Matt Forney
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Hire Me to Write, Edit or Consult for You

For the past few years, I’ve offered writing, editing and consultation services through my website. However, in the past year, I’ve had to drastically reduce the number of clients I took on due to my work covering the U.S. presidential election. As part of the renovation of, I’m now placing my freelancing services front and center.

With my life finally calming down somewhat, I’m ready to work with you once again on whatever project you need.


I’m currently offering my services as a copywriter.

I have extensive experience writing on a variety of subjects, having partially or wholly made my living as a writer for years now. I can write in any style or tone you desire. To see what I’m capable of, check out the other articles on my blog, read my books, and check out pieces I’ve written for other sites such as Return of Kings, Taki’s Magazine, and Alternative Right. I’ve also freelanced on sites like oDesk, Craigslist and Fiverr, writing everything from academic papers to corporate clickbait to whole e-books.

My rate for writing is currently $.05 per word, though my rates are negotiable and I offer discounts for bulk orders and repeat customers. To hire me, click here to email me.


I’m also offering my services as an editor.

I’ve worked as a freelance editor almost as long as I’ve been a writer, most notably serving as the editor of gaming site Reaxxion from March 2015 until the site folded in July. I’ve also edited several books, including Naughty Nomad’s Guide to New York by Mark Zolo, Danger & Play: Essays on Embracing Masculinity by Mike Cernovich, and Man’s Fight for Existence: The Primalist Manifesto by Corey Savage.

My standard rate for editing is $.03 per word, though like with writing, my rates are negotiable. I also offer discounts for volume buyers and small publishers.

To hire me to write or edit for you, click here to email me. You can also click here for the most up-to-date information on my services.


Traditional consultants are crooks. They charge you ridiculous amounts of money for advice that is useless or worse, and will also bill you for hours that they didn’t even use. If you’re in need of advice on making money online, improving your writing skills, choosing a career or any other topic, hire me instead. I offer quality advice at low rates.

My consulting business is built on a simple principle: my time is valuable, but so is your money. Countless people email me every day with questions on everything from freelance writing to girls to hitchhiking. I can’t justify spending so much time answering emails when it takes away from time I need to make a living. At the same time, I’m not going to bill you for two hours when your question can be answered in five minutes, nor will I charge you for advice on topics I’m not qualified to talk about.

As a result, not only do I charge less than traditional consultants—only $60 an hour—I give out better advice as well. The vast majority of my consultations cost $15 or less. Additionally, if I don’t have the knowledge to help you out, I won’t charge you anything. I’m not going to give out bad advice just to get money out of someone. I also won’t charge you if I’ve already published the answers you seek in an older blog post or book.

To hire me for a consultation, click here to find out more about my services and email me.

Regardless of what you need, I can help you supercharge your business, edit your website/book, or generally improve your life. I look forward to working with you.