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Iowa Campaign Dispatch, Day 2: How the Donald Trumped Rube-io

After a false start with my Iowa coverage on Friday, I hit the ground running on Saturday, heading to a Donald Trump rally at Central College in Pella. I arrived there 45 minutes before the doors opened (and nearly three hours before Trump himself was to speak) and there was already a line hundreds of people strong down the block. I recorded a quick video of the crowd here:

By the time the line started moving, the crowd was at least 2,000 strong, possibly as high as 2,500-3,000. In fact, about two-thirds of the line had to be shunted into an overflow auditorium. Fortunately, I managed to make it into the main event, and I even lucked into a seat near the front.

Trump himself was late to the event (he had held another rally at Sioux Center that morning). He was introduced by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who the kindly old lady next to me said was one of the “good” senators. (Contrary to rumors, Iowa Governor Terry Branstadt was not present.) I tried streaming Grassley’s speech via Periscope, but due to a poor connection, only this portion of the video actually got recorded:

Trump showed up an hour late, but the crowd still went wild for him to a degree usually reserved for boy bands. I recorded roughly a half-hour of Trump’s speech; you can watch it below. By this point, so many people were on their smartphones that the towers were completely overloaded, keeping me from streaming any of this video out:

After the Donald was done, I was planning to hit a Ted Cruz rally hosted by Glenn Beck, but due to Trump’s tardiness, there was no way I’d be able to make the two-hour drive to Waterloo in time. Instead, I went west to nearby Indianola, where Marco Rubio was hosting a town hall at Simpson College.

The contrast between Trump’s and Rubio’s events was like dark chocolate versus a horse turd. Beyond the comparatively anemic crowd (200 people, tops), Rubio spoke exclusively in bland CPACisms as his mostly elderly audience tried their damndest not to pass out. I streamed roughly 20 minutes of Rubio’s speech before realizing I was wasting my phone’s data. You can watch what I recorded below:

Finally, I recapped the day’s events in this video:

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You can read my written account of the Trump and Rubio events here.

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