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Why Herb Pharm’s Ashwagandha is the Best

A while back, I recommended taking ashwagandha as an all-purpose sleep aid and anxiety reducer. While not as powerful as phenibut or kratom, a capsule of ashwagandha every day had a noticeably calming effect on my demeanor.

But like with other supplements, not all brands of ashwagandha are equal.

A month ago, I switched from ashwagandha capsules to a tincture by Herb Pharm. While results may vary depending on your makeup, I’ve noticed both a massive improvement in the quality of my sleep and a measured decrease in my general anxiety.

Overall, I’d recommend Herb Pharm’s tincture if you’re looking to get the most out of your ashwagandha.

Herb Pharm: The Difference Is Here

The main difference with Herb Pharm’s ashwagandha tincture is that it hits you much faster than the capsules. Within ten or so minutes of consuming the tincture, I feel a wave of relaxation wash over my body. The effect is akin to phenibut, but much faster, not as powerful, and non-addictive.

Additionally, you also need far less of the Herb Pharm tincture to get a buzz compared to capsules. I was able to cut the recommended dosage on the tincture bottle in half to feel the effects.

Note that like capsule ashwagandha, tinctures need to be cycled if you want them to maintain their effect. If you take ashwagandha continuously, your brain’s receptors will build up a tolerance rather quickly. Right now, I use ashwagandha on a 4 days on/3 days off cycle, which helps keep my body from becoming too acclimated to the stuff.

The bottom line is this: if you’re going to try ashwagandha, I highly recommend Herb Pharm’s tincture. It not only produces better results than ashwagandha in capsule form, it’s cheaper as well.

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