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My Goals

Some of you (all five of you) probably think I’m nuts for writing this blog under my real name. Beyond the fact that I don’t care what panty-wetting liberals think anymore, tying this site to my identity forces me to shit or get off the pot. I’m making myself accountable in a way that I couldn’t were I anonymous, because I can’t pretend to be anybody other than who I am.

Here’s what I’m looking to accomplish in the next year. I’ll probably add or subtract from the list as time goes on.
Short-term goals:

  • Get everything necessary for my trip. Clothes, luggage, food etc. Leave prepared.
  • Figure out what I want to do on the trip. I have the first half of my journey mapped out pretty clearly, but the second half is still a bit hazy.
  • Monetize this blog. Advertising is out of the question, for both practical (corporate firms like AdSense won’t want anything to do with me) and personal (I’m against ads) reasons. I’ll write book reviews and use Amazon affiliate links, and I might put up a donation button later.
  • Record some demo tracks. I’ve finally gotten the knack of using my recording software, and I’ve been taking guitar lessons for the past year and teaching myself piano. I’m hoping to record and mix a couple demo tracks before I leave in June. Since anything I put out at this point will likely suck, I’ll put the songs on Soundcloud where people can listen to them for free.

Long-term goals:

  • Lose at least fifty pounds, hopefully more. I’ve started on this already by eating Paleo and some cardio and lifting, but I expect to be doing the bulk (ha!) of it on my trip. Where I’m going, physical exertion is mandatory and overeating is not an option.
  • Learn bass guitar. Bass plays a different role in music than guitar because it’s a rhythm instrument, but they’re played similarly. With my guitar knowledge and experience in playing rhythm instruments like baritone and trombone, I should be able to get a handle on bass later on.
  • Take singing lessons. The last time I sang was in my second-grade choir, and that was only because I had to. I’ll have to take care of this when I’ve arrived at my new destination.
  • Write a book. By the end of the year, I’ll have seen and done more than enough to write a riveting memoir.
  • Join a rock band. Better yet, start one.

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