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Guide to Teaching English Abroad by English Teacher X

teaching-english-abroadEnglish Teacher X is precisely what the name implies: an English teacher. Between him recounting stories of boozing, whoring and drug abuse, he has some serious wisdom to impart on teaching the language overseas. To this effect, like with Andy Nowicki’s books, I’m re-reviewing all of ETX’s releases for the next few weeks, starting with his first, Guide to Teaching English Abroad.

This is a brand-new edition of the book, featuring interviews with other English teachers, more of ETX’s hilarious cartoons, and other bonuses. All of these items add up to make what is already one of the best resources out there for prospective English teachers even better:

A typical English teacher in Turkey or Thailand is very lucky to make $1,000 a month, and maybe a crappy apartment somewhere, which will often be shared with other teachers. You might make $1500 in China or Russia, but again you’ll be sharing a flat and the cost of living is now soaring in both of those places. Schools will very begrudgingly throw in a plane ticket home, at the end of the contract, and might even promise you some “health insurance,” which often just means they’ll take you to whatever is locally available in the way of free clinics.

Even if you aren’t interested in becoming an English teacher, Guide to Teaching English Abroad is absolutely worth the buy for English Teacher X’s bleak, black sense of humor and cynicism. While he doesn’t advise against it, ETX doesn’t bullshit you or try to hide the reality of the job:

“Experienced English teacher will give lessons in own home …”

Well, now that will put a lot of students off right there, won’t it? Go to a nice, well-lit, well-equipped language school with a telephone number and contracts and secretaries and such, or try to deal with some misanthropic English-teaching drop-out in his filthy crappy apartment?

Or, even better, invite this weird loser into your own home or office. Yeah, right. Better keep the silverware hidden and the liquor cabinet locked.

Also of note: until the end of March, all of English Teacher X’s Kindle books are on sale for just $2.99. At that price, you’d be a fool not to snap this one up.

Click here to buy Guide to Teaching English Abroad.

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