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The Hidden Ally

This is a guest post by John Tyson.

I came across an unusual genre of porn the other day. Normally, porn features absurdly bad acting. (I’m talking about produced porn here.) I’m not an expert, but I believe the acting is deliberately bad. Especially when there’s a D/s element where the woman is “taken,” the bad acting is presumably meant to appease sensitive spirits. See, the woman wants it. No animals were harmed.

Not so in this one. The setting was the typical “bad abusive cop” routine, but both actors were actually pretty good and really put up a show. Sure there was room for improvement in regards to realism, but still surprisingly convincing, especially in the beginning; a Hollywood victim’s resistance to a villain wouldn’t have been portrayed much differently.

I Googled the male actor (first time I did this actually, never felt that urge before). What does one expect when one Google porn actors? I’ve probably been living on the moon, but I expected links to, well, porn. I didn’t expect a Wikipedia article, his Twitter account, his blog, a bunch of mentions of him in the news, and four links to media sites, including the Huffington Post and VICE.

His name is James Deen. Like the guy who managed to die young enough to remain cool.

In one interview, a Facebook commenter notices the same thing I did:

Wait, this is the same guy I can’t watch because he’s in so much apparently misogynistic porn. I’ve never seen this guy in a scene where he didn’t slap, choke or otherwise abuse a female performer, yet he has “legions” of female fans? Can somebody explain this discrepancy to me?

Yes, I’m afraid I can.

While there was certainly D/s literature before, it wasn’t on screen. More precisely, when it was on-screen it was badly acted. It had no believable psychological dynamic. There was gore, there was penetration, there was sodomy, there was BDSM of the mindless variety, there was all kinds of sick crap. But there was no realistic, well-produced D/s. Which is, oh the irony, the pornography for women. It was a taboo, a taboo that appears to have been broken.

And in that moment I thought to myself: isn’t that the greatest and most powerful weapon against feminism and the abuse industry?

Here’s some food for thought: how about a more expensive porn movie that depicts a wedding night in which a rebellious girl is put in her place? It’s the 19th century, the English Puritan social caste. She didn’t really want to marry him to begin with, he’s so old and always makes her uncomfortable with embarrassing little jokes. But she has to eat, hasn’t she, and her father really wants her to find her a good match. To her sorrow, good matches these days weren’t manginas. The movie would be a love story of sorts, slowly playing on the couples antagonism and climaxing in her submission, while portraying this as the moral ideal.

You don’t have to have James Deen in the cast: the important thing is that this is going to be a movie for women, and have this point driven home drastically in the marketing strategy. The title will be The Wedlock and the slogan: “The most important night in a woman’s life.” Great cinema.

It’s going to work because women won’t see it because they agree with the message: they will see it because it turns them on.

More ideas? How about this: if it’s so hot to be able to put a woman in place, maybe it will become a trend for your average Joe with a decent job to publish D/s videos as some kind of self-advertising. Spank a girl into strict obedience not to have fun (that would be selfish), but to promote to all women out there how sexy you are. Could become a new school of masculinist. Clearly the feminists will fight this, but how can they fight it when it obviously works?

There’s self-help guru and former IT entrepreneur Steve Pavlina who asked for women to be sex/work slaves (for him and his business) in an hilarious post. The post is so bold it’s almost over the top, but I can’t help to think that it has realistic appeal. If it’s natural for women to have a submissive streak sexually, it is in fact beneficial to them to buy themselves skills and a future from a successful man in exchange for being used and humiliated.

I suppose feminists already have a hard time fighting a James Deen when most of his fans are women. And this will drastically turn the narrative against the feminists: being a feminist then just means you’re out of touch with your sexuality.

The times, they are a changing.

John blogs at Neoheresy.

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