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The Glories of Ukrainian Women: Roosh V’s Bang Ukraine

This is a guest post by Kid Strangelove. Kid originally published this article at his own blog on December 3, 2012, but he deleted the site a while ago so he could focus on other projects. He asked me if I’d be willing to re-post some of his articles on my blog and I said yes.

If I haven’t mentioned it on the blog before, I’ll do it now: I am a Russian immigrant. I recently acquired American citizenship and am looking forward to returning to my roots for the first time since I was a kid. With almost movie-like timing, Roosh has recently released a book on how to successfully seduce and sleep with Ukrainian women. I wanted to see how a person with a Westernized perspective on game and relationships would fare over there. After all, even with everything America has given us, the women left a lot to be desired.


Let me make this clear: in Bang Ukraine, Roosh goes out of his way to explain just about everything he can about Ukraine. This includes the culture, history, and environment, and how they helped produce the social interaction standards of modern Ukraine. However, because of that, I feel the book should be renamed… to Court Ukraine.

If you think that Ukraine is nothing but a bunch of hotties willingly sexing strange Westerners (and the fact that a foreign bride site is the first hit on Google when you search for “Ukraine” doesn’t do anything to dispel that), you’re wrong.

Remember when I said Roosh talks about the culture? In the women, you can see a direct reflection of the culture. Due to the harsh, unforgiving nature of Ukraine—the men, the police, the weather, the corruption—these girls are extremely closely guarded and won’t just hop into bed with any man on a whim since it is extremely dangerous and no one would help them if they fuck up. On the flip side, once their icy outer shells are broken and their defenses penetrated, Ukrainian girls are perfect feminine girlfriends that most men could only dream about. And this trade-off makes courtship worth it

This is extremely helpful to people who believe in a one-size fits all type of game that seems to be popular with Mystery Method fanboys. If you go to Ukraine with that attitude, expect to be blown out. The way Roosh seems to go on about sex in this book would get you laughed out of most NYC bars. He asks interview-style questions, he holds doors open, he pays for stuff: all the things that your parents taught you to do, but then you painfully realized that they do not work in the America of 2012. Roosh is a damn gentleman in this book, which in itself is surprising to see.

Of course, you have the other side of the coin: the bad seeds. If Ukraine was filled with nothing but hot skinny girls that would reciprocate proper courtship, this could be the magic land of vagina that every man searches for. But the hot Ukrainian girls, who readily know that they are way prettier than the women most Westerners are used to, will remorselessly hustle unsuspecting men. It’s a poor country, and people have to do what they can to survive. Roosh does an excellent job demonstrating a dating strategy that is both effective and simultaneously weeds out the hustlers there.

And lastly, almost as a side effect, we get to see a normal, flawed man struggle with identity, motivation, and the idea of happiness. Remember the perfect feminine girlfriend? Roosh meets one, but yet his idea of happiness and satisfaction does not end there. This lead to some self-reflective moments on the motivations of his life.

Long story short, Bang Ukraine is a very thorough, detailed account of what it’s like for a man to visit Ukraine to meet its sexy ladies, and I would recommend it to a traveler or anyone who wants an eye-opening account of how a culture different from his own operates. However, be ready to find out a lot of stuff that you were not expecting.

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