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Iowa Campaign Dispatch, Day 3: Hillary Leaves Me Cold

On Sunday, I decided to take a walk on the whiny side and swing by Hillary Clinton’s Get Out the Caucus rally at Valley Southwoods Freshman High School in West Des Moines. It attracted a fairly decent crowd who had no problem at all with waiting in the cold for over an hour.

After a couple of campaign volunteers tried to browbeat us into caucusing for Hillary, we were treated to a video showing off her supposed accomplishments over the years.

Hillary herself was introduced by Chad Griffin of the Human Rights Campaign (who were also the source of the perplexing “HRC = HRC” campaign signs everyone was waving).

After Griffin was done, Hillary decided to stop nodding off and actually address the crowd, offering up typical progressive boilerplate (hilarious coming from the wife of a centrist, New Democrat president), straight-up lies, and passive-aggressive jabs at Bernie Sanders. I recorded part of her speech and you can watch it below:

You can check out my recap of the rally in this video:

You can also check out my written account of the Hillary rally here.

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