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Hillary for Prison Happy Hour: This Saturday in Los Angeles (North Hollywood)

los angeles

I’ll be hosting a meetup this Saturday (October 15) in the North Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles at 4pm. All of my readers are welcome to attend.

I will announce the exact location of the meetup on Twitter at noon on Saturday; follow me here. The venue will be located inside the red box on this map (link to Google Maps):

los angeles

As you can see, the venue is within walking distance of the North Hollywood Red Line stop.

It’s unlikely there will be drama with leftists. I’ve held meetups in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Chicago for years and SJWs have never shown up. Nonetheless, please take common sense precautions to ensure your safety and anonymity.

We’ll be at the meetup for a while, so don’t worry if you arrive late. We’ll have a big group and I’m a pretty recognizable guy, so just look around.

While you don’t need to RSVP, I’m going to try to reserve a table or two for us to use, so if you plan on attending, shoot me an email so I can get a head count. You can email me here; use subject line “North Hollywood Meetup.”

Additionally, as I mentioned last week, I will be attending the West Coast premiere of Cassie Jaye’s and Mike Cernovich’s documentary The Red Pill this Friday (October 14) and hanging out afterwards. For information on the meetup, click here. You can buy tickets for The Red Pill here: the Red Carpet premiere begins at 6pm, and the film begins at 7pm.

Hope to see you all this weekend!

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  • PlainOldTruth

    The Red Pill is incredibly good, informative and deeply moving. The establishment authoritarians will try to prevent the people from seeing it and learning the truth. Watch for the creepiest moment when the parasite hate-monger Michael Kimmel rants about his favorite theme, favorite word: “FUNDING!” Fortunately decent people, like Ms. Jaye, who have for years believed the lies of the tenured political correctness hoaxers who control media and universities are not only capable of waking up but, when they do wake up from the indoctrination, are willing to fight hard for the truth with courage and persistence.