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Honest Journalism: I Need Your Help to Cover the European Migrant Crisis and More

With the presidential election less than a week away, it’s time for me to start planning my next big moves. Along with countless others in the alternative media, I’ve helped report on the presidential campaign and debunk lies pushed by the globalist mainstream media.

It’s time for the next step.

I need your help to expand my operations.

I’m just one man. While I’ve helped break important stories related to Wikileaks’ and Guccifer’s DNC/Hillary releases, doing so takes away time I need to make a living.

Writing is my day job. I live solely off the sales of my books and other writing projects, but journalism is expensive. The more money I can get directly from you, the more time I can devote to uncovering the truth.

Traditional journalism is dead. New, honest journalism must be funded by you, the reader.

Mainstream media relies on advertising to make money, which is why they’re all going broke. The New York Times needed a donation from Carlos Slim to avoid bankruptcy, while Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post so he could use it to push an agenda.

Alternative media needs money as well. In the age of Adblock, the only way we can get the resources to do what we do is to ask you to support us. Not only that, by relying on donations, we stay honest and don’t have to sell out to corporations or alter our message to keep our ads.

My website, Twitter account, YouTube channel and other platforms reach hundreds of thousands of people a month. My traffic stats are publically available. If every one of my 11,000 Twitter followers gave a dollar to my Patreon, I’d be able to launch my own international news bureau, complete with a full-time staff.

As it stands, I want to grow my operations. I need your help to do so:

All public donation links are currently suspended. Please email me here if you are interested in donating.

If you’re struggling financially, do not donate.

If you’re having trouble paying the bills or whatever, don’t donate to me. You do you. I’m not interested in making money off of people in poor financial straits.

But if you do have the money to spare, I really do need your help.

Your donations will go towards funding more journalism.

Mainstream media organizations are hilariously wasteful. I spent nearly two weeks in Iowa reporting on the caucuses on just over $1,000 worth of donations. With my global network of contacts, a little bit of money can go a long way.

Here are some of the breaking news stories and events I’ve covered in the past year:

Because of my reporting, I’ve been attacked by the mainstream media and stalked in real life. Media Matters, Slate and other major sites denounced me after I gained entry to the RNC and sat on the convention floor with the Hawaiian delegation. I was stalked and threatened by antifas outside the DNC in Philadelphia. Just the other day, I was stalked by a hater who was following me around while I was running errands. Even my throwaway Tweets fuel entire news cycles in and of themselves.

I’m not saying all this to brag. I’m saying it because it’s proof that I know how to get the job done. With your money, I can do even bigger and better things.

How will I spend the money?

Whenever I head out to cover major news events, donations cover my transportation and lodging expenses. However, I’m looking to hire others to cover stories that I physically can’t.

While I appreciate volunteers, I can’t expect people to work for free, especially when it comes to stories with a risk of physical violence (such as the #BlackLivesMatter riots in Milwaukee and Charlotte). Your money goes towards funding my reporters’ travel and other expenses as well as a day rate, making it possible for them to bring you breaking news.

Additionally, I need your help for two journalism projects of my own.

1. The NPI conference.

The National Policy Institute, the largest alt-right think tank in the U.S., is holding their autumn conference in Washington, D.C. on November 19. I’ve attended their two previous conferences, and violent leftists tried to disrupt and shut down both of them.

Indeed, when NPI tried to hold a press conference at the National Press Club two months ago, they were permanently banned due to pressure from the left.

Given Trump’s impending victory and the increasing prominence of the alt-right in American politics, NPI’s conference will be the event of the year. I want to be there to report on it as it goes down.

I’ve calculated that I need $1,000 by Monday, November 14 in order to attend NPI’s conference. You can see my progress towards this goal in the right sidebar.

2. The European migrant crisis.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m relocating to Budapest for a series of reports (and likely a book) on the invasion of Europe by Muslims from Africa and the Middle East. I’ve already subleased my apartment here in Chicago and will be moving out soon.

Your donations will cover my transportation and lodging costs, and they’ll also help fund the infrastructure that I need to report on the story. I’m going to need other journalists as well as translators to cover the migrant crisis, and I can’t expect them to work for free.

I will be launching the Hungary fundraiser after the NPI fundraiser is complete. Keep checking back for details.

The more money I get, the bigger an impact I’ll have.

Even a donation as small as one dollar helps, not just in funding but in showing the world that there’s a demand for honest journalism.

The more cash you can donate, the better, but don’t feel bad if you can’t donate much or at all. Everyone can contribute to exposing the truth in some way.

With your help, we can smash the MSM and get the truth out.

I’m truly grateful that I’ve been able to make a living off of writing and journalism, but in order to reach the next level, I need your help. You can lend me a hand in the following ways:

All public donation links are currently suspended. Please email me here if you are interested in donating.

Thanks for reading, and stick around: there are great things around the bend.