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Going on Hiatus, But Not Really

I didn’t want to, but it looks like I’m going to have to take something of a break from blogging for a while. I say “something” because I’ll still be posting weekly podcasts as well as the occasional book review or video; however, will be quieter for the next month.

There are a number of reasons why I’m going on a bit of a break.

For starters, I’ve fallen massively behind on my book projects. I’m nearing completion of The Best of Matt Forney, Vol. 2 and hope to have it out by Thanksgiving or sooner. After that’s finished, I’m going to launch into my memoir about the New Orleans meetup, which will hopefully be out around Christmas or early January.

Secondly, I’ve been collaborating with Victor Pride of Bold and Determined on a cool new project. I’m near the finish line on that one and am aiming to get it done soon.

Thirdly, in addition to my weekly column for Return of KingsI’m working on a major investigative report for the site. While there’s a good chance that nothing will come of it, my energy needs to be focused on getting the story straight.

Fourthly, I’m about to begin another project with Jay of Fabulously Fit Over 40.

Between all this and some other projects of mine (such as writing for Taki’s Magazine), my attention and time is being spread too thin. I had originally been planning to take a break starting two weeks ago, but the fracas over my article on tattooed/pierced girls as well as the mainstream media’s attempt to crown me the “king” of GamerGate necessitated that I stay up for a little white longer. But the time is right for me to get off the hamster wheel.

Keep checking in to and Return of Kings for my latest podcasts and articles. Also remember to follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and sign up for my mailing list (form at the end of this post). Additionally, I’ve recently moved The Matt Forney Show over to SoundCloud; click here to check out all the show’s episodes and subscribe for future ones. If you’ve subscribed to the old RSS feed, you should be automatically redirected to the new one, but if not, you can find it here.The show is also now available on the iTunes Store; click here or use iTunes to subscribe. Finally, my books are always available from

If you’re a new reader, check out the archives: I’ve published over 600 articles here, which is more than enough entertainment to tide you over while I’m gone.

Additionally, I decided after Jack Conte’s “discussion” about banning The Sarkeesian Effect from Patreon that I didn’t want to associate myself with a company that spineless and cowardly. And yes, while I’m well aware that Conte didn’t give in to the SJWs and has allowed Jordan and Davis to keep their Patreon page, the fact that he even had a “discussion” to begin with is worrying. Additionally, I was able to acquire some of the capital necessary to start implementing upgrades to my podcast (such as the aforementioned move to SoundCloud).

While I will not be actively promoting my tip jar, it will stay up as a convenience for those who aren’t interested in my books (or any of the other services I provide) but still want to support me financially.

I will (hopefully) be back to regular posting in December.

  • Hope you get to finish your projects on time!

  • Jerry

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