Matt Forney
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  • Cheers for the reply. I was about to go out punch a gang banger in the back of the head just for shits and giggles but you’ve convinced me to hold off for at least the weekend.

    I used to be Patrick Yamamoto but I now I’m Nikolai Vladivostok. I still run SovietMen. Race is just a social construct so I decided to change to a better one.

  • Kris

    Do like Matt said and go to an mma gym or a boxing gym. I do both and it keeps me sane. It also teaches me the realities of real world fighting – that is, what the consequences can be. Guys don’t just roll in the dirt anymore. Nowadays it’s for keeps. But the training does give me confidence that I can defend myself ferociously if need be. But not cockiness. In any way. Be safe!
    Kris in Memphis.