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The Harem Handbook by Kyle from This is Trouble

The idea of dating multiple women simultaneously doesn’t appeal to me, and I’m not sure if it ever did. One woman gives me more than enough headaches; having more of them around just seems like it’d induce brain damage. Nonetheless, if you’re the kind of guy who wants to spread the love around, I recommend checking out The Harem Handbook.

Kyle from This is Trouble is a personal friend, and his previous book Cracking OkCupid is easily one of the most useful game guides I’ve ever read. His advice not only convinced me to try online dating in the U.S. (I’d only ever done it in the Philippines before), but actually succeed. The Harem Handbook is cut from the same cloth: an insanely detailed, meticulously researched online course that will help you build your own harem:

Dating a girl for an amount of time, and keeping her squarely in Tier 2 (i.e. not emotionally committing on a serious level) is a hard rule of harems you must follow. The reason for this is because when a relationship is new, your head is simply in the clouds. Chemicals take you over, make you feel happy around the girl, and get you hooked on her. It’s important to screen past these chemicals and see who she truly is as a person before you consider dating her on a more serious level.

The Harem Handbook comprises six modules walking you through the process of forming your own harem: finding girls, getting them to go along with it, and what to do when you finally fall for one (one of Kyle’s reasons for why you should form a harem is that it makes it easier to find the one girl you really do like). The series is supplemented with videos, podcasts, worksheets and other tools that bring it far above the average game e-book.

If you’re looking to date multiple girls at the same time, The Harem Handbook is by far your best resource in doing so.

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