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Guccifer 2.0 Leak Shows Pay-to-Play Democratic Corruption and Poor Cybersecurity


Earlier today, Guccifer 2.0 released a batch of files leaked from the Clinton Foundation’s servers.

The Guccifer leak has revealed extensive pay-to-play corruption among the Democrats, as well as incredibly poor cybersecurity.

Democratic and Republican Congressmen have been accepting huge amounts of money from lobbyists in exchange for legislation, according to the Guccifer leak.

Files in the “Pay to Play” folder in the Guccifer leak show that several Democratic and Republican Congressmen, including Brian Bilbray (D-CA) and Charlie Bass (R-NH), were effectively being bribed to introduce laws that would hurt the average American.


The files show that Bilbray accepted a six-figure sum from the pharmaceutical industry in order to push HR 4056, a bill that would have crippled the FDA’s ability to inspect drug and medical warehouses.



Bilbray’s involvement is especially ironic considering that he was elected to the House in 2005 to replace Republican Randy “Duke” Cunningham, who was sent to prison for bribery, mail fraud and wire fraud.

The Virginia Democratic Party’s bank account information was compromised with the leak.

The Guccifer leak contains the bank account information of the Democratic Party of Virginia in an unsecured PDF file.


This is eerily reminiscent of last month’s DNC leak, in which the Democrats were caught storing their donors’ credit card information in an unsecured Excel spreadsheet.

The New York Times may be illegally collaborating with the DNC to procure Democratic donors.

One of the files in the “Donor Research and Prospecting” folder is named “NP NYTimes E-Mail List NorCal.xlsx.”


This indicates that the New York Times may have been illegally cooperating with the Democratic Party to help find donors for the party.

The Democrats are the party of Wall Street.

A spreadsheet in the leak shows the amount of money given by Wall Street securities and investment firms to Democratic and Republican House candidates.


Contrary to the left’s narrative that the GOP is the party of Wall Street, Wall Street firms have given far more money to Democrats than Republicans.

Roughly a quarter of DNC donor money was to President Obama only.

A PowerPoint presentation in the Guccifer leak shows the sources of the DNC’s funding.



About one-quarter of DNC donations were to Obama specifically, meaning the party is financially crippled without his presence on the Democratic ticket.

The Democrats are making “rape culture” and “affirmative consent” integral parts of their party platform.

Files from the leak show an attack plan against conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh over his “acceptance of violence against women.”


The Democrats have fully endorsed “affirmative consent” laws, which are designed to drive a wedge between men and women, preventing them from marrying and having children.


In contrast to men’s rights’ figures who assert that the Republicans and Democrats are identical on men’s issues, the Guccifer leak shows the Democrats adopting a hostile, feminist platform.

I sum up my findings in the below video:

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