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How to Make Feminists Cry


Last Monday, Frost published a guest article of mine, “Saving Women from Themselves,” in which I argued that the manosphere truly loves women because we want to guide them towards happier and more fulfilling lives. I checked back in that evening to see that the post had erupted into a real shitstorm, with feminists aggressively Tweeting about the post in shock and horror, as well as leaving snotty comments:

@DeathToHamsters @realmattforney See, because the implication that I, or any woman, needs rescuing from feminism is the saddest shit ever. (link)

@DeathToHamsters @realmattforney The suggestion I need to be saved from *myself* and my own choices is not only offensive but dangerous. (link)

@NatalieZed @deathtohamsters @realmattforney Jesus Christ that was the most transparently apologist pro-misogyny bullshit I’ve ever read. (link)

This post by @realmattforney takes the cake for worst, most offensive & clueless opinion about women.  (via @NatalieZed) (link)

When I read articles like the one I just linked to, I thank fuck I don’t know people like that IRL, or I’d literally go on a killing spree. (link)

Maybe I don’t want help? Maybe the men who don’t know me personally and keep trying to ‘help’ me are actually doing me a disservice? Maybe I’m a woman who has a brain and common sense and feels completely patronized by any ‘help’ she might be offered by men? Maybe I’m a woman is doing the best she can with the circumstances given her, and the ‘help’ from men actually makes her self-esteem crumble a bit? Perhaps I’m a woman who has done very well for herself for the last 39 years *all by herself*?

And why is it that it’s okay for men to ‘help’ women, but it’s absolutely silly for women to ‘help’ men? (link)

If I said you’re an ignorant schmuck, would you hold it against me, because I don’t hate you, I only want you to be a better person?

But yeah, this is so unbelievably insulting and condescending toward women you have to be coming at it from either never having known or spoken to a women your entire life, or are just an awful person.

Have a good day.
G Morrow (link)

The joke is that by my standards, the article was pretty mild in tone, lacking my usual graphic vitriol and rude jokes. Yet all these girls (and a few guys) reacted like I’d taken a shit in their Golden Grahams.

What gives?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been reading the Anonymous Conservative blog, which posits a radical evo-bio theory as to why liberals and conservatives think like they do. One of the key differences between the two is that conservatives, on average, have larger and more developed amygdalae than liberals. The amygdala is the section of the brain responsible for processing emotions, fear in particular, and having an underdeveloped one is correlated with narcissism, sexual promiscuity, drug abuse and other risk-taking behavior that would be suicidal outside of the modern world.

In other words, liberals literally have brain damage.

Anonymous Conservative argues that because liberals (and feminists by extension) have malfunctioning amygdalae, it’s possible to destroy them by stimulating it to the point of overload, known as an “amygdala hijack.” This is done by psychologically out-grouping them and putting them in a position of inferiority; since the narcissist’s greatest fear is being exposed as a loser and abandoned, this will reduce them to a sputtering, incoherent mess. The blog points out that Mitt Romney was so able to humiliate and dominate Obama during their first debate because he stimulated Obama’s amygdala into total shutdown:

Regardless, that alone, would not have been enough to completely disorient Obama. However, it would have magnified the effect of the out-grouping and stature diminishment which Romney was really performing with the statement, which hit Obama right between the eyes. In this jab, Romney used the same imagery tool Colonel Connell used here, to cast Obama as an inferior, spoiled child, who was pushing lies again and again out of pathetic desperation. In this model, Romney cast Obama as the lying child, cast himself as the parent rejecting the lies, and then he moved on without further discussion, as Obama sat helpless.

If you doubt that this method can work on feminists, Anonymous Conservative provides an example closer to home:

As but one example of how subtle stimuli, presented properly, can yield outsized results, consider the case of MIT Biology Professor Nancy Hopkins. Larry Summers gave a speech on gender differences in scientific aptitude, in which he said that since the uppermost echelons of scientific study depended heavily on aptitude, it is possible there may be a gender disparity in aptitude which will affect the relative numbers of men and women within such fields. Simply listening to this speech, Hopkins reported that, “I felt I was going to be sick. My heart was pounding and my breath was shallow. I was extremely upset. I just couldn’t breath because this type of bias makes me physically ill.” If she hadn’t left, she reported that, “I would have either blacked out or thrown up.”

My Freedom Twenty-Five article upset feminists so much because it was an inadvertent amygdala hijack. In it, I calmly cast feminists as immature, self-destructive little girls, and manospherians as the responsible fathers who know best. This model strikes deep at the insecurities that feminists fight to suppress; they know they are inferior and failures at life, and fear this fact not only becoming public, but being cast out of the “tribe” and left to fend for themselves.

It was the equivalent of stomping on their psyches with a golf cleat.

My mild tone was crucial in the article’s effectiveness. Had I infused the post with my usual grotesque style, feminists could dismiss me as an angry nutjob. But by being polite yet firm, I left their amygdalae up Shit Creek without a paddle. My other haters no doubt have similarly damaged amygdalae, which is why I’m always getting frothing-at-the-mouth hate.

So the next time you want to make feminists cry, remember; you are their betters. They are the untermenschen, they know it, and reminding them of it (and the consequences of being second-best in a dog-eat-dog world) is the fastest way to ruin their day.

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  • Laura

    You need to seek immediate therapy and mental healthcare. There are no studies showing that a liberal’s brain is warped or smaller as you wildly claim.

    In several major University studies it has been clinically proven that the more power one has, the less empathy. It seems to me you suffer from a terrible inferiority complex, thus driving you to have a pathological need to reduce women to chattel.

  • chris

    Couldn’t their reactions alternatively be explained by the fact that you are pissing all over their “sacred objects”, or in other words violating their moral taboos and that it what is causing them to flip out. Sort of like how insulting the prophet would flip a Muslim out or burning a bible would (in the past) have caused a Christian to flip out.

  • chris

    Also, @ Laura;

    There are no studies showing that a liberal’s brain is warped or smaller as you wildly claim.

  • BJR

    Drinking liburalz tears has never been so fun.

  • after 25 years of ‘the scene’ I can tell you this is spot-on. Part of psychological dominance is manipulation of amygdala overload. female Amygdala are almost universally underdeveloped compared to men… which, in a properly submissive female, allows her to see her man as an island in an emotional shitstorm, but an unsocialised female can see nothing but whilring feelings destroying her from the inside. This tends to lead to sucide and depression.

  • Shmalkandik

    This is more plausible to me than the assertion a difference int part of a female’s brain explains behavior. Futher suggestive evidence is the female-like behavior of Muslims who affect to be insulted by signs advertising Bacon. Contrast that with Jews, who simply don’t care; have you ever heard of Jews attacking anon-kosher restaurant for being non-kosher? So, does this imply the average Jewish amygdala is different than that of the typical Muslim?


    Don’t forget the key, dramatic role the amygdala plays i9 in the great Whedon SF series ‘Firefly’.