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Give Me Your Hungry, Your Tired, Your Poor; I’ll Piss on ‘Em


Recently, I was sent to a workshop at a Labor Department office to test its usefulness in helping the unemployed find work, helping to determine whether taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely. This was in a certain county in upstate New York that I’m not at liberty to disclose, other than to say that it’s in a rural area and it has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state.

It also has one of the lowest literacy rates in the state. I’ll call it “Methlab County.”

The particular program I sat in on was “Internet Job Search,” about using the web to find work. You might be wondering, in this age of 4G smartphones and ubiquitous Internet access, precisely who would have difficulty applying to jobs online. The answer: fifty- and sixtysomething white ex-factory workers who don’t own computers, don’t even have email accounts. In fact, the second half of the three-hour (!) workshop was devoted to teaching us how to open and use email accounts with Yahoo! or Google.

These people were computer illiterate to a degree I didn’t even think was possible in the year 2013. Not only did they not know how to use email, most of them had no clue how to use a mouse and keyboard. The instructor, a pious, chubby-cheeked middle-aged clerk, had to walk them through the laborious tasks of double-clicking with a mouse, highlighting the text on their resumes (that have been prepared for them by other department cubicle monkeys), and using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste. This took an hour-and-a-half.

In that time, I had not only copypasted my fake resume, I had enough time to encode a secret message in the text (“FUCK THIS SHIT”).

What’s worse is that the workshop attendees themselves knew that all this was in vain. One of them even commented to the effect of, “I’m just gonna forget all this tomorrow.”

The whole episode put me into an existential torpor. These aren’t bad people; they’re not very smart or sophisticated, true, but they’re law-abiding and did what society expected of them their entire lives. They have a high school degree at most and spent the bulk of their lives stamping widgets at a factory for $40,000-50,000 a year plus vacation time, health insurance, a pension and other benefits. They bought houses, had kids and followed the rules. And at the tail end of their lives, the factory moved to Mexico or China and left them with nothing, not even their retirement.

Now they’re expected to suddenly upend their entire lives and learn a skill set that is completely alien to them, at a time in their lives when they are least capable of learning new things.

And it’s not like we’re in Silicon Valley; the only jobs left in Methlab County are minimum-wage retail ones like Walmart. Except they’re not even qualified for many of those, since Walmart and many other retailers no longer accept paper applications. The reality is that as soon as most of these folks’ unemployment runs out, they’ll be going straight onto welfare, assuming stress and poor health doesn’t kill them first. The mere idea of making these people attend workshops like this, deluding them into thinking they have a shot in the modern economy, smacks me as an unbelievably cruel joke.

Whenever I see some wealthy coastal wonk cry about how we have a moral obligation to bring in more illiterate Latino immigrants to pick fruit for $1.25 an hour, I seethe.

Whenever I see some privileged white girl get all weepy over the ventilated corpse of Trayvon Martin, I bite my tongue to keep from screaming.

Whenever I read someone who’s turned that Emma Lazarus quote into a minor religion, I want to pistol whip them with a .45.

The reason is because there’s a mass of “hungry, tired and poor” already in America. They live in places like Methlab County, New York, where the economy has been devastated by outsourcing and mass immigration. They dutifully followed the script society handed them only to get fucked and left on the side of the road at the most vulnerable stage of their lives.

And you worthless leftist hypocrites not only don’t care about them, you mock them.

While you pump your fists in a “Million Hoodie March,” deifying a middle-class thug wannabe, you attack the residents of Methlab County as “white trash.” While you instigate witch hunts against researchers who show that Latinos have a lower mean IQ than whites, you gleefully bash rural whites as “stupid” and “ignorant.” You’ll piously cry about “racism” and “bigotry” when it comes to foreigners who would gladly slit your throats and gut your corpses, but you openly disdain people in your own country who look like you.

“Eww, those people listen to country music and probably go to church, too. Grooooooss!”

Later that day, after the workshop was over, I gave my supervisor my thoughts. On the record, I said that it was an effective program for people who are out of work and need to learn how to use the Internet. Off the record, I said that anyone who actually needs to take a workshop like that in this day and age is fucked.

He agreed with me.

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  • FlybyNight

    Great post. Keep killing my remaining leftist views. Good Work. Well at least they got a kick at the can for a portion of their lives..their offspring are truly in for a fight.

  • Theodore Logan

    Even though In Mala Fide is long gone, sometimes Matt, sometimes you make me think it’s back. Especially when the “evil white racist” (TM) in you comes out to play. I hope it comes out to play more often.

  • The leftist…

    Protests against nuclear energy plants in China, then says
    “But you don’t understand, Finland is a good place to try out new nuclear energy technology”

    “Europe needs immigrants for the jobs the Europeans don’t do”
    Next week writes:
    “Unemployed need more assistance”

    “World is overpopulating. Europe needs to reduce its birth”
    Then gets angry when I say the overpopulation does not come from Europe, maybe the other continents should stop fucking without contraception.
    “Sex is a human right”
    Then when I answer
    “What about Average Jimmy here? Does he not have aright to sex then?”
    “Are you advocating rape?”

    Wants a big government and all the support.
    Tries to evade taxes from every hole.

    Want a big government and all the support.
    Then gets angry when a no good stay at home couple can put their four kids to free daycare for under three year olds, when she herself has to pay 300 euros per kid.

    Wants to eradicate all the religious holidays, (all the christian holidays, that is)
    Claims Atheism is not a religion.

    Supports the protesters in western cities who shout “Death to the west”
    Asks for the prosecution of bloggers (first wrote journalist, but there are none left) who write “Look they are asking for the death of my culture and people. This is wrong.”

    Claims Monsanto is evil (which it is), blames it on the free market, asks the government to intervene. Asks for more regulations, eventually pushing the small farmer out of business. Then goes on to protest, for more government.

    Claims the right is using force. When the AntiFa go on beating people, claims crickets.

    Four vibrants kill a young man in Germany, and get 4 years max, leftist wants to block opinions on this shit of a verdict, because it will incite racial hatred. In the meantime the murderers are smiling.

    I think on Vox someone wrote that since Satan could not create his own humans, so he went on using the ones already here.

    Hard not to agree.

  • I have told people time and time again! Liberals need to stop looking for those “Mojados” and helping them. We need to concentrate on those people who are already here and need to get back in the game. Who cares for the the foreigners stop giving away our money to them just to get some votes in the next election. I could never understand why people tend to look out of our borders to help others when we have a huge shit load of people who need help here? We have to help our own before we even try to help someone else.

    I swear sometimes i thin we just work backwards on purpose.

  • Theodore Logan

    @ Jose: No amigo, it is not “we” who just work backwards on purpose, it is “them.” And just who the fuck are “they” right? Well, they are a tribe we cannot speak of because it would be a hate crime if we did and plus it’s just not Kosher… see what I did there?

  • Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

    This reminds of the time, about 12 years ago, when I was doing IT work for nonprofits and doing a little volunteer work at a few on the side. One’s focus was on providing IT skills (e.g., MS Office, graphic design) to the disadvantaged community at large, which was predominately black.

    Overall, I thought the outfit’s focus was both legitimate and beneficial to those with the drive to succeed and better themselves. But, I’m also talking about the ones who were that motivated and techie-inclined to begin with. Myrtle, the late 40-something nice black lady who didn’t have a college degree and who worked as a secretary her whole adult life until her job got shit-canned, wouldn’t have benefited a whole lot. Neither did Margie, the other black women who got herself kicked out of the Marines, got a drug habit (which she eventually kicked), and who was staring 50 dead in the face while living with her mother. Still, Margie had some drive.

  • Cab Collins

  • @Theodore Logan: AHHHH I see what you mean!

  • Remnant


    “Keep killing my remaining leftist views”

    Well, the irony here is that Matt’s views in this post are very much left-wing views, but they are pre-identity politics left-wing views. Identify politics in this country killed the old left, which had primarily been about economic protectionism for working class whites.

  • Apollo

    It appears I have misjudged you – I didnt think a guy who would write something titled “Why Fat Girls Dont Deserve to Be Loved” would have it in him to publically show some form of compassion for any downtrodden group. Dont get the impression that Im defending fat girls here, or that I dont understand the difference in the ways that the fat girls and the people mentioned in this article contributed to their own situation, its just that from everything else I have read of yours I just assumed your natural and perhaps only direction was negative.

    This at least shows you have range, and can think. Nicely done. I agreed with all of your arguments too. Its a pity that the people in power are so hamstrung by political correctness and identity politics that they couldnt come to the same conclusions regards immigration and low skilled labour.

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  • Anthony

    FlyByNight – their kids have *already* left. Except some of the ones in high school. If it would get these guys something worth having, they’d swallow their pride long enough to let their kids show them how to use that newfangled “internet” thing to apply for jobs.

  • R-i-g-h-t.
    Firstly, Matt’s correct. What these men need is no darn computer. They need a shovel, a road to fix, a fence to mend. Most of these men are capable of doing real work, real service. If push comes to shove and the cannons roar, it is the residents of rustbelt and the appalachian mountains that will make the shock troops.
    The natural division of labour here is that the Maisies of this world wrassle the paperwork while the menfolk do the work.
    So what to do? The US is rapidly becoming a failed state. Looking at the “gummint” for a solution is the reaction of children and fools.
    If you have some money, and a sellable skill (Matt, take a bow) then it’s fairly easy. Work contracts, for cash if possible, live simply where the crowds are not, and when you need help, hire your neighbour, again for cash when possible. Go as close to Galt as possible.
    Avoid the big corporations and big government: grow your own, buy your own, build your own.
    And if you can emigrate and renounce your citizenship, do so.
    For life in the USA is reverting to an uncivilized state — outside the enclaves where the elite weep for their ersatz tragedies — where life will be nasty, brutish, and short.

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  • bear

    I lived in Western Maine for a period of time. It was very similar environment. The abject poverty and hopelessness would rival the hinterlands of any third world country. My wife and I had to leave, it was too depressing. Free trade with China destroyed all the value added wood manufacturing jobs in that area. The only thing keeping the lid on massive unrest in this country are government programs. When they fail, which will happen it’s going to be each man for himself.

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