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How to Start a Game Blog


I’m writing today to tell you how to start a blog dedicated to the seduction of women, also known as “game.” Given that there are, at last count, 357 game or manosphere blogs (give or take a couple dozen), this market is far from being saturated. More importantly, there are aspects of game that have not been discussed yet, and you could be the one to write about them. That’s right, you—sitting there in your smelly bedroom dressed in last night’s tighty-whitiesyou are a special little snowflake with unique and intelligent insights to provide the world.

“But where do I start?” you may protest.

That’s easy. Since your burger-flipping job doesn’t pay enough to afford web hosting (and you don’t know CSS from cunnilingus), you’ll want to go with a free service like Blogger or WordPress. Specifically, you’ll want to go with Blogger, because a lot of people say WordPress is hard and shit. Also, Blogger lets you run ads, and the $2/month you get from AdSense will totally justify the 10-20 hours a week you spend writing articles.

Next, you’ll need a pseudonym, because game is politically incorrect after all, and God forbid your mother were to stumble across your blog while Googling your name and wondering where she went wrong in life. The best pseudonyms are taken from old, obscure novels, because they display that not only are you an edgy, sexy alpha male, but you went to college too. “Rodolphe Boulanger” hasn’t been taken yet, so you might want to go with that.

So you’ve got a name and a site. Now it’s time to start writing!

There are many things the game blogger can write about:

  • Talk about approach anxiety or negging, being sure to rehash The Mystery Method with absolutely no original insight of your own
  • Tell everyone about how you once chatted up an Applebee’s waitress and how it’s an example of good game
  • Rant at length on why the women in your hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania suck
  • Talk about how unfeminine and unattractive American women are, despite the fact that your only frame of reference for foreign women is that adopted Chinese girl who gave you a handy back in high school
  • Inveigh against the unfairness of family courts, even though you are not and probably never will be married
  • Analyze a piece of pop culture (song, movie etc.) and show how its plot and characterization prove that game works

At no point should you write about or do any of the following:

  • Eating healthy and working out
  • Building a small business or getting a better job
  • Buying a more stylish wardrobe
  • Going to art museums, learning a musical instrument, or getting any hobby aside from playing Call of Duty with your friends
  • Reading books that don’t have glossy drawings of space aliens on the cover
  • Moving to New York, Portland, Chicago or any other city that isn’t Scranton, Pennsylvania

To promote your blog, be sure to comment on the blogs of such esteemed writers as Bronan, FFY and myself, vainly trying to get our attention. Also get yourself a Twitter account so every time you get a blowjob from a fattie hochunk, you can Tweet “+1” and impress all twelve of your followers with your alphatude.

Do all of these things and you too can become a great game blogger.

After months, perhaps years of game-blogging, you might become something of an expert. You’ll finally get out of Scranton and into the big city, you’ll develop a routine at the gym that keeps you cut, you’ll start consistently getting laid with girls above a 5.  You’ll get sick of posting rants against feminism and start blogging about things of actual value, like juicing, lifting or learning new skills.

Then you’ll discover something funny: your vitriolic bromides against fat girls will get way more traffic then the posts that are actually designed to help people. You’ll spend three hours over four days writing a comprehensive article on beginner workouts that will get all of a hundred hits, while a five-minute jab titled “Bearded Fat Girl Shits Herself While Saying She’s Too Good for You” will get over ten thousand hits.

You’ll realize that while you may have moved on, your readers haven’t. You want to use your blog to inspire men, they just want you help them stroke their hate-boners.

So one day, you quit. You may or may not delete your blog afterwards, but you’ve had it with the haters, the keyboard jockeys, the anklebiters. You post a goodbye note and put the whole damn thing behind you.

That’s fine, right? Blogging’s a hobby, like playing soccer or collecting stamps.

But nope, the same losers who couldn’t be bothered to read your comparison of Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone will whine and bitch that they have one less outlet to vent their rage at mommy feminism. You’ll be called a “sellout” for not wanting to dwell in a pit of despair your entire life. Only a mangina wouldn’t want to scream about how fat girls suck day in day out, amirite?

It’s the definition of showing up to someone’s house uninvited and bitching about the free beer not being cold enough.

If this all sounds good, a career in game blogging might be for you! Don’t delay, sign up for a free blog today!

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  • Theodore Logan

    Man, I hate those fuckers who complain about free beer being not cold enough. I would personally kick them out.

  • I should be thankful that aboutlifting and TFSTE are getting some traffic.
    So true
    I laughed all the way