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Iowa Campaign Dispatch, Day 10: Glorious Donald


With the presidential campaign in Iowa winding down in anticipation of Monday’s caucuses, I linked up with Karl Ushanka—creator of Glorious Hat—and hit the road for a Donald Trump rally in Council Bluffs, a suburb of Omaha.

This Trump rally was more subdued than the ones I’ve been to before, as it was framed in the form of an interview between the Donald and Jerry Falwell Jr. Trump’s wife and children also made an appearance, and Trump gave $100,000 of the money he raised for Thursday’s veterans’ rally to Partners for Patriots.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to record video of this rally due to the poor position Karl and I had in the crowd, as well as the fact that Trump and Falwell Jr. were sitting down much of the time. However, we recorded a wrap-up video afterwards discussing the event:

I have two dispatches up today at Right On and Return of Kings: the former is my predictions on who will win today’s caucuses, and the latter is an interview I did with a Republican caucus leader on how the caucuses themselves work.

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