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Housekeeping In Mala Fide

A couple notes:

  1. I’ve taken In Mala Fide offline for the final time; if you attempt to visit the site now, you’ll get redirected here. Since it’s out in the open now, there’s no real reason why I need to maintain two separate sites. I’ll be re-posting my old IMF articles here as time permits.
  2. For those of you still interested in buying Three Years of Hate, you can get your copy here. I’ll be pulling it offline on July 15—the four-year anniversary of my manosphere blogging career—so you better get it before it’s gone.
  3. As expected, the only people who took issue with my coming out were those who already hated me. For other manosphere bloggers wondering about what it’s like to post openly: it’s the greatest feeling in the world to watch your enemies point and sputter at you knowing they are completely powerless to get you fired or otherwise have any appreciable effect on your life. Life is so much better when you simply stop caring what the dregs of the earth think about you.

That’s all for now: normal service resumes tomorrow.

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