • Read this Pinay, and explain her behavior if you can. And pass it through your community, she needs to be shamed, and jailed, then deported.
    CIBCsilverio .wordpress .com

  • timej31

    Very informative article.

  • Then why do all non-White races try to come to White countries en masse?Why do non-Whites try to constantly marry Whites?In California most Asian females are educated and have above average wealth YET invariably they all want a blond,blue eyed husband.Your comment may make you feel better but I’ve seen empirical evidence to prove what I say.Personally I think Whites should marry only Whites,race mixing only diminishes our superior stock.

  • Your slang and manner of writing is definitely American.Busted!

  • Well put.

  • We don’t say mum but the English do.How crazy and mixed up are you.

  • I think I would know if I was American and why would I try to hide my nationality? I was born and bred in Bristol, South West England; went to Kingston Uni in Surrey and I am now currently living in East London, near Whitechapel working as a Medical Sales Rep. Don’t believe me? I’ll give you my LinkedIn. I have nothing to hide; I’m not pathetic.

  • Hence why I said I am British you douche.

  • betterthanu

    Pinay are the biggest whores on earth they will fuck a refrigerator if it is white. Have fun but never fall in love only 70 losers marry these whores and i have fucked many of their wives

  • betterthanu

    Bullshit it is the truth. Look around you ignorant slut

  • betterthanu

    Aya you mom is a whore that fucked 100 white men before one was stupid enough to marry her. Been in Pinas 8 years a banged over 1300 and counting. Not 1 over 30

  • betterthanu

    You probably could not find her clitoris with a map loser

  • betterthanu

    Aya they have been little brown fucking machines for 100 years.

  • betterthanu

    Truth hurts

  • betterthanu

    You probably married one of these pigs. I probable banged your wife lol

  • betterthanu

    Ava trust me he is fucking around on you pig

  • betterthanu

    You never been to philippines. These are the biggest whores on earth

  • Yeah, that’s why my mum married an Asian man…

    Stop spewing shit from your mouth, it’s embarrassing.

  • You seem like an unintelligent douche bag that has never been in a long term relationship because women either find you ugly or because they realise they deserve better than you.

    Then you read articles that target easy girls because that’s the only girls you can get. Excluding the prostitutes you pay to sleep with.

  • betterthanu

    Aya projecting. The women are pigs that fuck anything white

  • Well how else would the country be populated? Of course they fuck, every country’s people fuck. You make no fucking sense.

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  • Kizman

    “Brown fucking machines”… LOL!

  • Ivana Radin

    The only girls I know who think you are a rock star are impoverished, uneducated Filipina. I dunno ’bout you, but you don’t look attractive. And we’re not some Ghetto SE Asian country. Ever heard of the Thai guy who wouldn’t stop spouting racist shit about our country? He was extradited, and proclaimed persona-non-grata. I can do this shit to you as I did to him. Wanna have your name plastered all over FB? Or in the local news?

  • I’m a filipino and I approve this comment.

  • Real Kayizzi

    hay Matt, its Peter,am plannin’ on headin down to the Philippines for a week or so in roughly a year n a half from for a break now but thought it wud be better if I had a rather extraordinary lady to give me some company uknowwhatimean right,, can u hook me up PS some that aint sluttish..

  • Real Kayizzi

    hay, its Pete, am planning on heading down to the Philippines for a week or so in roughly a year and a half from now or sooner for a break, but then thought it would be better if I had a rather charming LADY with some experience to show me around the beaches n the malls n all that …because, I have seen, experienced and believe that the Filipinos (both male and female) are the most hospitable people on earth for me.
    and speak good English as well.. so please I kindly request that you get back to me n’ let me know if you care to recommend any.. thnx PS: I would try hiring a tour guide but that didn’t turn out well last time I went on vacation

  • Natasha

    “When a girl wants to bring her friend along on a date, it’s a form of bragging: “

    I’m not just so sure if you’re referring to filipino women generally with this OPINION of yours. I’m a language teacher, most of my students are of course from different countries and we meet different people around the globe. I personally was asked to go out with a foreign white guy, I brought my friends along not because to BRAG but because some filipinos don’t just trust foreigners. Maybe for some, but not really generally.

    “This means you’ll only be able to see them a couple days a week at most. If you need companionship around the clock, you’ll have to make your peace with the idea of keeping multiple girls on rotation.”

    This is the reason why some filipinas don’t just get too serious in a relationship they have with foreigners. As you said, we’re cunning, yeah a little bit… but we just use our brain. Indeed, some filipinas are wise enough to play the games that foreigners tend to play with them that’s because it’s the same way we observe from other people’s experiences. We all do have TRUST issues here.


  • DDDDDuane

    I could tell you’re a typical horrible westernized girl rendered horrible and vile by amerikan jew media…(I could tell you’ve done the “dark” thang…)….
    You’ll be f-cking a new guy every year for the rest of your life until your looks go and no one wants you…
    I’m a White guy…It seems most of the White guys who go to to the Philippines are older messy guys with good intentions looking for a nice attractive younger woman to fall in love with…Basically taking their last shot at finding a decent nice woman because the woman back home are worth sh!t….(infected with jew think)…..
    (Some sleaze bags like Matt go there to be pigs but they are only getting the
    whores anyway… …)….
    Like anywhere else…Most of the woman there aren’t very attractive but they seem to be a thousand times better behaved than almost all intolerable horrible vile westernized woman infected with jew think….
    The “White Worshipping” is AFFLUENCE worshipping….These woman know White men have given this planet 90 percent of the inventions and technology that makes this life much easier…
    They will also treat their woman better than every other race on this planet (if they behave)…
    Those woman have NOT been subjected to the same jew concocted anti-White HATE that has been injected into your mind by jew controlled mass media, academia (and everywhere else you turn) in countries that were traditionally White but DESTROYED by the jew imported gruesome,stupid, ugly, dark criminal 3rd world…..

  • DDDDDuane

    Yes…We could tell she’s a nasty whore in amerika…

  • DDDDDuane

    Zen:…Another typical nasty amerikan whore…

  • DDDDDuane

    If you were there working 12 hours a day working 6 days a week you’d be drooling to suck off the first tourist you could find for cash….

  • DDDDDuane

    I wish she would STAY in her “mother’s village”…I could assure you…EVERYONE there would HATE her within a few months….

  • DDDDDuane

    Aya has obviousy had a mile of co-ck….assorted colors…(mostly dark…)…

  • DDDDDuane

    Like ANY of these filipina whores is going to admit that almost all of them are conniving whores….It’s like a negro admitting they come from a useless stupid destructive race of raping thieving killing savages….NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!


  • DDDDDuane

    We all know one thing…With that smelly sh!t skin you are getting nothing unless you pay for it…
    You would be better off in Brazil….Even in the Philippines you are at the bottom of the racial barrel…

  • DDDDDuane

    You like mexican women? The ugly mestizos with dwarf legs?

  • theres some cute looking Mexican women around my way.

  • DDDDDuane

    smeer is a bullsh!t artist….Almost all indian men are almost as ugly as groids and he admits he’s ugly….If he ever banged one white girl I could assure you it was bottom of the barrel

  • Janik Litalien

    Long live the cunt man

  • Janik Litalien

    What I’ve noticed is that no matter where you go in the world, the so-called most religious places are where the most hypocrisy is found.

  • Janik Litalien

    No divorces but bribe the judge and you get it annulled…I know, my ex and I looked into it.

  • Someone

    I already knew I shouldn’t have read the article given the title, but I was curious so I did.

    First, this is objectively sexist and people should not call other people sluts, especially if they themselves are meeting many people at the same time just to have sex. And no, wearing a bikini should not make a person a slut.

    Second, in a healthy relationship, people should allow the other person to vent and listen. Of course, you are right, you don’t have to put up with that because you can always get the next short-term girl. I just hope you make it clear to the girls that you are not looking for a healthy serious relationship.

    Third, not “half” the filipina population wants to get with a white guy. It’s certainly a lot less than that. I get that this is based on your observation, but I guess our observations are different.

    No, I am not butthurt. I am just stating out my objections in a respectful manner. I know how bad some Filipinas can be. There’s no need to create offensive comments my way. No need to insult me, nor name call me. I’ll only accept well-thought out arguments. I am very aware of what American culture is like, and definitely, even in that culture, this article has some objectible statements.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with harems and nonserious relationships. I just hope that you are honest enough to make these clear to the people you will be banging regardless of the fact they keep some things from you too. For example, the single mother may have legitimate reasons why she hid that fact. It’s actually a little weird for me why you were annoyed with that when you have a harem. Do you really need that information to for your harem?

    Anyhow, I hope those girls you date are smart enough to look up your name in Google to know what your views regarding dating are. Hey, I don’t believe in Christian marriage and destiny either. But I do believe in respect and honesty.

  • Kaye Mouthe

    You’re a dick. What a shitty blog. You disrespects women and generalized us all Filipino women. Ignorant.

  • I used to stay in my mother’s village for the summer months growing up as a kid and I can assure you the people loved me.

    Your point please.

  • DDDDDuane

    You’re a typical vile westernized (subversive jew feminized) woman…
    I could assure you if you spent time in that village NOW you would be hated and be forced into carpet munching because NO MAN there would take you…..

  • Quite happy transferring the skills from my current job/university degree if I did have to move to the Philippines.

  • DDDDDuane

    I’m sure you have a “junk degree” …useless in the Philippines….
    You were probably dumb enough to take out student loans for your junk degree….

  • Let me just correct you in your belief that I am American. I am born and bred in the UK, mixed Filipino-Bengali. My mother married an Asian man she met when she was working in London as a midwife and he happened to be a man who was only a restaurant waiter (even worked in McDonald’s at one point). She had every chance to marry a white guy if she wanted to but she didn’t because, despite my dad being poor and usually drunk at the time, she fell in love with him because he wanted her so much.

    Now he owns a few properties including two large Indian restaurants in Bristol (where I was born and grew up) and had sent me and my brother to private school and we both went on to Uni.

    So yes, whilst I am westernized, I, like my mother, appreciate romanticism over money.

  • Well my “junk degree” got me a job in the Pharmaceutical industry and I’m currently renting in London, which is one of the most expensive places to live. So you tell me!

  • Haha, the way you have to resort to childish insults because your underdeveloped mind cannot fathom anything remotely intelligent.

  • DDDDDuane

    It sounds like you’re a pharmacist dispensing poison for corporations that KILLS hundreds of thousands of people every year….You KNOW that crap you put in bottles KILLS people …You’re a corporate whore worse than any filipina hooker….

  • Well I’m not a pharmacist but yes I do promote products. I’m sure you’ve never used painkillers in your life…

    Oh wow “corporate whore”, who did you learn how to insult from? Your mother?

  • DDDDDuane

    OH!!! You’re in Pharma sales….That is an even Worse WHORE than a pharmacist……You’re the one getting killer doctors to prescribe narcotics to weak imbeciles rendering them COMPLETE DRUG ADDICTS!!!!…. when the doctor cuts them off they become STREET DRUG ADDICTS!!!!
    You’re WORSE than any street drug pusher because YOU are the one GETTING THEM ADDICTED!!!!! (to line your pockets…)….
    NO!!!I would NEVER use ANY painkillers….Maybe aspirin once every few years….

  • Wow, calm down. It’s a job in a capitalist country, to survive in this city you have to be ruthless and cold.

    Stop being so sensitive, there are plenty of things to worry about in this world than one random person working in the industry.

    Honestly, grow up. The insults are embarrassing.

  • DDDDDuane

    It sounds to me like you’re a HYPOCRITE….
    You wrote: “to survive in this city you have to be ruthless and cold.”

    You KNOW what you are doing is killing people but you continue ANYWAY….
    THEN….You have the BALLS to complain that men go to the Philippines to fuck multiple whore women (who’ve already had a mile of cock)…..
    You seem to be a ZILLION times worse….
    These women KNOW the deal and are basically only fucking sleazy men…
    I was in medical device sales…I walked away from an innocuous product simply because it DIDN’T WORK…..YOU continue pushing TOXIC SHIT!!!!!

  • Seriously man, as I said, it pays the bills.

    I know what the drugs do but removing myself from my job would be a stupid idea if I have no other income.

    Sex is completely irrelevant to a typical 9-5 job. Degrading a woman is a mind set that can be changed if men were to recognise that treating women like they are nothing is unacceptable.

    Drugs exist and will continue to, I am fully aware that I am part of a corrupt organisation but sadly a large percentage of the London population, for example, work for corporations just as bad or worse. You can’t tell everyone to just stop working because of what they have fallen into through education.

  • DDDDDuane

    You’ve just admitted you’re a typical cold hearted sociopath….
    You would be great at a job working for the vicious federal government in amerika….(you remind me of Hillary Clinton’s younger lesbian girlfriend…)….
    You hate men in particular because you admitted your father was a drunk missing in action as you grew up…..
    Is there ANYTHING you wouldn’t do to earn a living?
    At least you are semi honest and admit the type of person you are…

  • I think someone is having a little trouble understanding! What I had said is that I work a typical job to get by because that’s how the education system guides people.

    You’re homophobic aren’t you? I’m not gay but I wouldn’t be ashamed if I was, so no need to use gay terms to try to offend. That just shows your immaturity.

    I pointed out my dad was drunk as he is now a high earner and owns his businesses. That he achieved so much because of love for his family. It’s called overcoming addiction. You need to learn how to read…

    Stop being such a bitter pussy now, will you?

  • Correction:
    Aya R is an educated mixed Filipino-Bengali raised with an open mind in the city of Bristol in the United Kingdom.
    Generally quite reserved but not afraid to stand up for what’s right.
    Slim and toned, hasn’t got any health issues regarding weight.

  • You’re a misogynistic idiot who can’t even spell his own country’s name.

  • My mum married a Bengali man even though she lived in white dominated London at the time.

    She came to this country to work in one of London’s biggest hospitals. My dad came over because my grandad had fought in WWII and was invited to stay here.

    I don’t have anything against white guys and I have dated a few in the past. If I end up with one then so be it but I look for a man who understands culture above all. Therefore the likelihood of me ending up with a white man is slightly less as I need someone who has a similar upbringing/mindset to me.

  • DDDDDuane

    Your dad is “wealthy” from 2 filthy London bangladeshi restaurants?
    Who are you bullshitting? (no one…)….

    You were stupid enough to mention my “immaturity” but immediately resort to calling me “bitter pussy”….
    Aww….I must have gotten to you…Sounds like you’re “on the rag”….

  • I said in Bristol not London, they are both 250 seater restaurants, one of which is in the city centre. Not to mention, our detached house has no mortgage on it and worth half a million on its own. So again, please tell me.

    You continue to be immature because you cannot handle an argument in an adult way, therefore I have stooped to your level so that you can understand better, you racist, misogynistic, lonely piece of scum.

  • DDDDDuane

    I’ll take being a “racist, misogynistic, lonely piece of scum” ANYDAY over pushing deadly toxic pharmaceutical painkillers. You’re a whore in more ways than the ones in the Philippines.(but like them as well….)
    You admitted that you know the shit you push kills people but you continue to do it anyway….
    You destroy and kill people for income…

    You already admitted to being a sociopath:
    “to survive in this city you have to be ruthless and cold”

  • Go home, sensitive child.

  • DDDDDuane

    I’m actually planning my Philippines trip….Thanks!!!!!

  • Remember, don’t let go of mummy’s hand when you go there. Don’t want you getting lost.

  • DDDDDuane

    You mean only dumb 70 year olds marry these whores?
    How do you manage to bang their wives?

  • Jon_M

    Aya, sorry to read the comments you’ve had to put up with from some people. (As a resident of your home town glad you’ve made a good account of yourself tho!) Respect to you for making a success of yourself, that’s what it’s all about.

  • Sauron666

    Many of these observations are right on. Not sure about the bikini one. But be 100 percent sure that any filipina who sends you a pic of herself at a highish-end resort has dated white guys before you.

    One other thing: much, much, much more so than in the USA, tattoos or piercings definitively mark a slut. That being said, they will get them if they think you’d like them, once you’re in a relationship. One girl surprised me by getting a small tramp stamp with my name on it!

    All in all, while there are many scammers, there are also many girl who can really fall in love and don’t have a mean bone in their lithe bodies. Also, scamming is a relative term: it’s mind-bending how hard and unfair life can be over there. You’ll quickly be able to tell the difference between scammers and people who could genuinely use help once in a while. They do face legitimate crises from time to time. While you should never let yourself be manipulated, you might want to lend a hand when the chips are legitimately down.

    In my opinion, some of God’s most beautiful creations are Cebuanas, who tend to have higher cheekbones and more angular features than the round-faced girls up in the Manila area. If you like thin, tiny girls with literally perfect bodies, long black flawless hair, medium-brown skin, and are a good guy and are a natural leader, try it out. Win their trust and invest some time; don’t just be a boor.

    Age does not matter in the least. I’m 51 and on a recent business trip dated an 85-lb. 19 year old there and neither she nor her parents (who were younger than me) saw anything wrong with it.

  • CrazyCauckz

    You’re an idiot that’s why. If some guy was screwing with one of your family member I’m sure you would be pissed.

  • CrazyCauckz

    What’s funny is dudes like Matt can’t get laid in their own country so they have to exploit the desperate women that want money. I really find it pathetic.

  • CrazyCauckz

    Giving woman STD is a gift I suppose?

  • CrazyCauckz

    I would like that, maybe scare of the white men.

  • CrazyCauckz

    You’re wrong there. You claim to be Roman Catholic. According to your religion you should not knowingly harm people and that’s what you do. I’m sure you can find some other job. You surely lack the morals you claim to have. I rather die than to take money to harm others.

    When you harm others you are doomed to go to hell. It boggles my mind these days all these religious people have no morals.

  • CrazyCauckz

    Sounds like you have sex with white men if that’s all the money you can make. You’re not better than they are.

  • CrazyCauckz

    You wouldn’t be on here being hateful to others if you had a great life. Odd you sound like my step sister.

  • CrazyCauckz

    Calling people names is hardly “intelligent”.

  • CrazyCauckz

    Let’s see I heard a Philippines guy telling us that a woman tried to trap him by having sex with him. But you know what the guy had a vasectomy. The day after they had sex she claimed she thinks she’s pregnant. Then she tried to fake a pregnancy tests.

    I hear that many men run off from women when they get pregnant. I wonder how many of them are trying to trap a man to provide.

  • Correction, I never claimed to identify with any religion, I only stated it is what my mother believes in and what most of the Philippines identify with. My father on the other hand is Muslim so I have had a strange upbringing…

    Well, I’m getting into Medical Devices soon, so for surgical equipment to help those who need life changing surgery. My job was only for experience and for your information (and anyone else who wants to pick at my job) I simply did visitations, I never forced any doctors or nurses to use the worst of my products (anything that was chemical and ingested) and I wasn’t targeted on sales. My favourite was a Wound Care product which helped those with chronic wounds and skin conditions such as hyperkeratosis. You should do your research before bashing people because, actually, products like this improve patient care, especially for the elderly in this case.

    In terms of jobs in the western world, the ones that most people live well on in London are generally the most unethical. As cruel as this sounds, I cannot choose to do something less than what I’m doing now or else I will most likely go homeless. I’m leaving the Pharma side of things soon anyway.

  • If you actually read the beginning of this, you’ll notice that Guest (known as Aihia because she deleted her account after I found a picture of her) started the hating.

    If you want to join the haters club that’s fine by me.

  • Again, please actually read other’s comments before targetting one person.

    Is that how you go about life? You use gang mentality and pick on people who others are already picking on?

    You’re not so ethical yourself.

  • Driver

    There is a fine line between being pissed and being crazy. The stuff that women say today (and can get away with – such as threats) is staggering. A man makes a threat like that, out in public, and he is arrested or shouted down.

    Women, just like men, should not be allowed to threaten anyone – see equality that so many of them wanted. It’s the reason why you are seeing so many women get ‘knocked the fuck out’ when they punch a man. They’ve watched too many movies and they believe all of the hype about beating up a man.

  • CrazyCauckz

    And how does make my comment any different. You claimed you have a happy life yet you’re on here attacking others. I am not saying it’s right or wrong however what you claim isn’t obviously the truth. Happy people do not attack others.

  • CrazyCauckz

    Why are you trying to point finger at others when you’re doing things that makes no sense to me. You certainly fail at logic, funny for an educated person.

  • CrazyCauckz

    I know all about the health field. I had a doctors tell me to get to United States if I didn’t like the care I received him from him. He didn’t want to help me just make money off me. We fought, he is lucky I didn’t complain to the government who pays him.

    We all know all those living saving devices don’t actually cure anything. If it’s actual injury like getting stab then health care is great however if it’s disase related they try to keep you alive as long they can make money off you.

    My best friend’s wife specialist was yelling at the doctors at the hospital for not doing their job, she was dying with an infection. They are partly to blame for her death. Yeah life saving my ass.

    I have done research for since 1997. There’s usually natural ways of treating wounds not some over priced crap. Sorry but I think you’re lying because you’re not honest in other posts.

  • Let’s see, I never started any arguments with anyone on this website. It all started when I made a comment about how disgusting this article was. Then lo and behold all the people who were offended by my comment.

    I was merely replying back in the manner in which they decided to approach me with.

    I honestly cannot be bothered to reply to your other comments as you’re also so fired up that all it’s going to be is a never ending argument.

  • Randy Westgste

    you Aya are the only one making sense, it is a matter of meeting the right girl, there are many more good than bad

  • As is typical for your country, you appear devoured by complexes of inferiority. Not that they are groundless, of course.

    See how tough it can be for you to compose sentences without “shit” chop off” “scum”? That comes from anger, illiteracy and short-wittedness.

    As any IQ world map shows, the Filipino are among the less intelligent peoples in the world; this, to the pleasure of all countries like Middle East’s and China who practice slavery, easily import Filipino slaves, consider them scum, make them eat their shit, and would quickly chop them should they forget to smile expressing thankfulness for how they are treated, while obeying 16-20 hours a day. Which, luckily for your countryfolks, rarely happens (they are regarded as the best slaves to be owned all over the world, as we all know).

    That very connate obedience makes Filipino women the most prone to accept their males’ unfaithfulness with ease, aside from the countless ones who marry as a form of prostitution, and would do anything but complain.

    White men are worshipped and given priority over their countrymen. In part as they are money providers, in part as theyare really more appreciated. In facts, their deep (and not groundless) complexes of inferiority make Filipino women obsessed about non-dark complexion, and choose men from any other race before Filipino men; with the obvious exception of the African, which — as racist as they famously are — the Filipino will not even regard as an option.

  • Jeffrey Bright

    Yes they are beautiful when they are Young.. but get quite ugly and overweight when they grow older

  • Jeffrey Bright

    Yes i have to agree .. the first time i met a Filipino in Manila .. she and her Mother just sucked money out of me for everything .. they were no different to the Man who owned the Taxi car at the Airport … he never stopped trying to Con more money from me … before the taxi left … and i am a Decent guy who try`s to be a Gentleman with women … wow.. what a lesson :-(

  • Jeffrey Bright

    Well said …. time for Filipino women to Own up .. to what the rest of the world see`s. i never seen a race of people so obsessed with getting money from other people .. usually the Foreigners they can Con …. My mate married a Filipino.. he broke up after 8 mths … you guessed it .. all of the family were asking for his money … and his wife works in a decent job … so there it is .. again !!!!

  • Cyrille Denuyo

    Some “white guys” should really stop thinking so highly of themselves. I’m a Filipina and I will disagree to “all” your “observations”. Well… I think youve spent your days in the province where not all women are privileged maybe that’s why…

  • Cyrille Denuyo

    Brainless and desperate women it is!

  • KensiBlonde

    Matt, you should try going to Syria. I hear lots of terrified young women have been left behind by their brothers and fathers and are so desperate to escape torture at the hands of ISIS that they would probably fuck even you. Though, they may not be quite THAT desperate yet. Seriously, it’s worth a shot.

  • Mai Britt

    Dude, you are SO right! Yes, it IS harder to be (your definition of) a stud. Because, as the simplistic explanation of the term “narcissistic conquest” implies, some measure of work will be REQUIRED of a self-absorbed man before he commences to banging said slut/s… majority of that work requiring: 1.deceit in terms of emotion and intention, 2.alloting a portion of your petty change towards gifts to make up for your inability to bridge the language divide and meet her thick, educated skull halfway, and 3.carrying your heavy sack of steaming,hot bullshit around must get pretty exhausting. On the other hand, womenfolk and their silly, rushed ideas of love now, devotion always, and intimacy when he asks for it (because i SO want to share my body with the man i love and be giving when he expresses his needs) is just so very EASY… not hard at all… for the trusting Filipinas that you come across. On behalf of ALL of them, each and EVERY one, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for wearing a well-fitting condom. Ignorant fuck! We have universities and women fortunate enough to further their education with whom you wouldn’t last one-point-“oh’-five minutes with in the ring of a basic debate. Asshole! And the poor souls you’ve managed to “next” (really, the proper term is “set back”– by about 2,000 showers) still know that “far from stupid” does not equate to “dumb as rocks”, you lazy-ass writer. Next time, check your fucking work. These poor women and their high-fiving families, had they not been selectively burdened by the universe with abject poverty, would have nothing to do with lame fucks such as yourself. Do my Philippines a favor and hop on the next plane back where you came from and don’t come back. I pity your poor mother. And, inspite of your undeniable filth, I do wish you well. Well, way better than you are now.

  • Guest

    Who is attacking who? Aya here is just disputing an opinion ( not a fact as it is absolute not at all ) that all narrow minded small world people here claims to think that all filipinos in general are all bad. Which are very far from thruth. if u happen to visit and stay for a short time in Philippines to make a sweeping generalism then its up to u to keep your tiny brain cells intact. But convincing others to belive in your views with pretend intelligence and juvenile swear words well is just a sad attempt to mask an apparrent lack of growing up knowledge and normal brain development.

  • Guest

    A big pity that you have such a small world to live in your little corner there. Wake up, dude, you just have little oppourtunity to meet other filipinos. And yuo have the misfortune to met and have a fling with a bad one, sure. But then its just what your little world can give yuo. Grew up, explore the world more and learn with your little eyes open wide and let your brain function more than a little. See other race too to give u little perspective, if u know what this word means.

  • Guest

    Hmmm i can tell from this little outburst, being the white older messy guy yuou described to be as u are, aside from maybe being a nazi descendant, yuou have the bad luck of thinking yuo can attract a nice attractive younger filipino girl all by yuor own sleazy charm when u came to Philippines. And when u find that she is only there with u for money and got a surprise out of yuor life that shes not really into yuor pretty face that u think u have, u are so bitter u reach the deep end of yuor depression and realize that no nice young girl filipina or not, here in Phils or very much less there in yuor own cuntry will ever look twice at u if u dont wave money……or even if u do.

    Go back to yuor history lesson and learn more ofthe jews.

  • Guest

    ha ha ha Duane, u never cease to get very defensive and jealous of others having see the world and meeting a lot of different people. its only underscore how your little basement you live in is so full shit.

  • Guest

    which truth is that? Your warped version of belief?

  • DDDDDuane

    I appreciate you realizing I am a Nazi descendant (in your moronic illegible negro attempt at an insult….)…I have no intention of going to the Philippines where 95 percent of the women are dumpy and ugly….AND if I ever did go there I could assure you I’m well aware that that is a 3rd world shithole and they would be Fing and sucking for the cash ONLY….
    Incidentally…I’m in shape and far from messy…AND I could go there and get the
    “cream of their crop” if I so desired not because of looks or money (which I possess) but primarily because I’m a member of the White Race….
    A status symbol Which all non-whites strive for world wide….

  • Guest

    Ha ha ha! U really made me laugh, dude. You said 95% of filipinas are ugly? If you only read articles like this, then even your age of balding dawn has failed to give you insights at all about any part of the world or the very least of Asia. and its easy to declare yourself here as in shape or even passable in looks as you so strongly trying to convince yourself so or us?…. And we are just so glad and happy to know that Philippines will be spared by your hideous character. But do warn us if u change your mind though. And have the guts if u have any at all to spill your vile opinions at the Philippine airport, we will surely ….. dont worry not behead you…. but will escort you very politely to fly back to the unfortunate country you are a citizen of….

  • Mai B

    Would you consider yourself respected by him if he called you dumb as rocks? If he labelled your grammar illiterate? What about lazy? Feel respected yet?

  • lazeyjack

    Exactly, you are in fact , a male Slut

  • lazeyjack

    Well said indeed I apolegise for these low lifes
    Most are aUSA American , but Australians are as bad
    They are not fit enter your country

  • lazeyjack

    They are not worth the trouble
    I apologise for these low life people
    Entering foreign lands and behaving as male sluts

  • California

    Aya R you are amazing , you are way to intelligent and beautiful to be wasting your time on a message board full of low self esteem boys who try to push there personal perverted ideologies of there interpretation of Filipino women on you. Now for you guys who feed off the poor and the weak women of any country please seek a mental assessment. You have truly lost self confidence and a healthy state of mind

  • California

    You make complete sense and the ones who can’t see that have self esteem and getting a girl to like then for them issues lol

  • Naughty

    Hi Aya R,

    i believe you have to stop debating with those guys who thinks that if they banged dozen women it’s totally fine and woman sleep with 3-4 men while they are in relationshp they are whore.

    honestly, i have relationshp with more than half a dozen, might chances to have same as mine with my next GF. cause in terms of population almost we equal. Do the basic maths, its not rocket science.

    i wonder sometimes how can have expectation to get marriage a Virgin and you have banged bwtn age of 14-60 (more than 15 women) in form of any things.

  • Gin

    Ruthless and cold…that pretty much sums up survival globally these days. You don’t need to be living in a capitalist society to see that. I’d say a third world country could qualify for that as well. The only difference is in the goal. The goal in a third world is the basic amenities to support yourself and family. So the necessary evil may be to engage in promiscuity. Sex sells. It isn’t the oldest profession in the world for no reason. The population boom is a testament to that. Capitalism’s goal is even simpler: the one who dies with the most money and useless material things wins. Wins what exactly I don’t know.
    You already know there is more distance between people in London and the US for that matter than you would ever see in places like the PI’s or the Dominican Republic. You just trade one comfort for another. The more you make the less it’s worth. That’s why rich people are so stone cold and miserable. Do most of these so-called celebrities look all that happy? I think in some ways third world countries are a reminder of the sense of humanity that still exists. At least in the way they connect with their families. A reminder of the simpler things in life. The US long passed that mark after WWII.
    I look at the Philippines as the lesser of the two evils. Speaking for myself and my own experiences. I would prefer to live in the PI’s or even Europe than spend one more minute in the US. It feels too much like a reincarnation of the third reich. A totalitarian society where the rules are being written for the sake of rules.

  • Gin

    Wow. This is the first I’ve ever seen someone in the field NOT advocate for those pharmaceuticals. I had to +1 your comment, good sir.

    Have you ever heard of the late scientist Dr. Linus Pauling? He is a two-time Nobel Prize winner. His research on the healing qualities of Vitamin C have long been dismissed and (unsuccessfully) refuted by the same medical community that hawks their products on people, knowing damn well it only exacerbates the problem and turns them into addicts. No ulterior motives there, huh?

    Anyways Dr. Pauling said that there really is no disease that isn’t curable because it always comes down to a vitamin or mineral (or amino acid) deficiency. For instance, if you had advanced scurvy no medicine in the world could cure that. But simple Vitamin C could. The same for anemia. Nothing more than an iron supplement or foods rich in iron will reverse the effects. But most people are conditioned to believe that the doctor knows best and will prescribe something generic to the patient to give them peace of mind (and their bank account a boost via medical insurance).

    I myself had Type 2 diabetes. I learned that in order to begin treating that you have to first treat the root cause which is insulin resistance. Everything that happens after that is more or less a cascade of failures. So treat the primary symptomt and everything else will fall into place. I learned that simple chromium polynicotinate + Vitamin B supplements mitigates that. Lots of Vitamin C neutralizes any major free radical damage associated with it along with two specific amino acids Proline and Lysine. Haven’t had any issues with it in almost 8 years!

    As for hypothyroidism I know there is both primary and secondary. The secondary one may be related to a tumor on the pituitary gland or something so that one is a little more difficult to fix without external intervention. But primary hypo is the more common of the two and easily remedied. But not by levothyroxine injections. They seem to develop a co-dependency for life. Instead I would say learn to eat lots of kelp or take Lugol’s solution iodine along with a selenium supplement. And the amino acid L-Phenylalanine which the body will convert to L-Tyrosine for thyroid efficiency. No problems there, either!
    I think people need to just take their health into their own hands. A doctor may or may not mean well but unless they are willing to go against the grain of what’s accepted I would view them all with skepticism. She said it herself she knows what she’s doing and she still would exploit them as long as it keeps the bills paid. Not a whole lot different from the women in her homeland she vehemently objects with being objectified. But I suppose when you don’t have to face your victims it can make you feel justified in taking the moral high ground.

  • Gin

    Truthfully unless one was born rich we all have to whore ourselves for our paychecks. Athletes are paid because of their physical abilities. IT specialists are paid for the computer skills. No one really gets a free ride in society. You pay for everything, including sex with either time and/or money. Try telling a woman you have no money to pay for anything, not even lunch and see how far that gets you, prostitute or not.

  • Well written overview of what’s wrong with our generation.

    Yes, sex does sell but it’s a shame how although it can be “purchased”, so many women get exploited. And that’s because it’s thought to be acceptable, by men like Matt Forney.

    In terms of money, it is sad that those with wealth are not grateful for what they have but I believe it’s down to upbringing. When those with nothing suddenly have a lot they must be taught that money will not bring them happiness but love from family, friends and a significant other, that will support you through life’s struggles is far more important. These people who are miserable are lonely souls who gain short term happiness through material things.

    The value of treating others with respect and being grateful when that is reciprocated is such a simple concept that a lot of people lack these days. I love London not because of the high paced environment but because of the amazing mixture of people that have come into my life.

  • I thought I had replied to this but ah well, 3 months on.

    What exactly do you think I’m lying about?

    Now since that post I have moved onto another role and that’s in Medical Devices (I am promoting the needles for insulin delivery). Those who are type 1 diabetic and cannot produce insulin naturally actually need these devices as they are indeed life saving.

    We all know that the pharmaceutical industry is messed up. However, what is even more messed up is the fact that if you want to promote the products that do actually save lives you have got to get your experience somewhere in this country. You try looking at job applications in the UK, London in particular.

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  • Jagger

    A leftist misandrist mongrel whose father was a whoremonger. What’s right is for you to pull your head in ayar. Let the adults speak.

  • Jagger

    I’ve worked and lived in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and now going to smash some more pu**y in The Philippines after Christmas. Can’t wait. I like a nice rack to sweat on when I’m doing my work and sick of speaking backwards (if you are familiar with Chinese women and Chinese grammar you will know what I’m talking about). Heads up girls: there is no bigger turn off than a woman who wants to send home (my) money to her parents or enjoys listening to ” soft rock”. It’s as bad as a white woman who thinks men are happy to live without on call pu**y. pffft. My parents can look after themselves, and so should yours etc etc. Anyway, I’m put on this earth to service pretty Asian pussy so all you femmo’s not worth feeding out there in netland, suck a lemon.

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  • Richard Hack

    just the weight of your mouth.

  • What a clever comment. Coming from someone over the internet.

  • Oh I don’t hate men, just the select few who do not have respect for women, such as yourself.

    My “whoremongering” father has been married to my mother for 30 years and has 2 children; my older brother and myself. He has given us private school education and owns several properties.

    So please, don’t act as if you know anything about me, child.

  • Ann

    Honestly, I can’t relate to this because I’m from the metro capital of the Philippines.. But I enjoyed reading this.. hahaha I think you stay somewhere in the undeveloped provincial part.. because that is not always the case in the city… there are still sooooooooo many Filipina who will not jump on you just because you’re white.. I can still remember when I was in college I have foreign classmates one is from guam, two is from U.S and the other one is from hawaii. The 2 from guam and hawaii who has asian physique are the most likable compare to the two american.. I have met so many good looking foreign guy from the school and people treat them nothing special.. you know, not everyone will be attracted with the white guy.. specially those filipina who has their shit together.

  • Jagger

    Typical reaction from the left. Stating ones own credentials to overcome their opposition on behalf of those who have none. When WE did that it was called repression and colonization. My, how stupid the western nations are, and how the socialist left have flipped history on its head and are now doing it themselves… No morals, no scruples. Just hate. You see, I am also privately educated and have land and property. I am also a qualified Geologist. A very handsome and well built white man and a miner. Without me you have no jewellery, no house, no car, no energy. The difference is I am well read and you are STILL a leftist misandrist mongrel and your father was a whoremonger. So now that we’ve got our introductions over with, why don’t you come to Darwin, jump on your back and I’ll show you how a good man treats a woman. After all, that’s what you are here for, isn’t it?

  • Mate, you’ll never have a woman that respects or loves you. Your mother probably has a hard time realising she’s given birth to such a poor excuse of a human being.

    My grandad fought for the west in WWII therefore my father has every right to be in this country. My mother came here to contribute to the health care system.

    What do you even mean by “without me”? You literally make no sense, especially about your “historical” knowledge, and you probably lied about your credentials to one up me. You’re probably just some nerdy, scrawny little boy that needs to pay for sex/force someone in order to get any.

    Oooooh a geologist! Check you out, arguing with a 24 year old on the internet. Must have some crazy lifestyle. Why are you so angry at life? And why so racist?

  • indybandwagoner

    Usually I would stand up for women in your position, but alot of filipina women deserve to get treated like this. I meet alot of bad ones and petitioned a filipina to come marry me, but instead of being honest or grateful she leaves me for her boyfriend that she had behind my back. So if more women in that country were more respectful and not trying to screw people over than they would deserve more respect from men and a better reputation.

  • It’s a shame that has happened to you and I am sorry to hear that. There are bad women in every country. That doesn’t mean every woman should be painted with the same brush.

    My friend had told me about some horrible Filipina women in Dubai. It saddens me that there are a lot of women spoiling it for a great deal of respectable women.

    Over here in the UK, when I tell my colleagues I’m half Filipino they say how welcoming, polite and hard working the nurses that work here are (I speak to healthcare professionals for my job). That’s the way we should be known.

  • sheckyshabaz

    that was hilarious

  • Chance Boudreaux

    Thanks but it was mostly true.

  • sheckyshabaz

    i agree

  • Pineconepartyliquor

    I read all these comments against you and I would have to argue on your behalf generally more because FOOD!

  • Why thank you. And uh, food?

  • James

    How can you say that a man who fucks around alot will end up lonely?…You forget that men age like wine, woman age like milk, if a fat ugly old American can get an Asian girl friend then im sure anyone can, your delusional, and yes real men fuck around because they are hard wired to do so and to resist that is just simply something Mangina’s do, your failed attempts to guilt people into not having multiple partners is totally outrageous.


    Filipina women are definitely the best woman in the world, in my personal opinion BUT Filipinas are hit and miss while I can say from experience I’ve met and dated Filipinas that will treat you like a king in private and in public but theres just as many who I coin the term Sharks (predatory woman that take advantage of you or use you for personal game, they will tell you what you want to hear, “oh I love you I want to be with you” five minutes later she’s saying that to the next fish, you have to second guess they’re words if its true or not, another common tactic is they’ll hit you up for money citing they family is sick or baby needs new shoes. But with that said Filipinas are generally nice sweet and good girls the down side is that they can be over jealous, not all but I’ve seen a lot where you are really concerned if you’re gonna wake up the next morning or not. There is good reason behind they’re over jealousy if you’re a foreigner, in the Philippines ( sorry for the so called foreign worshipping) you are like a precious commodity, alot of Filipinas will try to get they’re hands on you whether you’re gay,straight, single,married or any other circumstance but its worse if you’re really good looking its not over bad if your aren’t , now ladies on here might think I’m being a disgusting pig but I’ve had this literally happened to me quite a few Filipinas won’t take no for an answer NOT ALL but quite a few that it’s worth mentioning, part of the reason is the economic conditions in the Philippines many Filipinas see you as a ticket out, also I’ve seen there’s two types of relationships there’s the real and fake one to know which ones which see how many times she wants to see you, see how many times its automatically assumed that you will foot the bill, how many times she asks you to buy her stuff or pay for her family, if she takes you to the ins and outs and less known spots in town, another is her opinion and action in the bedroom alot of Filipinas believe that giving a BJ makes it like they’re subservient to you, so don’t normally do that unless they’re invested in you, also does she talk to her friends about you, generally her friends are your best asset into finding if your girls true intentions and if you’re in a true relationship or not, its very easy to get laid in the Philippines with minimal effort but it doesn’t make it right to treat anyone like meat, treat others how you like to be treated, be respectful, responsible, and wise with women be straight up in what you want in your relationship whether you want a serious or Friends with benefits, Filipina women will treat you like a King and its your duty to treat her like a queen.

  • Baby Shoes

    Having a Bengali as a father? Didn’t he beat the crap out of you?

  • Baby Shoes

    What are you doing in a Men’s forum anyways? Are you too dark for Bengalis?

  • Baby Shoes

    You don’t have the right, we mistakenly gave a third worlder an unwarranted passage to our land. Now you think you are equal? That’s your first mistake and the second one is your lack of gratitude.

  • Baby Shoes

    Here comes the Beta White Knight.

  • We are living in the 21st Century you absolute moron. Yes, I am equal because I live in the UK, I work amongst people much older than me yet I am paid the same. I pay my taxes and I am financially independent.

    Lack of gratitude? You don’t even know me so you have no right to make that judgement.

    Now go fuck yourself you racist cunt.

  • No. I’m sorry that you are so ignorant.

  • Came up in a Google search.

    I take after my mother so I’m fair. Most people identify me as Filipino and can never guess my other half.

    So try again dickhead.

  • demure guy

    this article shows that the author needs to get out and socialize more with people who actually work decent jobs and arent stupid enough for this author’s example of white-trash pigheadedness (please note, that not all caucasians are like him, but they do exists..sadly) instead of hiding behind a computer and basically calling every Filipina a slut.

    FYI, prostitution is prevalent in every country,..including yours..however, there are a few Filipina women who resort to this ancient trade for various reasons but this does NOT mean that every Filipina you meet are sluts just because some chooses NOT to toil the fields or get their hands dirty and would rather sleep around for easy money.

    this article is biased, unresearched, screams desperate and overall just pure trash.

  • demure guy

    seems to me youre a kid…or a retarded one. idiot

  • demure guy

    you have associated yourself then with a bad egg. however, if you have chosen well the people you hang out with, you wouldnt be this bitter. FYI, bad women exist around the world. However, the mistake of one does not represent the character of Filipinas as a whole.

  • Ludicrously easy to get 5-8 range, but upper tier and virgins takes a little work and is all that’s really worth it.

  • Hot Sea-man

    from the zeta mens room attendant

  • Hot Sea-man

    leave your mom out of it, fuck nut

  • Hot Sea-man


  • Hot Sea-man

    or your brain with the hubble telescope..

  • alohay2k

    Before you read any further, Aya R is a guy.

  • Uh no. Look, I have my social media profile open to the public. I don’t need to hide. Facebook Ayasha Rahman.

  • alohay2k

    A guy. Besides no self respecting woman would even stoop to the things you post. Guys do that.

  • Yeah, my penis is MASSIVE.

  • Edward Cross

    Wow! There seem to be a surfeit of idiots who swirl in the sewage of their opinionated minds. The girls of that country are caring loving and kind hearted. Since conniving scoundrels from the West deceive them and use them as sex objects, it is not correct to characterize them as being wayward. How sad it is t note that the few racist chaps over here seem to dominate the discussions with innane comments that are ridiculous. Aya! Let the dogs bark at the moon.

  • Edward Cross

    Aya, please do not insult this chap. He is mongoloid and hence blabbers inanities.

  • Edward Cross

    Aya! Please do not speak to him in that manner. His IQ is at 2 and he is somewhat unstable.

  • Edward Cross

    Just because your mother barks at you every day when you get back home and nips your ankle, does not give you the right to think that every woman is similar to your mother and thus to be addressed as a bitch.

  • Edward Cross

    Please cease calling out for your mother whilst you are barking during this discussion. Your bark is loud enough, we do not want to hear her bark too.

  • Edward Cross

    I have mingled with many Pinoys and Pinays. I found them to be loyal friends. I also noticed that they have an abiding faith in God and were empathetic to the suffering destitute.

  • Edward Cross

    Amazing lack of knowledge. The original tribe after whom England is named has ceased to exist. All others who claim to be of ancient English blood are interlopers and invaders. I do not call it a bastardized nation, but facts speak for themselves. The Saxons came from Germany and wiped out the tribes, then came the Vikings, then the Norman conquest….so remove yourself from England before you exhort Aya to depart from the shores of England.

  • Edward Cross

    If Aya R is a guy then Alohay2k is an ape.

  • Edward Cross

    Betterthanu seems to confuse his mother with Aya’s mother. The first is the whore that begot a son such as him whilst the second is the decent good lady who added to England’s prosperity by giving England an intelligent citizen such as Aya.

  • Edward Cross

    Please stop calling out for your aunts Mr Betterthanu. There arent any sluts outside of your world of relatives.

  • Edward Cross

    Slera seems to change his identity with ease. Does he suffer from a multiple personality disorder of sorts?

  • Edward Cross

    So what you are saying is that there are no Caucasian prostitutes in England?

  • Edward Cross

    So finally the truth comes out. Your Mom is a prostitute and you have hated women since you discovered this!!!!

  • Edward Cross

    Coward that you are Mr Guest! You dare to insult a decent girl such as Aya with sordid names that could only describe members of your family…..You need to be medicated you lout.

  • Edward Cross

    When the imbecile could no longer debate the young lady, he walks out of the discussion like the loser he is.

  • Edward Cross

    Ah! and your name is DICKman? You certainly are a dick.

  • Edward Cross

    Indeed Kababayan!

  • jaguar

    The left? STFU goof. You incited the reaction it was not typical at all. Typical moron douchebag making men look bad because you cant get laid in your own city.

  • jaguar

    Your land? LMFAO say goodbye to you’re land Muslims are taking it you racist dog.

  • jaguar

    LMFAO wow you’re weak. One girl left you so fuck all women of that nation?

  • jaguar

    You think you’re alpha? Alpha human beings have more in common with Hitler and saddam then Brad Pitt or kobe Bryant or whatever loser you looked up to growing up. You aint alpha moron. You’re belittling the women of an entire nation do you not expect men to stand up for them? Why not because you wouldn’t for your women? Do you not have a mother a sister? Smarten up goof.

  • jaguar

    Get off your white horse. You’re literally advocating banging the women of another country because they’re easy. You are an opportunistic economic migrant, no man at all. Leave morals at the door and charge it to the game. Every action has an equal and unequal reaction. But I guess it’s very much an Anglo thing to intrude on the next man’s land and then use morality to convince them not to fuck with you in return. How about follow your own advice and stay on your own fucking land?

  • jaguar

    12 cases in 9 years. LMFAO. Wow. My town has 1 murder every two years. Last year we had 9. We must be the murder capital of canada now right? You pua are so simple.

  • jaguar

    Bro stop reaching. How many divorce cases due to infedility in London? Compare that to manila. I guarantee you every western city has more cheaters.

  • jaguar

    Filipinas in… DUBAI. does that not factor in? Are you that obtuse?

  • indybandwagoner

    Don’t pretend that you know my situation, way to jump to conclusions like a dumb ass. I have had multiple relationships with filipinas, and all of those girls friends left their men and ran away to NYC. Now I did have a relationship with a nice filipina girl, but you was too insecure and shy. There’s alot of nice filipinos out there, but it’s an introverted culture. Not my thing.

  • Joan

    wow… after reading all of comments here…im having second thoughts of dating foreign guys… demisexual…

  • Painpuppy

    Hey, I go the Philippines every 6 months or so. And do exactly that. I just go to a dating site like Cherry Blossoms and Say Hey I’m coming for a week, I would like a tour guide for both night and day, I pay for the hotel/resort, if we have fun there is a gift at the end, some times I have to specifically say that sex is involved (of course padded out with more flowery words, but no lies) and I get heaps of interest as offers. Last time I got a 22yo Nympho from Davao City. Stayed at a nice little 3 star resort along the coast. And we did not do much touring! But I find, upfront and open works well.

  • Ronin

    You’re a little naive. Since when are people monogamous? Quite frankly it’s not a natural occurrence and do you think only men have multiple partners?

    Grow up, make choices for yourself and stop trying to impose your sense of morality on others.

  • Ronin

    No you don’t hate them, as long as, they are subservient to women. An equal partner is not in your vocabulary.

    And yes your father on all outward appearances is the perfect father, provider, etc. but on the inside he hates his life. You’ll never know as it is the “cross” he has chosen to bear. But please don’t pretend to know your father, just because he hides this from you.

  • Well you misunderstood me completely. Where did I ever say that the woman should be the more dominant partner? I said respect, which should obviously be mutual. There shouldn’t be any of this harem business! That was one of my main reasons against this article.

    There you go on a tangent about how my father hates his life. I was only stating what he has done for the family in response to the “whoremongering” comment. He dedicated a lot of his life just for us but I never said he was flawless.

  • Look, I am appalled by the fact that this article is trying to teach men how to go to a country and fuck all the women they can. However, I know what polygamy is and this is fine IF both parties are happy with this arrangement. This article doesn’t state that the women should even know that the man is sleeping with multiple women. That is where the lack of respect comes from. If you want to sleep with more than one partner then fine, as long as all your partners are aware.

    The adult way to deal with sex is to have open communication.

    Do not forget, when sleeping with multiple partners too the chances of STDs rise. Condoms can break and there’s not a 100% chance of protection. But no, it’s all fun and games until someone becomes infected.

  • Lawful

    Despite that whole white worshiping load of bullshit claim, you have some of your own bullshit issues going around apparently, judging from that comment.

  • Zeus

    Ronin – what a load of shit. As you pretend to know the father better than the daughter. What a jackass comment

  • KHIM-

    I’m sorry if you had a few bad experience with other Filipina girls. But believe me not all of us are bad and will try to harm or even worst, scam you. I feel ashamed because of their wrong doing leaves a bad impression with other foreigners. and it affects who US who were trying to make a decent living. Smh

  • Ronin

    Let’s agree to leave your father out of the discussion. Since it seems that you can have a reasonable discussion.

    Mutual is the key word and I think this would apply for those women that choose to sleep with men. If your issue is with the “numbers” of partners this seems to be a moral judgement on your part. Morality for the most part is individual. The assumption being that it does not bring physical or financial harm to someone.

  • Ronin

    Zeus talk about pretentious…. Zeus, really?

    Hope you like your tail.

  • As you must know, we as humans are emotional. Having both male and female friends, and even having discussions with my current partner, it does bring emotional harm to someone if the person they are sleeping with is sleeping with others when the current partner is unaware.

    I have had casual sex so I do understand that a man doesn’t have to disclose who else they are sleeping with if nothing serious is to come from the encounter. Going back to the article however, I do not believe it is right to use “guidelines” on women like they are meat. Especially particularly vulnerable women from that part of the world who, from my experience of the country, have a lot of love for people in general.

  • Ronin

    Wouldn’t the same apply for women?

    Do you really think that these women are only playing around with one man? Consenting adults is the phrase that comes to mind. The “emotional harm” you mention is not something that deserves to be punished by law. If you don’t like the person, don’t associate with them. Much like a tv show you don’t like, change the channel.

    Women treat men as an ATM the world over. This individual has written an article where he thinks he’s found a more equitable return. You may not like it, but you don’t have to participate either. I do remember being in the Philippines and a bar girl had the same attitude towards a previous customer that walked by with a different girl. I had to laugh, as she has done the same thing in the past. Hypocrisy is easy to fall into.

  • Mohit Bhatia

    opinions are like assholes, everybody has one… in my opinion everybody is expressing himself/herself based on their information|knowledge|circumstances…each one needs to respect that individuality first…before pouncing n scratching each other with words…. everyone expressing themselves is right. we all have a limited time in this world…make the best of it.

  • Abe Kampman

    I like Aya, she stands up for her people, her family and her beliefs…

  • zee

    I cannot blame you for that perception of Filipina women, but I’m afraid most women you’ve dated are the rejects of the Filipino society that even Filipino men refuse to date. unless the guy is an addict or also benefits from her using you or he got her pregnant on the 7th grade. Those are the kind of women that you attract..

    Not to offend but, most decent Filipina prefers to date Filipino men over Foreigners not just because of how they smell but also how they treat and talk to women.. Filipinas are shy, warm and feisty in one spring roll.. A true Filipina is proud. You cannot just pick her up on the streets of metro manila just because you’re white.

    You have to court her fetch her to the office or school and bring her home everyday, do errands, impress everyone etc. and on top that, you have to get the approval of all the family members before dating her.. if you’ve dated a REAL Filipina, you’re lucky enough to end up in an emergency room after writing this article.. ;)

  • Dice18

    You are a douch. Not every filipina is like this and not every filipina is that dumb or easy. And why is it even being categorized as filipina or american anyway.People not just females or filipinas can be as dumb, cunning, or easy as you wrote about. and BTW just because someone wears a bikini does not mean that girl is a slut. I may not have a lot of filipino blood in me but I was born and raised here in the Philippines. I may look american but my heart is that of a filipina and I don’t deny that some of the girls you have met are dumb but not because they cant speak english. Have you ever thought that maybe they just didn’t have enough money to finish school? or even start it? I admit they might have been dumb but only because they ever considered you as a parter!

  • Kaijura

    Look at all these butt hurt dudes trying to fight their misogynistic corner. They can’t seem to accept it when a women cleverer than their own brain dead selves stands up for herself. I feel embarrassed to be a guy if these idiots also call themselves ‘men’

  • zee

    You are what you attract.. ;)

  • zee

    Bitter?.. Haha! No wonder why she left you.. ;)

  • zee

    They are what they attract.. ;)

  • DDDDDuane

    Look a55hole….
    You’re not BSing anyone…..
    If you weren’t an old fat bald mess you wouldn’t be forced to go across the world for poor ugly brown pussy that hates you….
    As far as the looks of these woman they are usually ugly as hell and the one’s who are attractive are out Fing ugly messes like you for desperation cash……
    I’ve seen what you guys look like on YouTube….

  • Starnexus

    I agree. I’m a guy and I’m pretty disgusted by this post. It gives all us American guys that are looking for something real a bad name. This is partly how many Filipinos justify their scamming activities because of people like this guy…

  • He sound REALISTIC. “desperate women.” this is true but I would say 90% of 3rd world country women are. SMART one will try hard to marry foreigner.

  • youreanidiot

    if you cant handle filipina women then dont fuck with them simple as that.

  • TheTruth

    Your reply is disgusting, any woman who chops a mans dick off is a psychopath and deserves to be locked up for life. The fact you think your mothers village is lovely for supporting such behavior shows how unhinged you are.
    The ironic thing is I bet you’ve slept with loads of white guys, you probably only date them.

  • TheTruth

    There is nothing wrong with using guidelines to help other men get laid. Men helping each other to have better sex lives is a good thing, its better than stabbing each other in the back like many women and some men do. Also women’s websites and magazines share tips about manipulating men all the time, I highly doubt you ever complain about that.

  • TheTruth

    It takes two to tango Aya, nobody is forcing these women to sleep with foreign men. So what if a man has sex with several girls in one week, it just means he is giving pleasure to more people. Women are naturally attracted to players, they like men with experience and who other women desire. You are acting like these women have no choice in the matter, in effect treating them like children.

    The article isn’t about you either, no one cares about your relationship with ‘one’ man.

  • TheTruth

    David you are emasculated and don’t have a clue about what women really desire. Women all over the world do want the same thing; to be dominated by a high status, successful, good looking man who knows how to take charge sexually.
    Its amusing you are sucking up to Aya too, as she is heavily westernized and obviously doesn’t have the feminine sweetness of native Asian girls.

  • TheTruth

    You obviously have an inferiority complex, and clearly no nothing about history. I’m guessing you are an Asian or black racist. Every race and ethnicity in the world has invaded other peoples territory, it’s just that ‘white’ men have been the most recently successful at it. You need to grow up and stop projecting your failure onto others.
    Every man likes easy sex, it doesn’t matter where he is from or what race.

  • TheTruth

    You mean according to the bible? Intelligent people don’t believe in fairy tales, they think for themselves and make their own decisions.

  • TheTruth

    Greeks are Caucasian.

  • TheTruth

    There is a big difference between third wave feminism and feminism in the past. Feminism is no longer about equal rights in this country, women have had that for over 40 years.

  • jaguar

    Lmao at inferiority complex. Talk about flaw projection. You just said every “man” enjoys easy sex. Bullshit. Every man enjoys sex. The level of difficulty in attaining it is at the discretion of the individual. Plus I’m latino. So your guess would be wrong. Jackass.

  • jaguar

    Lmao at this response. You have land in the 21st century. Yet you speak as if you conquered it wielding a sword. Smh. You’d probably get jumped by 5 black kids in your own country. Smarten up goof.

  • TheTruth

    Haha, you really do have an inferiority complex and are not very clever. Yes every man enjoys sex, which means every man enjoys easy sex as who wants to work hard for it.
    Ok so that probably makes you white then, as 97% of Argentinians are white, of mainly Italian and Spanish heritage. You are descended from colonists who took Argentina from the native people, so without colonialism you wouldn’t even be alive. There is nothing more pathetic than a man attacking his own culture and people, though I doubt you are really a man or Argentinian, as they consider themselves Europeans and not Latinos..
    I wasn’t talking about sex, I said every race and ethnicity has been involved in wars and invasions. You need to learn to read and comprehend if you want to discuss something intelligently. Though to answer your points yes all those groups have invaded each others land, killed each other and taken peoples as slaves. African tribes like the Ashanti used to keep slaves and also sell them, many of the slaves were taken in raids.

    I don’t have a problem with men coming here and having sex with British girls, as I don’t consider them ‘my’ girls, that is what insecure men like you think. Haha, I have no problem getting laid in any country, women love British men. I’ve had sex with girls from over 40 countries, banging new girls is one of life’s great pleasures. Girls love having sex with foreign men too, so I don’t see what you are getting so worked up about.

    You sound like you need to get laid, educate yourself and stop ranting incoherently on the internet.

  • jaguar

    Lmao at you telling me about my country. I’m native not European you dumb fuck. Those 97% sound cute over the Internet, bUT this is a racist ass country. Why don’t u come to mendoza and see how well that fits into the reality? I do have italian blood from Sicily. Meaning not white. And I’m called negro here. Once again the laughter you induced in telling me about myself. How about you stop assuming jackass?!?

    And I can see why a man with a superiority complex would think one who isn’t alike has an inferiority complex. Once again tell me when any of those people I named invaded another county and stole women? Nice try with the ashanti. You pulled that out of your ass. Name the date of the so called war you speak of.

    And the most pathetic thing here is you telling me how many women you’ve banged. Like I give a fuck. I’m in the process of creating a family. I could care less how much pussy you get. And once again I’m 75% native. So yes fuck colonialism. And the fact that you didn’t see that possibility is telling of the level of your intelligence and personality disorder. Lmao and Smh. No one wants to work hard for sex. Lol. Omg. What a telling statement about you. Generalizing like a 12 year old.

  • TheTruth

    You really have serious mental problems, you are projecting your failures onto others and taking your anger out at random people online. It makes you look extremely pathetic and immature.

    You are in no position to question my intelligence, the fact you think all the tribes you mentioned were peaceful and didn’t have wars and invade others shows you are either trolling or a moron. Tribes and people all over the world fight and take captives, its been going on since the dawn of humanity.Taking the example of the Ashanti in Ghana, they were numerous tribal wars between different tribes there. Many modern wars in Africa have there origins in earlier tribal rivalries. Some tribes in Ghana also used to capture people from other tribes, who they would then transport to the coast and sell to European slave traders. These slaves obviously included women and children.

    Sicilians are mostly ‘white’, many white people have tanned skin and dark hair it doesn’t mean they are not white. Spanish can be quite dark too, but they are also white. Anyway I’m sure many Argentinians are racist, including you by all the evidence so far. I feel sorry for your family then, any children you have are likely to have a warped view of the world.

    All of this has nothing to do with going travelling and having casual sex. A man from the west going to Asia and banging lots of willing girls is hardly invading the country and stealing the women as you put it. Most men dream of doing it at least once in their lives; including you if you are honest.

  • David O.

    Hehe, your comment amused me, you are the one who dont have a clue…about me…and…you are wrong..:)

  • Diana Getsu Tenshi

    These stereotypes about Filipina women are misguided. Not all
    Filipina girls are pok pok (whores). Have you ever thought that you are
    the problem. If you choose a whore as a girlfriend; do you honestly
    expect her to not act like a whore? Since you and most other commenters
    like to say that you are only generalizing then so will I. Most
    foreigners that visit the Philippines are coming here; why? For fucking
    pussy, right? So, most foreigners are man-whores with no respect for
    themselves. HaHaHa

    You don’t have the “time” as a tourist to
    find a decent girl; so you visit the bars and the strips to pick up
    whores or on online dating websites where most of the whores have
    fucking sidelines. FYI, the average Filipina girl hates fucking pok pok
    because of their attitudes and lack of respect for themselves.

    you’re looking for girlfriend or wife material do you really go to
    strip clubs to find your next girlfriend or wife? Of course not! So why
    are you complaining like a little bitch because your pok pok girlfriend
    cheated on you.

    I’m sorry if you are angry; I’m just generalizing :p

    Matt Forney, you are not in a relationship with a Filipina if you are
    fucking around on the girl. Call it like it is; booty calls. I bet you
    tell all of your girls that you love them, care for them, offer them
    the moon and the stars; instead of telling them the truth about all that
    you really want.

    If you complain about paying for the fare for a
    taxi and you have girls meet you near your home because your too cheap
    to go to the other side of the town then this upon itself speaks higher
    volumes than your ridiculous advice for other foreigners.

    Let me
    clue you in onto the “average” Filipina girl that is not pok pok. It is
    hard for a foreigner to gain the trust of the Filipina’s family. Most
    families that don’t allow their daughters to be pok pok would never
    allow their daughter to date a dirty foreigner.

    The average
    Filipino family do not trust foreigners because the “majority” of
    foreigners that visit the Philippines are only coming here for pussy.
    This is why as a tourist foreigners will very rarely come across a
    decent Filipina girl because it takes time to gain the trust from the
    Filipina’s family before they will let you have a relationship with
    their daughter.

    When you (as the average FIlipina) date a
    foreigner: You run the risk of being labeled a pok pok by your
    neighbors, friends and family. Family and status within the community
    is very important for the Filipina as well as not smearing the Family’s
    name – so you have a lot of work cut out for you if you want to date a
    decent Filipina girl if the family is traditional and not so much

    To really know the Philippines; you have to live
    here. Living here does not mean living in Angeles City, Cebu, Subic,
    Malate, Makati strip, Boracay, or anywhere that pok pok congregate.
    Spending your nights drowning down SML and staring at young girls and
    single mothers in their underwear while your fat sweating ass is leering
    at them and you profess yourself as a White God because you have more
    money than the average Filipino. To many foreigners that do come to the
    Philippines frequently or live in these areas end up with this bullshit
    attitude where they think they are better than everyone else because
    they have higher buying power.

    Do you label all of the United
    States bad because of how Las Vegas is? Or the Red Light Districts in
    Belgium, Netherlands, Austria and Germany? I think not. There’s much
    more to the Philippines than where the pok pok is; but then again –
    you’re only coming to the Philippines for pok pok, right?

    complaining you fucking assholes. You come here for pussy and fuck pok
    pok and then complain that they broke your heart, stole your money, or
    used you after you sleep with 10 or more pok pok in one week. *roll


    P.S. Girls bring their friends, family, relatives, etc on first dates because their scared of you. Not to brag – dumb ass.

  • Diana Caeruleus

    These stereotypes about Filipina women are misguided. Not all Filipina girls are pok pok (whores). Have you ever thought that you are the problem. If you choose a whore as a girlfriend; do you honestly
    expect her to not act like a whore? Since you and most other commenters like to say that you are only generalizing then so will I. Most foreigners that visit the Philippines are coming here; why? For fucking
    pussy, right? So, most foreigners are man-whores with no respect for themselves. HaHaHa

    You don’t have the “time” as a tourist to find a decent girl; so you visit the bars and the strips to pick up
    whores or on online dating websites where most of the whores have fucking sidelines. FYI, the average Filipina girl hates fucking pok pok because of their attitudes and lack of respect for themselves.

    If you’re looking for girlfriend or wife material do you really go to strip clubs to find your next girlfriend or wife? Of course not! So why are you complaining like a little bitch because your pok pok girlfriend cheated on you.

    I’m sorry if you are angry; I’m just generalizing :p

    Also Matt Forney, you are not in a relationship with a Filipina if you are fucking around on the girl. Call it like it is; booty calls. I bet you tell all of your girls that you love them, care for them, offer them the moon and the stars; instead of telling them the truth about all that you really want.

    If you complain about paying for the fare for a taxi and you have girls meet you near your home because your too cheap to go to the other side of the town then this upon itself speaks higher volumes than your ridiculous advice for other foreigners.

    Let me clue you in onto the “average” Filipina girl that is not pok pok. It is hard for a foreigner to gain the trust of the Filipina’s family. Most families that don’t allow their daughters to be pok pok would never allow their daughter to date a dirty foreigner.

    The average Filipino family do not trust foreigners because the “majority” of foreigners that visit the Philippines are only coming here for pussy. This is why as a tourist foreigners will very rarely come across a decent Filipina girl because it takes time to gain the trust from the Filipina’s family before they will let you have a relationship with their daughter.

    When you (as the average FIlipina) date a foreigner: You run the risk of being labeled a pok pok by your neighbors, friends and family. Family and status within the community is very important for the Filipina as well as not smearing the Family’s name – so you have a lot of work cut out for you if you want to date a decent Filipina girl if the family is traditional and not so much progressive.

    To really know the Philippines; you have to live here. Living here does not mean living in Angeles City, Cebu, Subic, Malate, Makati strip, Boracay, or anywhere that pok pok congregate. Spending your nights drowning down SML and staring at young girls and single mothers in their underwear while your sweating ass is leering at them and you profess yourself as a White God because you have more money than the average Filipino. To many foreigners that do come to the Philippines frequently or live in these areas end up with this bad attitude where they think they are better than everyone else because they have higher buying power.

    Do you label all of the United States bad because of how Las Vegas is? Or the Red Light Districts in
    Belgium, Netherlands, Austria and Germany? I think not. There’s much more to the Philippines than where the pok pok is; but then again – you’re only coming to the Philippines for pok pok, right?

    Stop complaining you fucking assholes. You come here for pussy and fuck pok pok and then complain that they broke your heart, stole your money, or used you after you sleep with 10 or more pok pok in one week. *roll eyes*


    P.S. Girls bring their friends, family, relatives, etc on first dates because their scared of you. Not to brag – dumb ass.

  • jaguar

    Failures? What failures? Lol. Sicilian are white now. Ok. Tell that to the rest of Italy. So ashanti invaded white countries and stole women? It was the mapuche who stile women from the Spaniards in an attempt to regain power over there overseers. There I just handed you one on a platter. But your intelligence can’t be questioned. Wow. Talk about a superiority complex. I’ve probably slept with more women than you have. Keep spitting out that nonsense. I’m gonna have a family and my last name will live on as it has since the 14th century. Yu can have all the sluts I could care less you fucking imbecile. Only an Anglo would think you’re winning. Jackass. Tell me more about how England is becoming an immigrant cesspool because of pussies like you that would rather travel and fuck. Lmao at you attempt to belittle me. You make yourself sound more stupid by the comment.

    Inferiority complex. Hahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahah. Psychologist?

  • ghostwriter5588

    That sounds so insulting of you saying “if she wears bikini, she’s a slut”.. many decent pinays i know loves to wear bikini and brag it online.. I love beach, i am proud of my body and i wear bikini.. am i a slut? i work hard and i earn decent money more than the average of american monthly salary.. And i’m a single mom because of a man like you who thinks that women are just sex objects..

  • TheTruth

    There is really no point in trying to debate with you, you can’t even read English properly. I said the ashanti used to raid other tribes in West Africa, I never said they raided Europe. If you want an example of that there are the Ottoman Turks and their allies the Barbary corsairs. They both took slaves from Europe for hundreds of years, including children: The girls were often used as prostitutes, concubines and servants and some of the boys trained to be elite soldiers that hated Christianity.
    Good for you, I’ve slept with well over a 100 girls now and i’m still young, so you must be doing very well in Argentina. I agree that the UK is becoming a cesspool in places filled with backwards people, but the reasons for that are obviously not because some men like to travel sometimes.

    I’m done with this conversation, it’s clear you have serious mental problems.

  • matthew henderson

    raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fight fight
    hahaha chill out people.

  • client thirty

    Aya R arguments never end up as a winner. people who argu show there ignorance.. Im sure your parents taught u that. oh yea are u single??

  • TBD S

    I believe you’re the immature kid with some serious complex. The fact that you feel the need to insult a belittle a woman you don’t know and don’t have a chance of meeting just shows what a little-dick sad sorry virgin you are. Get a life!

  • TBD S

    This is got to be the dumbest most ignorant thing I’ve heard in my lifetime and believe me I’ve heard/seen a lot of shit. SOMEHOW, you think you know a girl’s dad whom you’ve never met nor would you because if she saw your stank ass walking down the street she would turn away. But the fact that you claim to know her and her family and the fact that you’re so generous with insults tells me one thing and one thing only; your dad used to touch you, beat you and your mother so now you grew up to become a pathetic loser whose closest interaction with a woman is when he insults his way to oblivion on an online blog. That’s who you are, that’s what pathetic troll you’ll be known as for all eternity and the best part is that no matter how hard you try to lie and hide it, that very fact will never change and you’ll always be the pathetic jerk off with a sick family who will do anything to project his shitty life onto others. You’re truly a pathetic ant.

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  • Marianne Valles

    I dont know why im here, i was just searching for a site to buy clothes…anyway let me briefly introduce myself,im a middle incomed filipina eaning 500$ a month (yes its sooo small but thats a salary grade 11 here mostly for a bachelor’s degree holder)100% born and raise in the philippines; never been out of the country;experiencing filipino culture everyday and living a filipino life (im saying all these so you will know that my comments are from a 100% pure filipina woman) anyway
    When you say that a lot of filipinos are dumb because they cannot understand a language that they studied from say kindergarten(obviously you do not have an understanding of the educational system here in the Philippines) and im not talking about the design but the ACTUAL scenario so you have no right to imply were stupid.
    Furthermore when a filipina brings a friend to meet someong shes not bragging(but its funny for you to think so) we bring a friend everytime we are meeting a stranger(even if its another filipino What more if its a foreigner?)for crying out loud we cannot even go to public toilet if we dont have someone with us(ask anyone, especially those who are hanging with friends in the mall..if someone from the group needs a washroom im pretty sure she will require a friend to tag along with her)
    Bragging really??maybe if your just a friend but if you are romantically involved with a filipina it would be hard for a filipina girl to introduce you to her family especially to her friends..Why?because we sterotype friends who is in a relationship with foreigners (especially if their older) basically we see them as a whore..we laugh at them we gossip at them, so your probably met someone who is dirt poor(basically a cheap fuck)and i can prove that because you said that you dated girls who works 12 hours and 6 days a week,our labor laws may not be strong as yours but only uneducated filipino would agree to that working hours(mall saleslady, mall cashiers, waitress ,maid etc)they are highschool graduates
    Youll have to spend more if shes a college level(mostly callcenter agents;but you have to take care here bec a lot of callcenter agents holds bachelor degrees and its rare if they want to be associated with you..)
    Now i challenge you to have a middle class filipina to introduce you as her boyfriend to her family and friends, (someone might, for easy cash and they will only meet you at night when less friends might see her with you)…even chat mates are met in another filipina would bring you automatically in her hometown she will be a laughingstock(she will wait if your a suredeal or if shes really inlove)
    Yes i agree that a lot of filipina would try to have a relationship with foreigners but if you notice once their settled and have their green card they will ditch you. Because they cannot really brag if your with them because even though they have better shoes,bag,clothes and better financial status we still see them as a whore and they know it…but its different if they are single in foreign land or a filipino couple in a foreign land,they my friend are the kind of filipina were really jelous off.

  • Sherri

    I’ve never been to The Philippines before, one thing I know is that the women are even more had working than the men….And a real man will not fuck aroud

  • demure guy

    What a sad,sad life you live if you think all filipina women are like that.

  • DDDDDuane

    Edward thinks he’s going to FINALLY get laid defending this crazed nasty wh0re…

  • Maria Cortez

    This is the most preposterous post I’ve ever read. Even more with sick, ignorant and disgusting men with an ego bigger than their dicks agreeing to this and trying to sound smart by setting an argument with an educated filipina. Unbelievable.

  • Authentik Brandon Rockwell

    haha @aya R@aya_r:disqus your so prettyi would only have sex with you

  • James Braun

    I met my filippina in Kuwait through a friend of a friend . the eye candy was exactly that . Single with 5 kids , husband was killed , never asked me for a dime , and can’t have kids . I found a keeper . I got her oldest daughter a new motor of her choice so she would not leave the family and paid for her school , it worked . I got my girlfriend a plane ticket home of which she thought she would never see her kids again . She could believe she was going home after being away for 7 years . She came back to me . We have been together 8 years and married here in Gensan for 5 , would not change a thing . There are many with about the same story . if you are here for that terrific Asian nooky , I think the malls are the best place to meet and not so much the clubs .

  • Stephen Bantley

    Aya Ignore the little men, they are not worth your time. I can’t believe that such neanderthal, racist sexist, misogynistic dicks still exist. Probably all Brexit supporters or Trump voters.

  • Isabel Lavaro

    I refuse to agree with all that you said here. Don’t fucking stereotype.

  • Denis Berman

    How are they sluts if they wear bikinis? What are they supposed to wear at a beach? I’m being protective because my girl wears bikinis and she isn’t a slut.

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  • S Thomson

    Most of them are ugly as fuck .

  • Marty

    I have a question about cell phone texting……never been out of the US before so do you take your normal US phone and give your normal US phone number to the girls to text? Or do I need a country code or prefix or whatever? Or do I buy a phone once I’m there? Just confused on how it works and do I need country codes or whatever to text her?

  • Isabella Ramos

    This is absolutely untrue considering that you’re making it seem like this applies to every Filipino female out there. Being white or any other ethnicity in a foreign country doesn’t make you a rockstar. You’re just a foreigner. A tourist. Even the most illiterate woman would understand what you’re trying to say to her, simply because they teach English at schools there. It sounds to me you’re trying to say Filipino girls will hop on any white dick they see because she’ll be high and mighty if she dates you simply because you’re a white male. I don’t hate men nor do I have a bias toward females, just saying. I’ve lived in the Philippines for 11 years, coming from a full Filipino background. I’ve dated and even had sex with numerous amounts of girls all over the country and not one of them was as you described. Just saying.

  • demure guy

    excuse me sir. you have misdirected your comment. i am for the upliftment of Filipinas and women in general everywhere. i am against the belittling by men who thinks they are God’s gifts to women kind. so stop assuming i am insulting a woman. you might wanna direct your nasty comment to @jagger, who have been as asshole in this comment section.

  • F-U Potsie

    Pro tip: if you are in the states and hook up with a Pinay broad, tread carefully… sure, the puss is fantastic but before you know it, she’s moved her entire family — her drunken and degenerate gambler father included — into your spot.

  • You reap what you sow

  • Aristotle

    But are equal ontologically? Seems dubious to me…

  • Aristotle

    Cucked as F/U/C/K.

  • Brian Harrington

    I been here3 weeks and have not got laid all the bitched wont giveme the time of day and am white might as well kill my selfI cant ge laid no whetmre on this plannet and am white womenon this earth hate me am a total looseri

  • Ben Epp

    I want you

  • bart

    having dated a few. they are crazier than your average white girl. and violent as well. great lays though.

  • David Clark

    Aya R you sound ok to me and i hope you don’t judge us by what one short dicked asshole here acts like.

  • David Clark

    Aya vary nicely said.

  • ron

    you mean, prostitutes. You can get prostitutes easily, anywhere in the world.

  • Dnalitry

    There are things people bare just for the peace and happiness of others and just ’cause we lived with someone doesn’t give us the right to talk about them like we really know them. Humans bare different behaviors depending by who they have to deal with.
    And i say we are animels. Just a little smatter… And femminism is stupid because they want to prove that they are superior than men,which isn’t true. There is a difference between equality and (oh. we women can be much better men than-men or even gods.
    Thanks for the understanding and i greatly apologize for the typos.

  • misheel

    It must be tough to be a guy. I’m happily married with kids and live in Aspen, CO — so not at all in the dating scene or familiar with how ex-pats have it with the ladies in the Philippines, lol. I was looking up standard of living there and ran across this article. That said, this blog has been a huge eye-opener, just the cultural differences in dating, the dynamics that occur between men and women dating, due to the power difference/wealth, education, and access that can be applied to other situations. I feel like pointing out to the gentlemen here that “games” men and women play are all just devices we use to protect our inner selves from being hurt. You have a lot of defenses up… I guess experience does that.

  • steffisan

    I understand that this is an old article but I just stumbled upon it last night. Not only is it stereotyping Filipina women, the article is extremely sexist and the author brags about taking advantage of young women sexually. He and a lot of commenters assume a lot about one’s character based on misconceptions or experiences from one or a few individuals.

    I’m a Filipina and my husband is a Caucasian American. I’m educated, have my own career and earn more than him. And I did not marry him for the visa or money. I actually found it inconvenient to leave a very good job, family and friends behind. But we agreed that raising children in the States would be better. Luckily, I was able to find a good job here as well.

    Not all Filipinas are money grubbing bitches like this article insinuates. There are bad apples everywhere. I know some American women who would never date a man who earns less than six figures a year and is less than 6 feet tall. The same women require a 2 carat engagement ring. Talk about money grubbing.

  • fred bouwman

    I lived in the Philippines for 3 years and my wife is Filipino and we are immigrating to Canada. The author is making sweeping generalizations and making it appear all women are the same and it’s simply because he goes to the country for one thing, and that is to take advantage of the young girls.

    To say the women there love white men is laughable. He needs to get out and meet some of the overwhelming majority of women who are honorable, classy and beautiful. I did a solo bicycle trip around the world from 2010 – 2013 and was in 47 different countries. The people of the Philippines were the friendliest of any country in the world and the women the most kind, loving and the ones I respect the most.

    If you go to a country to have sex with young girls, the shame is on you.

  • David Carnes

    No. 1 above, where the girl switches venues at the last minute. I know this trick from Shanghai. She’ll take you to a restaurant and order a bunch of expensive food, jack up your bill. The trick is, she’s got a pre-negotiated deal with the restaurant manager, she gets a 25 percent commission on however much you spend as a finder’s fee.

  • Ronin

    I imagine you wrote “So (sic) dont be judgmental.” because you are judgmental “Of course (sic) idea of young beautiful girls wanting to sleep around with guys twice their age or more is wrong.”

  • Ronin

    I would agree with you to treat each other with respect. She’s not a piece of meat, nor are men an ATM. Having that attitude is counter productive to a relationship I would want to be in.

    The Philippines is a wonderful country with friendly people. In my opinion anyone focusing strictly on the poverty or the ease of meeting women is missing out, but then again that’s just me.

  • Anthony Toledo

    Preach it sister! You fucking foreigner shit bags home to our country PREY…thats right PREY on the young girls knowing goddamn well of their status and poverty! You say it’s easy to fuck any Filipina? Shit you all have to go to places like bohol, olongapo, Angeles city, etc to get your sick ass rocks off (plus your game is weak to begin with)! Best remember who first brought prostitution, porn , and the entire sex industry to the islands…you fucking white adsholes! I bet you fuckhead white mother fuckers would be up in arms if Filipinos would go to a shit bag Anglo country and start saying your women were REAL easy and a bunch of whores! Remember my Anglo Saxon shit bags…there are MORE white women in the sex industry than there are Asians. So think twice before you start saying our women are sluts! Let’s just face it! The loser white boys that go to the Philippines are the ones who can’t even score with their own kind! You prey on the poor, the weak, and the helpless! Wow!! Sounds like whitey, you guys are a bunch of class A number 1 rape artist! In any country…you’re a bunch of legalized criminals!! Watch who you call sluts! These are my people and it’s people like you that FORCED then into circumstances like that! Fucking shit bag perves!

  • Anthony Toledo

    You are so freaking awesome sister! Love the comeback! It’s said that people lime them view our women only in one way! They don’t see how educated, smart, and talented the women of the Philippines are! Small minded men make even smaller minded remarks! Keep educating these ignorant, undereducated hicks! They need to know that our Pinays are loud and proud!
    Much love and peace!!

  • Try picking up women at the Clubs in Cebu City. The Mango Square scene specifically. Also check out MikedOut on youtube. He has a lot of good content about how to meet beautiful Filipina women.

  • Jim Sweeney

    Matt’s comment about extradition treaties is dead wrong. A woman in PI who bore your child can sue you in your home state in a standard paternity cum child support case. If you did not sign the local affidavit of paternity, a simple DNA test, ordered by the US state court, will establish that point and then what’s left is how much you will pay. Not only that but that child is an American citizen through you and can apply for certification thereof after the court support order. I run a charitable foundation – The American Children Foundation – which was established to do exactly that and it was based on my knowing of a case where a US guy impregnated a Pinay which got me thinking on these points. And yes, I’m a lawyer. In CA.

  • John Marshall

    How about going on a dating site. Begin a online relationship with a Filipino. My Filipino girl Friend is working in Saudi Arabia on a two year contract. Works long hours seven days week. She communicates often with me during her working day. In the evening when she is in bed she chats with me for two hours. When her contract ends soon. I will living with her in her own home in Mindanao Philippines. In Saudi Arabia they have a real problem with Arab men. Who offer them money for sex. Male employers try to have sex with them. The problem is that many Filipino women agree to this. Which means that the Good Filipino woman gets hassled often. My girlfriend will never work in Saudi Arabia again. She hates the Arab men. When you are on Skype with your girlfriend & other apps you will know how she feels about you. Pictures of your girlfriend clothed & naked & the cooking and work they are doing. Yes your girlfriend enjoys being turned on online & having orgasms with you online when they are in their bedroom. As to how my girlfriend looks she is slim only 5 feet 1 inch tall has a great figure & Sexy & passionate. I am 6 feet tall British white man. Blue eyes & brown hair. When she chatted with me on Skype the first time she was completely besotted. Now her feelings are even stronger. We have been chatting for over a year. We know each other very well. Life in Saudi Arabia is very hard. for OFW,s. I am fully aware of her situation. She never asks for money from me & sends me Birthday cards & presents. We are both lucky in finding each other.

  • El Vergudo

    The Philippines are a cesspool of scum and degeneracy. Only fat, bald, gross pieces of shit like Forney need a guide to get laid in that dump.