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Should I Go to Iowa to Cover the Presidential Caucuses?

One of the things I’m planning on doing this year is more independent journalism. The alt-right and neomasculine spheres are filled with guys doing commentary and analysis, but there’s precious little on-the-ground reporting of important news events, for various reasons: a lot of the writers here are anonymous, they have day jobs, or they’re too distant from anything worth covering.

The alt-right needs to stop relying on slanted coverage from the leftist media and start getting stories on its own, and as a wise man once put it, “to suggest is to volunteer.” As a result, I want to go to Iowa at the end of January to cover the presidential caucuses.

While there’s been precious little reason to care about previous election cycles, the ascent of Donald Trump, the slow-motion collapse of the GOP establishment, and the constant cannibalism among the left has made this election of paramount importance. A Trump presidency is the closest we’re ever going to get to restoring America, and Iowa’s first-in-the-nation status in the primaries—combined with the fact that the top two contenders there are Trump himself and fellow anti-establishmentarian Ted Cruz—means that the outcome there will have a big impact on how the rest of the campaign plays out.

Because I’m a full-time writer who happens to live in the area—Des Moines is only a six-hour drive from Chicago—I’m uniquely positioned to provide coverage on the caucuses that isn’t tainted by leftist or cuckservative bias. Many of you enjoyed my coverage of the #BlackLivesMatter protests here in Chicago, and if I head to Iowa, I plan on providing even more in-depth reporting.

My goal is to spend a week in Iowa (January 26th to February 2nd) following the candidates around, interviewing ordinary Iowans as well as any high-profile subjects I can get, and covering the caucuses themselves on February 1st. I’ll be writing articles (mainly here but also possibly at Return of Kings, Right On and other sites), streaming video via Ustream, Periscope, and YouTube, and even recording podcasts.

However, I can’t do it without your help.

Spending a week on the road reporting on political campaigns is a pricy endeavor, and since I don’t have the resources of a Rolling Stone or a Breitbart behind me, I’ll have to pay for it all myself. My costs include a car rental, gas for said car, a hotel room/Airbnb rental, food, and various miscellaneous expenses. Not only that, since I’ll be spending all week attending political rallies and interviewing people, I won’t be able to do the writing/editing/consulting I normally do to earn a living.

Since I’m not sure whether you guys are interested in me doing this, I’m opening up a couple of polls. The question is simple: do you want me to go to Iowa later this month to cover the presidential caucuses, and if yes, would you be willing to send me a donation to help cover costs? The polls will close this Saturday (January 9th) at 5pm EST, so vote below.

If enough people want me to go to Iowa, I’ll launch a fundraiser next Monday with my estimate of how much the trip will cost.

As I said in my year-end wrap-up video last week, I really believe the future of the alt-right/manosphere involves more journalism and less commentary. I’d love to be able to step up to the plate and provide the independent reporting we need, but I can’t do it without you. I hope you’ll stick around to see what I cook up in 2016.

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